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Chapter 448 Mother, Ziyuan makes you disappointed

Although the heart of the foot is prepared, but the people who have no witch do not have any courage, they still make cold sweat DC.

Now in this tolerance, dare to pretend that the first generation of the water shadow is right, unless it is full.

What's more, now the entire endure is a wide range of portraits, which is about right fights and Yisi Bou.

It is a matter that you can't touch. But you must know these two people, otherwise, maybe you don't know how to die.

"Sorry, the right trip. Ziyuan's ordinary personality ..."

The foot bead took a cold sweat, and he quickly carefully explained the way.

But he didn't finish it.

The right fight has lifted his arm, and the arbitrarily puts it, and I interrupt the football.

Right, I am interested, I am sitting above the disc, with a proud look of Zhao Jiao.

"Doubt my identity, it is a normal thing. I heard a lot of people in the country of the ghost said that you have the ability to predict others."

"I don't know if this thing is true."

The right fight is hung on a hint of inexplicable smile and looks to Ziyuan.

It is mentioned that it can predict the ability to die.

Ziyuan originally on the face of proudly, recovering indifference.

"You come here, is it to let me predict when will you die?"

"If this is this, then I am sorry, I didn't see the prediction of your death. And my ability is not controlled by me, it is random to see my death."

Ziyuan has no expression, and the tone is open.

If you hear a somewhere of your witch, you can't help but have some twitching, and you will be unhappy.

There is no more accidents with Ziyuan did not predict the death of his future.

"It seems that you seem to be a little misunderstood."

Right, I heard Ziyuan, first, then boiled palms, tone with helplessness:

"At present, this endurance can kill me, I am afraid that it is not yet. Even if it is really killed, for me, it is almost an alternative injury."

Ziyuan and the footstead two people heard the right battle, the expression on the face was also .

Although the sound of the right fight speaks extremely calm, the two can feel a pure confidence from the right battle!

At this moment.

Right trimming is still standing in the same place, and there is no movement, but the depths of Ziyuan and the sufficient of the two people have a sense of compression.

"Random predict people around you."

Right fighting is quite interested in this ability of Ziyuan, and there is a inexplicable look in both eyes. He suddenly moves in his heart.

Along with the moment of remember the heart!

Ziyuan originally light gray pupils smashed, the entire pupil suddenly became purple, and there was a mysterious purple pattern to operate within the pupil.


In the perspective of Ziyuan, the right to stand in the opposite move suddenly moved, it is like transient, and there is an air in front of the foot, and the football is not even reacted. What is going on!

The whole body suddenly blown, a large number of blood and residual limbs sputtered with eight sides, but also directly died in the half of Ziyuan.

However, the entire picture is as broken as a glass, and it has become a countless fragment dissipation.

Ziyuan raised his head, and the purple pupil returned to a light gray, and the conditions were reflected from the original place, and the big mouth gasped.

"Ziyuan adult, what happened?"

I saw a very awkward behavior of my witch, and the foot bean first, followed by a ranking.

Ziyuan gasped, lifted his head and looked opposite, still stood in the right place in the same place, and his eyes with a horrible look.

"Miss Ziyuan, I don't know what you just saw."

The right fight with a touch of smile, open mouth.

Ziyuan first was slightly silent, and looked at the foot of the foot, then looked up at the opposite side.

"I see you kill the sugar, but the whole world suddenly like the same mirror to smash."

Ziyuan took a deep breath, although it was still a horror, but still made himself quickly calm down.

However, even if it is, Ziyuan is still shocked by the face.

Through the future picture seen by the eyes, Ziyuan knows that the man wearing soft smile on this face is definitely a person who has no conscience.

Even in the future picture, the other party killed the suicill, the expression on the face was also changed from beginning to end.

not to mention!

The original death capabilities should have been 100%, and there is a broken image in the picture you see.

This has never been there before, how can Ziyuan may not be shocked!

Football is a stunning expression, I am too damnable?

"In front of this man, in the end ..."

Ziyuan looks to the right, the heart is in the depths of the sea.

After listening to Ziyuan, the right to think of the thoughts in the right eye, but very quickly showed a laughter.

"It seems that it is similar to guessing. The so-called prophecy is nothing more than one of the farther's finale."

The right bumper is soft, it seems to be self-speaking, and it seems to be said to Ziyuan.

I remember that in the original, Ziyuan predicted ability, once predicted that the people will die under a name, but the result is changed.

This is enough to explain the so-called prophecy, just a possibility of the future.

The only difference is that this possibility has a very high probability.

According to the original, although a certain judgment can be obtained, the right fight is a criterion that believes in "seeing the real". After all, this is a true relief world!

In the event of a 100% accuracy, it has proven a very refreshing thing about future fores.

That is all, everything is already destined!

Nowadays, after a test, it is finally thorough to let the right!

"The country of the ghost as the only country with witch," I want to record a lot about the witch, I have to see the records you have passed down. "

The right bounie looks to the Ziyuan in front, the sound is moving.

At the same time, Ziyuan and the foot spikes were changed.

"Those things can only be viewed in the past ..."

The football is also standing with the stood, protecting in the front of Ziyuan, some exciting open mouth.

However, the scarns have just said half.

Ziyuan suddenly reached out and pressed the foot of the foot, slightly trembled, and the sound was brought a trace slide:

"Society, promise him."

The foot is first stunned, and his face with incredible looks and turns the head behind the Ziyuan adult.


When the foot is looking at the low head, when the hair is blocked by the hair, when I have a pleasant, I originally want to say it, I will swallow back.

"Yes, Ziyuan adults."

Although the foot of the foot is full, he also knows that since the Purple Garden is so doing, it must have important reasons.

"Please, the right fight."

The sufficient spikes took the right fight and walked towards the room.

The smile on the right fight is not only even more, at this moment, the right battle suddenly found that the other party can predict the future, it is not a bad thing.

At least, the other party will soon understand, the right thing is not discussed with their two.

If such an ability should be proper, it will become a means of restricting each other.

Of course, if you want to do this, you must have a determination to kill each other. Otherwise, Ziyuan will not see a picture of the future death.

Seeing the foot of the polar and left, Ziyuan is a little bit of a little, directly on the ground.

Just now, she did see the scene of the future!

The more this, the more fear of Ziyuan, a fear of unknown.

Before the right to the ghost country, Ziyuan believes in the ability of himself, as long as he saw the other party. Then, the other party will definitely die within the same scene.

But now.

With the appearance of the right, Ziyuan suddenly found that the other party can not only trigger the prophecy, but also changes to the prediction ending.

Just as the other party said, the so-called prophecy is just a great probability event in the future.

"Is it wrong with it?"

Ziyuan was slightly shaking in the ground, and his face was a bit of a little.

What happened today, for a very indifferent Ziyuan, which has been very embarrassed, so it is a heavy blow.

Ziyuan wants to relieve himself, but the fate is true, but if so, according to the pictures you see, the foot bears should die today.

But the result is not!

After she leaving the football, the foot ear did not die as they predict it.

As for the reasons, it is natural because she interrupts what the foot is said, there is no dissatisfaction with the right fight.

If you put this matter before, Ziyuan will definitely not break the foot, because in her eyes, the football is already a dead.

But I heard the story of the right fight, Ziyuan suddenly wanted to try it.

The result, actually changed!

That is to ... I, I have previously ...

"Can save those people, just!"

Ziyuan Light Gray Sound suddenly poured a tears, and the whole person said directly, the sound was swallowed:

"sorry Sorry……"

At small, Ziyuan saw the death of his play with the death, but she didn't succeed, so she had the conclusion of the so-called fate.

Nowadays, this fate conclusion is broken, and Ziyuan suddenly discovered that if it was a more effort, it was able to save the play!

Similarly, those who have to predict themselves, I should be able to save them, but she indifferently.

"Ziyuan, you are the next witch of the ghost, so be brave, all the people of the ghost countries will be like love, love you,"

"So from today, you don't want to play a small sex, the people of the ghosts need you to protect."

A soft voice slowly sounded.

"Don't worry, my mother, I will definitely protect the people of the ghost." The tender voice followed.

Between it!

Ziyuan seems to hear a dialogue between himself and his mother.

"Mother, Ziyuan makes you disappointed."

The whisper of Ziyuan infarction, the white witch and robe has been wet.