Was dug out by Terumi Mei

Chapter 429 Leaves falling, a Le Roof

Along with the wooden door, it is smashed!

This represents the last defense line of the wooden leaf and completely destroyed.

Wooden village defeated.

At the location of the village gate, a large number of rock, fog, and the bodies of the three parties of the leaves, almost all surprises.

All the rocks, all of the ninja faces of the fog have exposed excitement.

"Chong !!"

"Chong !!"

A shouting of the sky, sounded over the sky and the rock, and the large ninja began to rush into the Yushe Village.

The broken wooden door is broken, which has completely lost the means for final organizing ninja resistance.

Next, the ninja of the wood leaves can only be counterattable in the village. These have no way to affect the overall situation.

In other words, from now on!

The leaves of the five big fortunes have been completely defeated!

On the hills in the distance.


On the battlefield of the United States, there is already a lot of ninja rush into the wooden leaves, and the face is revealing a smile.

And standing in the forehead, the pupil is slightly amplified.

"Wooden Leaves really lost?"

The whole person is a somewhat issuance, even if it is to see it, but in the heart, the aperator is still reluctant to believe.

"You haven't seen it?"

"The guy between the thousand-handles, if he can win Unexpected Boss, maybe your wooden leaves have an upgrade."

"However, what I advise you still don't have any expectations, spending so long, there is no end, the hopes of winning the killer, have dropped the lowest."

Right, I looked at a hand, with a calm look.

The hand is slightly trembled, and the double boxing can't help but hold a double punch.

If you say, the pallet will not understand again.

From this war, the leaves are in the backward party.

In the case of understanding the situation where the leaves is located, the killer must naturally solve the battle. After all, every time, it represents the death of a large number of wooden ninja.

But until now, the battle over there seem to have not ended signs.

Just this, it is enough to indicate.

The likelihood that the thousand-handed post can be victorious, has dropped very low.

Of course, this is also placed on the body of Yuxi.

Only the current situation is. The situation in the wooden leaves is more likely to match the rocky.

"Why can't everyone ... I have a good together!"


The program suddenly issued a big scream, followed by turning, and raised his fists, bombarded the right battle in front of him.

Strong force broke out on a prime fist, and the air in front of it was blocked, and a sound was burst!


Just when the prime fist is about to be on the right battle, a finger is gently point on the prime fist.

The terrorist power on the prime fist is disappeared in an instant.

"This is the torrent of history, or it can be called the big potential!"

"No one can stop, no one can resist."

Right, a finger point, the full-scale hit, calm and indifferent.

"You are angry here, you don't work, do you have any power, but what should I do if I don't think about the civilian of the wood?"

"After all, you can be the nature of wood, but it needs to be protected, but it is just a ninja."

When you talk to the right, the figure has appeared behind the board.

In the ear of the last word into the hand, the right boused raised his hand to the hand knife, and it looked casually touched the back neck of the program.

The championed pupil shrinks, followed by both eyes, the whole person fainted directly on the ground.

Right to fight an eye-catching a coma, lifted his arm, put it back,


Two blank.

Between the blink, two fog, respectfully appeared behind the right, half of the ground.

"Let's take your hand, give her a quiet place to think about it."

Right, stretched a lazy waist, and the tone is easy to open.

"Yes, right fights."

Two fogs were hungly opened respectfully, got up and walked to the coma, and raised the arm, and disappeared between the blink of an eye.

"Is the right trip adult for forgive some for forgiveness."

When I saw the disappearance of the disappearance, I slammed the mouth and whispered.

Say here.

According to Meiti, I lighted my eyes, my face with a charming smile, my eyes were slightly rotated:

"Do you want to see a hand?"

"But it is still good, and there is a blond hair."

During the process of talking, I have been playing right.

Faced with this scene.

Right, I can't help but gently cough, I don't understand it, and I will jump so far like American.

"What's more, people are also nig shadows, and the treatment is still high."

"And we just want to destroy wooden leaves, do not mean that all of us have to kill all people."

"If you have a view, you can solve a lot of trouble."

On the right battle, he exposed a smile, and the palm said helpless.

In order to prevent it from continuing to talk on this topic.

"Let's go."

"Go to the wooden leaves together."

The right fight seems to think about what it is, and the head is slightly opened.

On the front of the beauty, the number of times in the wooden village came, I was afraid that a finger can come out, and it is still the same as the guests before she is on the water.

Today, with the identity of the victor, I will have interest in the beauty of the beauty.

Of course, it is the most important thing that can be with the right fight.

Like Meills, I didn't hesitate, and I nodded gently.

The right bumper jumped from the hill, and the jumping moment appeared on the battlefield.

The air is full of flavored smells everywhere, as well as the filled blood.

At this moment, there have been a lot of Ninja to start the battlefield, but even if so, there will be a residual arm in the foot of time.

Seeing this scene in front of you, there is no change in the face of the right bouh and the two people.

It is not the indifference of the two, it is entirely two people come from the age of war.

Such a scene has not known how many times, and even a more tragic scene has not been seen.

"The cruelty of the war, people who have experienced a person, will never forget."

"This war, there is no significance in most cases."

Although the beauty of the beauty is calm, it still can't help but sigh.

"The war will give birth to suffering, and the wars of suffering will birth, this is like a closed loop."

"And want to end the war, you must break this closed loop, we have already stepped out this step."

The right struggle looks at the beauty, and the sound is serious and firm.

"I believe everything I do."

"Not just me, and all Ninja in the village."

Like the beauty, the face is full of soft look.

Soon, the two came to the wooden door.

Specifically, there is no wooden door to go.

The only one side angle left on both sides of the eye is included, and it is once the position of the wooden door.

At this moment, the door of the door is standing on both sides, standing with the ninja of hidden village, and the ninja of Rocky Village.

These two ninja saw the right hurts and photographed in the beauty, and the spiritual moment was shocked.

"Right fighting adult, glower."

The Ninja in the fog hidden village took the lead in opening, and the tone was full of excitement.

Through this misty dress, the right bumper and photographed, this Ninja is a neutral.

Whether it is right fight, still a beautiful manta, and laughing in this mild.

In addition, the Ninja in the village is also followed, and even the opening of the opening.

As for the Ninja of this rock, right fight and take the beauty just a bit gently.

This obvious difference is treated, so that this rock can't help it.

However, this rock did not dare to show any dissatisfied look, still respectfully low.

The right trocard and the beautiful mate will go straight to the front. Naturally no one dares to stop.

After the door of the leaves, it is a straight wooden avenue.

On both sides of the avenue, there are many shops and housing.

When you come to the right, you can remember that these two areas are very lively.

Nowadays, the right bumper is looking at it. In addition to seeing the rock and foggy, there is no shadow of the civilian civilians.

But think about it normally, before the war started.

All civilians in the wooden leaves, I am afraid that it has been withdrawn by the high-rise of the leaves to the safety.

Right fight and Yumei two people just walked into the wooden leaves, and a broken voice rang from the distance.

Then, a few jumped rooms have appeared in front of the two.

"Right fighting adult, glower."

White appeared, respectfully facing the two people.

At this moment, the clothes on the white body have been reddish by large pieces, and the face is covered with the exhaustion of the fatigue.

"What is your injury?"

According to Meiti, I saw the blood of the red blood in the white body, and my face was slightly changed, and I quickly asked.

"Ah, these blood is not me, at first I am in front of the battle, just after the Ninja of the Medical Department is a little shortage, I will return to the rear."

"The blood on the clothes, most of them are dyed by the Ninja Pen, which is hurt."

When I heard the beauty, I was a glimpse, followed by ranking, and the sound of the open mouth.

Although the strength of the white is good, it is not interested in the things of the battle.

Therefore, often go to the hospital to help, even have learned a few hands in the hospital.

I didn't have anything about it, and I gently relieved.

This gentle personality is like a beauty, like Changshuo.

So, when you usually, you will take a joke when you look at the white and Long Shiro.

"How is the situation now?"

At this time, the right bumper asked the white light.

"Now the ninja of the wood leaves, under the command of Nara, who is in the command of Lu Liangluo, is still the resistance of zero zero."

"Lin Yuyu is from the profit, the chanmon ghosts, the peach is not awkward, Jun Ma Lu and others are now in the forefront, is being confront with the ninja of the wood."

White god, even quickly introduced the current situation, then, the white continues to open:

"However, the right fight is relieved, and the last line has been broken by the wooden leaves, and now they are only dying."

"And, we currently also have a three-third of wooden leaves."

Right to listen to the white introduction, I can't help but shook my head: "It is really stubborn."

If you are in the village of Woody Village. Right, I dare to affirm it. At the moment they were in Sandy Village, I was afraid that Sandy Village has surrendered.

"It seems that the people of the leaves are still lucky, want to delay the time."

With a sneer of the United States, a clean and cold open mouth.

After the right fight and Like Meill, I didn't continue to talk about this topic.

In the two people, this thing is nothing to continue to discuss it.

An empty street.

The right bumper and the beauty of the beauty are like shopping, and the leisurely walks on this street.

According to Meime, I went around for four weeks, visit the scenery of the wooden leaves, and the showing of a horizontal look of the face.

White is a respectful look, followed by the two people.

Originally, the right is intended to let the white back to rest, the result is white back to change a clean dress and recall it up.

According to the meaning in the vernacular, the situation in the wood leaves is more chaotic, he gives two people.

Since there is no need to have a way with the strength of the right fight and the beauty.

It's just in the heart of the white, the two are not embarrassed, so the white is following two people.

have to say.

Wood leaves in some architectural views, it is really good.

After all, the entire wooden risks are great, at least three fog hidden villages is not as big as a wooden village.

There is such a large area and resources, plus the unhautus money, the construction of the whole wood, completely smog, and a few streets in the village.

"Unfortunately, it is too empty, it looks long, it is like that."

Right, stretched out, lazy, hands in the trouser pocket. The tone is open.

The sight of the wooden leaves is not bad.

But I hope that in addition to the misty and rocky ninja every other distance, there is no one tone.

I just prepared to nod, indicating that I agree with the right. As a result, there seems to be a moving movement in a shop not far away.

"Oh, interesting."

"Nothing is no."

I can't help but loudly, and the soft open road is.

The right bumper is slightly smashed, and the face exposes a strange look.

Not just right, even the white followed, the face is also a curious.

The two people looked at the direction of the beauty of the beauty, and suddenly saw a hibiscus, there was really a moving movement.

And the right bounce saw the name above this noodle, the whole person first took it, then his mouth exposed a interesting look.

"One "!