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Chapter 434 Daily to the family new family - Japan Ning!


The yard.

The day is ahead of the day, making a soft way to start a hand, watching Ning.

"Whether it is because of hatred, or because of other reasons.

"Since you come here again, then you have a day in your heart, so let me block the future of the family."

The day, the sun, the original calm look, gradually gets more dignified, and the tone has never been serious.

See the posture of the daily footsteps.

On the day, I went deeply with a deep breath. He looked at the ground, and the long knife in the hand was in the ground. The same top step, make a soft method!

The long knife and seam needles can improve the strength of the day, but the day, Ning, has its own pride.

During the day, daily sufficiency and Ning Ji are opposite to each other to the family.

Next, the two sides were simultaneously moved.

The two have a straight line in the way, while both sides are about to be close, the two low drizzles sound at the same time:

"Soft Fighting - Gossip Sixty-four Palms!"

"Soft Fighting - Gossip Sixty Fourth!

The hands of Ningxing wrapped around the blue Chakra and the day, the daily sufficiency, and the blue Chakra's pair, collided together, show a series of sulf!

Blinking Kung Fu.

The two sides have already slammed dozens of palms, it seems that the two are not equal to each other, but as long as it is an eye, it can see it.

Whether it is attacking, or the speed of attack, the daily day is better than Ning.

It seems that both parties are fighting, but in fact, Ning will attack the daily footsteps.

The attack of the two sides is still going on, until the sixty-four palm is about to finish, the two sides still have no trend.

In the face of the heavy power of the sun, the face is not only afraid of the look, but more excited!

Perhaps because of the long time to contaminate the acid, let the Japanese will be a somewhat character in Ning.

"Soft Fighting - Gossip Bai28 Pad!"

Ning times is full of breath, and I will send a low drink again.

Ning's attack power and speed suddenly improved, but the daily foot face is still with a calm look, and it also improves the move.

In this case, the attack and speed of the day to the sunsian feet are still as strong as the day.

I was originally strong, and I was rerouted again to the sun.

At this time, Ning Ji responded again and again, I am afraid that until now, the day has not used the right to use the right, and even let him.

"Are you a little I!"

"Take it full!"

Ning Xin took a trace of angry look, and looked at the day and suggested.


Ning Ji once again surged a more powerful breath, and the movements of your hands were more fast.

Among the surrounding days, all the people of the family, all the endurance and a few inseparable, have a bit not seeing to see the movements in Ning, can only see a blurred residue, rowing in the air.

not enough!

"Soft Fighting - Gossip 361 Pocket!"

On the day, Ning Ji has rendered a layer of faint blue Chakra, under such a blessing, the speed of Ning, several times again increased again.

Seeing this scene, the public present to the ninja's face showed a surprised look.

Even the day and supered of the time of the might of Ning, have exposed a little surprised.

If the first sixty-four palms and the twenty-eighth palm are every individual of the day, they can learn the words.

So three hundred and sixty-one, you need to have some contributions, as well as conditions to learn.

When I was in terror, I was just a back-tobence that I just graduated. I naturally I can't learn such a high-level move.

That is to say!

This is entirely the day, Ning, I have been joined.

Such a day ...

The day, there is a lamentation in the eyes of the sunshine, but there is no slightest in your hand, still resisting the attack of Ningji.

"I didn't expect you to develop such a move yourself."

"But fake, that is, fake, soft way to such a palm, has been completely different from the first two words."

"The moves you use now are just a hundred twenty-eighth palms."

On the day, there is a violent attack on the sun and the sun, and the calm continues to open:

"This is the real three hundred and sixty-one palm!"

Soft Fighting - Gossip 361!


On the day, the breath suddenly changed, a strong gas machine instantly locks the day to Ning, and the palm of the residual shadow class will be shrouded to Ning.

The two people have picked up, and they are constantly pouring around, forming a waves of a stock.


With a heavy sullen sound, Ningjun spurted a blood, the body was strong and striking, hit the back of the wall.


On the day, I will have some heavy stations in Ning, and the blood of the mouth is rubbed off, and the double eyes are shining.

Through the white eyes observed the meridians, plus your own body is attacked, the day, Ning, has completely remembered the real three hundred and sixty-one palm!

However, while remembering, the day of Ning's eyes also flashed a bit wrong.

Don't look at him just spit blood, but the injury he received is not heavy.

The day is not stupid, he knows this is a day and sufficient in another way, teach him the true soft way.


On the day, Ningqi has a complex look at the lowest day of the distance.


The answer to Ning, is the palm of the day.

Soft Fighting - I hit!

The day, the sun is instantly disappearing in the original place. It is like a genital surgery. It appears in front of some of his hair, and once again takes it.


Ning Ji is directly hanging from the day to the sun, can only be reluctant, and there is no chance to counterattack.

If you hold a long knife and seam in your hands, you can also counterattack with the characteristics of this weapon.

However, Ningjun uses the day of the family to the family, used to attack the distal of the family, and how can Ning will be the opponent of the day.

Stand on the roof at this time.

Lan Pills who are watching the war saw the Ningxing that was constantly hitting, and the face showed nervous look.

"Right fighting adult, then go on this, Ning Ji can be dangerous, do you want me to go to help?"

The right to the side of the Lan Pill is worried.

"Your worry is extra, continue to watch, this pair should be very fast."

The right bumper smiled and reached out and touched the hair of the hair, the calm open road.

Under the constant attack of the day, Ning Ji has a constant scar.

But the eyes of Ning Ji have become more and more bright.

In this way, this attack has been running like this.

This acupuncture point release Chakra, which can make the power of the force change.

Also here ...

This place is like this.

The day, Ningji, through the ability of the white eye, clearly observed the change of the day and the veins, and remembers this change through its own body, to remember this change.

The day, a series of attacks, with another teaching method, so that the day will understand the places and details of many do not pay attention to them.


On the day, the clothes on Ningji have broken down, and there is no number of wounds in full body, and blood is influentially influent, a scream.

But only the day I know yourself, most of your injuries are some skin trauma.

It is precisely because of this, the day, Ning's look, more complex.

Just at this time!

After a series of violent attacks, the day, there is a short-lived position.

Ningji is light, with this empty time, the condition reflects, and takes the position to the sun and the heart of the sun.

Ning Ji didn't think about his attack really, the day, the sun, just, just with this time, let himself take it out.

But let Ning didn't think of it!

His palm finished, took the position of the sun and the heart.


On the day, I spurted a blood in the sunset mouth, and the whole person was taken out by palm.

Ning Ji is in place, with a certificate of issuing, and even when I take it out, I forgot to recove.

This palm, the day, the sun is able to avoid it!



Two exclaimed, sound from the population of the periphery.

The two men's faces with unbelievable looks on the face, rushed out from the crowd, ran in the direction of the sun.

"You two old and real stations are in place!"

The day is half a feet in the sky, and the face is paleward to the two people who are ready to run.

Two people in the nutai and fireworks suddenly were stignted in the same place, especially the young ladita, both hands were slightly tightened, with a bit of nervous and faithful expression.

Although the fire fire in the side is still calm, it is also a bit unfolbened and doubtful.

She doesn't understand why the father's strength, why will she hide to attack the attack?

There are many days around the family, and the faces look at this scene with complex looks on the face. Everyone is stationed in the same place, and there is no action.

Everyone is clear, this is a long decision.

"Cough, cough."

The day, the sun, the face, the face is calm, I can't help but cough a few times, each cough, a blood is coughing from the mouth.

The palm of Ning Ji took directly to his heart position, and the day did not stop anything, in which case his heart has broken.

The daily sucking is deeply sucking, rubbing the blood on your mouth, sitting directly on the ground.

"Why do you want this?"

Ning Xin is full of complex look, from the distance, and the sound is full of doubts and intake.

"What is your purpose here is to revenge?"

"For the wooden leaves, for the day to the family. No matter how the reason why the crown is, it is dead."

The day is a bitter, quiet opening road.

On the day, Ningjun touched his fist, and now he still reminds it. When you are young, you will use the bird in the sun to make your father hurts.

"Ning, experienced so many things, perhaps your heart is still full of resentment to the family or even the day, and is full of resentment."

"But there is a thing, I hope you know, Ning."

"In the foreman, maybe death is dead, which is always the fact, but it is not like this for the daily difference."

"The guy is the matter between the family and the family, although the heart is full of indignation. But he still wants to change this all ... cough ..."

On the day, the supens a look, I can't help but cough, coughing a blood from my mouth,

The daily sucking is slightly breathed, continuing to say:

"I want to change this, I want to prove, protect the village, protect the day to the family, I have to use a love, not the responsibility."

"Love is warm, and the responsibility is thoughtful, but the lack is warm. Ning, the rate of the rate makes you understand that he is because of the love of everyone, not because a established responsibility."

"Resentment will blind your eyes, Ning."

The day is said to have a dead here, and there is a weakness in his voice.

"Father, I am going to find medical ninja now to save you."

The young fields saw this scene, and the tone was crying, she knew that if it was not treated in time, the daily sufficiency is probably not for a long time.

"No need, young,"

"When I used to be too severe, I hope you don't blame your father."

"You must be happy, there is still a fire."

The day is a rare gentle look on the sunset face, looking to the day.

After listening to the days to the days, I would like to be slightly silent. After a while, I re-raised my head after a moment.


"But this is not the reason you don't hide,"

On the day, the sun is sitting on the ground, slightly looked at the sky, and the inexplicable gods flashed.

"The new era is coming, and the trees of the wooden leaves have witnered, as the branches on this big tree, can you live alone?"

"Ning Ji, sometimes choosing will be hard."

"As the family of woody days, I will drop the dividend of the trees of the wooden leaves, but the day, the day will reach another big tree."

The day is not in the mouth of the mouth without a bloody, smiling, looking at the day. Ning.

At this moment, everyone knows that there is a death!


"Master !!"

"Master -"

"Master ..."

A passage with a swallowing, and even the voice of the cry cavity came from the neighbors of the people.

A sad, lamenting atmosphere hovering in the yard.

"From now on, I am not the family of family."

"The day, Ning, will serve as a new tribute to a family!"

The daily day foot strong to hold back the virtual feelings from the body, serious and downs, and the opening of the word.

Along with the sound of the sun and the sunshine.

So the day to the family's ninja, the face is inexplicably and the complex look at Ning.