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Chapter 442 illuminates the roaring of Xiaoshan, aperator

Right to turn over, watch the scene outside the window, suddenly think of what.

"Yes, there is another important thing, and the mist in the village needs to be redeveloped."

"However, this thing does not need to do the big flag drum."

Right to say this, with a inexplicable look on his face.


It's gently blinked like a beautiful green eyes, and a surprise is revealed.

The overall scope of the wooden village is great, and there is no need to expand it with the number of civilians living now.

"Now it is enough, but it may not be."

"And the country is far from the mainland, belonging to the island-type country, and if there is anything in the endurance, it is extremely difficult to prepare the ninja."

"So later, our center will move to the village of the mist."

Right squat stretched out and lazy, then licking the sun acupuncture.

I heard what the right fight said.

According to the beauty of the beauty, it seems to have thought about what it is, and the face suddenly reveals a charming smile.

"The right trick wants to build a collection of all ninja people ... No, it should be the country that integrates all ninja!"

Illuminate the wrist, the dark blue nails are on the lips, emit elegant, mature breath, slowly open the mouth.


Right to make a delicious laughter.

Therefore, the size of the original wooden village is not enough, and a wide range of expansion is required.

Of course, this is a long project, naturally do not need to be completed immediately in a short time.

The purpose of right, nothing more than letting it be prepared in beauty.

Not long after.

Right, I looked at the face with a smile, but I was not only for youni.

Sure enough, the time of the afternoon.

Right, I heard that the village was circulated, and the green seems to be criminalized.

Green is trained by the gods, pulling the training ground, and then a tee.

Someone saw that when you endured it, a side of the nose is swollen.

But it is okay.

Although the green is already awkward, it is not delayed, which makes the right to be slightly safe.

The heart of the right battle is gently looked at the beauty.

Think of the behavior of the soft lips, thinking that you don't knock in the door.

In the heart of the right, it is thinking, is it to find a few more resurrection to you.

If you know the idea of ​​the right battle in your heart, you can't wait to give yourself.

Let your own hand, the door is not knocking, directly in.

Three days of time turned over.

In these days, the right tricks will work basically all over.


Since the three days ago, the relationship was determined by the three days ago, the two sides had a rapid heating.

Directly live together.

Of course, when the fog hidden village, although the two live together, but only the right to avoid the suspicion, they did not return to the Mei Ming.

And now the relationship established by the two, there is no need to worry about it.

Three days living together.

In addition to the last step, the right is not yet doing it.

After working thoroughly after work.

Right fight will get up and prepare to return to the fog hidden village.

At the entrance of the village of the village.

There are some unexpected things to look at what is waiting for what is waiting for the door.

At the same time as the right to the rumor, Lin Yuyu has also discovered the right.

Seeing the right tricks appeared.

Lin Yuyu reveals a joy of a lot of joins on the face, and quickly ran over.

"Right"! "

Lin Yuyu is running to the right to the right, and then quickly and respectfully open the mouth.

"Are you waiting for me?"

The right fight with a strange look, looked at Lin Yuyu carrying a backpack.


Lin Yuyu is dressed in the body, apparently not a line of tasks.

Moreover, watching Lin Yuyu is a look of his own look, the other party is obviously waiting for himself.


"I listen to the captain of the patrol, said that today's right trip is going to return to the village, so it will be right than the right thing in advance."

Lin Yuyu nodded by the profit, a smile.

"Do you have to go back?" The right to show a little surprised look, and some doubtful looks to Lin Yuyu.

Lin Yuyu is so embarrassed to have a little low.

"Spring cuisine is now waiting at home, I want to go back to look at it."

Lin Yuyu is open by lightening.

This is the case.

The right battle is flashing in a flash.

From the beginning of the war, it is almost about one month.

Lin Yuyu is apparent to the work of his hand, and asked for a holiday.

"I remember after the war, the village should give you two villages in the village, divided a good house, you can pick up the spring and vegetables."

"I haven't seen spring cuisine for a long time, and that little girl."

What did you think of, loudly and open.

Lin Yuyu is a spring cuisine, and the soft smile is also revealed, and the nod is gently.

She also thinks.

From the right tricks, adults and beautiful monks, the extent to the village.

In the future, I am afraid I will move from the village of fog village.

In particular, all the Ninja in this war, most of them were divided by the village, a house in the village.

Of course, the size and location of the house is allocated according to the contribution of the war.

However, this is just explained, the village is obviously intentional to settle in the village of the village.


The village of the mist can also become the true fog village.

"In this case, let's go together."

The right fight is with a soft smile, and the rumor is open by the forest.

There is no thing that needs to be prepared, and I will go in the direction of the hidden village gate.


At a high tower of the door of the village of the village, there is a high tower of about two or three hundred meters.

Xiao Nan quietly stood in the edge of the high tower, watching the direction of the hidden village gate, exactly, looking at the right fight that is slow.

A faint breeze blows.

Put the black windbreaker outside the small South, revealing the lower lavender tight trousers.

at this time.

The little south look suddenly, followed, and the face did not face the head.

I don't know when.

A body has appeared behind the high tower.

According to the beauty of the beauty, it is on a pillar, and if there is no smile, it is hung in the face.

Xiao Nan is watching each other quietly.

There is no expression on a face, a seductive smile on a face.

The slightly silenced moment, Xiaonan took the lead.

"I didn't expect the House of Shadow, and they were actually running here."

Xiaoshan faces a sudden appearance, there is still no emotional change on his face, and the tone is open.

According to Meime, I didn't immediately answer the problem of Xiaonan, but my eyes were interested in the look of interest and got a small south.

"You seem to be very interested in the right trick?"

It is always a smile, reach out, and gently sway it.

A small change in the quiet face of Xiaonan has appeared, but it quickly returned to the appearance of the expression.

"Don't worry, I won't do anything."

"I am here, just want to see the peace in the heart of the right trip, what is it."

Small southern voice is flat, and the light open mouth.

At the same time as these words, Xiaoshen did not notice that in his own words, he already explained a single explanation.

At present, it is no secret in the misty village in the foggy village.

Although Xiaonan didn't feel it, I listened to the first time, and the smile on my face was not only more.

"No, no, I don't mean that."

Like the beauty and smile, "Meaning" two words are especially gaining.

As if it is saying, it is a small south you think more.

Speaking here, I suddenly turned around, and laughed:

"However, to the right of the big man like such a good man, it is also an extremely normal thing."

This guy!

The small southern eye angle smoked, and the feet were moved. The whole person disappeared in the original place.

"Oh, will you go so soon?"

Looking at the small south of sudden departure, I was slightly disappointed.

"It looks like this."

"The little south really means to the right,"

According to Meime, I rely on the stone column, with a charming smile on my face.

Blue tube top dress with a breeze, gently sway.

In the middle of the office in the village.


A loud noise came from the office.

The player has a green gluten, and the face is extremely uncomfortable, and slammed on the desk.

"What about your gill?"

"I don't know if my old lady is very busy! Even if the guy, the guy is not letting me, she dares to put my pigeon!"

"Let me not believe I will be dismantled here!"

The open mouth of the master, the right hand's fist is awkward.

In the face of an anger of an anger, standing on the side of Changshuo and the younger head full of cold sweat, a bitter smile.


Right fights and Lin Yuyu is taken behind the village of the fire, walking in the country of fire.

Do not.

Specifically, it should be in the country of the country.

The country of the fire is divided into two, and the area of ​​half has been divided into the territory of the country.

Round along the way.

Right to see a lot of destroyed towns, even some small villages are directly destroyed, only the residual wall is left.

When two people passed on the streets of a small town, they even saw that there were many corpses on the ground, and they were rotted and made unhealthy strange flavors.

There are many displaced orphans everywhere, even robbed food on the street.

Seeing such a scene, I can't help but sigh.

This is the price of the war to pay.

The village in the village in the village is still good, there is a command that has a right to get ahead of the country, and there is no destruction of some villages in the house.

It is also protected against civilians, and it is not allowed to be free of the civilians.

But outside the village in the village.

These regions of the fires captured by the Water Military Army, there is no such treatment.

This is coming.

Right fights and Lin Yuyu is all spending all the money on the body, purchasing food, try to distribute these orphans.

Compared to the money, simple food is more capable of saving these orphans.

As for other aspects.

Right fight is not doing anything.

As a valuer, the right trunks are understood than anyone, and the number of people can save people is limited.

This is likely to change such a situation only from the system.

What is the meaning of simply saving that two people?

It is nothing more than letting your heart get a certain redemption or forgiveness.

This is in the right thing, it is entirely a kind of behavior.

As for some novels, you can suddenly discover a genius in the orphans in these orphans.

This is even more impossible.

At least, right fights and Lin Yuyu came from Li, did not find what genius general seedlings.

In the endurance, no people can become Ninja.

If it is so simple, the number of the entire endurance neutral is not so small.

But anyone who can become a ninja, at least ninja in the ancestors.

Among these civilians outside the village, the terrible of the ninja is low.

Of course, this may be because no people teach.

But the right fight and Lin Yuyu are all beneficial, but there is no extra time.

After seeing several towns, the right bumper has seen the money, and it will drive it directly.

Three days later.

The two people came to the country of the country.

The current wave of the current wave has been fully being controlled by the fog hidden village, the right fight and Lin Yuyu are not allowed to stay. The electricity through the port of the wave is uploaded, and goes to the direction of the country.

In the sea, I sailed for about three days, and the two finally arrived at the territory of the country of Water.

On the ground of the country of water, the right bumper took a breath.

Now he is more confirmed, and the center of gravity of the hidden village is transfiguous. The village is extremely correct.

Otherwise, it takes a lot of things to spend on the way on this way.

In the village of the fog.

"The right fight, please trouble all the way."

"I will refund first, spring cuisine is still waiting for me at home."

Lin Yuyu took a respectful look on the face, and he was deeply embarrassed to the right.

The right bumbled gently said that he didn't care, and a frying fish just bought in the booth, he handed it to Lin Yuyu from his hand.

"This package is fry, even if it is a gift for spring vegetables."

"In addition, Lan Pills mentioned many spring cuisine in front of me, telling me to tell the spring."

Right fight with a soft smile, whispered open mouth.

Lin Yuyu is gone by leaving the first, and it is also a laughter.

See the right fight with gentle smile.

Lin Yuyu took a slender blush from the face, and he asked sorry:

"Right fighting adult, I heard that you have interacted with the generic adult?"

While Lin Yuyu is asked, the double eyes slightly flashed to the right.

The right bumper grabs the hair, and I didn't expect Lin Yuyu because it suddenly would for this problem. I can't help but twitch.

Sure enough, gossip is a woman's nature.

The right fight with a bit helpless rope, nodded gently.