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Chapter 441 illuminates, established relationships

There is no power to organize the fire of the fire.

In the eyes of all the forces at this moment, it is already placed on the table, emitting a fragrant cake.

The rich land, resources, there is no protection of all people, so that all the forces can't help but want to bite.

Just unfortunately.

This piece of sweet cake!

At present, there are only two ways of the country and the country of the soil, and the other parties will only have the eyes of the eyes.

After the defeat of the country of the fire, I took out the battle for the Men, and returned to the village of the mist.

Because of the next thing, it is no need to push the boat in the back.

In the two major countries of water, the earth, the rapid administration of the land.

Wooden leaves June 30, June 30.

The war lasted for about half a month completely ended.

In the northwest of the fire country, the map of the country, the map of the southeast position is attributed to the country of water, and the whole fire is divided into two.

The entire endurance is also completely ended.

This makes other people, and the country is heavy.

Blink between.

The two major powers of the fire in the fire, let it have a history of history.

There are so many things in just a short time, although all parties will have some tongue, but everyone knows that this has become a fact.

of course.

The kooshi of the fire also gave the country and the country of Ray, some will have a chance.

at least!

In the country of Water, the country of the country did not completely digest the fire in the country, and never broke the next war.

This time is enough to give them some opportunities and preparations.

Therefore after the end of this war.

The two big names of the country of Lei Zhi, the country of the country, immediately gave a lot of supplies support, as well as the support of money.

Especially the country of wind.

Previously, the country of the wind was a little jealous of Shang Yin Village in his country, not only did not give support, even secretly.

The sandy village is weak, and this is a big reason, which is the cold eye treatment of the famous country famous.


The big name of the country is directly generous, and pays money to give money.

Even the resources of a car to sandy village.

In this war.

After the fire of the Fire National Famous Family, the assassination of the assassination, let the country of the country realize the importance of Ninja.

I can't be poor, I can't be poor.

In the face of the high-names of the famous country between sudden winds, the sea, the sea, the sea, the sea, the whole, all the way.

In this regard, the shackles of the shackles of the sandy village suddenly feel, should you thank you for your fog?


After this war, the changes in the endurance are very violent.

But these.

The right trip is not very concerned about it. Now let the right bumper are really happy, and the beauty is finally returned, and he can liberate.

Hidden village in the village.

New water shadow office.

The right fight with a unscrupulous look, watching the beauty of the gods from outside the door.

"Water Shadowner."

Changziro standing on the left side position, and quickly let the files on the hand, respectfully open.

Standing on the right side of the right bumper, I also lift my head and look at the beauty, and I have a good respect: "The House of Shadow."

Like the Great Mantra nod, the green eyes look forward to the direction of Xiaonan.

During this time, although she is not here, she does not mean that I don't know what happened to the village.

"Our village is in trouble, you are trouble."

Take a little inexplicable look in the Bimeon, but the face is still looking at Xiaonan with a smile, and there is a petty in the tone.

When I said here, I saw the direction of the right fight obviously obviously.

"Not troublesome."

"During this time, I am here, I have learned a lot."

Xiaonan gently shake his head, with a calm and light look.


With a bit of a splendid smile on the face, laughing.

Chang Shiro's eyes flashed a little confused look, and looked at the smile of shadow, and looked at the quiet and light south.

There is no problem with the expression of these two people, but I don't know why, Chang Shiro always feels a little quirky.

"That ... right fights."

"There is an urgent thing to handle here, under, and it will be retired."

Chang Ziro picked up a stack of documents on the table, and quickly turned to go outside the office.

"Hey!" The sound of the sound.

After the Changzhou Lang came out of the office, they quickly closed the door and gently comforted a breath.

Although he did not know anything abnormality, the intuition of Changshuo told him that if he stayed again, he may be unlucky.

Still hurry to leave this is noticeable.

Long Shiro hugged his arcade, and a flashed has disappeared.

In the office.

As Long Shiro leaves, Xiaoshan returned to his head, and he is not slow to re-close the file you opened.

Then pick up a few items you need to handle from the side.

"The first batch of the civilians of the rain, the first batch of today, I will deal with it."

Small South put the files on the hand on the chest and the light of the right bumper.

"Is the first batch? It's great."

"This matter is troublesome."

Before the right battle, the arrival of the rain, the arrival of civilians, it is finally able to alleviate the contradictions that have been some open.

"This is what I should do. I should thank you for me."

Xiaonan shakes his head, and said to the right hit and be a little one, turn around, turned to the office.

With a smile, if there is a smile on the beauty, look at the small south of the left, followed by turning the head.

"Right fighting adult, it seems to find a good secretary."

With a charming smile on the beauty, the light open road.

The right bumbled gently blinked his eyes, and he naturally heard the words like the beauty.

Is this jealous?

"You don't know if you turn from the rain of the village."

"Which person is more appropriate than Xiao South? Moreover, Xiaonan's contact is not the secret of the village."

"Moreover, even if it is known, it doesn't matter, and the rain is the village of our village, nor any outsiders."

The right bucket is on the palm of the palm and righteous words.

Like the beauty, it's nothing whispered to the lazy.

At this moment, there is no other person in addition to the beauty and right embarrassment.


According to the beauty of the beauty, suddenly flashing a sly look, moving the elongated thigh, bypass the front desk, walked to Wang Fan's.

I saw a little strange action as the beauty, and I haven't waited for God.

A gentle side of the beauty, sitting directly on the right fight, followed by two slim arms, hugging the neck of the right fight.

"Right fighting adult, I left this time, did you miss me?"

Illuminate the shackles, flashing, hot eyes, there is no meaning of smilly.

It is a very embarrassing posture, half-lying in the arms of the body.

She is an extremely mature, beautiful, and directly.

According to Meitu, I didn't cover my heart's idea, and I show my good feelings of my right fight.

In the face of hot and unparalleled beauty.

The right trick is first, but it returns to God in an instant.

The two are near.

Right Bourt has been able to see the pink lips as the beauty, and smelling the beauty of the beauty.

At this time, I only say that I can't say "I don't want to".

"miss you."

The right battle is soft, reached out and holds the soft waist.

Although it is a bit suddenly, but whether it is right fight, it is still a beauty, and the two sides did not feel anything.


When I launched a war early, in the rear of the stronghold, I had expressed my mind, and the right shot was also responded at the time.


This relationship is completely identified.

Illuminated with the beautiful movement of the right bumbled to hug his movements, the ancestors of the inner heart, also completely disappeared.

"Right fighting adult, I see Xiao Nan sister seems to be good."

Lying in the right to lying on the right squat, the finger of the deep blue nail polish is gently point on the chest of the right fight, with a tone.

In such a atmosphere, I suddenly came to this sentence.

Let the right struggle never respond.


Although I didn't talk about any love, I have been influenced by the Internet after all, I naturally understand this time, whether it is wrong.

"Small South?"

On the right fighter, revealing the look, revealing a pair of expressions that did not understand, and the meaning of beauty.

I saw the stupid face on the face of the right, turned over the white eye.

"How to say in Xiaonan is also the leader of rain, the leader of the city, and a leader runs over to you as a secretary. What do you think?"

With a helplessness in the mime, she found that their own right fighters in the feelings, it is indeed an eucalyptus head.


According to Meime, there is a bit of a bit of a bit, but I have a proactive, otherwise, I don't know how to develop with the personality of the right.

The mouth of the right fight can't help but twitch.

In this atmosphere, I actually talk about another woman, and I don't know if it is deliberate, and I still have anything to think.

However, no matter what reason.

Talking about another woman in front of a woman is always a stupid behavior.

So this situation must break.

Think of this.

The right bumper is slightly powerful, and the head is directly low, kisses on the lips of the beauty, to express their attitude.


"Um ~" is low!

Under this action.

I just had a little bit of beauty, immediately like a kitten, the whole body is soft, and it is ignorant on the chest of the right fight.

At this time, the right is not noticed, and it will show a touch of the beauty.

Let the right fighter take the initiative, really don't use some thought.

Just at this time.


The door of the office was pushed away, and the Qingzheng took several documents from the office.


The blue and half slammed into the office, he saw it, at this moment, he was full of red, and he was hugged by the right fight.

And the right to the right and the beauty of the beauty also looked at it.

Feel the sight of the two.

Qing people can't help but feel cold sweat, quickly disappear from the door of the office, the figure instantly.

At the moment it just turned.

Blue is clearly felt, from the water and shadow, the murderous killing.


Just closed the office door, was opened by the beauty.

At this moment, I just like a child, I'm emitting a bad breath.

Looking at the position of the United States at the door, look at the direction of the green disappearance, with a brilliant smile on his face.


Like the United States, you can't help it.

You know, whether it is an atmosphere, or feels that it has been in place, and the result is destroyed by the green guy.

"Cough, cough."

Right fight leaving from his own arms in an instant, appearing at the door, gently coughing.

Take the beauty, will open the door to re-off, then go back.


According to the beauty, I recovered the elegant and gentle look.

If there is a clear footprint on the door, the right bou has always thought that the door is not a beauty.

Seeing this scene, the right squat is slightly twitching.

There is no current atmosphere, the two naturally can't continue.

However, the relationship between the two has been established, nor does it have to rush to this moment.

Just talk about the right thing.

"These days, just hand over things, after a while, I have to return to the country of water."

Right, a positive, light open mouth.

"it is good."

According to the beauty, I took a short hair and nodded.

She is a mature woman, and when the natural division is clear, what should I do.

"Now the other things are slow, but it is not particularly urgent."

"At present, our first order is to let the village will be smoothly transitioned as soon as possible, and the resources left in the village, and quickly digest it."

The right fight turned the pen and slowly opened the mouth.

Take a little bit of beauty, this is indeed a top priority.

"So this matter, you have to cooperate with the program."

Speaking here, with a helpless smile on his face.

Like Meills and the agency, it belongs to the pride, confident woman.

The same is a good woman, there are always some similar qualities.

Therefore, it is not pleasing to the eye, and each other is not going on between the United States.

"Reassured, in the village's things, I am not a woman who is tangled."

Like the beauty, I rubbed my mouth and took a trace of proud tone.

Does the little metro?

The remaining light of the right bourt is a footprint on the door of the office, and the mouth is slightly smoked.

It seems that tomorrow is looking for a house to change the door ...