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Chapter 445, the problem of immortal eyes, transactions!

The right fight has flashed a inexplicable look, suspended in the bodies in the air, re-falling, standing on the ground.

"The force of the six levels has already been there. So now, what I need is a pair of six-level eyes."

"The immortal plus the immortal eyes, this is the complete six-level level of war."

Right squats lightly smiles the open mouth of self-speaking.

Speaking of your eyes!

The first thing I think of the right, it is the double-round look of Yuxi. Unfortunately, the double-round look of Yu Zhibo spheres, and the right fight does not plan.

Because, he needs to use the hand of Yisi Boss, release the big cylinder!

Regarding the message of the coach wood, no one on this planet will be more than the big torch, let alone, there are many problems, and if you want to get answers from the big tube Hui Night.

You know, now there are four tail beasts in the right, the initiative to resurrect can not be in Yuxi Boss, but in the heart of the right.

So, before letting the big tube truly resurrection, you need to master the power of the enemy!

"In addition to the round look, I remember that there should be a pair of eyes that are not weak to the eye."

The right bumper is slightly lifted upside down the sky, and the corner of the mouth is revealed.

As the right battle heart is moving, the force of the six cactus model will return to his body.

"This time spent energy, there is no white fee."

On the right side, I took the temple and walked toward the entry.

After you have a championship, the right bumper lifted his arm and patted his hands.


"Right"! "

Between the instant, the six or seven black figures jumped out from the dark, half of the right fight.

"Trouble in this time, there is no need to arrange people again in the future."

Right, watching a few fog, secret, open mouth, and the sound of the sound.

The reduced version of the ten tails have been swallowed by him, and it is naturally not going to work.

"Yes, right fights!"

Several fog's hidden ninja did not hesitate, and there is no doubt, and Qi Sheng's open mouth.

The voice fell, once again, it was a black shadow, scattered towards all sides.

Looking at the hidden ninja leaving, the right boused hit a referring to the right.


The huge junction behind, and the blinks are covered with a large number of dense cracks, and the glass breaks the general sound.

"Hey!" Sounds.

The whole rinse is completely dissipated.

"Before looking for the eyes of the immortal, first go to the place to go."

"I don't know if the guess at the time is not right, maybe there is an unexpected surprise."

At the foot of the right, the body is slightly hard, the figure is like transient, and disappears in the air.


The process of shrinking the ten tail in the right bumper.

Outside the country of the country of the earth.

A extremely hidden underground base.

Yuxi Bao splashes to the doubtful look, looks at the original calm outer road, suddenly there is a bit of it. .


"What happened, I caught the turmoil of the outer road."

The reincarnation in the , exudes a light and purple light, and the tone is indifferent.

Do not know why.

In the face of the abnormality of the outer road of the magic, Yuxi Bouvet has no very good feeling.

But between time, I can't say it.

But fortunately, the abnormalities of the magic of the outer road did not last long, and it was heavy and calm.

In this regard, although Yuxi spots also want to know the reason for the extraordinary magic, the understanding of the outer road is, and the Sui Zhihu spot is not much.

"It can affect the magic of the outer road, it seems to be something related to the tail."

"It seems that it is necessary to get the progress of the tail beast."

Yu Zhibo spheres are slightly flashing, and the foot is moving, and the figure is standing on the top of the outer road.

Now, except for four times, I don't know, the remaining four-headed beasts are all in the right.

Yuxi Bouvelle has begun to plan, and the four ends of the hidden village.

Today, the thousand-handles have died.

And he and the right fight will eventually win! So before the end of the final decisive battle, Yuxi wave spots should restore their state to the peak.

The battle between the thousand-handles between the collar, end although he won, and with "Yi Evai" will also be transferred, there is no slight injury.

However, Unexpell Spots are very clear, their own energy is extremely serious, and the momentum is not in the position of the vertex.

Once the right to fight now.

Yuxi Bouvelle self-confidence can remain unbeaten, but it is also unable to be completely defeated.

This is also the reason why Yuxibo spots did not follow the right battle after solving the thousands of handles.

Right fight as your own agreement and enemies!

Yishibo spheres have always been considered that the biggest respect for the opponent is to defeat the other party to the other party in the process of fighting!

"What happened, is there anything in the inside of Yinyin Village?"

Yuxi Bao Pone Holded his hands on your chest, his face with a distracted look, suddenly opened.

At the same time as the sound sounds.

On a finger in the outer road, there was a layer of ripples in the air, followed by the figure of Unexpello.

"There have been some small problems in Rocky Village."

Yisi Bo took the soil of the soil, shook his head gently, then continued to open:

"There is an expectant person, I want to see you."


The sound of Yuxibo spheres with a trace of interested tone, but the expression on the face did not change.

"Big snake pill, he said that he has four tails in his hand."

Yuxi Bo has no expression on the face of the mask, and it is really mixed in the tone.

I heard the word "four tails".

Unecheblas originally half-eyed eyes slowly opened.

Yuxi Bo took the soil to see the Yuxi Boss's spot above, although Yu Zhibo spheres did not speak, but he already know what to do next.

As space fluctuations have emerged.

Yisi Bo Belt Shadow Shadow is accompanied by a vortex, and disappeared.

Didn't have time.

Yischo has a big snake pill, gone from a dim, appeared in front of Yuxi Bouvelle.

"Big snake pill, wait for a while, I hope you can live, come out from here."

Yisi Bo took the soil to bring the big snake pill, turned back to the original road.

However, when passing by the big snake pill, Yishibo has a loud laugh.

Although he has not contacted by the guys in the Snake Pill, Yischo has the advantage of this person's personality of the big snake pill.

The big snake pill appeared here, absolutely a certain purpose.


When I heard the soil belt, the big snake pill lick his lips and made a hoarse laughter.

The big snake pill looked up and went forward.

It is a huge incompetent outer road, and standing on the top of the outer road magic. It is indifferent to look at his Yuxi.

Compared to the eyes of Yuxibo spots, the eyes of the big snake pills are more on the body of the outer road.

"Whether it is the first time, it still gives people a unparalleled impact."

Big snake pills looked at the eye of the eye, flashing a fierce, as well as appreciating artwork.

"The things are put down, you can go."

Yuxi speck is obviously not much patience, and the cold voice came from above, and it fell into the ear of the big snake.

"It's really indifferent, Su Zhibo spotted."

The big snake pill gently licked the lips, and the pale face revealed a little smile.

"I know that Yuxi Bozhi needs a tail beast."

"So I spent a lot of effort to catch up with the four tails. But before this, I can inform a little information you know in Su Zhibo."

The big snake face hangs if there is no smile, the light open mouth.

This is coming!

The whole air suddenly quietly, the temperature around it fell several times.

"Are you threatening me?"

Yishibo's face is a cold look, and the cold eyes look at the big snake pills below.

A horror, the killing of the cold, like Dashan usually comes on the big snake pill, as if it is crushing it.

Facing this amazing horror!

The big snake pill is contracted, and the forehead has a layer of sweat.

"I only affect the surrounding temperatures, like the first generation of water shadows, let people feel the idea of ​​rebellion."

"In the face of this level of power, I am afraid that suicide is a luxury."

The big snake pill couldn't help but secretly. It was originally pale face, not only more pale.

But the big snake pill is still a touch of calmness.

"no no."

"Yu Zhibo spotted is misunderstood, not a threat, just a simple transaction."

"As a proof, the four-tail column can be handed over to you first."

The big snake pill is busy, and there is no threat.


The big snake pill lifted a finger, put it in your mouth, and then quickly patted it on the ground.


"Hey!", A white smoke is filled.

A huge black snake around ten meters, and was out of the Span Pills.

This huge black snake appeared, and the abdomen quickly creep, followed by spurting the four tails from the mouth.

After the huge black snake spit out, it will be disappeared in a white smoke.

At this moment, the old purple being spit is in a state of coma, and the whole body is more sticky to the explosion, generally special.

"After all, it is a historical force, and it is always necessary to do some preparation means."

The big snake pills looked at old purple that was sealed at this moment, and made a loud laugh and explained.

"Sealing and printing - Solution!"

The big snake pill has been a printed in his own chest.

Larcy, a large number of special sealing papers, as starting with the melted snowflakes, quickly dissatisfied.