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Chapter 428 Daily Differences, Wooden Gate Bang

Ten is like a giant average, and standing on the battlefield!

It is a big battlefield that exudes a cold murder in one body.

When you look at your head, you can't help but feel fear!

The ten giants of the Ten Qiuso did not stop, after a moment of paused, followed by it again, and launched a charge on the battlefield.

These ten giants are connected together, not only to increase the power generated by the charge and the visual terror.

To prevent it, their single individual is blocked by some special soil.

after all.

The ten Ninja of the Tyutaneous Taoist, now the figure looks like a small beast, but it is not so horrible.

Once the battlefield is separated, it is easy to break by one and restrictions, and the advantages of their body model have no way to play.

Simply put, they belong to that kind of goods.

Of course, it is so, the strength and impact of the huge figure, still horrible!

The oil female family is like a black cloud, and the guards are guarded around the ten Qiusi family, helping them to resist, from all sides of the sneak,

At the same time, these bugs also followed the tenth of the ten people who cleaned the fall of the Qiubao family, and even the Ninja that was even seriously injured.

The combination of the two parties of the oil female family and the Qiubao family makes some ninja on the battlefield. There is no way.

More importantly!

When the Qiusao family started to take charges, even if there is no signs that have not stopped so far, it is not going to give the fog's hidden party and the chance of the rock.

Not only the people of this group began to enter!

Mountain family, Nara, Moonlight family, mountain city family, flying one family, Zhun family, canine group, etc., this time, from Woody Village, the speed of the battlefield.

The ninja of these families appeared, quickly integrated together, forming family-style troops!

Two families, even three homes as a whole, combat.

The war out of these family ninja far exceeds the ordinary four teams, even more than those of the civilian ninja!

After all, compared to those teams, family-style ninja, all know each other, can truly assure the people who have back to their families.

In this case, the combustion is self-evident!

On the battlefield, the power of one person is hard, and the mysterus of the wooden leaf, naturally attractive attention, immediately attacked the attack on the wooden leaves!

A large number of bugs are densely marmaned to the direction of the scorpion!

This scene was immediately retired from the obedience to the mutual war, retreating towards the rear.

At the same time, a large number of Chakra lines, hundreds of jealousy, attacking the insects of the fidelity!

Some , some are released, and some are directly turned directly in the hands of the sword!

A variety of attack methods are aligned with a lot of bugs, but harvest is very small.

These dense maiden bugs and fast speed crossed these attacks, they are on these .

These bugs not only drill into the , not only the parts inside.

Even Chakra lines shot in the hands of the cheers are also biting them!

Losing the connection of Chakra line in the hand, hundreds of embarrassment, like rain, usually falling from the air.

Seeing this scene, I couldn't help it in the deep heart, and the speed of retreating back is not only faster.

Although it is not dead, it is not really unsatisfactory. Once these bugs entered his body, his core is probably swallowed by these bugs.

If you don't want to die, you will die!

One time, the situation on the battlefield is big!

The fog is hidden, the ninja of the rock is, in the face of such a fierce offense, there is a trend that is re-emerged.

Not only those ordinary ninja!

, Yuxi Bo belt, the corner, the peach is no longer, the top people these top people face this strong offensive, and they also start retreat.

Although their strength is strong, the strength of the wooden leaves is equally weak, not to mention on the battlefield, and it is different on the battlefield.

Once too much consumption Chakra, you will only become the lamb to be slaughtered.

Gradually, the ninja of the wood leaves actually has a signs of counterattack!

at this time.

The rear of the foggy troops.

The highest place in the hill,

"The right to the right, the offensive of the wooden leaves is getting more and more intense."

Looking at the situation on the situation on the battlefield in the distance, the face with serious expression, slightly frowned.

On the right fighter, there is a quiet expression, and it seems that this scene is not worried about the scene in front of you.

"You look at the wooden leaves, people of each family are almost all of them, but have you still feel that a family is very small?"

Right fighting mouth with a smile, look down to another topic.

I can't stand it, this question is completely unknown between this problem.

There are no two or thirty families, there are more than ten or more, so many families, how can she know which family has not been fully?

Although I think so.

However, as the beauty is still raised, watching the battlefield in the distance, caught the amount, but there is a moment, and there is some flowers, and there is no more people who have seen which family.

Just as the beauty of Mercury is ready to open, when the right fight, suddenly flashed a light in his mind.

The key point of the right trick, is the least people of which family?

In this case, it must not ask those small families.

And the wooden leaves are called a few families!

It shifted in the beauty of the beauty, and then looked at the battlefield again and prepared for the few families.

Just at this time, a little cold voice, rang from the rear:

"Is the day to a family."

At the same time as this sentence, it is indeed known that the day, the day of the first big family, is not much in the battlefield!

The Ninja of the family is extremely easy to identify, even if it is fighting, these days, the nastroenter's ninja is wearing a white robe, and the top of the top is a vest.


Like the beauty, look at the direction you just came to the sound.

The ahead came over, and his face with indifferent looks, did not look at Math, but looked at the right.

"You don't limit my actions, don't worry about me run away?"

The apeer is full of cold tone.

"is it?"

"If you can escape, it is your business."

The right squad is not returned, and it is still calmly watching the battlefield and indifferent opening.

When I heard the right fight, the agency naturally knows this is the truth, but still some uncomfortable sounds.

The agency directly walked up and did not look at right, standing at the top of the hill, looking to the battlefield in the distance.

"Is there such a big difference in the day?"

The apeer looks at the nastroenterology of the family on the battlefield, and the eyes flashed in the cold look.

"Oh, this card is not very good."

"I didn't expect the day, the day of the first big country, actually appeared in this critical time."

Take a charming smile on the beauty of the United States, the open mouth of the tone is extremely fused.


The agency directly sent a cold snoring.

"Gigare." Illuminated with the angry hand, couldn't help but laugh.

"Is it a ghost that you secretly?"

The hand raised his head and glanced at the right battle.

"We will not do this boring little action."

"Also, when you talk, you should pay attention to a little, otherwise ..."

According to Meime, I saw a little docile, and the sound was cold.

For the threat of beauty, the agency is directly installed, and her current situation has been extremely bad, nature will not be embarrassed to the so-called threat!

"There is a great hidden danger to the branches of the family and the members of the family."

"It is better to say that there is no normal situation, but once a huge field, add some special conditions, such policies will form two huge differences."

"There is such a situation, it should not be unpredictable."

Right fight hands in the chest, easy to speak.

"The day, Ning!" The ahead heard the right thing, his eyes flashed and thought of the key to the problem.

The ahead lifted his head and looked at the battlefield and couldn't help but sigh.

Although the wooden leaves seem to be counterattable, but the obeying the eyes of the opener, looks to the right side of the face, know that these will only be in the mirror.

Just as the program is expected!

After gradually adapting to the attack of the wooden leaf, the ninja of the rocky and fog has begun to reconnect.

"There is a worm in the oil female family, there is no way to close to the ten guys in the Qiubao family."

"If you solve these people, our actions are extremely passive."

Yisi Bo has some low open mouth.

The corner, the scorpion, the flying segment, and the face is silent.

Their means deal with these bugs do not have much effect.

"In this case, then these bugs will give us, as for the ten guys in the Qiuda, I will give you."

Just then, the peach of the side did not say some cold open mouth.


The peach will never turn over, and I looked at Lin Yuyu, and Changzhou Lang.

Lin Yuyu is always intentionally.

In Ux Zhibo, the hornedes and other people are curious, the peach will no longer be the first step forward, standing in a straight line.


The three people reached out to the start of the speed, and the immortal Chakra also surged at the same time.

Three breaths left and right, the peach is no longer, Lin Yuyu is profitable, and the Changzhou Lang three will finish the print in his hand, send a low drink:

"Immortal - Water Sessions - Cutting!"

"Immortal - Water Sessions - Cutting!"

"Immortal - Water Sessions - Cutting!"



A drop of rain began to drop from the air, followed by Chakraa in the three people, the range of rain is getting bigger and bigger, and there is two-thirds of the battlefield.

Each drip in the air contains a special Chakra, which is constantly weakening the creatures of rain drops.

It is shrouded around the body of the Qiubao, and it is a large number of worms in the sea. In the process of continuous drops of rain, they have dropped from the air from the air.

And the eyes of the oil female family who manipulated these bugs, all the face change.

"Not good, this rain has weakened Chakra's role."

A passion of a fellow fellow.

If you cut the rain, the role of the Ninja, did not imagine that it was as big, but for this kind of bug, there is no more Chakra's organism, which is completely destroyed.

The ninja of the oil female family will start to retrace, ready to recover his body.

But even if this is, under a wide range of rainwater, it still falls on the ground. From the distance, the battlefield is like a black color.

There is no protection of the worms of the oil, and the figure of the Qiuso family has revealed it.

At this moment, Unexpello belt, the corner, and the embarrassment of rocky village, it is moving!

Treatment of various attributes of dense magnes, directly bombarded!

Under such a tolerance attack, the ten Qiewei family originally connected together is not right, and people have gradually separated.

far away.

When I stand on the hill, I saw this scene, my eyes couldn't help it: "It's over ..."

Lost the protection of the oil female family, the ten people in the Qiuso, like the walnuts of the lost hard shell.

And this ten people have a movement together, once they are separated, the war will fall to the cliff.

At the right battle, under the eyes of the beauty, the ten people who gradually separated the Qiubao family, killing the ninja on the battlefield, solving it!

In the case of a large number of bugs, the oil female family has fallen rapidly.

More suffering from the sneak attack of the rocky troops, the loss is heavy.

With the rush of the Qiusi family, the two-party ninja in the oil female family is rushing, the trend of the wood leaves is naturally abrupt, and naturally, it is natural to come and go!

Rocky Village, the fog hidden village starts against attack!

On the battlefield, all kinds of the collisions of all kinds of ticks and the continuous sound of the explosion, and the three parties constantly died on the battlefield.

Along with the time of time!

Under rocky village, the fog hidden village two big fortune is constantly attacking, the wooden leaves have begun to defeat!

The sun on the sky began to fall down the mountain, and the red dusk ignited half of the sky.

With the lounge of the wooden door, the door of the wooden village is thoroughly bombed.