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Chapter 436, the day, the day, the short tail

On the day, I look at the sun and look at Ning, and my face is revealed:

"Ning, the young and the flower fire is a companion with you. The two people will not be your threat, and they will be trouble you in the future."

When you talk, the day, the day, the tone of the supens, is pleasant.

So far, he has nothing to regret, the only thing to let the Japanese and the sun is in full, and there is only a young sister who is left and the fire.



The young fields and firefire saw the sun and the sun, the two people couldn't help but cry.

"Reassured, I am, no one will hurt them two."

On the day, I saw the jealous and Hi Wings in the Japanese New Year's Eye, and I have always been a lot of hate.

Any hatred, accompanied by the death of hatred, will end the smoke.

On the day, Ningjun sighed in my heart, nodded at the time, and I had a point to the day, I promised the date of the day to sufficient.

On the day, I exposed a bit of gratifying look on the sunset face, and the breath became uneven, gradually started the scattered pupil looks at the sky above.

Lost the recorded reel of "Cage Bird".

There is no difference in the family and the family.

In the next day, the family will not be able to speculate, and it will not be able to know.

Until at this moment, the Japanese and sufficiency is not sure that everything you do is or wrong.

But all this is not important.

No matter what, as long as you do it, you have to pay a price.

Lost, how is the future of the wooden leaves, unknown, the next road to the family, is also unknown.

"Since the new era has arrived, then it is necessary to retreat as the product of the old era ..."

The day is slightly in the sufficient lips, just like the mosquitoes, it is gently sounded.

With the last "Go", the day is completely lost to the living.

Two people in the nutai and flower fire are shocked, and the body is soft in the ground, and the eyelids have been flooded by tears.

On the day, Ningxing and the rest of the people, all the ninja of the family, all of the heads of all silent.

It seems to mourn the past of the last master.

It seems that it is the end of a era.


At this time, a broken voice sounded over the sky, followed by the two movements appeared on the side of Ning.

On the day, I quickly looked up and looked in the direction of the voice.

These two figures are not someone else, it is right fight and Lan Pill.

"Right fighting."

The day, Ningjun first, first, the surprise opened.

Right fight?

At this time, I originally saw the two people who have appeared, and the days of some alerts, the look of the alert, and there is no disappearance.

On a day, on the face of the ninja, all exposed fear and a little fearful emotions.

Even the patterns and fireworks also concluded crying, and the eyes flashed in the eyes.

In this regard, there is no accident.

"It seems that your things are finished here."

Right fight with a little smile, look at Ning.

On the day, I went to nod to nod: "The right trick, I don't know if I can be brought to a foggy village."

He is now the mother of the family, naturally considering bringing the day to the foggy village, of course, this matter needs to be agreed by the right fight.

"Since you are a new home, there is no problem."

The right bumbled and smiled and opened such a good thing. How can he refuse.

Ning Ji heard the right thing, first, first, and instantly understand what happened, I am afraid that I have seen the right.

The right trick said, there is no smashing, and all the days in the yard reveals the color of the ninja face.

If you can add a misty village, then you can live!

If you can live, no one will choose to die.

As for the so-called betrayal of the leaves, if the leaves have disappeared, then why talking about why?

Nowadays, the rock is hidden, and the fog has been invested in the village of Woody Village, and the thousand-handles are unfained in the hands of Yuxibo spots, and the leaves have completely lost hope.

next moment.

In addition to the nutsita and the fire fire stand in place, there is no reaction.

At all the day, the family of the family, in an instant half of the ground, lower the lower, indicating the trusted embassy.

"Haha, welcome you to join the village, as long as you are giving up the village, the village will not let you down."

Right to make a delicious laughter, and open to the Ninja at the time of the public.

I just finished this.

Right fighting with a stunned look, look forward to the quick dislocation of the wooden leaves, then remove the fog hidden from the arms to the Ninja.

This group of guys?

Ectober has burst fog!

If you can't help but take it, the whole person is silent.

at the same time.

When the right boulder, he looked at the day next to him Ning, and found that the face of Ningji at the moment, and also took a stunned and speechless look.

Obviously, for the scene, there is still a substantive expectation in Ning.

Of course, there are only two stupid and sweet sweetness of the people in the field.

Looking at the behavior of the self-contained fog, it is clear that the Naruto of the family will have this thought and prepare.

If the day is not dead, I am afraid I will be angry with the life of this scene.


This did not have a day to day, in order to preserve the day to prepare to the family in advance.

The right bumper has turned over the head and looked at an eye, low head, seems to be a little scared.

According to the plot of the original, the young fields are called the Taizi.

However, according to the situation in front of you, the possibility of making the Prince Taiwan has become unlimited.

Su Zhibo spheres guys will not be soft to take away the column of nine tails.

And the mouth of the Naruto is not used by Unexpected.

After the right, I looked at the patterns, and I saw the fire in the side.

Compared to some fear, the low-headed nutai, the fire fire is equally scared, but it has never been low.

If you don't know in advance, I am afraid I thought that the fire fire is a sister, and the young lady is a sister.

These two people's character is really a certain difference.

After watching the two, I went back to my eyes.

On the day, Ning is slightly flashing, and he found that the right fighter seems to be more interested in the two days of the nuts and sparks.

"Should you get the key to a neutral library?" After receiving his eyes, he looked back to Ning.

When Ning, I was busy nod, soon, I will take a special key to him.

"Don't mind, let me look at it?"

The right bounched and looked at Ning.

What is also interested in the right, one is the seal reel of the wooden leaf, and the other is the secret of the oldest family.

Of course, it is more interested in the roll of the clock, and the right bumper is the secret of the family.

Various sickness, ban, the attraction of the right tricks is not big, and the right to be interested is the old message left.

Ning times did not hesitate, directly handed the key in his hand to the hand of the right fight.

The whole day is now in the mist, not to mention Ning, is also very clear, and the right trip adult is not the various tissue collected by the day.

"Lan Pill, you stay here to assist in Ning,"

After the right buckets, the turn has disappeared.


the other side.

Yuxi Bouvelle has come to the north side of the wooden leaves, still still stubbornly resistant to a small shares.

In the face of this boring resistance, Yuxi Boupeng directly enlarged to make a clear field. After a short time, there is nearly half of the anti-Ninja, and die in the hands of Yuxi.

And with this Qingfang, Yuxi Bouchen also found the place where the Naruto hidden.


A huge roar sounds on the ground.

Originally flat ground, was shocked by a strong force, turtle!

I also spit out a blood, rushed out of the ground, only one arm left, wrapped in the niece, rushed away from the distance.

"Wooden leaves are really defeated."

"Also, I have evacuated it."

It's also a little wolf, and the corner of the mouth is more like a blood.

At this time, even if you are not willing to believe, you know that the leaves have no victory.

And now he is going to do, it is to escape with Naruto!

Bottoma is wrapped in a blue Chakra, a speed jumping, each jumping body appears outside of 100 meters.

However, such a very fast speed does not use.


Another loud sound came, and the ground in front of the past has a huge deep pit there.

Location, I am busy stopping the footsteps, while breathing, the forehead flows to the cold sweat.

If he is not his reaction, I am afraid that I have been smashed directly by the power.

But even if you barely avoid it, you can't run it, because the location of the deep pit center. A shadow is slowly walked to him.

Yuxi Bouvelle!

"You are very good, let me waste a little time."

"But it should be so far."

Yishihu is clearly seen from the coming, and it is full of horror.

At the same time, Uchiwa belt and Sasuke also appeared on one side.

I saw this scene in front of my eyes, I also brought a bitter laugh, and put the people down.

"Good color cactus."

The Naruto is slightly moist, and it is also a lot of wolf.

Speaking of this, the Naruto slammed the head to see the direction of Yuxi Bouc.

"Yours, why do you do this!"

"Why can't everyone get along well!"

The Naruto is full of anger, and the direction of Unechyo.

At this moment, the end is full of unwillingness and decadence.

The village has been destroyed by these people in front of them, and more uncommon understandings and people who don't know are here.

And he can't do anything!

"It's really a natural idea."

"You are a column, don't you hate this village?"

Yuxi sparramid is a clear open mouth with indifference and sound.

"Why should I hate my own village!"

"I want to become a shadow, and go beyond all of the nature of all generations, then defeat all these bastards!"

The Naruto clenched fists smashed against the Sui Zhihu.

Yu Zhibo spokeally said that the Naruto said, there was a disdain on his face, and it seems too lazy to listen to nonsense.

Starting today, the villages will disappear in the endurance. The so-called fire will only become a historical term.

The so-called Naruto became a lot of shadows, and it was a joke in the eyes of Yuxi.

"The boring game should also be over."

The open mouth of Yuxi Bao is indifferent, he is not interested.


Along with a sulf, the ground under the foot of Yisi Bo is suddenly crackled.

"Spiral Pills!"

The spiral pill is also rushed out from the ground, and the spiral pills in the hand are lifted, and the position of the Sui Zhiwu spots is directly bombarded.

Just, the attack is not yet waiting.

Yuxi Bao is already lifting the leg, and it will go out of one foot.

At this moment, the people next to the people are also invisible to a white smoke.

Obviously, it is shadow.

"Bored trick."

Yishibo plaques with a boring look, hands with hands, and then reach a shot.

Tongling - Outer Road Magic Image!


With a huge white smoke, how high is more than a hundred meters, the body is like a gangmao, the magic of the average, appeared on the battlefield.

With the appearance of the magic image of the outside road, the nine-tailed of the Naruto is .

"Oh, why don't I use it ..."

The Naruto looked at the arrogance of the flying away, and he was weak in the ground, and his face was full.

Obviously, before this, Naruto has experienced a bitter, but there is nothing.

"Yu Zhibo spheres, I have a winning and negative between the Naruto, can you make me completely with the Naruto."

At this moment, it was deeply grateful to the Sakura, standing next to the soil belt, and suddenly opened his mouth.

Sasuke and Naruto have not completely divided out the wins, so Saso has been unwilling.

Of course, in the heart of Sasuke, he does not want the Naruto to die in anyone.

If the Naruto is really dead, it can only die in his hand!

Yuxi Bao is gently picking, turning his head and looked at it and returned.

Seeing that Yizhibo spots did not seem to refuse, Sasuke's heart, just prepared to forward.


The outer road is suddenly opened, a golden Chakra lock chain, from the mouth of the outer road, the moment, the moment is rushed to the Naruto.

Naruto has not reacted, this golden Chakra chain has pierced into your body, followed by slamming.

Under the gaze of everyone!

This Chakra lock chain is hardly generated from the Naruto body, and the nine-tailed Chakra is out, followed by the mouth of the outer road.

Naruto only felt black, and the whole person was on the ground.