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Chapter 438 Woody Village is destroyed, the endurance shock!


I heard the beauty of the beauty, protect myself safe, and the country of the water is obviously relieved.

In these big eyes, "shadow" is also extremely tube.

Have a glow shadow personally protect yourself, the country of the water is a complete security problem, it is completely relieved.

The famous water of the water smashed the temple, with a smooth smile on his face.

"In this case, let's see the stubborn old guy."

The name of the country of Water issued a loud laugh and turned to go outside the room.

According to the beauty and other people, I will follow it.

Not long after.

After a corridor, the big name is after a corridor, it comes to another room.

Outside the room, there are two mid-age men dressed in two samuras, and they are quietly attacked on both sides of the door.

These two warrs saw the famous people in the country, and they looked at each other, and they quickly opened the door.

The famous Safe Face with a proud look, a big step into the room.

"Riga Sir, I have seen the big name."

The most center of the room, a wear suit, the skin presents wheat colorful women, and quickly get up, respectfully open the mouth.

The country of the water is in the name of this woman called the lacquered lady, and then swept around around him. After discovered that there is no other person's figure, I can't help but pick the eyebrows.

"Cut, I thought that Ren Shi guy came."

"It turned out to send you to contact me."

The country is famous for the country, and the sound of a dissatisfaction is somewhat cold.

The vine is immediately exposed to the solemn look, and the name of the country is slightly smashed.

"This is an important thing, the big name is naturally will not be handed over."

The rattan woolen is quickly open, but the tone is unusually calm.

"Ren Sis" mentioned in the famous Water National University, nature is the name of the famous land of the earth.

"Oh, then others?"

The famous water of the water picked the eyebrows, and the sound was still frustrated.

"Slightly, big name,"

The rattan coat is open, and the hands are quickly printed.

After a while!

Under the eyes of everyone, the originally flat ground begins to have a depression, followed by an underground dark road that can be passed by two.

The rattan woolen is pointed to the entrance to the underground, make a pair posture.

When I saw this scene in front of the beauty, my eyes were slightly flashing.

It's so.

Through the sickness of the nature, there is no discovery of those who don't want to fire.


The famous water of the water sounded, lifted the foot to the direction of the underground entrance.

As one of the ministers of the Minister of Water, it naturally follows.

And two fog from the beauty, one of which is the same as the .

Another fog, followed by the country of Water and Beichuan into the underground secret room.

As for two people, I'm re-exiting the room, guarded outside the door.

The two people are mainly dangerous to prevent the country of fire. As for the meeting of the famous national name and the national name of the country, it is a common approval of the two sides, and the possibility of danger is extremely low.

After the room was out.

"The glower adult, this thing will make the big names of the two countries, will not be some ..."

I have not opened you, and I lightly wrinkle, whispered.

In the eyes, this is the matter between Ninja, but now there is a big name, which makes this thing more complicated.

When you hear yourself, you will show a smile on the beauty, and there is a inexplicable look.

"What you said, I am afraid it is thinking in the heart of the country at this moment, so! He has not realized the risk of this matter."

It took a touch of places in the mighty meditation, saying that this is slightly, turning the head and looks blue:

"Don't forget, our purpose is not only to attack the wooden leaves, but the unified endurance is the goal of the right fight and the foggy village!"

"Your gaze is too limited, green, and the endurance is not only including several rivots."

Youth shock, revealing the look on his face.

The victory of the mutual leaves, the next consciousness is slightly lost, this is the first step in them who stepped out!

"So ... two big names ..."

It is still a little indisal.

Although you haven't received it yet, you have understood the meaning of Churma.

"The country of fire, or other countries, all have vast territories and land, and the number of ninja is too few."

"Before we have not completely prepared, let our big names are in front, enough to share our partial pressure."

It flashed a cold and laughing on the beauty of the beauty.

Don't look at them, I have a great name for my country, that is just the surface.

Naruto and big names are interdependent relationships.

Fire National Family and Wood Village Relationships may be better.

But if you say the country and the country of Water, the relationship between the two countries and their own relationships, can be used to describe it.

The two parties are not very good.

The weaker countries itself, the more I will be jealous of the power of existing in my own country.

This is a natural property.

Therefore, there is no psychological burden on the behavior of the beauty of the pit.

What's more, this thing is not enough, but a big gift.

In this case underground.

The country of the water is relatively compared with the national name of the earth, and a map is placed on the middle table.

This map is a map of the fire of the fire!

The name of the country of the earth is a long and serious old man with a little bit of breath.

Compared with the national name of the country that looks a little glory, the library has a significant stronger stronger and other aspects.

"Since we appear here, there is no need to talk nonsense."

The country of the earth is directly in the theme, picking up a pen from the side of the fire. The map draws a line of people, and the whole fire is separated.

"Your line is a baseline, with me on the left, return to you on the right."

After drawing the line on the map, drag the pen of Guo Daming to the side of the hand and open the mouth directly.

The National Name of the Water saw the line painted on the map, and his face was slightly green.

The area of ​​23 in the whole fire is all over the other side of the country!

Such an extremely unfair allocation method, the country of the water does not take the table directly, it is already a well-established.

"Are you joking?"

The national name of the water narrows the eyes, and the tone is cold and open.

"Your country is so big, give you this piece of area, which has already caught up with the size of your two water."

The national famous tone of the earth with a brisk laugh, slightly disdainful openings.

In the five major countries, the area of ​​the country is the smallest, and the other four major countries have some people who can't see the country.

Facing the name of some of the country of earth. The famous water of the water took a deep breath, and after the anger in the heart, the face hangs if there is no smile.

If it is before, in the face of the big country in the country of the earth, the country of the country naturally did not dare to have too many .

Moreover, the country of water is at sea. If there is no special case, the country is generally not involved in the inland war.

But it can be different in front of you!

What's more, the country of Water currently has this bottom gas.

"While our country is small, now the strength can be weak, such as the first edition of the gurt."

The famous water of the water squatted, and there were a few cold ridicule.

I heard the words "right fight".

The famous land of the earth wrinkled, and the binocked flashed in both eyes.

For the right fight, Yuxi Bang is similar to the presence of natural disasters.

Even if they stand in the top of the pyramid, they can't help but fear and jealous.

Although the country of the country of the earth, although there is some concerns, but there is no show on the face.

"Is it? We also have Yuxi Bozhu."

The national name of the earth is still with a calm look and a faint opening.


The famous water of the water picked the eyebrows, and she was thinking.

"Do you have the country of the country not to count on the Ninja of other countries?"

I saw the famous yin and yang of the country, I couldn't help but storm on the head of the country.

With his stylish, if you don't have any scruples in your heart, you will have a table.

When is there a small country like water, dare to ignore the Tiger of the country?

That's right!

In the eyes of the national name of the earth, although the country is called one of the five major countries, it is a small country in his eyes.

Although the name of the country of the earth puts a pair of gas, but there is nothing to take a certain action, and the national name of the water flashed in the name.

"So, I have to talk about it again."

The famous water of the water squinted, waved his hand, and laughed and opened his mouth.

Respectfully stood in Beichuan in the rear, re-took out the map of the fire in the country, posing in the center of the table.



Wooden leaves June 9, June 9.

The fog hidden village Joint Rocky Village, under the lending of the right bumper and Yisi Boufar, break through the defense line arranged by the leaves, and attacking the fire.

Wooden leaves June 11, June 11, at dusk!

The two major troops in the fog hidden village, the two major troops, the first generation of fire, the kilochaship, the fifth-generation fire shadow, was fog hidden.

Wooden leaves June 13, June 13, in the morning.

The fire of the fire of the fire in the fire!

The original five-generation fire planner, personally act in all living civilians in the wooden village, let everyone returned home, and guarantee that the fog hidden village will not hurt anything other than others.

At the same time, the original five-generation fires announced that he added to the misty village.

Followed by.

The fog hidden village is a reward for the fugitive logs.

Of course, the fog hidden village also issued another instruction.

If you have changed from the new, you can also add the misty village as the original five generations of fire.

As for this instruction, it is true or false, or the person who deliberately attracts the leaf and fleeted, so they don't know.

Along with these messages gradually spread.

For a moment, the relief shock!

Sandy village, Yun Yin Village and all parties, in the face of the destroyed news, all are horrified.

After three endurance battles, I stand in the hoody village of the end of the Ibara, and I was suddenly destroyed.

This is only a few days!

This allows the original intended, wait until the three rivals consume some strength, and then admitted to the small ideas of the Yunyin Village of the leaves.

Without the village of the village, the old brother in the front, Yun Yin Village instantly understands the one, now in jeopardy situation.

I heard that the four generations of Lei Ying Ai, I don't know how many work days I smashed.

As for the sandy village, it is much more calm than imagination.

The old sea of ​​the village seems to be a little orthodox, often running out fishing, but no matter whether there is no harvest, always sigh.

Fire country.

Source wood shadow office.

Right hit in the position of the original navine office, knead the temple.

Yesterday night, he bubbled in the kinemare of the family, and refers to the ancient family of this ancient family with some messages about the endurance.

With the current endurance, if the message recorded in which family is most complete, I am afraid only the day left.

After watching the reels and information on one night, the right bucket did not get the intelligence they wanted, but there was a little gain.

According to the records in the day to the family.

The entire endurance is divided into five times from ancient times.

They are: Ancient times, the ancient times, the era of the era, the Warring States era, and today's five major fortifications.

The five generations of the Village and the Warring States Age will do not have to say more, and the right is born in the Warring States era, and naturally don't need to know.

It is really interesting to be a right to be a favorite of three times.

According to the records on the reel.

In the ancient times, there is no Chakra, as well as the Ninja, all people seem to be ordinary people.

Until the end of the ancient times, a giant tree appeared on the earth.

Right fight guess, this giant tree should be the so-called god tree, which is ten tails.

In the ancient times, two powerful countries have appeared on the mainland, but there is a strong, there is a weak.

Just in the powerful country, when the country who was about to destroy the weak, a weak country had a goddess.

The appearance of this goddess helped the weak country to resist the attack of strong countries.

In the face of such a stalemate, the strong country threatens the weak country, killing this goddess, and then never violates.

As for the next, there is no in the reel.

Although there are not many things recorded in the ancient times, the right fight has discovered a lot of interesting places.

First of all, the god of the weak country does not have to guess, the right fight knows that it is the big tube Hui's night.

And because of this, the interesting place will appear.

According to the record, the big tube is helping the weak country to resist the attack of strong countries.

Interesting place is here!

"Resist!" Three words!