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Chapter 440 Xiaonan's curiosity, fire in the country!

Is the Huoxi?

I am afraid it is a spree.

The little sigh looks on the small man, but soon resumed the indifferent expression, and continued to go in the village.

Walking on some empty streets, Xiaonan glances around, and flashing from time to time.

There are not many pedestrians in the streets in the village in the mist, even if there is, it is also in a hurry.

Of course, in it, Xiaonan also found that some pedestrians also have curious and fascinating look.

It is obviously not the villagers in the original wooden village.

At the same time, in the direction of the street, there are many houses being repaired and rebuilt, and some workers are dry.

What is most surprised by Xiaonan is that it will run a few children from time to time.

This pair of scenes in front of me, let Xiaoshan's face show surprised and puzzled look.

The small south of the war is naturally a disaster and pain brought about by anyone.

The wooden leaves in front of the eyes have not been so prosperous before the war, and even a bleak's breath is still filled.

However, Xiaoshan can feel clear, this bleak, it is still doped with a vitality.

Xiaoshan can obviously feel that the rapid walking pedestrians on the street don't show too much fear and hatred, more is a kind of ignorance.

This is never thought of Xiaoshan.

Or, I have seen the villages that have been defeated after the war. I have never been in front of you, and I have not been hatred, bleak, break, and hard.

"This is the road to" unification "in your mouth?"

Xiaonan Station is in the middle of the road, although the face is still indifferent, the double is slightly lightened.

After a little sinking.

Xiaoshan lifted his feet, and stepped on the direction of the original shadow office building.

The closer to the center of the village, the more you can see a busy misty village.

Responsible for the defending Ninja team, looked at the small south walked in the direction of the office building.

Rainy Village people?

The captain of the patrol team first stunned, although it is curious to now, the people in Yuyin Village will do it here, but there is no blocking.

Patrol the team Ninja re-retracts the eyes and continues to patrol.



Xiaonan walked into the original fire office building, directly on the second floor, and gently knocked two times.

"come in."

A flour sound came from the room.

That is the sound of the right fight.

Xiaoshan opened the door of the office and went straight.

In the office, in addition to right, there are long tenirs standing on one side.

"Oh, you are coming."

Right fight looked up and looked at Xiaoshan and his face with a soft smile, whispered open mouth.

When Xiaoshan entered the misty village, the right to receive the news, so there was no unexpected expression.

"Little Southern Paren." Chang Shiro also turned his head to look at Xiaonan and whispered.

"Suddenly here, is there anything?"

Right fight with a few wonderful looks.

"I want to take a look at the waves after the war. There is also your so-called unified concept."

The little south face has a inexplicable look, deeply looks at the right.

As early as this.

In the eyes of Xiaonan, the ideas of the long concepts and the right bumper, there is no difference in her heart.

The long door wants to maintain the power by controlling the power of the beast to achieve peace.

The so-called unity of the right trip, in the heart of Xiaonan, is nothing more than strong force. It seems that there is no difference in nature.

However, until this time, Xiaonan suddenly found that there is a great difference in the two.

When I heard the words of Xiaonan, the right bumper was gently picked up, and the face was revealed.

Right, I know that people who are helped, he can easily.

"I want to know why some civilians on the street don't imagine panic."

"The residents in the original wooden leaves, why didn't you hate you fog?"

"The war is not suffering, hatred, depressed, but I didn't see this all the way?"

Xiaonan's face with a bit exciting and curious, and the eyes are closely watching the right fight.

In the face of Xiaonan a series of inquiry, he stood at the long jewel next to the desk, and his face showed a few weird looks.

Chang Ziro knew that his right fighters appeared again and found that people who were willing to share most of their work.

"These problems can not answer."

Right fight touched the Pakistan, it seems that these problems are you thinking about how to answer Xiaoban.

Xiaonan face looks to the right fight, and the look of the face.

"Before answering these questions, you should see the civilians at the entrance of the village and there are many ways to move on the street."

"Normal, just experienced war, civilians should all hide, at least not as active as you see."

The right fight with a smile, look at Xiaonan, whispered open mouth.

Xiao Nan is nodded, which is also a place where she is somewhat.

In the war of Ninja, civilians should be the most safe.

During any war, the Ninja will not care about the life of the civilians, let alone is currently the enemy's people ruled their village.

Even if there is a hand, this original nigns appease, these civilians cannot be adapted so quickly according to the constant executives.

"Because I spent a part of the villagers in the foggy village."

Right to see Xiao Nan and a strange look, laughing and opening the mouth.

Migrate a part of the village of the original mist hidden village to the village?

There is such a way!

Xiaonan is first, it is a bit of light, and his face is more revealed.

"Of course, there are many other methods."

The right bum is gently smiling, then the voice is turned, and the face with a brilliant smile:

"It's just that these methods are simple to say, if you want to know, you can stay, personally participate in it."

When I heard the right battle, I couldn't help but show the look of surprises on my face.

After experiencing the war, it is better than anyone understands the suffering of civilians.

Therefore, in the face of the right trick, how can Xiao South refuse.

"Can I? This is the policy of your foggy village."

Xiaonan original calm face, rare exposed a bit of tense expression.

Seeing the small south of the Royal Sister, the expression on his face, and the right hop suddenly found that Xiaonan actually cute.

"Of course, there is no problem."

The right fight is immediately exposed.

Now, it is extremely lack of people, it is hard to help, how can the right? How can I refuse?

"Right, there is a thing I don't know if you are interested in Yuying Village."

Right fighting as if I think of what I think of, suddenly open.

Xiaoshan smashed the head and did not directly open the reply, waiting for the right to follow the next.

"The residents of Yin Yin Village have not interest to live in the village of the mist."

Right fight with a smile, soft open mouth.

This is out.

Xiaonan's whole person suddenly squatted in the original place, and the light orange pupil couldn't help but increase.

"Go to the wooden leaves ... No, foggy 2 villages to live?"

On the small face, with an incredible expression, repeating it, the right tricks just said.


"The civilians of fog hidden villages have been migrated, although some problems have been solved, they also have another problem."

"To know, the fog is hidden, so it will definitely bring some civilians who will be able to be better than the civilians of the wooden leaves."

"Maybe I can't see it now, but time for a long time, such contradictions will happen, so I plan to migrate a separate rushing civilians, this is a lot."

Right fight grabbed your hair, and his face with a helpless look.

This contradiction is also something that there is no way.

After all, this is also humanity, there is no way to eradicate.

Of course, the right fight is not intended to completely eradicate these contradictory ideas. Anything has a bad side, naturally there is a good side.

As long as this contradiction is within a certain range, then this is not contradictory, but another kind of benign competition.

"What's wrong, isn't there any interest?"

Right, watching some small south, doubtful inquiry.

"No, no, interested."

Small southern tone excited open mouth.

The Fire State is that the resources are still the top, and the wooden village occupied by the best position is more Feng Shui.

Rain, raining, raining this year, and there is a mildew on the ground, and there is no comparability with the wooden village.

If the civilians of the village are moved to the village of Woody Village, it is simply a good thing.

As the leader of the village, Xiaonan's hope of the heart, the villagers of the rain, the villagers.

Of course, if the village in the village is transferred to the village of Woody Village, there is no simple alliance between the rain, the village and the foggy village.

For this, Xiaonan looks very clear.

However, Xiaonan does not care, from the right trick to save the long door, and provide shelter to Yinyin Village, from the beginning of Yuxi Boss's attack.

The rain is already an attached village.

The so-called "alliance" is just a good one.

The long door is also good, Xiaoshan is good, both people are true hopes, and civilians in the village can pass better.

As for other things, the two don't care much at all.

"In this case, it is great."

On the right fight, take a smile to Xiaoshan, reach out a lot of files full of films on the north.

"If you have mentioned, you can find an answer in these files."

Right fight with a brilliant smile, stretch it.

Xiaonan looked at many files in front of the half-man, suddenly found that he didn't have someone.

The right bumper quickly exposed a innocent expression, and at the same time, a long joyous jewelry next to him.

Changziro standing on one side quickly lowered.

Although there is no change in the face, but I can't help but laugh in my heart, I have a small man to help, I can be lazy again.

When you rebuild the misty village in the right!

The entire endurance is a message that is destroyed by the wood leaves.

The rigid, the Naruto and others, the rapid departure of the fire, and even some of the kept villages, even the small country without the Ninja Village.

In these days, the big snake pill is also repeatedly driven by the spell. And directly following the other-in-one wooden ninja.

The ninja that can escape from the leaves can be said to be the elite in the elite, plus some families reserved the fire, although there are not many, but for some small is the power, it is still unable to move.

So it is also a position directly near the edge of the sea, spent a half-day time, quickly occupying a small country.

Of course, face the reward for fog hidden villages, as well as the hidden fog.

It is also natural to be very careful, although it occupied the country, but there is no change in it, but all people are hidden in the dark.

Will this again.

Late and others are intended to secretly contact the big names of the fire country.

The big event of the shock and fortune is once again outbound!

Wooden leaves 61 June 17th!

The famous fire of the fire was assassinated by a martialist who should protect his own warrior, and the whole fire of the fire.

Four days later.

That is, the wooden leaves are on June 21, 2016!

The country of the water, the country of the country, two super big countries, at the same time declared the war, the endurance shock!

This is the first big country to participate in the establishment of five big fortunes!

Such a situation makes most somewhat abortion, and even incredible.

The outbreak of the previous war is generally the war between Ninja. It is only the force behind it, providing food, money, and weapons.

Nowadays, the fight between big countries is now explosing, some people have a state in which people have a state.

The large number of soldiers in both parties went to the battlefield!

Although these soldiers are just ordinary people, even casually, they can easily pick four or five people, but these soldiers have a lot!

The number of Ninja is completely exceeded, even tens of times!

The people who dense Ma Ma will influence the country of the fire, thinking in everyone, this is a long-lasting battle.

The two rivals in the village of Hiyin Village, sent ninja to high-level officials, and the high-level officials of the fire.

Without the village of Wumi, although there are still some ninjas in the country of the fire, these ninja can't stop the elite of the two rivals.

The minister of a famous fire was assassinated.

In just two days, there is no commander of high-level officials, and the whole fire is directly collapsed.

The country of the country and the country of the country entered the fire in the country, and began to seize the site.

At this time, everyone discovered.

The Water Country and the State of the Lodion sent a lot of soldiers, fundamental purposes were fast sewage.

Wooden leaves June 24, June 24.

A series of ministers in the famous national name and other a series of assassination, the fireland is destroyed!