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Chapter 427 takes soil to take back the writing wheel, all nationalities are admitted!

Yu Zhibo belt is still in time, but even if so, the robes in front of them still present a spiral damage.

Even through damaged the robes, you can faint approximately to see the position of Udissile Board, and the spiral wound is rushing to spillage.

A short trust in a moment!

Kakasi is directly injured directly under planning, and the Sui Zhi Bo belt is not a light injury.

Yisi Bo belt one hand holds the arm of the fracture, and only one eye is exposed, staring at Kakasi.

It is you, Kasi!

Yisi Bo belt soil feels the sense of severe pain from the position of the arm in the chest, hiding the mouth under the mouth of the mask.

Kakasi saw this scene, flashing a lot of joys.

It seems that your guess is right!

If you have a different space tolerance, you will probably cause chaos between space. Otherwise, this mysterious mask male does not directly exit the vain.

Kakasi gave a slight breath, using the Shenwei's ability, consumed a lot of Kakasi, Chakra.

"As long as you can limit your space tolerance, it will be more relaxed."

A ground in the foot of Kakasi, rushed to the direction of Unechybo with soil.

Running the process!

A large number of Termati Chakra gathered in the hands of Kakasi, a radio, forming power amazing horror thunder:


Kakasi issued a low graze, and the speed once again increased more than one, and the whole person seems to become an electric light.

At the same time, Kakasi only reveals the close-eyed eyes, staring at Utiso.

As long as Yuxi Bo is dissible once again, Kasi will immediately use the Shenwei to hind!

"Hehe ..."

Yisi Bo looked at the soil that it seems to eat his own Kardi, and a low laughter is issued in the throat.

I am not the previous crane tail, flag wood Cardi ...

You really think that I don't use it, can you deal with me?

Yu Zhiwei flashed a cold cold, and a few printed in the chest.


Kakasi has been rushing to the position of less than about two meters from Yuxi Bo.

At this time, Yisi Bo has raised no injured arm to align, and there is a low drink in the mouth:

"Fire-explosive dance!"

Yuxi Bo is slightly opened to spit out the huge fire snake from his mouth, and at the same time, with the help of the Shenwei's space, the space of the fire snake is distorted.


In the instant, a flame forming dragon roll storm bounced forward with a destroyed breath!

In the face of the hot and hot, the flame dragon roll, the Kakasi pupil is slightly shrinkage.

If you continue to rush forward, you must suffer from this stem of attack!

But if you stop, then there is no such a good attack opportunity!

Kakasi bite the teeth, Chakra in the body continues to surging.

With Chakra's blessing, Raytar's power has once again raised a large truncation, and the Pentium's lightning is almost covered by the half of the card.

Then, Kakar continues to rush forward!


Kakasha Handhered Lei Tong directly into the flame dragon roll, the thunder and the flame collide with the flame, producing a huge roar!

The burning flame is burned between the outermost clothes of Cassi, the sharp burning is like a wave of flowers in the Caassasant's heart!

Kakasi baked to the teeth to rush to the front, and also with a large-range current formed by Thunder, barely resisting the impact of some flames.

Blinking Kung Fu!

Kakasi has appeared in front of Yuxi Bo, and the thunder in his hand hindered to the position of the Yisi Bo-ternate.

Kakasiwi kaleidoscope writes the eyes, staring at Ux Zhiwei with soil to prevent the other party to use the falseization to avoid his attack.


A large number of blood quad splashes!

~ ~

The thunder in Kakasi's hands has not hindered into the position of Unechyo, with the blood and burned barbecue!

That's it ... hit it?

Kakasi's face with a little fantastic expression, even feeling a fake.

Original Cardi thought that the other party may use bloating to avoid his attack.

As a result, the other party not only does not use the blur, even the movement of the evading is, but it is hard to have this hit!

If it is not the position of the other wound, a large amount of blood is sprayed, and the real touch.

Kakasi thought that the mysterious mask man in front of him was the other party's blending!


Yuxi Bo took the soil couldn't help but cough, the blood in his mouth was down with the mask.

"Is it, very curious ... Why don't I hide?"

Yisi Bo has a weak voice, and it sounds next to Kasi's ear.

This is coming!

Kakasi couldn't help but stunned. Why did this voice have an inexplicable familiarity.

In an instant of Kakasi, Yischo belt soil suddenly turned up, followed by disappearing.

Even in the perspective of Kakasi, the blood spurted from the opposite body did not disappear, as if there was never a general method.

at the same time!

Kakasi only felt that he was cold, and he was sweating.

When Yischi Belt did not know when the body has appeared in Kakasi, it seems to stand there from the beginning.

Before Kakasi has not reacted, Yuxi Bo belt light-powered, caught the left eye of Kakasi, and the fingers will go straight!

Dramatic pain, fierce into the mind of Kakasi, let Kakasi can't help but make a miserable call.


Yuxi Bo Tong Finger Retrieves, the writing in the left eyelid of Kakasi is directly smoked, while carrying a series of blood beads!

Yisi Bo took this eye and quickly jumped toward the rear, and the blink of an eye was dozens of meters.

Kakasi's body is soft and half squatted on the ground, and the trembling lifts the left eye frame.

"Just ... just now, how is it ...?"

Dramatic pain feels that Kakasi's body is slightly trembled, only one right eye left, looks toward Yuxio belt not far away.

"One of the capabilities of Yi Evil, the ability of Uchi Bo, can be transformed into dreams."

Yuxi Board looked at the face full of unwillingness, as well as Carti, which was incredible, and explained his tone.

"That eye, eyes ..."

Kakasi strongly endured the pain, slowly standing on the ground, and full of anger and killing.

The only written eye is a good friend, gave him to him before dying!

In any case, Kakasi is never allowed to fall into the other's hands.

"Oh, is this eye?"

"It has been sent for so long, and it is time to go to the original owner."

Yisi Bo took the earth on the palm of the palm and looked at the written eye in his hand, and the calm open mouth.

Retrieving the original owner?

Kakasi's eyes are strong, and the face is full of incredible expressions, and the mask is not far away.

Yisi Bo telled to take his own mask, revealing a pair of Kakasi, feel familiar and unfamiliar.

Yuxi Bo is not a horrified look on the horizon of the Jamasi face. After the finger will have just used "Yi Evone", it has been completely blind, and the temporary alternative write wheel eye has been buckled.

Then, Yuxi Bo is lifted up, and will call from Kakasi where to get back.

After a while.

Yishibo belt soil makes the eyes slightly, and the face shows a satisfactory look.

"I finally used the complete power!"

"Hahahaha !!"

Yisi Bo has a smile on the face, and a laugh is.

Next moment, the pupil of Unecage Board and the pupils were re-condensed, and they looked at Kakasi, who was surprised in the front.

"With soil ..."


Kakasi's face is full of incredible and shocking look, and looks to Yisi Bo.


Yuxi wave belt with a slight smirk:

"I am not important if I have returned, but you really want to know the reason, that is because you let Lin die!"

The murder of the Senhan broke out from the body of Uneclass!

Yuxi Bo took the foot of the foot, and directly went to Kassei, in the moment.

The kung fu in the blink of an eye, Yuxi Board has appeared in front of Kakasi, raising the palm, grabbing the neck of Kakasi.


A road is broken, and the number is only in the direction of the side.

While the palm of Yisi Bo Tong, it also passed through the body of Yisi Bo-soil while the palm of Yischo belt.


Asa's figure comes from the distance, and a hand is dragging at the moment of Weakkasi, which is detonating behind the rear!

A breathing kung fu, Asa with Kakasi, instantly kicking the distance between the two sides.

"Carti, you will die in my hand."

Yuxi Bo has retreated from the state of the sea, and looked at Kakasi who quickly left the battlefield, the cold open road.


Three-party fierce battle is still going on.

Woody village is a big camp with a wooden leaf, it can be used to describe the golden soup.

What's more, the wooden leaves at this moment are already in the edge of the destroyed village. All the ninjas of all wooden leaves have begun to desperately, and the strength of the outbreak is more amazing.

But over time.

The decline of wooden leaves is getting more and more obvious.

Perhaps the number and quality of all kinds of ninja in the hierarchy of the wooden villages, we must stronger villages and rock villages.

However, in the face of the combination of these two rivals, such an advantage is naturally spreaded.


The defensive defensive in the door of the wooden leaves is stunned.

This makes the ninja spirit of Rocky Village and the foggy village, and the trend of offensive has become more intense.

Just at this time!

One clearly wrapped in strict, all the ninjas of the oil female family wearing sunglasses, all of the battlefields appeared in the battlefield.

When the ninja of these oil women, they started printing at the same time. Finally, the hands were taken together:

"Secrets - Semi - insects!"

"Secrets - Semi - insects!"

"Secrets - Semi - insects!"

A sound snoring from all the ninja of these oil women.

A small eye can be seen, the dense worms rise from each of these oil female family, and there is a half space.

The kung fu between the blinks, these bugs formed a giant insect sea, which was covered with the battlefield.

The worms of the hemata, as well as the small harsh sound from the bug, let all the people on the battlefield got a layer of mutters.

Especially some of the female ninists, there are some whitewashing, and I can't help but return.

With the movement of the oil female family, these covered worms have fly from the air, flying towards the direction of the two major people on the battlefield.

In the face of this scene, all the ninja faces are unique!

"So I am good at the ninja, I use the fire to burn these bugs!"

A team leader with teams made a sound, so that the Ninja on the field returned to God.

In an instant, a variety of fires were released, and the flames that were covered with the sea collided with the worm sea.

hiss! hiss!

A large number of bugs with flames in a moment. It is directly burned, exudes the flavor and the taste of pungent.

But this kind of situation, all Ninja, which is not equal, happy.

Over time, these bugs actually slowly resist the attack of flame, even the flames directly ignored!

The hard-ease of breaking out of the defense consisting of flames.

Seeing this scene, all the ninja faces in the field change.

"Damn, these bugs actually adapted in the fire in such a short period of time!"

A ninja captain couldn't help but send a big.

It's like Wu Yun generally dense worms directly into the battlefield, and he has built the top of the rock and foggy.

Between, Chakra on these ninja is directly swallowed by these bugs, leaving a dry body.

Screaming, constantly sounding on the battlefield!

More than that!

With the entry of the oil female whole.

A famous obese Qiusong family, also appeared at the same battlefield.


The Qiusi family walks in the most obese ninja in the foremost, and makes a low scream.

boom! boom! boom!

With a huge roar sound, go to the foot of nearly ten kinds of body shape, the figure appears above the battlefield, appears.


The Qiusi family walks in the most obese ninja in the foremost, and makes a low scream.

boom! boom! boom!

With a huge roar sound, go to the foot of nearly ten kinds of body shape, the figure appears above the battlefield, appears.

The Qiusi family walks in the most obese ninja in the foremost, and makes a low scream.

boom! boom! boom!

With a huge roar sound, go to the foot of nearly ten kinds of body shape, the figure is in battle