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Chapter 433, Japan to the family

The hands of hand and calamus are in the same time.

Hand hit what I thought about it, I quickly ran into the door of the noodle, and the sign of "suspension" was quickly hanging in the direction of the door.

At the same time, pull the sliding door on both sides pull up, and the whole person relies on the closed door, and it is slightly off.

After all, Yu Zhibo spheres, the right night, how many people are afraid of nothing, just there, there is a feeling of honesty.



As one of the veteran families of Woody Village, the day, the day, a very high status and prestigious names in the village of Woody Village.

After several nigns, as well as the destruction of the Yishabo family, the day, a family, can be said to be a well-deserved wooden first family.

As the old name, the status of the family is a little super, exactly, should be in the day, the position in the wooden leaves.

On the day, the family of Zhongzong family, completely do not use the mission training of the wooden leaves, can be accepted directly at home, then participate in the Chinese tolerance.

Just this.

It is imagined that the day to the character of a family.


The position of the gateway to the family of family members.

The Lanzi's face is a quite boring look, sitting at the door at the door, looking at the streets from time to time.

In addition to Lan Pills, the Ninja in the door is still standing around the door.

Just, these fog is just waiting for the surroundings, and there is no intention to enter the day of a national station. It is obviously a special command.

"Lan Pills, do you want you to go back to take a break, just give it to us."

"If you don't want to be killed by the extinguishing family, there is no need to be stared here."

A misty standing not far from the Lan Pill, with a bit of a little charming look.

If some outsiders see this scene at this moment, I am afraid I can't help but expose my weird look.

The Lan Pill at this moment is a one-ortened childhood, and this fog is a middle-aged uncle that is about 30 years old.

A middle-aged uncle is so respectful for a child, and even a bit of charming. No matter what, people feel a little fun.

But guarding the number of fog, it is ambiguous, and no one feels funny.

If you replace them at this moment, they will also be like this middle-aged fog.

The same Lan Pill is the same as the little person in front of you, but the fog is one of the members of the seven knives!

The status is not only higher than they, the power is, but they are not the opponents of Lanong.

The terrorist force owned in the Lancu Mantra is present, and it is available.

Whether it is the status, or strength is stronger than them, the migrant in the scene is not strange.

And accompanied by the strength of the fog hidden village and strong, like the seven knives such as the ninja, and naturally more and more high.

As long as it is not a fool, it can be seen so small age, which has such status and strength, and the future prospect is absolutely exceeded.

At this time, if you can hold the thigh of the Lan Pill, it will naturally.


The Lan Pill did not lift it, directly refused.

Middle-age fog hidden touching nose, some embarrassing returns to the original position.

Everyone didn't wait for more time.

The two footsteps came from the direction of the left street, let everyone the people spirit.

The hidden part of the vital parties quickly looked in the direction conveyed by the sound, while the body was slightly tight, and it was prepared to fight.

Since the ninja of the fog and the rock, the difference between the two rivals began to appear.

If the two parties before, because there is a common enemy, then the wooden door is now broken.

The two parties in the village of Woody Village naturally began to start the profit.

As the first wooden village, the first of the five big fortune, just flowing from the fingertips, it is enough to let the ordinary civilian ninja eat swollen.

Especially the ninja and secrets in some of the ninja families, which can be all existence of all people.

Although these scrubs and mysterics have to go to their villages in the end, they can sneak a copy, or can do it.

Even if the village knows, I am afraid I will close one eye, after all, this is my own trophy.

These scrubs and secrets can become their own heritage, even the heritage of their families.

The so-called first come first served!

Therefore, after the ninja in the parties entered the village, there is a large number of ninja, and rushing towards some ninja families in the village.

As the oldest name of the wooden leaves, it can be said that it is favored by all Ninja.

Lan Pill has already received orders. After entering the leaves, it took directly to the fog of several small teams, and rushed to the resident of the family.

In advance, the day will surround the family and prevent the group of guys in Rock Village.

On the day, the people of the family are also extremely realistic, and they will operate from Lan Pills.

In addition, adding the orchid is just a way to lead the mist, there is no action, and there is no action, nor will people enter the day of the family.

Between the two sides, it maintains a strange calm.

One of Yinyin Village was then arrived, but he saw the day that has been surrounded by Lanong, although the people who have been caught, but both parties compared to restraint.

Finally, it is natural to be the first to quit.

Under the eyes of the migrant, the right to the right and the day, in the vision of everyone.

See the right moment!

All fog endored the movements in his hand, and the look of the right and worships on a face with excitement and worship.

The Lan Pill stands directly from the steps, running in the direction of the right away.

"Right"! "

The Lanzhan Runway is right, and a happy opening road.

"Trouble you are going on here."

"These blood locations ... Is there any injury?"

The mild look of the right fight on the face, and also noticed the blood of the clothes in the clothes of the clothes.

"There are some small injuries on the orchid, and the sister of the medical department is good."

Lan Pill didn't care about the blood on the clothes and smiled and opened.

Right to touch the hair of the gallon, nodded gently.

He naturally felt that the state of the Lan Pill was not bad, and the battle with the wooden leaves was obviously not serious injuries.

However, thinking about it is also, the Lan Pill is in the mantra, the body's muscles are hard than rocks.

If you want to let Lan Pills are seriously injured, at least in pure strength, Lan Pill has been defeated.

Right fight with Lan Pills and Japan to Ning, went to the day position to the gate station, lifting the head.

There is a big house in the day.

Specifically, you should not be called with a house, just look at it, you can see the countless houses in the resident of a family.

Even the Yunguang in the right battle eyes also saw a lot of shops in it.

This is simply a small village.

"It's really big enough."

The right bumper sent a sigh, and laughed and opened his mouth.

There is no such an ancient family in the fog hidden village, perhaps before, but after experiencing the policy of "blood mist", it has disappeared.

The right to flash a smile and the essence, which will take the family to a family such as a family, but it is possible to increase the strength of the village.

However, the key to this, but also to see the day to Ning.

The old family like a family, there is no way to rule.

Right to think of this, slightly turning to the day to stand on the day of his body. Ning.

Famish the door to familiarity and unfamiliar day to the country.

At this time, the day exposes the look and a little excited look on the face.

Who once thought that when she was a rebellion, she was standing here again, and she still in such an identity.

At a time, there is a little in Ning.

"Right fighting adult, I am ready!"

But soon, the day, Ning, I was stainful again, and my eyes took a firm look to the right fight and respectfully open the mouth.

The right bumper smiled and lifted his foot to the day.

Compared to the scenes seen outside the door, I really entered the day in the country to feel the first big family of wood and the old family.

A straight bluestone road, direct direction to the countryside in the direction of the country.

Not far from the location, there is also a training ground with half a football field.

And when you look at the situation in front of you, it is clear that the whole day is within the family, not only this training site.

Be wide!

This is the sigh of the right to the heart, but it is just a little sigh.

Even the wooden leaves are so big, they will belong to the village in the village, and how can the right to see the resident of the city day to the family.

Under the leader, the right bumpers and Lan Pills are like admiring the scenery, and continue to go in front.

In some housing on both sides, there will be a pair of fear and fear, and look at the right bumper with the door or window.

When I saw the right bumper, I quickly retracted it quickly.

If you do this, you will easily know that people staying in these rooms, most of them have Chakra, even if there is, it is also the level of reluctance to endure.

True strength, ninja, no one.

These people are obviously a category of women.

Right, just glanced at it, he returned his gaze.

The more you go, the front house is getting higher, and it is exquisite.

"It's a place where you live, you will now now every day, the Ninja of the family is there."

On the day, Ningji is ahead of the front, and the opening is light.

"In this case, the next thing will rely on yourself."

The right fightener suddenly suddenly, the tone is open.

The day did not respond to Ning, and he saw that the right fight and Lan Pill were also disappeared.

In the face of the two people who have disappeared, there is a slight mistake to Ningji, but I think about what the right fighters said before.

I understand what.

On the day, I looked up at Ning, with a firm look with a firm look, and walked in front.

On the day, Ning Ji after passing a wall separated by a wall, a vast yard appeared in front of Ning.


Nearly a hundred days of Ninja quietly stood in the yard, and standing in front of these ninja is the day of the day, the day of the contemporary housekeeper day.

Seeing the day in front of them Ningji, all the days to the Ninja of the family, all flashing with complex look.

"You are coming, Ning."

The day and sufficient face is extremely calm, watching the opposite day, Ning.

The day did not open the opening, but some silence, but it was only a trace of hatred, and it looked at the daily sufficiency.

No matter what the reason is due to what.

His father has the day and night, which is instead of the day to die.

Just because of the difference between the family and the guests, the people who are homework should be unconditionally to the people who will detelect.

This is unfair!

"I didn't expect you to reach this extent."

"It seems that your choice is right from one aspect."

The day, the sun is once again soft, but when it is here, I have a bitter laughter.

"It is better to say that it is forced to say."

"Break away from the cage, will you let yourself return to the cage?"

On the day, there is a kind of indifference in Ningxiao, and the tone is slightly icy open.

On the day, when I stayed, let the members who stand in the rear, I can't stop flashing, but no one opens.

Everyone is quietly watching the day and day in front of Ning.

"Do you break free from the cage?"

The day is muttered in the day.

On the day, the grievances of the family and the family have long been for a long time because of the "cage bird", there is no so-called right and wrong.

In the eyes of the sun, it is not a wrong thing in the eyes of the sunshine.

But this is in the eyes of the family, this is not just a cage, but also a cruel thing.

At the time of the day, the sufficiency and the day, the day, Ningxing.

The right bumper and the Lan Meada have been standing on the roof of a guest behind the yard.

The right fight with a look of interest, watching this scene below.

Standing next to the right fight, there is a red ray, which is obviously the signs of the bloody boundary.

Lan Pills use their own red-eye capabilities to form a special position to cover themselves with the right! In order to make the day to the forefront of the family, it cannot be found in the existence of the two.

"Right fighting adult, let Ning Times face everyone in the day, will it be a little dangerous?"

Lan Pill looked at the day below Ning, his face with a little worried look, whispered open mouth.

Right, I heard the words of Lan Pill, just smiled gently, there is no worry on my face.