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Chapter 432 is a guess for Ashi Luoquera, a big famous government

Since it is already a three bowl.

Right fighting and playing a fullness, active stop, in the current situation, he is eating this guy.

As the right to give up, the behavior of the trend is to let the beauty, and the Yisi Bo belt four people all the earthquake.

Of course, it is really exciting, but it is a pull-faced hand.

"Is it finally ended?"

Hand hit a slightly trembling hands, the whole person somewhat crying without tears.

I did a tens of bowls of ramen, and the whole person had already been hollowed out, and I blone a virtual sense.

There is a weird expression on the face, and I am afraid that I will start with my father's hand.

Can a calamus remember that his father had a wish before playing, and he hopes to make a hand cramp.

Nowadays, this wish seems to have reached ...

Yuxi Bao's eyes took the proud look at the right to give up, and sent a little.


When Yishibo spheres took the face of the children in front of the soup, they took a deep breath.


Yuxi Bouvet reached out of the empty bowl in front of him, placed directly in the top of the bowl of exclusive bowls, and sounded a sound.

I ate four bowls than the right.


Yuxi wave is dark in the heart, and the look at the eyes is not only more.

"not bad."

Yuxi Bao took the head and looked at some of the handsome hands to do, and the tone was flat.

"Father, ended."

In this way, the calamus quickly opened the mouth.

The hand hit the body slightly swayed, and he was relieved.

Sitting next to the right fight, naturally, I found out the privilege contained in Yuxi Bao's eyes, I couldn't help but slam.

Because of the hot broadcast, the face with a few proud expressions, turning to the back, I have long waiting for the Yuxi Boand and Sasuke.

"Is the nine tail column hard?"

Yishibo plaque is full of indifferent looks, and the sound is calm open.

"I have found it."

"The nine tail column is in the back of the wooden leaves, and it is still protected by a group of wood."

Yisi Bo took the soil on the front step and quickly took the information you received.

Sasuke is silent, but it is only in the eyes of hatred look, looking to the direction of the right.

Although this silk hate is a bit secret, but how can the powerful perception of the right fight?

However, the right trocked at all.

Who will hurt an ant?

After the general position of the nine tail of the tail, Yischi is the same, the eyes are also hidden, and they find that the other party doesn't seem to care.

In the eyes of Yuxi Bo, it not only flashed a hidden disappointment look.

It seems that the right fight is not interested in the column of the nine tail.

Right bumper is naturally interesting to the nine-tail column, after all, before, the right, the right, has got a nine-tailed Chakra.

What's more, before the start of the war, Yu Zhibo spheres and right fights have been negotiated in advance, and the home of the column of the nine tail.

Why is this, Yisi Bo spheres can sit flat, sitting here to eat face with the right.

Even uncomfortable let Yisi Bo belt soil that the specific position of the nine tail column is explored.

Because there is no conflict between Yuxioba and Right Bums in these aspects.

"Wood leaves also resist the army?"

Yuxi Bo spokes to listen to it, gently wrinkled.


Yuxi Bao is standing up and turned to go outside the lone.

The meal has been eaten, and now I know that the nine tail is in the column, Yisi spots are naturally not intended to continue.

Yisi Bo belt and Sasuke also got up, and quickly followed the body behind Yuxi.

When Yuxi Bao is about to go to the door, the footsteps suddenly, and the head is still sitting there.

"Is this what you called unified?"

"Some aspects are the same as the guy between the killer."

The open mouth of Yuxi spokes is indifferent, and the sound is taunting.

At this moment, there is still a force in the woods in the case of the mully village. There is still a force in the rebellion.

This is in the eyes of Yuxi Boss, it is simply a way to make a pedantic, if it is right, the power of this trendy rebells, it has been annihilated.

In the face of the ridicule of Unechebrami, the right bumper is just genous, and the expression on the face does not change.

"Unified concept, can not be a pedestal thing."

"And I know that you will help me to solve them, isn't it?"

The right squad is not back, and it is a light reply.

Since Yishihu spots will seize nine people, then it will naturally be on the power of the wooden leaves.

Therefore, the right trocked does not need to be shot at all, and the Sui Zhibo peak will easily solve these people.


Yuxi Bo spokeally heard the right thing, showed a little.

Although I don't want to admit it, I have to say that the right battle is said to be the truth.

"Since you lose, the rice is in your account,"

Yuxi spots suddenly remembered what, the tone did not have a slow opening. Skums between talking, the figure has already gone out of a pleasure.

For a moment, the tricks of the Yuxi Boss disappeared in the perception of the right fight.

At this time, the right trick found that the guy of Yuxi blossoms did not give money!

Right fight looked up and looked at the stack of empty bowls on the table, and smoked it in his mouth.

Several people are leaving with Sui Zhibo spots.

When I got up, I got up and got up and went behind the right.

"Originally, I have been waiting for the middle of the night, but if there is Yuxi wave sphere, then our fog is relaxed."

Like the red brown hair before the forehead, laughing and opening the mouth.

"Although it is a bit guess, but I didn't expect that the last fruit is really Yu Zhibo."

The right battle is slightly flashing, and it is lamented in the tone.

Through the dialogue between Ji Zhiwei, there is no smilly wound body on Yuxi Bao sphere.

The right fight is generally guess, the guy between the killer, I am afraid it is dying from the Zhiso sphere.


Sure enough, it is a trouble.

However, there is a little, let the right to care some.

When I was fighting with the killer, I used to use other gods, and I accidentally let the Qianlla in the body.

This time, the battle between Unexpected Spheres and the thousand-handles, it seems that there is no appearance, the scene of Cantory and Ashura Chekra.

Think of this.

The right to the right is slightly puzzled.

According to normal, whether it is Dharo, or Ashura's Chakra transfer, every time there should be only one person.

Nowadays, Chakra, which is in Cantory and Ashura, only the Naruto and Sasuke.

There is a thousand hit, there is a tangible thinking.

This is such a situation, so the only explanation ...

Ashura's Chakra, because some reason shifts from the body of the Naruto to the body!

This time.

The thousands of hand came to death, did not stop the Chakra of Ashura again, and the Chakra of Ashura was again transferred back to the body of the Naruto!

"Can you transfer yourself?"

"Interesting, getting more and more interesting."

The right fight has flashed a highlight, whisper muttering.

If you say, the right fight is considered to be Ashura, or because Dharo's reincarnation Chekra is just a simple force.

Then, now, completely overthrow the previous guess.

right now!

Killing right, don't believe in these two Chakra, just a simple inheritance force,

Chakra is a combination of mental strength and cell strength, which means that Chakra has a sense of spirit or consciousness!

The big snake pill can be, with this, the curse can be infinitely resurrected, and it is hard to play the flowers.

The right battle is now suddenly understanding, and when I use other people in the thousand-handles, I will suddenly awaken the reason for Chakra.

Other God has an ignore the will of the other party, forcing the awareness of the other party to tampering!

Therefore, Ashu Lukra, which was in the thousand-handed cylinders, and had to force the power to wake up, and broke through the power of other gods.

"Do you have anything wrong with the right?"

Seeing the right to muttering himself, asking a little in confusion.

"Nothing, just think of a meaningful thing."

Right, he heard the inquiry of Mi Ming, returned to God, and laughed and opened his mouth.


The right fight is slightly positive, look at the beauty of the beauty: "There is Yuxi Bao to help, then our speed is speeding."

"After all, the wooden village is destroyed. The famous fire of the fire will not say anything, there are other names of other major, including the name of our water, I am afraid there are many opinions."

Right fighting mouth with a touch of faint laugh, light open mouth.

The tolerance is not only a big fortune, but also a big name behind each of the rips, it is also a force that cannot be ignored.

Although the Ninja masters high-end power, it is only a few.

No matter which world, ordinary talent is the most!

The high-end power owned by Ninja, no matter how it looks, in the eyes of ordinary people, I am afraid full of fear and avoidness.

Since your heart is jealous, it will naturally make a variety of restrictions and restrictions.

After each endurance war, the famousatemen of each country can have a lot of power.

This time, the war of wood, has begun to take nearly half a month, but the famous Government of various countries does not have a moving action.

This is obviously not a big name, but they are happy.

I am afraid that in these big eyes, they will end the future, they will end after a period of ending.

Nowadays, now, the famous Buddhist name is probably the reaction has been reacted, so the war is not the same!

If it is just a power consumption between various rigidas, the country's great name is natural, but if it is necessary to destroy his country's nature.

These big names will not look at it!

"This is ready to completely ending this matter before the name of the fire of the fire is not reacted."

A serious look, tone, and tone.

The right bumper nodded and looked at the white: "Japan Ning next?"

"I have notified that according to time, I should go right away."

White heard the right to ask, immediately respectfully opening the mouth.

"In this case, then you will prepare first."

Right, look at the beauty and white two, and whispered.

Illuminate and white have no hesitation, quickly turn around, and disappeared in a lobby.

Hand hitting two people, seeing the right bumper in the face of the noodles, the face of the two do not have a relaxed look, but more nervous.

A few people just have nothing to cover.

Every sentence, falling in the ear of hand and calamus, is like a mine.

This is not a message that ordinary people can hear.

Hands and calamus are all somewhat shaking, both are very suspicious, the right fight will not violently violently, and they will exterite them.


Right, there seems to have not desired to put them, still sitting quietly, seems to be waiting for.

Not long after, the bell in front of the door of the hooded sound again.

On the day, Ning came in from outside, and I saw the right fight where I was waiting there was, I quickly rushed over.

"Right fighting adult, let you wait."

On the day, I went to the side of the right fight, while slamming, while respecting.

"There is no waiting for a long time, let's go."

The right bounie is looking at the day and smiled at the day and uncomfortable.

When I heard the right fight, I realized what I realized in Ning, and I couldn't help but shake slightly. The face exposed an exciting look.

After got up from the seat, I got up from the seat, I took it out and took my wallet.

"I don't know if these money is enough."

Right fight all the money in the wallet and put it on the table, and the face is hit by a slightly.

The whole person is stunned first, and it is obvious that this seems to have a little high fog, it will pay.

"It's enough, enough."

There is no specific to the table, how much it is on the table, and it is busy opening.

Now I just want to take this plelling to give this pleasure.

"Is it enough, I thought it was not enough."

"It's a pleasure, affordable and full."

When I heard the hand, I couldn't help it in front of him, and I praised it seriously.

Right fighting as if I think of what I think of, I will take a look: "If you are interested, you can go to the misty village and open a store."


Right fight is not a slight look, and turn around with the day to go to the noodle.

Along with the right squat and day, I will leave again, and a Le Role is again calm.

The hands of the hand and calamus pair each other, while the heavy relief.