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Chapter 435 Broken "Cage Bird" Reach

of course.

At this time, the most surprising still is still in Ning, until the day is over, and Ning will still have some.

He once again came to the day to a family, the most important purpose is to revenge.

As for another, if the condition is allowed, the day, I would like to take a member of several homes.

What's more, it is a special emotion in the day, and nature has special emotions to the day.

Today, the wooden leaves are broken, and the day to the first echo will naturally be the first to rush.

The rank may have some resentment in the increase in the heart, and the answer is still a bit feeling in the heart, so I want to take some people.

As for the end, you can take a few people, the day is Ning Ji.

Specifically, there should be a few people want to go with him!

But now, he suddenly became a new ethnic group to the family, why not make the day, Ning, and shocked.


Right, he heard the next day, the mouth is said, the mouth is slightly tap.

When I was war with the wooden waves, the right bumper took a few people from the day to a group.

that time.

There are some guessing the idea of ​​the Japanese and sufficient heart.

Have to say, can be the length of the family, independent of ordinary people can not be able to do!

A person who negatively succinct in the process of war, some extent mean betrayal.

The day of the day, the person is still unclear whether the killer can get a victory, and directly put the bet to them, it can be said that it is very powerful.

Because the consequence of this is, whether it is losing, the day is dead.

If the wooden leaves are won, the daily day of lack of negative intercourse in this war must be responsible for this.

If the fog is hidden, the family of the first large family of the leaves, the day and the sunshine itself is full of maribu traces, so no matter how he is dead.

In this extremely disadvantageous case, the daily daily sufficiency is still accurately grasping the initiative.

This initiative is the day Ning!

As one of the seven knives, it is the disciple of the right trick, and the Japan has special and embarrassing position in the misty village.

If you want to change in the misty village, then the kind of embarrassing situation, then the day will definitely help!

"Is the family more important than the rivot?"

On the eaves, the right fight is calm and watch the opening of the self-speaking.

The hospital.

"Yes, start today, you are the mother of the family."

On the day, the sun is lifting the head and looks at Ning, and the tone is weak and serious.

Say here.

The day is turning to the head, looking to the old days of the back of the complex look to the ninja, saying a cold.

From the original homeowner, let the ninja in all days to the family at the same time.

Regardless of whether it is willing, still unwilling, and the day to Ninja, while looking at Ningxin:

"I have seen my owner."

"I have seen my owner."

"I have seen my owner."


Seeing this scene and listening to the sound of the ear, there is a slight bureau of Ningji, and I don't know how to open it.

Although Ningji seems to have matured, after all, they have not seen much wind waves.

At this time, in the heart, he would rather go face a group of enemies in a group of people, nor do they face this scene.

The daily day is naturally seen in Ning, but he has no joke.

Don't say that it is Ning, even if you have a ripe, you will be able to face such a thing.

The day is not a small household, and there is a white eye and the most old family. inherited.

During the day, I am afraid of being put in the endurance, and it is also the sum of the top of the tower.

At once, he became the family of this family, and the day, Ningjun, and it was a step into the top floor of the entire endurance.

"There is two troubles."

The day, the lack of lametles, the two elders who stand in front of the oppressors, and a bit apologetic.

These two days of the old people are also the people of the people.

These two elders, heard the day and sufficient, while gently sighed, but his face did not blame the meaning.

Two olders crossed the sun and the sun, went to the neighborhood, in front of your Ning, and pulled out a key from the arms, and a scroll.

"This key is the key to the ministry of our family, that is the heritage of our family."

The old old man standing on the left, and the strange keys in the hand were handed over to the day of the day.

The old man standing on the right side, and the eyes are never neverned, and they will look at Ning.

"This reel is the foundation of the guests, and it will become the foundation."

The elder voice on the right side is hoarse, and the reel in the hand is also handed over to the other hand of Ning.


The day to the supetischatting of the housekeeper in the hands of Ning Ji, is the name of the handover.

Then these two elders will pass the key and reel to the hands of Ning, the handover of the right!

Only the two are simultaneously handed over, the day is not the real day of the family!

On the day, I took the key in one hand, holding a reel, there are many words in my heart to say, but if you go to the mouth, you can see the two old elders in front of you, slowly spit out two words: "Thank you."

When I heard the day, the two elders were opposed to each other, then hanging a smile on his face, while making it on the day, for the day, Ningjun slightly: "Master."


Under the day, Ningxiao is unbelievable, two elders simultaneously pull out a bitter from the arms, and plunge into their hearts.



Two blood splashed, bright red, like ending the sun.

Ning Xin's face with a hair, and the pupil shrinks.


Ningxue with unbelievable looks, looking to the elders who have already lying on the ground.

The elders that give the Ningjie reel, the tone is extremely weak, but the eyes are looking at the gods, or the only scroll in the hands of Ning Ji:

"There can only be one person in the day!"

Can there only one person?

On the day, I watched the two elders that gradually lost their lives. He looked up in the mouth and looked up and looked at the day and sufficient.

"What is recorded in this reel?"

The day at Ningjun raises the reel in the hand, and the dead look at the sun.

This scene just now, naturally all in the eyes of all the people in the family.

Some smart days to Ninja, staring at the reel in the hands of Ning, and the inexplicable gods are flashing.

The yard is sometimes sounded from time to time, and the sound of the water is swallowed.

"You should not ask, the content on the scroll, you go back to see you,"

The day is a bit hard, and there is a bit helpless in the tone.

Normally, the handover of the owner is also in the secret, and then it is then officially held.

But in front of you, it is clear that it is not normal.

This is also something that there is no way. After all, the situation at this moment is not allowed to go to the supe sufficiency.

Therefore, there will be such a big hidden danger.

However, since it is said that it is a hidden danger, it naturally also represents it within the control.

Even if the person of the family guesses the things on the scroll?

Ning Ji is now just a new homeowner, but also the disciple of the first generation of the first generation.

Just this identity, it is enough to make all the people who don't dare to have a slightly.

If it is not because of this, the elders of the two people have been worn. In the state of being seriously injured, the people of the family have risked.

Ning is still staring at the day: "I want you to tell me now!"

In the face of the idos of vows that did not give up the purpose of the purpose of Ning.

The day is sighed in the day: "That is the seal of the bird in the cage."

This is coming!

The entire yard is static, it seems to only hear a heavy breathing.

There are countless hot eyes look forward to Ning, and it is exactly the sub-reel in the hands of Ning.

When Ningjun took a reel, I couldn't help but tremble, the original family member, Ning Ji understood the attraction of this reel than anyone.

Ning Ji is now feeling that he seems to be stared by a group of hungry wolves, and it is cold.

Standing next to the sunfas and flowers.

Seeing the members of their respectable family before, this moment is like hungry hungry wolf, and it is slightly shaking.

"What happened to these people?"

Some doubts and fear in the flower fire, the body is shrunk.

Although the young fields are also afraid, but there is no opening, she is more than the flower of the fire, and naturally knows the reasons.

The day to the sunset tremble, slightly clever, and the palm of the two people, let two women peace of mind.

On the moment of opening the sun, he knew that there would be an eye.

The day is slightly over, glances, and the eyes are like hungry wolves, and the eyes flashing in a hot scientific group, and the face is revealed.

Your own life is to choose the bird in the cage.

Normal people will choose their own life!

As in front of you, however, however, however, how to get a reel of the bird in the cage, but no one dares to shoot Ning.

Even with a cautious look, there is a cautious look, and there are other people to shoot at Ning.

Because everyone is clear, if Ning is here, in the temper, they have to die throughout the day.

Just at this time!


It's like a sound of torn, rang in the yard.

On the day, I turned to the sunset to look at the days to Ning, the lips were slightly smashed, and the face was not confident.

And there is a day, the look of eating on the family of family members has disappeared, and one by one is the same as the inability to see Ning.

I saw it!

On the day, Ning Ji recorded the seal reel of "Cage Bird", under the control of Ningxia, under the control of Chakra, and directly chemically became crushing.

Countless fine reel fragments are scattered in the air and then slowly fall on the ground.

Whether it is the day and the sunshine, or all of the family members, the eyes also followed the reel fragment of the floating dance in the air, slow down.

The entire yard has fallen into a strange calm.


The right tacks also looked at this scene, and the eyelids couldn't help but jump.

"Right, what is wrong below? Suddenly so quiet."

Lan Pill squin red eyes, with a little puzzled look, look at the right fight next.

Listening to the inquiry of Lana.

The right bitch slowly returned, and the tone was lamented: "Ning will even have something that I admire."

"Do you admire the right?"

"Ning Xin brother is so powerful!"

Lanzi couldn't help but look down on the next Ning, with a surprised look in the tone.

When I heard the words of Lan Pill, I couldn't help but shake my head.

As a foreign person, it will naturally not really understand the meaning representative of "Bird".

What's more, the day, Ning, is a family of the guests, and there is no view, and it is directly destroyed the reel of the "Cage Bird".


This is the truly evaluation of the day to Ningxing at the moment.

The next hospital.

Along with the last piece of "cage bird" reel debris.

"From today, there is no family in the day, there is no family."

On the day, Ningjun looks to the day in front of the family to the family, the dull tone sounds next to everyone's ear.

"Cough ... cough ..."

On the day, I only feel that my chest has a blood, I want to spray it, I have some weak daily sufficient, and my face is getting willed.

At this moment, the Japanese daily sufficiency is suddenly uncertain in the hands of the day to the time to Ning, is it or wrong?

"See the master!"

"See the master!"

"See the master!"

After the air is immersed in a period of time, it immediately broke out the enthusiastic cheers.

Well, all the members of the family, all the members of the family, all over the ground, with enthusiasm and respect, and see the day, Ning, and a high yelle.

If you say, all the members of the family shouted to the family for the owner, just because the date of the day is full of sunshine.

So now, all the members of all the homes are real support days to Ning, and the day to the family.

"This ... isn't it?"

"It's really like a bad point, this kind of personality is true, it is really no way."

I thought that there was a high cheer from my ear, and my face was smirk, whispered.

"Since I am a home, I do what I think is right."

The day, Ning, walked to the day, and the sound is fixed and determined.

The day, there is a bitter laugh, I looked at the broken reel debris behind him. At this time, even if he wanted to stop it.

"It was still thinking, after I died, how it would be in the same time after the fire is in the fire."

"Now, there is still not so worried."

The day, the sun, I don't know if I should be happy, still a bitter laugh, and a bit decadent and bitter.