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Chapter 431 sits with the spots and right fights

Looking at the sudden appearance of Unexpell Belt, there was a ninja on the scene, and he couldn't help but retreat to the rear, and the condition was reflected as a tightness.

The reason is really, this moment, Yuxi Bao sphere is too amazing!

Just finished with the thousand-handles, Yisi Boupeng has even converges the horror of the body, but after the end of the fierce battle, the rest of the body is coming.

Still let all the Ninja present, feel a horror and powerful!

Yuxi Bao is indifferent to sweeping the people present.


Yishibo spheres have turned their head to see the hidden ninja, and the calm open mouth.

In the face of the inquiry of Unexpell, the fog standing in the forehead, I can't help but play a cold.

Just as prove the fog to bear the opening.

"Hey? Is it in that position?"

Yuxi Bao is like a sudden perception, and his eyes are slight.

next moment.

Yuxi Bo is shaped, and it disappears in the original place.

However, the air waves generated by Yuxi Boli movement, let all the Ninja surrounded, I can't help it again.

Until the figure of Yizhibo spheres completely disappeared in the vision of everyone, all the ninja presents slowly returned.

"It's a horrible momentum."

"Just just standing in front of the other party, I can't help but sill."

"I just took a bitterness from the ninja bag that I didn't have a little condition, I finally kept back."

A slow voice slowly sounded.

The rocky and foggy two parties have a shocking look and whispering.

Just when everyone came out because Yishihu spots were scattered, a faint voice rang from everyone's ear.

"Since Yishibao is back, the battle between the killer, is the last thing to win?"

At this time, all people present at the same time suddenly, followed by everyone.

One Le Roz in the noodle hall.

Right fight, like beauty, white three people are eating ramen, and a few people have a satisfactory look.

"It is a pleasant raft of wood."

Right, I drank a sip of soup, spit out a hot breath in my mouth, and sigh.

Although a Le Role is not very good, it is not very wrong.

Of course, it is more important to eat a happy pull, which can have a special feeling.

"Is this noodle in the wood?" After the beauty swallowed in the mouth, some doubtful looks right.

According to the beauty of the beauty, the number of right fighters has come to the number of wood leaves, and it seems that it is better to come. But it looks like a pole understanding.

Standing behind the counter and calamus can't look at the right bumper.

When he heard the words said by the right, the whole person was slightly smashed, and the face also exposed a bit of curiosity.

The business of their family is good, but the leaves can not be named in the wood.

What's more, these three people are still not in the village of Mountain.

Faced with a little doubtful, the right boused is just a smile, and there is no opening explanation.

According to the beautiful lips, pick up the red brown hair, put your attention again on the ramen in front of it.

Just at this time!

At the same time as the beauty and white eyes, the head is raised, and then quickly got up, turned to look at the direction of a lone.

Whether it is beautiful, or white, the face of the two is full of dignity and cautious, there is a preparation for fighting on time.

At the moment,

Sitting on the side of the right fight, the eyes are just slightly flashing, and then quietly sighing, the face flashed a unfortunate expression.

Only this kind of expression, just there is a moment of re-disappearing.

Right, continue to eat the face in front of you, a slave.

One Le Roof boss hand hits and can't see the scene in front of you, although I don't know what happened, but the two obviously feel the temperature of the air, and suddenly fell a few degrees at this moment.

Hand playing with calamus, neck can't stand it backwards.



A shadow from the door of a Le Role, opened the curtain and left, let the bell on both sides of the curtain emit a ring.

Yuxi Bouvelle!

Did the thousand-hand postal output?

Seeing this figure that I came in, I contracted simultaneously with the white pupil, and I was close to the moment.

At this time, Yuxi Bao pointed to the upper body, the lower body pants were broken, and the shoes on the feet did not know when they disappeared, and the bokeepeved on the ground.

Such a dress, just look at it, know what kind of fierce battle has experienced a fierce battle.

The strange thing is that there is no shortage of injustice in Unecheram.

But whether it is beautiful, or white, it can be obvious that this moment, the tired of Yuxi Baozhuyu.

After the Sui Zhibo spheres came in, the eyes were directly falling there to the right to eat.

"It seems that your battle here is much easier than thinking."

Yuxi Bao splash sound is indifferent, I walked toward the right battle.

As for the beautiful mock and white, Yu Zhibo spheres were not falling in the body of the two, as if the two did not exist at all.

Yuxi Bouvelle is arbitrarily and more, and in the eyes of the two people, I walked to the side of the right fight, pulled a chair, and sat down casually.

"Wooden can be said to be opponents, and only after all the thousand handles are alone."

"As for others, when doing a good game, there is also a ninja named Metekai, it is impressive."

Chew the ramen in the right fight mouth, while the open mouth is free.

During the process of speaking, the right squat pulled the ramen in the mouth and then turned to look forward to the nervous and white.

"You have two places to sit down, don't be so nervous."

On the right fight, there is a helpless, and the tone is easy to open.

When I heard the right battle, I couldn't help but pumped it at the same time.

In the face of Unexpected Boss, you can not be nervous. The whole of the endurance is only you.

I couldn't help but think so in the United States, I found a position near the edge.

Since the right fight is sitting together, two natural will not sit back.

If you are eligible to sit with two, the whole of the endurance is only a thousand handles.

Just, that is the previous endurance ...

Illuminated with the beautiful green pupils, looked at Yuxi Bao and the back of the right fight, re-retransmitted.

"May Kaikai?"

"It turns out."

Yuxi Bo spokeally heard the name of the right head, his eyes just gently flashed.

I didn't want to explore it, this can make my right to feel interesting people.

Yuxi Bouvet will not interested in a dead man.

"Give me a copy,"

Yuxi Bumpete looked up, and the face did not show some of the shakes of Sithers and calamus.

Faced with the eyes of Yuxiobang.

The hand is roboted, there is a feeling of face death.

If you say that your right fight, your hand is just like a normal ninja adult, some fear.

Then, in the face of Unexpected Boss, the heart is deeply deep and can't help but rise.

"This ... bit, adult, what is needed?"

The hand is slightly smashed, the sound trembles open the mouth.

Yuxi Bao frowned gently, is there a lot of categories?

Yuxi Bao splitfully looked at the ramen that was taken next to the right squat, and then tangled his hand: "I will come to me."

When I was handed over, I nodded and pulled calamus. It's like walking towards the kitchen.

Leave it with your hand and calamus.

On the right point, I took a curious, and I saw Yuxi Bo spots: "It seems that the guy between the killer is finally won."

"No, I lost."

Yuxi wave splashes a lot of memories, followed by a flat way.

"Loss?" The right bumbled, his face is full of surprised expressions to see Yisi Bozhu.

The rear, the ears listened to the two people, and the beauty and white are more stunned. It is full of incredible expressions.

"But the last person is me."

Yuxi Bouvet continues to open the mouth.

"Cough, cough."

Right, he listened to the lower half of Yu Zhibo spots, and there was no breath with a little breath.

"Can you finish the words in a breath." With a helpless look on his face, look to Yuxi Bozhu.

He knows that Yizhi Boss is a little proud, but he didn't expect such proud.

I have finally emphasized that he is alive.

According to the beauty and white eyes, you jumped, and it was a little secret expression.

"Unfortunately, I still want to play with the killer."

The right fight with a hint of inexplicable look and whispered.

"Hey!" Yu Zhibo sphere sounded, turned to the right, eyes:

"Next, turn to you!"

This is out.

The atmosphere in the whole pleasure is in an instant.

"Okay, ok. I know."

The right bumper hooks, and he retreated on the ramen and continued to eat.

Yuxibo spheres saw such a casual right fight, and the eyes couldn't help but stand.

However, the right trick is clearly not very much to take care of Yuxi Bao, simply ignore the eyes of Yuxi spots.

Yuxi Bao also found this, slightly snorted, returned to the head.


A Le Rohed was made up, and the trembling ended from the aftertaste, in front of Yuxi Bouchen.

Yishibo spheres looked at the ramen in front of him, picking up the chopsticks' big mouth.

One time between.

In the entire ramen, there is only the sound of eating noodles.

Sitting in the rear, the beauty of the beauty, with a weird gaze, look at the right fights and Yisi Bouchers who are eating noodles.

Yuxi Bin said that it is eating, but it is better to swallow, it is completely in the bowl. It seems that it is not at the taste of the point, only purely for eating.

The speed of the right fighter, the speed of eating noodles is normal, but with the speed of Yishibo spheres, the speed of the right fight is also accelerated.

One minute later.

Right fight and Yisi Bouchers simultaneously put down the bowl in the hand, followed by lifting the head:

"Boss, come back again!"

"Boss, come back again!"

The hand was hit by the two, and the sound was shocked, and I was busy nod, and I continued to do.

After the right bumper and Yuxi Bin said, lifted his head and looked at each other, followed by simultaneously returning.

Not long after, two faces were handed out, put in front of the two.

Then, the two have eaten again.

"Water, adults, will these two people eat noodles?"

On the white face with a little wrong expression, be careful of the blade, facing the beautiful scene.

"Hey." Amelon stretched a finger before putting it before the lips.

Right fight and Yishihu spots continue to eat there, and it is also nothing to eat.

Only less than five minutes, there is three big bowls in front of the two.

Seeing such a scene, I couldn't help but swallow the water.



At this time, the bell in the door sounded again, the curtain was opened, and Yishibo belt and Sasuke came in from the door.

When the two came into the hood, they saw it, and the front is rapidly eating the raised Unexpected Boss and Right Trip.

Especially in front of the two, the big bowls are placed, so that Yizhi spots and Sasuke two people.

However, these two are like beauty and white. Looking at the other side, sitting down, waiting quietly.

According to Mei Ming, White and Yuxi Bo, Sasuke, although it is obeying each other, it has recovered his attention.

Between the two sides, with a corridor, the front side of the corridor sat, sitting on the right bumper and Yuxi Budo, forming a distinctive part of the distinctive.

The speed of eating is naturally impossible, and gradually slowing as eating,

Half hour later.

More than 20 big bowls have been placed in front of the right fight and Yuxibo spots.

However, if you look at it, you can clearly see that the right bumper has been behind Yuxi Boss.

"I can't eat ..."

Right to watch it just in front of him just less than half of the ramen, playing a fullness, touching the stomach helpless opening.

From the current record, he has already returned three bowls of Unecheck.

Yuxi Bouvelle This guy is really too eaten, he is eating.

Of course, the reason why Yizhi Boss performance can be eaten, which is related to Chakra, which fights.

There is no much Chakra that is consumed with the fight against the wooden leaves.

And Yu Zhibo spheres with the battle between the thousand-handles, and finally can only use the retrieval to absorb Chakra for the killer.

It is really "Yi Evone", too much consumption Chakra!

In the case of such a large number of Chakra cases, Yuxi spots naturally need to consume food to supplement some physical strength.

In short, there are many consumers, and naturally eat more.