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Chapter 443, Sikikra Injection, Wood Piles Removed!

Looking at the face of Lin Yuyu with a little curious look in front of her face, the right is a little moon laugh.

"At present, it is indeed a couple relationship."

Right fighter whispers.

I just finished this.

When the right fight, I saw that Lin Yuyu was turned to, and quickly ran in front of the street, while running on the back.

"Right fighting adult, I know."

While Lin Yuyu came from the sound, people have turned into the end of the street.

I saw the fire of the fire, and the right bumbled shook his head.

After Lin Yuyu left, there was no thoughts on the right, the figure moved, and the whole person instantly disappeared in the original place.

The most east side of the hidden village.

It was originally comparable to people in a smoking.

Along with the opening of the war of wood, it is acklessly popular.

Originally, there were several people who were trained here. In addition to the except for Lin Yuyu, Lin Yuyu, is now in the village of Hidden Village.

Not only they, white, Jun Ma Lu and others are also in the village of the fog.

", it seems that you have three recent states."

Right to see the three figures not far away, laugh at the opening.

These three people are not someone else.

The second tail column is made from the wood, the six-tail column, and the seven tail column.


The bubble is lying down in the shade of a big tree, by the wood man relies on a stone, holding a book in hand.

Compared with the quiet two, Fu is relatively lively.

I saw the right battle arrived, the eyes were bright, and the flying flying behind him was flying directly.

"White and Jun Ma Lu, when will it come back?"

"There is also Lan Pill, but it is bored recently."

Farn quickly crossed in the air, appearing in front of the right, and a complaint in the tone.

This time I launched a war in the wood, the right bucket did not plan to use the power of the tail.

Although it is working with Unexpected Bora, it is necessary to be vigilant.

If the bubble and other people appear on the battlefield, Yuxi Bouvet may not let go of the opportunity to capture the beast.

Therefore, the right fight makes the bubbles, and there are several people who have changed in the village.

"They are now waiting in the village in the mist, I am afraid I can't come back in a short time."

"If you are bored, you can go to the village."

Right, look at the puff in front of the face, laughing and opening.

He did not limit the embarrassment, but the action of the woodman, if the two left this position, there will be the Ninja in the dark, followed.

He heard the right thing, slightly smashed.

At this time, the book is slowly lifted by the woods.

"Congratulations, your plan has taken the first step."

When the voice of the wood people, when it is here, I am sighing in the tone.

Woody leaves in five big fortunes, so it is completely history, so that the wood people have poured a lonely.

Wood leaves are the first.

So next, it is natural to be other rips.

"I have a distance, but there is a distance."

Right, the trip shrugged and looked at the wood man and looked down his mouth.


Right, turn over, look at the foam that is sleeping in the shade, revealing a helpless look on his face.


"It's not a good thing so lazy."

Right, shake your head, with a vomiting tone in the sound.

Of course, the right battle also knows the character of the foam, and now is a harbor.

Right, put his hand, under the eyes of Fu Yi, knead the other blue green short hair.

"If you don't accidentally, you will be completely free after a while."

"If you want to go back to your village, you can also leave it directly."

Right fighting seems to think of what is going on, and smiles with Wumens.

This is out.

Fuff and the face of the wood, all show unexpected and stunned expressions.


Right fighting did not intend to explain the idea to interpret the two. After that, the figure has disappeared in the original place.

"It is evil, this guy is only half."

The drum is a mouthful, and the face is unhappy.

The woodman wrinkled and glanced in the look of thinking.

Thorough freedom?

From the woods gaze the right to leave the right, not only the situation of the current endurance.

Now the wooden village is destroyed, and the right to do it immediately, not because there is an Yuxi Bo split in his front.

Because of the endurance.

There may be a lot of people will hopes to be pinned on the body of Yuxi.

But it is very clear from the wood people, and Yizhi Bouvet has the difference between the thousands of handles.

Yishibo spheres will not care at all, and the right bucket is not to unify the five rivals.

The fundamental contradiction between the two is - tail!

This is also the problem that the wood people suddenly want to understand.

I have been circulating in the roots, right fights and Yuxi blossoms require the power of the beast.

In this rumor, true and false is not said.

During this time, the woodman is brought to the right, the same is completely in a state of stocking.

As long as you don't engage in things, they can even hassle in the fog hidden village, although they will be followed by people, but there is no problem.

In the first generation, the right to the right is not like rumors, and they need their strength.


Suddenly, the wood talents suddenly understood that they were gathered here. Just because of the right battle, I don't want to let Yu Zhibo spots get the beast.

For Yuxi Bottom, you can get the power of the beast, and the right fight seems to be extremely jealous.

Take a book from the wood man, cover the expression on his face.

Although she did not figure out this.

However, it is also conceivable to guess that Yisi spots may have a power to achieve powerful strength through the tail.

This kind of power is just the right!

And just right, let them leave, what is this explanation?

It took a sigh of relief from the wood people, and threw all the thoughts in the mind.

Right fight is also good, Yu Zhibo spots!

These two people are not between the kilocracy, and in other nuts, they are dangerous.

In the end, whoever wins, who is negative, for all the big fortifications, is not a good thing.


After leaving, the right fight came to the junior of the edge of the village.

Just stepped into the combo.

A violent, killing, chaotic Chakra, coming to the right buffet.

And the source of all, is the top position of the nepons, the wooden pile cut from the outside magic.


Right fighting, a more powerful and horrible breath sprayed from the right.

Put this chaotic informatics, duct!

The right battle looks towards the front, looking to the top position to the nation.

Now, you can no longer be called with a wooden pile.

It has been in a height of about three or four meters, and the elongated branches have extended limbs similar to the limbs.

The form is similar to some kind of beast, which looks a very strange huge wooden pile.

If it is carefully observed.

It can be found that this huge wooden pile similar to the beast, the body presents an extremely faintly rising state, like breathing.

of course!

This so-called breath is not really breathing air, but in absorbing the filled Xianke Chakra!

It is clear that there is such a significant behavior.

But the right fight is not sensational, there is any consciousness in this huge wooden pile.

There is no life awareness, but it is a bit strange to absorbing Xianke Chakra.

The more this, the color of the right fighter is more calm.

The cut-off pile from the outer road of the road absorbed the eight-piece tail beast, and there was such a huge change.

At the right bountee, his guess has been successful.

This is to look at the next part!

"I hope you don't let me down."

Right, watching the strange wooden pile of not far, faint open mouth.

Before talking.

A violent, hot Chakra, spreads from the right bumper.


The golden Chakra chain carried four-tailed Sun Wukong, Chakra, from the right fight, fiercely stunned into the body of a strange pile.

After taking four tail Chakra into the pile, the right bucket quickly cut off the connection of the Chakra chain, and his eyes were tightly watching the front.


It was originally filled in the air, all kinds of chaos, tyrannical, killing Chakra, like tidal, and disappeared.

Huge wooden piles just like breathing, from the air, absorb the status of Xianke Chakra, and suddenly stopped.

As if in a moment, suddenly become a dead!



One is powerful, like tapping the sound of the drums, suddenly sounded from the wooden pile as the wild beast shape.


The right bumper is slightly frightened, and the eyes flashed in the look.


Not a heartbeat!

The right trocker seems to think about what, the face is slightly changed, and it is busy reaching forward quickly, and then quickly patches on the ground.

Diendal - reinforcement!

A large number of Chakra, from the body of the right, then injected into the four-week junction, rapidly reinforcing the junction.

at the same time.

In the wooden pile similar to the wild beast, the nine attributes of the nine attributes Chakra, under the role of special power of the specialty in the outer road.

Like returning to the source, the rapid integration is!

And in the fusion process, these few shares are not strong Chakra, which seems to have experienced a certain change!

A more purely, higher level of Chakra energy, from the wild wooden pile in the wild, sprayed.

Carrying a destroyed breath, a nearly substantized red Chakra ramper is rushing up, and it hits the top junction.


Different energy collisions, send a huge roar.

The violent energy poured toward all sides, like the energy tide generally hit the unstoppable momentum hit in the coming world.

"I'm really guess!"

The right bucket flashed in the essence, continuing to mobilize Chakra in the body, increase the reinforcement of the four weeks.

If he reacts in time, the red Chakra light column just broke out, it is directly broken down.

At the beginning, the right fight in the wooden border, I have tried to integrate Chakra in the body's result.

Although it ends in the end of failure, the right bucket has grown out, and the different tail beast Chakra is integrated with each other.

It will have a great repulsive force, and this repulsive force will form a more violent power.

This energy has strong destructive, like chemical reactions!

If it is not because the right to have the ability to have the abilities of the Black Emperor, it can be forcibly suppressed to suppress this energy.

I am afraid that the power of this energy broke out in the process of trying to fusion, it is enough to explode the body of the right!

This may also be in the endurance, no one will be two tail beasts, and seal the reason for the in the art!

Of course, some people have tried it, but finally ended in failure.

Under the bumper of Chakra, the nuts is stable as Taishan, and the red Chakra light post is slowly subjected to a moment.

This wooden pile cut from the outer road of the magic is not the top of the ten tail.

In the process of fusion of nine shares Chakra, although the quality is generated, it cannot be supported.

With the red Chakra light column completely disappear!

Destroy, fear, powerful Chakra, such as tidal water is generally surging in the ricinity, forming a horrible power.

Ordinary Ninja is in such an environment, I am afraid it will be directly hit by this breath to the spiritual collapse.

The right bumper faces this breath, but there is no change in the face, and the eyes are indifferent to the center of the knot.

Simply discussed, like a wild pile, it is not as strong as the trolley.




If the average jumping sound is still continuing, and the sound is increasing, with a wooden pile of the beast shape, there is also rhythmic follow-up reduced reduction.


There was only three or four meters of wooden columns, suddenly, expanded to a height of about six meters, and the limbs were quickly extended from the pile.

The nine convexities in the wood pile also quickly eloquately, turned as the same arm shape as the tail, and the position of the head was also thoroughly formed into a field of beasts.

Just, different from the true ten tail, this reduced version of the ten tail, looks solarmed, crawling on the ground.

Although there is only one eye on the head, but the eyes are not the shape of the round-written eye, just the wooden eyes that is just like wood carved.

This change is completed between incorporated!


The shrinking version of the ten tail sent a huge roaring, the body moved, and he flipped directly to the right direction.

The speed is fast, you can only see a blurred black shadow in the air!

The kung fu between the blinks, the reduced version of the ten tails have appeared in the right position of less than about 2 meters in front of the right.

Faced with this scene.

Right, still quietly standing in the same place, there is no idea that avoids the idea, lift the hand touches the chin, and quit the ten tail of this reduced version.


The narrowing version of the ten tail and then rushed to the right one meter position before the right, slammed down!

And send a heavy sulf!