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Chapter 447, Witch, Ziyuan

Right, walk along the direction of Guilta, stroll away.

The civilians in the ghost countries seem to be extremely taboo of the witch in our country.

According to the contents of the theatrical version, the witch of the ghost seems to be a girl called Ziyuan, with the ability to predict people around him.

This is also the people of the ghost country, and the reason why the witch is afraid of the witch and the reason.

After all, although everyone knows that they will die, but when they are told when they die, it is another situation, which is indeed very bad and spiritual collapse.


Let the right to be interested in the power of Ziyuan presence the ability of others to death, and the power of some mysterious witch.

This kind of power is predicted to the death of others, and it has also been involved in the latitude of time in the right.

The so-called "time is respect, space is king", but it is not a simple talk.

Even in the original, people who master the six levels of power can be a lot, but the top more is the ability to have space, but there are very few power to take time.

This is only enough to prove that the power of this latitude is more difficult than the so-called space.

Moreover, the right bumper from the ancient books and information recorded in the day, and there is a force in ancient times, there is a force that can fight against the big cylinder.

This force is specific, and the right is not known.

However, the current three power systems except Chakra, except for Chakra, in addition to Chakra, there is only the unique energy system of the witches.

"I hope to have a good harvest."

There is a touch of smile on the right fight, look at the ancient, , solemn palace building.

At the left side of the building, it is a non-high small mountain, a clear waterfall rolled down from the peak, and made a sound.

The flow flowing down, through the river that seems to be artificially built, it is broken into two trip, generally entering the next, and half of the river flows directly into the palace-style building.

"The Fire Country of the Fire, I am afraid that there is no necessity of the architectural style in front of you."

The right fight with a surprised look, lamented.


Right fight stands in front of the city gate of some ancient palace.

At this moment, the right bucket can be clearly seen that at the position on both sides of the city gate, there is a high-end arrow building.

Some people in the upper floor are standing top, and the alert and patrol.

When the right fight was observed, naturally also caused attention to guarding in the gate of the city.

"This is, this location is not allowed to stay, etc., please leave it quickly."

One of the guards left forward, standing in front of the right fight, stoping the front of the front, and the sound is a somewhat indifferent.

Although this guard is a little indifferent, but there is no fascination, it is obviously to see that the right to the country is not a ghost country.

"I have a special visit to your witch."

"Right, I am a person in the fog, the name is called right."

Right fight with a touch of smile, calmly calmly open.

When the guards heard the three words of "fog hidden village", the face couldn't help but change slightly.

However, he heard the word "right fight", which becomes a passion between the face, and can't help but go back.

At this moment, the soft smile on the right fight is like the smile of the devil, and the whole body is cold.

Although the ghost country is a small country, it does not mean that the news is behind, after all, the fog hidden villages have died in the country, but the big events belonging to the shake software.

How can I not know how the ghost country?

"No, it's not good !!"

"The first generation of the water and shadows, the fog hipedunka hit it !!"

The guards ran in the rear, with a horrified look, and called the opening.

When you see this scene, your face can't stand it.

When did he say that the country is going to attack?

Also, what is going on so panic? Their fog hiped village can be a hobby of peaceful village!

The right fight with a speechless expression, looked at the big guidance of the guards of the guard, and the many guidelines of all the nervous countries.

At the same time, there is a soldier of about 560 or so in just a short period of time, come over, one by one hand, and the calf belly is in the right.

"I just want to see your witch."

On the right fight, wear a helpless expression, expand your palm, indicating that you have no threats.

Although this is said.

But these soldiers of the ghost countries are still dead in front of the gate of the city, and there is a good look that.

In the face of such a situation, the right faucet can not be patient. It is planning to be directly going on.

The original closed door suddenly opened.

A black high hat is wearing a martial art, wearing a samurai, a man wearing a black glasses, from some ancient palace.

Seeing this man, these soldiers who guarded in the city have quickly let a road.

"Everyone put down the weapon."

This man wearing black glasses, with a sharp and loud open road.

These soldiers are opposite each other, and finally put the weapons in their hands.

Seeing this, the men in the black glasses tougeng in the heart, with a bit of nervous and respectful look, quickly walked toward the right battle.

"The next is the guards of the witch and female adults of the ghost - foot spikes. I have seen the right fight."

The foot bears are walking to the right patriarch, deeply bowed, and the look is slightly nervous.

"Take me to see your witch."

The right bumper puts the waves, the tone is flat.

The foot of the foot is slightly changed, and his face has exposed hesitized expression.

Right, I looked at it, I didn't need to talk to each other. The right bucket understands what the other person is worried.

"Reassured, if I am trying to do something, do you think that these people can stop me?"

The sound of the right fight has been obvious with a trace of impatient and disdain.

Although this sentence is difficult to listen, but the heart is deeply relieved.

Even the five rivals of the village have been destroyed in the hands of the fog hidden village, how can their small ghosts may stop the opponent?

"Under the right fight, please?"

The foot is deeply sucking, slightly, then stretched to the right fight.

During the process of turning, the eyes of the scars flashed deeply.

He doesn't know the right fight in one of the strongest people in Tang Tang, why suddenly appear in their ghost countries, what is the purpose of the other person?

I hope that it will not bring disasters to the country of ghosts.

It is helpless in the heart of the foot, and he only wants to wait for his witch to talk about it, don't be usually usually usually.

In case sin, this big figure, the whole country, I am afraid that I have to pay a heavy price.

Under the leadership of the foot.

Right, the trip is the general, the right to visit, keep moving in the west, no sigh sounds in the mouth.

"These buildings seem to have some years?"

Right fight with the expression of the art class, interested in opening the mouth.

"The right trip is true, I'm right."

"Our ghost country is relatively remote, plus no ninja exists, because they have not experienced war."

"These buildings have already existed, it is said that they have been hundreds of years. However, because of some ancient times, it takes a lot of energy to renurb every time."

The foot is light and lower, and the caution is explained.

The speed of the two people is not slow, although there are many patrol soldiers along the way, but the status of the foot is not low. There is no such thing as a soldier to stop.

However, in the eyes of these soldiers, they are looking at the right of nervousness and alert look.


Under the leading leader of the foot, the right fight came to the top position, and some fantasists were in front of the house.

Before the football, the two engraved the wooden door of the carved wooden door and made a pair of posture against the right.

See this scene.

The right bumper picked the eyebrows, and the spectra of this witch is really not small. He feels that even if you go to see the name, I am afraid that there is not so much trouble.

But you can also see these points, the witch Ziyuan in the special status of the country.

The right fight is not concerned, with a calm look, directly walk in, and the face of the foot is in the face, and then followed.

I entered the lobby.

The right battle saw that I was sitting up top, wearing a golden crown on the head, wearing white similar kimono, with red striped witch jacket, Ziyuan, who is close to the eyes.

The foot is quickly gone from the side, and then double his knees in Ziyuan's side and said whispering.

Listening to the foot of the foot.

Ziyuan originally closed eyes slowly opened, exposed a pair of pupils as black, middle-white two-color pupil glasses.

"I have said, I have said that I have not predicted that someone died, you are worried about what, foot sugar."

Ziyuan face with a cold look, while tone has some impatient open mouth.

When I heard the adults of my witch, I showed a little bit hard on the face.

"Under the right fight, this is Ziyuan."

The supe raisin is afraid that the right fight slowly, and quickly let the right fight against the opposite side, explain.

Although Ziyuan Face is still cold, but the binocity is flashing with curious expressions and looks at the right to not far away.

"I thought it was an old man with a big age. I didn't expect to be more young than I thought. He is really a gentleman of the foggy village?"

After a slightly got a slightly, Ziyuan had a doubt, and the sound of the foot hikes next to the sound.

This is out.

The foot bears can't help but shake, and the forehead suddenly took a cold sweat.