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Chapter 446 falls to the country

After the big snake pill released the seal, he retreated a step back, re-raised his head and looked up.

To express your sincerity.


The old purple woven and sent a painful .

However, in a moment of recovery!

The violent, the beast is checked, from the old violent body, and the tail beast is draped!

At this time, old purple is completely clear about the surrounding environment.

Yisi Bouvel?


"Escape !!" Four-tailed Sun Wukong sent a roaring reminder in the mind of the old purple.

The old purple hole fierce, the figure is like the shells, and set off a wave of waves, rushing toward the direction of the rear passway.

"It's amazing speed!"

The big snake pill saw the movement of the old purple, showing a low laughter.

The big snake pill did not block the movement, still standing quietly in the original place, like a play, and looked at the old purple running.


Like the chain of collisions, the sound suddenly exploded in the air.

The thick Chakra chain is shot from the mouth of the outer road. It is obvious that the old purple moves, but the Chakra lock chain moves faster, almost blinking, catching up with old purple.

I heard the blank sound from behind, the old purple face changed, and I wanted to move in the direction of the side.

But just raised this idea!

The Chakra lock chain has been in caves, and the Chakra lock chain will catch what is general, and the fierce is going back.

The four-tailed Sun Wukong issued a roaring and desperate struggle, but it didn't help.

Easy by Chakra locked chain, from Laozi's body, then directly swallowed into the mouth of the outer road.

Old purple fell directly from the half air, and his mouth was constantly coughing with fresh blood, and he looked at the direction of Yuxi.

"Yu Zhibo spheres ... Dasuka guy, is it dead?"

The old purple is weak, but the eyes are huge, strongly supporting a little.

" ?"

"Do you say the little ghost of the mouth?"

I heard the old violet asking, Yuxi Boupel hugged his hands on the chest, tone.

During this spoken process.

Old purple breathing has disappeared, only the last idea flashes in the old violet.

Sure enough ... Rocky Village has been controlled by Unexpo.

The guy of Dashewa is also dead.

The death of old purple did not let Yuxi Bao and the big snake pills have a whit.

Big snake pills were returned from old purple in the moment of seeing old purple, because he knew that it is not necessary to look.

"Su Zhibo spotted, don't know now ..."

The big snake said half of the stool, and the tone is slightly hoarse.

Yuxi Bao is standing on the top of the outer road, quietly watching the big snake pill below, and the eyes flashed in a cold.

"Do you think you will give me four times, is it eligible to trade with me?"

"I know that I am collecting the tail, deliberately take the four people, you are good."

The sound of Yuxibo sphere with indifferent and a murder.

This is the way!

Originally, like the dead, the beautiful outer road, fiercely raised the huge arm, like the mountains in the mountains, and smashing the position of the big snake pill.

"Six cactus! Athens! Ashura!"

The longitudinal length of the big snake pill is sharp, and I am busy shouting three names.


The outer road is a huge palm, and it is slightly over the top of the big snake pill, less than about half rice.

Although the palm of the outer road is not falling, the terrorist waves triggered, still like the wind, and the body shape of the big snake pill.

Splashing the gravel, is a wound of dozens of wounds in the body of the big snake pill.

Although the face of the big snake pill is pale, but the heart has sent a breath, and the blood stretched out the mouth of the mouth.

The attack on the Just now let the viscera of the big snake will be slightly injured.

"I found some interesting information related to the six immortals in some ancient books and information."

"I don't know this information, there is no qualification as a transaction."

Big snake pill sounds dumb to open.

Since he dares to come to Yisi Boss, it will naturally not only prepare the backhand of people.

Yuxi Bempery Actor's outer road is re-recovered. The reincarnation in the double-eyed eyes emits deep blue eyes.

"I hope your information is a little value."

Yishibo plaque reveals a rare and interesting look, overlooking the big snake pills below, and the tone is indifferent.


Ghost country.

Located in the northwest of the whole role, it is relatively remote here. In addition, the country is not large, so the existence sensation in the endurance is relatively low.

In the rumors, the energetic age of ghosts is a mysterious country with witches.

In this era of the role of the role, the witch is more like a legend of most people.

Therefore, in most people's eyes, I don't believe that the so-called witch exists.


The right fight is with a leisure look, holding a fruit of the specialty specialty in his hand, eating, while you are idle, you are looking around the surrounding landscape.

On the street, the pedestrians are not very much, but all the faces have a peaceful look.

"Hey, you chase me."

A young boy in the age of seven or eight, holding a wooden stick in his hand, while chasing his boy with him, running forward, running forward.

Since most of this little boy is placed on a few children behind him, there is no right to move from the front square.

Blink between.

This little boy has already rushed to the right fight, so that I will hit it toward the right.

At this time, the little boy also responded, but unfortunately, he couldn't stop the body, and he watched his picture of the right bumper.

It is an instant that two people will collide.

Right bumper lifted a finger, point at the forehead of the little boy.

The little boy discovered that his body suddenly stopped, not only this, the force that rushed forward and disappeared.

The right fight with a gentle look, and the fingers on the little boy tits, re-collected it back.

"You, you ... what witchcraft is this?"

In the face of such a scene, the little boy faces the look of frightening, looking at the right fight in front of you.

Just point yourself with your finger, the power on your body has disappeared.

The little boy is somewhat scared to go back to the back, the body is not standing, and a butt is sitting on the ground.


Right to hear this word, soft face suddenly exposed a smile.

Originally, there is still a bit worried, like some of the contents of the original, will be true?

Now, I heard the little boy said, especially when I mentioned the word "witchcraft", the look of the little boys took a bit of fear.

Obviously, this country does have a witch.

In a few children chasing this little boy, I rushed back from the back.

Seeing a butt with a companion on the ground, watching the right fight standing not far away, one by one, looked at each other, quickly rushing over, and blocked the little boy.

"That ... this adult."

"Just, I am too fast to run, I accidentally hit you, we apologize for you."

When in the body of the little boy, it looks clear about another little boy, and some apologizes to the right bucket.

Obviously, in his opinion, it is obviously that it does not look at the road, and hits others.

"Guide, this person will witchcraft!"

The little boy named Walking wild, I also came back at this time, and I took a horror in the tone, and the expedition to the front of him.

This is out.

The few children in front of the face changed, revealing a few panicked looks, and retired in the rear.

At this time, the adults of other ghosts on the street also saw the scene at this moment, gathered in the direction of the right fight.

And the words said, it was also heard in the ear by civilians around you, and one of the faces had changed.

Right, feel a gaze, but not only a bit helpless look.

"Just now, it is tolerance, not witchcraft."

The palm of the palm of the palm of the palm of the palm, showing a silent look, a soft opening.


I heard these two words, and a few children were slightly slightly, and the look of the fear on my face suddenly sailed a lot.

Obviously, in their eyes, the tissue is obviously more convincing than witchcraft.

Seeing a scene, I couldn't help but spit in my heart.

In the right battle, whether it is tolerance, or the so-called witchcraft, it belongs to incredible things.

Although this is thinking in my heart, but there is no whit, but I still nod.

Wild and other people spit a sigh of relief, especially the courage, called expensive, the little boy first patted chest, then with curious look, show right fight.

"This ninja adult, should you not be someone of our ghost?"

The big face with a little curious, whispering.

Several children in other hives also expose curious attention.

The country does not have a so-called tolerance, so growing so big, they are also the first time I saw the Ninja.

"I am indeed a person who is your ghost country."

"Yes, you know what location is you living with the witch people in your country?"

The right battle first nodded, then the light asked.

Witch adult!

I heard these words listening, I was hit, and there were a few children, I just sent a good look, once again.

Right fighting can be obvious, and the face of several people expose the fear and fear.

"Even such a small child is afraid, it seems that this witch is in this country."

The right battle is silently thinking.

A weak Chakra fluctuate, it passes from the double eyes of the right.

If you are a little bit, you will lift your finger to your direction.

"That's thank you."

The right fight with the soft look, gently patted the big head, and turned around to leisurely walking forward.

As the right fight is left.

Walking wild, the expensive and others silently silently, turned to the opposite direction, and there is a look that each home is.