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Chapter 437 Yin Jiu Tail Chakra, Game Game

Sasuke saw the Naruto in the ground in the distance, and the double boxed did not live slightly, and his face flashed a complex look.

Yuxi spots clearly did not care about what he said.

Sasuke can clearly understand that the breath of the Naruto is getting thinner and weak, and the people who are detached from the tail are all possible.


After the outer road of Chakra, after picking out the nine tail, it will reform into a huge white smoke and disappeared.

Yuxi Bouvet left, leaving the opposite direction, the tail beast has been in the hands, and naturally no need to stay again.

Next, it is naturally those in the right hand.

Yuxi Bao spheres have flashed a high feng, this thing needs a good plan.

Just ended with the thousands of handles, Yishihu spots will not immediately start with the right.

Yu Zhibo is very clear, fighting with the thousand handles and fighting with the right bumper, it is entirely two combat methods.

If there is no adequate preparation, delay until the last, Yuxi Botel does not think that he must win the right fight.

Although the "Yi Evil" written in the Yishibo family is very powerful, the guy is not too disgusting.

Such abilities, natural let the right trumper itself in an unbeaten state.

"It's really trouble."

Yishibo spheres are slightly flashing, and the figure has appeared next to Yishe Bo.

next moment.

A spatial vortex appeared, the Yuxi wave sphere, with soil, Sasuke three wraps, followed by disappearing on this battlefield.

With the leave of the Yuxi Boss.

If you are in the distance, you will be struggled to stand up and struggled to stand up, and you will cough up a blood in your mouth.

The blood of the mouth is not enough, and the footsteps quickly rushed to the direction of the Naruto.

When I arrived in the people, I saw that the Naruto was weak, but I didn't have a thorough losing, I couldn't help my heart.

After ordinary people lost their beasts, almost 100% will die.

However, the voice of the Naruto has the blood of the vortex, and under the strong vitality is full, the Naruto is not dead after the end of the beast.

"It will be prepared for many years."

Lift your hands and lift your blood in your mouth, then reach yourself.


With a white smoke, a frog of a slap appeared in the hand.

After this frog appeared, he slammed his mouth and spit it out of the huge reel of the size of about one meter.

Laterally, the sense of pain comes, open the reel quickly, and the breath is more weak, moved to the central position of the reel.

This reel is exactly the spool of the waves that have been reincarnated by the transcupportion, and the reel transferred in the body's Yin attribute nine tail.

"I stick to it, you can't die, Naruto!"

Laterally, I will finalize a blood and quickly print at the same time.

In the heart, Naruto is not just his disciples, but also the hope of the future.

The prediction of the fairy fairy, let the coming are also convinced that the Naruto is the hope of the future.

Of course, it is also the hope of wood leaves.

Under the rapid printer, the mysterium of the dense magnes engraved on the reel, immediately exudes a light red light.

A large amount of Yin attributes are in Chakra, spilling from the most central position of the reel, and begins to enter the body of the Naruto.

And accompanied by the transfer of time, the nine-tailed Chakra enters the speed of getting faster. It seems to be both the body of the Naruto,

However, this is also expected, after all, the Naruto itself is the column of the nine tail.

This is, it is also enough to last for nearly five minutes, and the Yin Tail Chakra is in the body of Naruto.

Do finished all.

Looking at the Naruto people who gradually gradually calmed down, they also spit out a breath.

"To leave here."

There is no helves, and quickly get up, one hand holds the Naruto.

Before leaving, I also watched the position of a fire shadow, biting the teeth and pulled forward to the north.

I also know, after today, there is no wooden leaves.

In the country of fire.

One household is large, decorated in a luxurious private manor.

It is said that it is a private manor, it is better to say a semi-open hotel.

However, this private manor is not ordinary people, and it is generally to entertain some nobles and important guests.

In this private manor, in addition to all the features of normal hotels, the most famous is hot.

Lales, the hot springs inside are the role of the ninja adult, and there is a role in health and longevity.

It is completely unsweound that is called a famous hot spring in the hometown of the hot spring.

The faint white fog is diffuse in the air.

The outlet below the hot spring pool, keeps snorting to mutter.

A little thin, but there is a sense of majestic middle-aged man in the eyebrow, the whole person is blending in the hot spring, and the face is exposed.

"Bullying a spa is really comfortable."

"It takes longer on the island, and the bubble spa can go to the cold."

This middle-aged man is laughing and opening, obviously, this moment this middle-aged man's mood is very good.

"If you like it, you can come here every day later."

A unhappy is old, and the knee kneel is on the shore of the hot spring, and a respectful open mouth.

The middle-aged man bubble in the hot spring is not someone else, is the name of the country!

The name of the country, there is actually in the territory of the fire, and it seems that I have been waiting here for a while.

"Beichuan, you are right, there is nothing wrong in the future, you can indeed come here every day."

The National Famous Face of the Water with a smile, the eyes flashed in a fierce.

Just at this time.

A flourishing foot walk came from the outside and quickly rushed over to the national name of the water.

"That one is coming."

Beibei body is slightly bent, whispered to the country of the water of the water in the spa.

The country of the water is slightly sigh, but the face will soon appear an ancient wave.

With footsteps get more and closer!

An anger rushing, with a majestic look, wearing a middle-aged old man embroidered with exquisite floral robes, directly pushing the partitioning and striving.

It was originally squatted next to the hot spring pool, and quickly stood up, quickly got a gift in this old man who came in, and then his face with a respectful look: "I have seen the big name."

The famous name of the water in the hot spring pool, this time, open his eyes, looked at the fire of the fire that came in, his name, with a little doubtful look.

"I didn't expect that you are so space today, I have also ran here to come to the hot springs."

The Naida of the Water looked at the name of the fire of the anger, with a little doubt and ignorant, laughing and opening the mouth.

"Less you here to give me a fake Qi Toy!"

"Is this the ordinary endure war with me before three days!"

"You don't know, the misty village under your hand is done, what is it!"

"Attacking the role between the rivotings, you are the balance between the five major countries!"

The famous Buddhist name has taken care of the etiquette, directly roaring the open mouth.

He feels that he is played!

The famous National University of Fire thinks that this is just a normal tolerance, and there is no difference with the war of the previous endurance.

Ninja mastered the power of the enemy, once peace, the power of these ninja gathered, will threaten the status of the famous government.

So every time, consume some ninja tools, which is naturally better in the eyes of the big name.

But this time in front of you, obviously different from the past!

In the face of the name of the fire, you will join a series of questions.

The name of the country of Water is first, and the face is also an incredible expression.


"The strength of our fog hidden village, you don't know, there is always the bottom of the bottom, even if you combine rocky village, it is impossible to destroy your wooden leaves."

The big name of the water is slightly wrinkled, shook his head.

The famous fire is biting his teeth, and the death of the dead is the name: "Do you think I am joking!"

I saw the look of the fire in the face of the fire, the name of the country is also aware of the seriousness of the matter, and quickly get up from the hot spring and walked over the shore.

I have prepared it as soon as I get a clean white robes from one side, I am on the name of the country that is coming out of the hot springs.

"I don't know this matter, I will ask now to ask now."

After coming out of the hot springs, standing in front of the famous fire country, slightly bent, and the face is out of breath.

Although the big name of the five countries is equivalent, it is actually not the case, and the country like the country and the country of the wind, how can it follow the fire in the status.

"" Sulf!

The famous water of the water is playing, standing on the cheeks of Beichuan behind him.

"What is the stupid standing here? What is the beauty of the beauty immediately, I have to ask what is going on."

The National Name of the Water is dissatisfied with Beichuan.

The cheeks of Beichuan have clearly shown a slap in the cheeks, obviously, the slap in the famous country is not in love.

However, there is no whit complaint on the face of Beichuan, still full of respectful look, nod to quickly get up.

Beichuan has not taken a few steps, the figure of the two warrs has been blocked in front of Beichuan.

These two warrs are naturally one of the followers of the famous Buddhist name.

The famous Fire of the fire looked at the country of the country, and the whole atmosphere was quickly solidified.

However, after a moment, the fire of the fire stretched out and put it.

With the actions of the famous fire, the two samurai who stopped Beichuan also opened the road.

Beichuan wiped the sweat on the head and quickly left.

"This matter, I will definitely give you a satisfactory answer."

The national famous tone of the water is a humble, and the face is equally filled with sweat, nor does it know that it is just in the hot spring, or because of the solid atmosphere.

"hope so."

The fire of the fire is a slightly turbidity, and it flashes a cold, followed by a long sleeve, turned around to go outside.

Number of warrs who just named the fire in the fire, naturally followed.

"The big name, this thing, how can the name of the country of water?"

"This is probably ..."

A minister who is famous in the famous country of the fire, carefully open the mouth.


"If he really has something to think, then stay in the fire country."

The famous fire of the fire sounded a cold, and the tone was proud and disdainful.

The area of ​​the country's area of ​​the fire is not in the area of ​​the country, in the eyes of the country of the fire, naturally see the famous country name.

He is not afraid of the name of the country of the water, and now it is surrounded by him around the entire manor.

In addition, this guy is afraid of being dead with his understanding of the name of the country of Water.

The guy who puts himself in the dangerous situation, the guy in Qi Teng can't do it.

What's more, the situation in front of you is not just a dangerous situation, but you must do your bait!


The name of the fire of the fire does not know, when a matter of income is far from the risk, then people who are afraid of death will also be willing to take risks.

the other side.

I saw the name of the fire of the fire left, the country famous on the face of the country, and there was no trace of shadow, and the eyebrows were flashing between the eyebrows.

The famous water is turned around the hot spring pool bypass the rear, and then in a corridor, come to a room in the last square.

The country named the country directly kicks the barrier door and entered this room.

I just left Beichuan, I was respectfully standing in the room.

Of course, the room is not only Beichuan, but also with beauty, green, and two endurance.

"Big name."

Seeing the famous country of the water that I came in, I was busy with a few people.

For these vibrates, the name of the country is now not intended, and the arbitrary puts it.

"How is the situation now, I don't want anything else."

The famous water of the water looked at the beauty and other people, and the tone was gently opened.

"Don't worry, big name, the situation is already."

"From tomorrow, the endurance is only four rins."

A smile, a smile, and a little tone.

I heard the words of the country of Water in the heart of the country.

"In this case, then I am ..."

The Name of Water Suddenly remembered the national name of the fire to his vague threat, and a worry in the tone.

"We will stay here to ensure the safety of the big name."

The National Water Master has not finished, and the beauty has been laughed and took the lead in opening the way.

She naturally knows that her family is famous, if there is enough interest to attract enough.

It is impossible to appear here at all, it is used to reduce the name of the country of the fire.