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Chapter 444 swallows, six cactors model!

This is naturally not it wants to stop!

Instead, it is shrinking the ten tail, and there is an invisible wall, and it is blocked.

The iron of this iron, and some dizziness of the shrinking version of the ten tail, the whole body is slightly shaking.


"After the collection of nine Chakra, not only changes in the shape, but also changed together with the essence."

"This breath ... Is there a six power?"

"It is really unexpected."

On the calm face of the right, revealing a brilliant smile.

At this moment, the right bumper is already able to zoom out from the neighborhood of the ten tail, and feel a different kind of Chakra at the end of the beast.

Its essence is more pure, powerful and confusing!

"Let me see, can you step out!"

The right fight has flashed a highlight, whisper muttering.

Talking hard.

Right, raise your hands and slammed it, let a low drink.

Between the moment!

A large number of dense black curse, emerge from the ground, and quickly spread toward the decline of ten tails with the velocity of the naked eye.

It is like a poisonous snake, wrapped around the shortening version of the ten tail.


The shrinking version of the ten tails issued a huge roaring, and the ten-like tail behind the arms, the crazy dance, it seems to make a bondage of the spell.

"Hey! The real ten tail will be broken, you can't even break the split, you still want to break free!"

Right, the right bumper snorted, and the eyes were full.

The spread of the brocker of the dense black curse begins to speed up, although the narrowed version is still struggling, but it is not a real ten tail after all.

Even the so-called consciousness is also a state full of sand killing, confusion.

In this case, the reduced version of the ten tail does not support how long it is, and it is wrapped in a large number of black curse.

Followed in a state of sealing, completely silent.

Do finished all.

The right fight has several printed, which will be arrested in the four-week defense nephew revocation.

The reduced version of the ten tail strength is not very strong, but in the face of the strength of the six levels, it must be cautious.

Right fight with a calm look, walk to the descending version of the seal.

"You can see this step" can you succeed. "

On the right side, the palm of the palm was directly pressed directly on the shrinking version of the ten tail.

Although the right bucket does not turn back to the eye, relying on the corner of the black emperor, it can still absorb the tail beast.

The Black Emperor is full of outbreak!

A powerful attractive momentum is coming to the shrinking version of the ten tail, facing this force, and the reduced version of the ten tail is desirable to resist.

However, due to the damage of the black curse, the decline of ten tails cannot be done.

Between the blink!

The huge figure of the six or nogs of six or seven meters, and the speed visible in the naked eye is quickly narrowed, and it is absorbed by the right bumper.


A unparalleled power, quickly flooding the whole body of the right.

Followed by.

Various negative emotions such as violent, chaotic, killing, etc., to the speed of flying in the right bucket.

"As long as it is Chakra, it is energy!"

"And in terms of energy, I am king!"

Right, the body is shocked, and the powerful horror is out of the body.

Under the capabilities of the demultiplex, any energy is only the fate of being bound and controlled!

The purpose of right, it is not to take himself as a column power, and the version of the ten tail is seal in his own body, but it is completely swallowed, and it is its own energy!

The negative emotions caused by the decline of the ten tails did not last long, and they were thoroughly suppressed.

of course.

Recruit the ten tail, even the ten-tailed real split is not, its energy is extremely limited, and it is not difficult to solve these negative emotions.

This is also the reason why the right fight does not have a round to the eye.

The right battle wants to get, is to absorb nine kinds of tail beasts, and reduce the six-way power that extends in the ten tail.

Under the full operation of the Cultural Centroen Capital!

Right to completely engrave, absorb the power of shrinking the ten tail!

With the center of the right, an invisible storm is generated, as if the s-level winds, carrying horrible wind is raging.

Everything in the week was clear, and the violent power spread toward all sides.

More than that!

The right to be more and more horrible, and the faintness is bound to

The space in the right tack is actually caused a faint embarrassment.

A unable to describe the power, from the right bucket slowly rising!

Greg, strong Chakra, starting to gradually, seems to be in progress.

Fortunately, there is a preparation in advance, let yourself get together.

Otherwise, only this vision, I am afraid it will cause attention to the hidden village.

The state did not last long.

It seems to be in an instant!

The right assault opened his eyes, and the invisible percentage was exuded from the right trip.

Follow it.

The body of the right fight slowly floated from the ground, and suspended in the air.

A white royal gown appeared in the sky, covering the right fight, black mysterious hook jade pattern, and slowly emerged on white robe.

One pure black, even the soul felt the six cases of trembling, and there was also behind the right fight, showing a uniform distribution state.

Six cactoscale model! !

"Touching all things, can control Wenluo."

"Is this the force of six?"

"It has to be more smooth than expected."

Feel the power of the mass change in the body, the right fight is hovering in the air, and the face with a silky, whisper muttering.

Among the original.

The rumor has a premise of six cactus patterns, and it has gathered together to Chakra, and plus the identity of the nine tail of the nine.

After all of the tail of Chakra is all.

Six immortal patterns were opened by the Yangtze Six Mika Mu Yaowu.

And the process of right is to imitate the way the nun.

It is not difficult to have the ability to become american black emperor, and the right to get the nine big beast is not difficult, as for the problem of the identity of the beast, there is no need to add again in front of the power.

After solving this problem, how is the most difficult thing to get six power.

There is obviously not to be expected.

This guy hidden in the darkness, does not give the right bumper to find trouble, right, thank you.

Therefore, the right battle will put the eyes in the outer road.

After the things, you don't explain more.

to be frank!

Before the right, until success, there is no complete grasp, and the top more is only 70%.

The rest of the 30%, it is Dharic and Ashura's Chakra!

In the right bounter, the Naruto and Sasuke can reach the six levels, except for the yin and yang of the co-tube.

There is also a part of the reason that there is Dhara and Ashura in Chakra in the two people.

The Yischo family and the vortex are as comeback, and the right hop is not.

This is also an important reason why the right is not fully grasped!

And now.

"So, I am not just gambling, but also press it."

The right bumper feels that the stream in the body cannot describe the six-way power, whispets laugh.

I want to come now.

Due to Dalo, Ashura, these two people themselves are the son of six cactors.

The six cactors are the son of the big tube.

And the power of the big tube, itself has a large part of the god tree.

Right, the trip to the tailed body across the outer road, even if it is weak, it is also the power of the ten tail body.

This is equivalent to the right fight to solve this problem directly.

The right bumper issued a cool laugh, and even the entire air around it seems to boil.

At this moment, the right fight and feel a unparalleled powerful.

The right movement is moving in the heart, and the six seek jade behind him, one of which flew to the palm of the right fight.

Looking at the palm, the fist size is black, and the right is a curious.

Seeking the jade, it seems that as long as it is to enter the six-channel level, you will be derived.

Some faces, this is also a sign of six levels.

In front of this small fist size, the owner is easily destroyed to destroy a forest.

Even the murder of the earth, this nearly unsolicible, in front of the jade, will also spread.

After the right fight played and changed the shape of the jade, he left behind himself.

Follow it.

Right to extend your finger to the front of the air.

The intangible crystalline substance appears out, and a huge mirror is formed between the blink.

"It is created in air, there is no born, this is a yin's ability."

Right to watch the image of yourself in the mirror, whisper muttering.

The right fight on the mirror did not like the Naruto, and a black pattern appeared.

There is also no such thing as Yuxi Bouc, with soil, long out of the unique corner of the big tube.

of course.

Right, there is no Yischo family, naturally it is impossible to awakening the ring.

In addition to changing a black hook jade pattern, there is no change in the right squat, and there are no six cases of jade.

Face this.

There is not much unexpected look in the right battle heart.

If the right bucked, if it is swallowed, it naturally may have a unique corner like Yuxiobang and others.

But the right squat is just a small part of the 10 tail.

In addition, the right bumper is not a column force that shrinks the ten tail, but is completely phagocytical, turned into its own strength, naturally impossible to change.

I used to look at the shadow.

Right fight is more curious, why is there a six-way force, Yuxi Bao, the clothes of the earth, etc., why will it change.

Now, the right is considered to understand.

White hooked the jade robe itself is the power of six, created.

Right fighting out of his hand gently and lighted the mirror in front of him, and the mirror between the moment disappeared.


The right bumbled out of the palm, under the action of the mind, a bird's skeleton quickly appeared in the palm.

Then, this skeleton began to derive meat, blood vessels, internal organs, filled it in the skeleton at very fast speed.

Inclenden between.

The sparrow of the slap in the hands of the palm of the palm appeared, but the sparrow was exactly the same as the real sparrow, but there was no life atmosphere.

And the right boused out another hand, lifted a finger, point on the forehead of this sparrow.


I originally looked at the dead, there was no life atmospheric sparrow, the eyes took the lead in turning out, showing a crisp bird, and the two wings were also tied.


This sparrow can't fly out of the palm of the right fight, in any case, as if there is an invisible force to disable it in a fixed position.

"The power of Yang is, can inject life into the body created."

Right, I watched my hands in my heart, I wanted to fly the little sparrow, laughed and opened.

"So, my current strength is better than the nun people of the six immortal models than the original."

In the middle.

The six immortals are only the power of the Naruto Yang, but the power of the Yin, which is determined to give Unecheo.


The right bounocides a small part of the small part of the tail, it is a complete six power, which is the power of yin and yang.

The right bumper looked at the hand, and kept the wings and wanted to break away. The little sparrow, reached out, and lighted it lightly on the top of the small sparrow.

A transparent and extremely weak soul, with the action of the right fight, it is easily pulled out from a small sparrow.

With the soul of the soul, the original little sparrow instantly lost the living, suspended in the air.

"This kind of power is really terrible."

Right, watching the sparrow bodies and souls hung in the air, and the sound of the sound.

Along with the right battle voice.

Whether it is a small sparrow body, or a soul, all thoroughly a bit of light, completely dissipate.

"Unfortunately, now this state can only be considered a pseudo-six-level battle."

The right bumper shook his head gently, with some dignity.

After getting the force of the six way, Yuxi Bouvet is no longer a right fight.

Don't step into the six levels, you have a strong understanding of this level.

Even if Yishibo spheres have a round to look back, but in the eyes of the right, just a jade, you can send it easily.

The opponent of the right fight has become a big cylinder, or even people in the mutual wood family.

Want to deal with the level of the level of the moodline.

Just master the six cactoscale models are far less.

It has six power, but only represents the eligibility of the fight against the big tube.

But I want to really defeat the mood of the night, as well as the powerful enemies of the coefficient wood.

Just a simple six power, but it is far from enough.

After all, the other enemies of the big wood, but even the existence of the big tube Hui's night.