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Chapter 439 speculates that Xiaonan arrived

"Resist!" Three words!

It seems that there is no problem, but this is a place that is really problematic.

According to the records of the ancient times, the endure of the time is that there is no Chakra exists, that is, the ordinary people are all.

However, the big torch is the power of the six levels.

Don't say that it is that era, even if you put it in modern big tube, you are like the existence of God.

And the big tube of the small country can only resist the attack of the big country, but not directly destroyed the big country, just this, it is enough to explain that the big country has also mastered a force that is not weak to the big tube.

Otherwise, with the strength of the six levels, ordinary countries in front of the big torch, there is no power to resist.

"Can you relatively resist the power with the big tube?"

The right bounter flashed in the bounter, and his face with a trace of interesting look.

It can be relatively resistant to the six-channel level, or it is another six-way force, or people of the coastal wood.

Either it is in the endurance, there is already a force that is not weak in Chakra when it has not been generated by Chakra.

Both these two reasons, no matter which one is enough to make the right to create great interest.

Before the right fight, the plot has arrived at the blogging period, so, it is aware of a big cadec family.

Therefore, compared to the first reason, the right fight is more inclined to the second.

"If there is no mistake, it seems to have a small country called the ghost country, and there is a girl inheriting the power of witches."

"A system completely different from Chakra."

"Maybe take a time, you can go."

The right fight flashed a thinking look, whisper muttered.

As for the next documentary data of the day, after the ancient and the ancient times, they entered the era of the role.

Most of the information recorded in the records of the six immortals have created the role of the endurance, and there is a series of famous events on the development of the endurance.

The information recorded in this era is more detailed, but there is no effect on the right fight.

Nothing is to let the right fight, for the past, some don't know, it is more understanding.



With a knock on the door, the planner face is ugly from the office.

"You have already done my business, I hope you speak calculations."

The hand face is a little pale and iron green, and it is indifferent in the tone.

Right fight leans against the chair, with a soft smile, look at the ones.

"Don't use this life, how to say that you are now our foggy village."

"What's possible, since it is necessary to unify people, it will naturally not do things that hurt civilians."

On the right side, I looked at the planner and smiled and opened.

When it is here.

The right bumper is slightly paused: "So, comfort your wooden leaf is desperate, but you have to trouble you."

"Yes, I know that you can't come alone."

"So specialize in you with a ninja team, specializing in you, there is any need, directly told them to do it well."

"You also know that all the ninja is very busy, so these things can only be troubled."

When the right is said to be here, my face apologetically looked helplessly.

I heard what the right fight said.

One of the cards in the card, said that it is to help her a ninja team, nothing more than can't pass this Ninja team.


There is no way in addition to extremely unhappy. This is what is expected.

Moreover, the other party also did not intend to cover it.

I don't know if I wait for someone to escape the leaves. How is the situation?

The card is full of concern, and the heart is secretly thinking. But there is no expression on the face on your face.


The agency issued a cold and turned to go outside the fire.


The office door was smashed, so that the whole room was shocked.

Looking at the departure, the right fight is revealed.

"So explosive temper, you have to grind it."

The right bumper shook his head and went back to see the document filled with a table, and the whole person couldn't help but have some headache.

As mentioned here.

The fog hidden village just took the wood leaves, there are too many things that need to be handled.

If there is no longer Chang Ziro, whiteline helps to handle it, the right fight is probably the whole person has buried into a bunch of documents.

Even if it has been removed by layer, there is still a hundreds of things, and it is stacked on the table in front.

Originally, it is a beautiful work.

But who makes it now, the beauty of the beauty of the water, and needs to protect the national name of the water.

So these things, just helplessly take over.

"Sure enough, is there any people?"

"It seems that you have to adjust people from the village."

Several files on the right squatting table, frown, whisper muttering.

Have more difficult to guard the world!

The range of wooden villages can be several times more than the range of fog hidden villages. Such a big area, naturally need a lot of people to patrol, embarrassing.

A part of the person is also required to clean up the battlefield, repair the destroyed house and other things.

Of course, there are all kinds of things, you need to wait for processing.

Just just this matter, it is enough to make the right to feel a little headache.

The only thing is good, and it is not long ago, the rocky troops led by the Yuxi speakers have begun to evacuate.

This is to let the fog hidden village have reduced a large part of the pressure.

Woody village is now completely atmospheric.

Although this thing makes the high levels of rocky village, in the face of the Wei Zhibo spheres, naturally do not dare to have a reverse.

As for why Yuxi speck is so happy, the treasure of the village will be made up in the first fighter and Yisi Bouvet in advance.

Right, as long as you don't intervene, Yu Zhibo spheres, the battle between the killer, and the nine tail.

After the village is attacked, the owner is a fog.

If this condition is simple to see, it seems that Yuxi Boufire is losing. But in essence, Yuxi Bao is not at the bottom of the melan.

The purpose of Yuxi Boze is to let the whole world shroud under the infinite month read, and the size of the site is not worthy of any meaning in Yuxioba.

"In short, the things of the fire country should end as soon as possible."

"Otherwise, I will not open it here."

Right to sweeping a full-time document on the table, sighed.

Rushing village.

The light rain of the drain is constantly under.

A similar to the top of the house, the small south is stationed at the highest position, and the eyes are quietly watching the rainy village below.

The blue-violet hair has been wetted by rain, but Xiao Nan is not careless.


Just at this time.

A slight blank voice came from the distance, followed by a black residue, and the blink of an eye appeared on the side of Xiaonan.

"You are coming, the long door."

Xiaonan did not look back, but it already know who is coming.

"The Village of Woody Village is destroyed, and that person is really doing."

The long door stands on the side of Xiaonan. The eyes are also watching the rain of the rain below, and there is a little bit of god.

For this war launched on wood, all the big fortunes in the pastures are very concerned.

Therefore, while the fog is invisible, this news is also almost spread throughout the end.

As the first wooden village of Wujiegui Village, it has been standing in the village in the end of the endurance.

Nowadays suddenly destroyed, the first idea in everyone's mind is not believed.

Then it is wrong and a little faint!

Since the establishment of five big fortune, this is the first to be destroyed.

In a certain aspect, from this moment, a seed has been violated in the hearts of all ninja in the end of the Ninja.

Even if the right battle suddenly disappears, there is no way to reply to the previous.

Once a situation is broken, then the new situation will be restructed.

The unified concept has been planted, even if there is no right to put the fertilization of fertilization, this seed is still a big tree.

In the face of such a situation, even those who have slowed more slowly aware of a feeling of a big era.

The long door looked at the light rain in front of him, and the eyes were slightly awkward.

When I remembered the first time I saw the right fight, I was right to tell the concept of unified tolerance.

In fact, when he heard this concept, the first reaction of the long door is impossible.

In the long time in which the long gate has a round, it is just to form a horrible deterrent to form a horrible deterrent, let the endurance stop.

I am afraid that the door is in the most arrogant period, there is no destruction of the five rivals.

Therefore, at first glance heard the right battle, there is a counterfeit to the feeling of the big counter.

Nowadays, the village of Woody Village has been completely destroyed.

The right trip is also a first step and is the most important step.

"It's a terrible,"

The long gates returned to God, and the heavy spit out of breath.

Just at this time.

Suddenly I have never opened my head to see the head.

"I want to go to Wumei Village."

Small south face calm looks at the long door.

There is no unexpected look on the face, with a rare softness on the stiff face: "You don't have to tell me now."

"it is good."

"The village is troublesome."

Xiaonan nodded and nodded, accompanied by Chakra's flow, behind the moment, a pair of huge paper wings.


The wings behind the small south are slightly waving, and the whole person will disappear in an instant.

"Unified tolerance?"

"Deterrence tolerance?"

The long door looked at the mage of Xiaonan disappeared, whispered.

At the point of view, although the right fight is different from his approach, it is inherently the same.

"I am looking forward to it. Under the right fight, which step can you go?"

The long door is slightly flashing, and the figure disappears between the blinks.

Three days later.

Xiaonan station at the gate position of the logs of the logs of the logs.

Originally destroyed wooden door, at this moment have been completely repaired, after all, is a facade of a village, nature is preferred.

Xiao Nan officed the traces left on the ground around the ground, and the eyes were slightly flashing.

Just through these legacy, there is no trace of traces, you can imagine the fierceness of the battle at the time.

Xiaonan continued to go forward, see the position of the gate at the distance, and there seems to have a lot of people's shadows.

At the beginning, Xiao Nan also thought it was a person in fog hidden village.


When approaching the gate, I saw that the gate is entry and out, it is actually some civilian and businessmen, and the whole person in Xiaonan is slightly stunned.

If it is not standing on both sides of the gate, it is the ninja of the fog hidden village, and the small south thought the message of the leaves of the leaves is fake.

Before you came, you have already thought about Xiaonan's heart, just experienced the war wood, you must define a samptural scene.

And the scene in front of you, completely unexpectedly.

Although it is still a bit cold, at least it is completely unsatisfactory.

There are not many people and merchants that enter and export, but I have to know that the wooden leaves have just passed a war, and the one who has failed was occupied by the fog hidden village.

Normally, this time must panic, hiding is something that is normal, at least, it should be cleared, not so lively before you.

"How is the fog in the village?"

The little-south face with a little stunned look, muttering the open mouth.

Xiaonan received his attention from these pedestrians and merchants, continued to go in front, while watching the brand on the gate.

The brand original "Woody Village" is naturally replaced, it is changed - the village of fog!

Hidden village?

Xiaonan saw the name written on the brand, can't help but twitch.

Good casual name!

Xiaonan couldn't help but spit some, and there was no expression change on his face, and a pair of indifference came.

When Xiaonan near the door of the village, naturally attracted the attention of the fogy in the middle of the side.

However, these two misty ninja, just looked at it, returned to the eyes.

The fog hidden village and rain is the allied relationship.

The ordinary ninja in the rain is not aware of, but the two leaders and Xiaonan, most of the fog is naturally clear.

Even if you don't know, there will be a secret ninja to these two guard fog hidden news.

These two misty, only the hierarchy, it seems to guard the guards seems extremely unsatisfactory, but as long as it is not a fool, it must be understood.

These two people are only placed in a well guard, and the real guard is in the dark.

at this point.

Xiaonan is also very clear, so the big shot is directly went in.

After entering the village of the mist, the lead in the homework is first, and it is the most in front of the straight avenue, the end of the fire.

This is the most marked building in the village of Wood.

Only at this moment, the stone statue of the full-named nature of the entire endurance is disappeared.

Xiaonan reluctantly saw a spatied fire rock, there were a lot of black spots, re-engraved on the fire.