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Chapter 430 of civilians, Yuxi Bo pointed!

One Le Rang?

Seeing the name of this noodle, the face of the right fight is obviously exposed to a fun look.

Now the civilians of the whole wood, according to the reason, should have evacuated, hiding the last party.

But at this moment, there is still someone in a Le Role. Why don't you let the right to be a right of the trip, you will have a few interest in your heart.

"The courageous civilians can be rare."

It's slightly flashing, laughing with a slight shining.

"But this also shows that the right to the right of adults is very in place."

Take a charming smile on the beauty, look at the right fight, whisper.

Before I attacking the village, the right bucket took a command in advance, and it was not allowed to deliberately destroy the housing of the wooden civilians, and the behavior of harming the woods.

of course.

This premise, nature is a civilian of a wooden leaf, there is no intentional trouble or an attacker.

The fog hidden village!

It is a unified whole tolerance, and it is naturally impossible to kill and destroy.

As for this, it will not let some of the villagers in the village of the village have resentment.

The right trocked at all is not awkward.

Even the high levels of fog hidden villages are also uncomfortable.

Although this seems to be in a hidden danger, even the way to deal with it is too gentle.

But you have to know that anything will pursue its essence!

This world is not the world that doesn't have any extraordinary power.

In the Ninja World, one or two ordinary endure can easily annihilate a group of robbers, even gangsters.

And the endurance and endure level, even the murder of one person, even forcibly breaking a small country.

Among the civilians left in the village, even if someone really resents, how is it?

There is no reason to master the strength, nothing more furious!

Civilians even gathered together, in front of it, they are only slaughtered lambs.

"Just is hungry, let's go together."

Right to see the direction of a lot of music, gently smile, facing the beauty and white open mouth.

According to Meime, I also smiled and nodded. As for white, I naturally won't refuse. Following the right bumper and like the beauty, I walked in the direction of a happy Role.



As the half curtain in front of a Le Roof is opened, the sound of the bell is coming.

Right fight, like beauty, white three people have come in.


A spoon dropped in the brittle sound of the ground.

A Le Roof boss hand hit his face with a nervous look, holding a pan, blocking in his own body.

After the hand hit, hide a girl who has a little white, and shaking slightly.

This girl is not someone else, it is a hand-made calamus.

"Yes ... it is a person in fog hidden village."

Clauspu hands tightly grabbed the clothes, with panic looks, and looked in three people.

"You ... you want, do you want to do ...?"

Although it is also afraid of a heart, it is divided into a calamus, swallowing the water, and begins to swallow.

Looking at the two people who were scared, the right bumper was slightly revealed with a strange expression.

"You are so afraid, why stay here?"

The white eyes flashed in curiosity, looking at calamus and hand.

Picking up with beauty, picked eyebrows, pink lips slightly,

Originally, the civilians who saw that the woods saw that the woods did not leave. I thought that the boss of this one is big enough.

However, I saw the two people at this moment, obviously they think more.

"Here is our home ... how can we leave."

"And ... and we believe that the village can ... enough to win."

Hand hit the three foggy, the sound of the sound, a little trembling opening.

To be honest, he has already regretted at this moment.

The hands playing in the heart is that the village can get victory. And if the village is really defeated, then they have not used where they escape.

Of course, there is another shy reason, and it is embarrassed to say exports.

Due to the relationship between war, a large number of shops are basically closed. But everyone, nature, naturally need to eat.

The soldiers can indeed be hungry, but not something delicious.

Therefore, the hand is not withdrawn with other civilians, but left, as he guess, this time business is very hot.

Of course, it is not only one of them, and there are many shops in the leaves, and they also have the same idea with him.

But who can think of it.

At noon, the Ninja of the village also had a trend of counterattack. As a result, the door has been broken.

Such a short time, hand-hit and calamus are not evacuated.

When I heard the hand, the right tricks thought about what was going on.

Although it is not very clear, it is very clear, but how can I get a general passage of things that can't guess?

Now, even if you want to leave, you can't walk, after all, everywhere is the ninja in the foggy village and rock village.

At this time, I will go outside, it is simply a behavior of life.

"You have destroyed the bad guys of others village!"

The calamus bodied behind the hand, showing half a head, and a trace of anger.

At this time, the hand is shocked, and it can't help but hurt.

"The three ninja adults, the calamus just made the brain."

Hand-taking the mouth of the mouth and smashing the mouth of the calamus.

"Little girl, say this in front of Ninja, is not a clever behavior."

According to the beauty of the beautiful red brown long before the forehead, the face with a charming smile on his face.

Between talking, the atmosphere in the entire contest, rapidly becoming cold.

The two ordinary people in hand and calamus only feel that my body suddenly stiffly, there is a kind of suffocation to the heart.

The right bounce saw this scene, with a helpless look, gently shake his head.

He knows that it is just a joke, but it is a bit big for ordinary people.


The right bumper has a gently cough.

When I was instantly recovered, I turned to the right, turned to the right, and turned a tempting white eye.

"But you are lucky, my mood is very good today."

It is still with a charming smile on the beauty.

There is no breath that is emitted by Mercure Math.

Hand hitting and calamus originally a bit of a stiff body, and instantly loose down. Only, the two faces look at the beautiful look with the look of the fear.

At this point, in the eyes of the hand, the eyes of the calamus, it is a demon.

"Sorry two, just she just looked at a joke."

"There is no suggestion, and the troubles give us three faces."

Right, I found a position directly, with a soft smile, look at the hand and calamus.

I heard the right battle.

The hand-played face revealed a bit of hesitant expression. Be deep in the heart, hand playing is refused.

In the side of the calamus, I took a few disgused eyes, and I saw the right fight, photographed the beauty and three people.

"I can understand the two moods."

"But this war is finally final, and it is the battle between Ninja and Ninja."

"If you want two, you should also see it. After the ninja of our villages, there is no harm to your civilians."

White seems to be aware of the two people, with a gentle look, soft open mouth.

White temperature and smiles and sounds are easy to let people put down the alert.

Therefore, this is an out.

Handling and calamus have hesitated, and the words say it is true.

Not long ago, there was indeed a pair of foggy ninja to break into it, but only after searching in the ninja in their stores, they left.

There is no hurt to them and cause any damage.

Hitting is just slightly silent, turn around to the back, soon, there is a snack and the sound of cooking.

It is clear that the hand is clear, and they don't reject the conditions from the beginning, while white words, let the hearts of the hand don't resist it, easier to accept some.

There is still some resistance in calamus, but I have seen my father has been in the kitchen, but the calamus is still a little unwilling, but I can only have a helpless.

"Miss this Ninja, as long as you are not afraid of our poison, how much do you want to eat." "The calamus glamatically glanced, and the tone was slightly unpleasant.

"That's trouble, two."

"In addition, it is a man."

The white face is still with a mild smile and whispering.


White is not a surprised expression of Zhike Chano, which is also sitting.

"Your appearance is really easy to make people misunderstand."

With a funny look on the beauty, tuned in the tone.

"This matter does make me feel a bit, the shadow." The white face revealed a bitter laugh.

Right fights and like Meimei, two people laughed at the same time.

After a slightly silent moment.

"It seems that I want to wipe the resentment of civilians, I am not so simple."

According to the beauty of the beauty, the low open mouth,

Through just a calamus and hands, I found this problem on this issue.

"I want to eliminate civilians in a short time, I am naturally impossible."

"This is a long-term, even the process of subtle,"

On the face of the right, he exposed a serious, thinking, followed by continuing the opening:

"It seems that it is necessary to set up a planning department, specializing in such problems, in addition, education for civilians is also a very favorable approach."

According to the beauty of the beauty, I nodded and gently nodded: "Ninja school? Through the influence of subtlety, the influence is smooth, this influence can be eliminated."

"This matter, white should be competent. Whether it is to fight, or help in the medical department, it is a small material."

Right fight turned his head and looked at some of the white, loudly smiled.

"If you can help the right tricks and the village, you will do your best."

While can't, the face quickly exposed serious look, solemnly opened.

"Don't be so nervous, now just casual discussions."

The right bumper hooks your hands, letting white don't have to be too nervous, please.


The right trip is not discussed on this topic.

Because the three know, this is not a problem that a simple sentence can solve.

In the process of discussing the three people, the west is completely disappeared.


There is not too quiet in the village of the wooden, and the direction of the north is still from time to time and the roar.

Obviously, the ninja of the wood leaves is still resistant.


Among the raised noodles, the faint fragrance has begun.

At the same time as the beauty and white eyes, I just passed the aroma from the air, and people can't help but rise.

What's more, this time, this time, but there is no eaten meal.

Not long after.

The calamus came from the middle of the back chef, and put a Le Role in front of the three people.

"It's really aesthetic!"

Right, looked at the riots in front of you, gently sniffed a bite, and did not cover up.

Like the same look like the beauty and white, nodded.

"In this case, it is started." Right Tour directly picks up chopsticks, and eats.

On the other side at this moment.

Night sky under the sky. ,

A blurred figure is rapid from the distance.

Every time you move, you will appear outside of 100 meters away, followed by disappearing again, with a very fast speed, keep moving towards the direction of the wooden village, like transient.

Didn't you have long, this is a shadow that has seen the leaves of not far away.

"It seems that this battlefield here is almost over?"

This figure looks at the direction of the wooden leaves, and the eyes are slightly flashing, followed by force at the foot, and the figure disappeared again.


A urgent blanking sound rang from above the door of the wooden leaves.

This movement, let the guards of the villagers in the misty villages and rock villages on the wooden door, and make the preparation of fighting.

The two parties have not specifically found the specific orientation from this voice, and they see a black shadow that drops from the air.


Between the blink of an eye, this moved directly on the ground in front of everyone, directly stepped out of a huge deep pit.

The ninja around, quickly pulled out the hardships, and the eyes were cautiously looked at the sudden appearance of the deep pit.

When everyone is present, when you look at the appearance of the figure, you can't help but take a shock.

It is fearful and awesome in an eye.

"Yu Zhibo spheres."

The ninja in the rock Village is the lead in responding, and even before, he respectfully opened his mouth.