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Chapter 449 Magic, Witch's Force

the other side.

The scarves came to a right, and they were actively stopped in front of the architecture of the shrine.

This shrine is the place where Ziyuan can go in, but since Ziyuan has promised each other, there is no need to stop.

"Under the right fight, what you have to see is here."

Foot bears are on the face, although there is still a respectful look, but the sound is with a cold.

"sorry to bother you."

Right fighting for the embarrassment of the indifferent looks, laughing and walking towards the shrine.

Just got out of a few steps, the right battle suddenly remembered what, re-turned to the back of the foot, and laughed and opened:

"Right, forget to remind you, recently, the mood of your witch adult should not be very good."

"A number of people protect, otherwise, if you have something, don't doubt it."

After finishing, the right squatted turned to the shrine until the figure of the right fight was completely entered into the shrine.

At this time, I want to ask for reasons, it is obviously late.

With a nervousness in the foot of the foot, turn it back according to the original road, and the face is obviously anxious.

The area of ​​the whole shrine is not big, even if the decoration is very simple, so that the right is slightly accidentally, the shrine does not offer a statue of the gods.

On the left side of the shrine, it plays a row of bookshelves, which is very casual.

Books on these bookshelves are the records about the witch left by the past.

Since the last day, where is the family, I saw some records about the ancient times, and the right bumper was extremely interested in the history of the period.

And the witch as another inheritance other than Ninja, the right is naturally great interest.

Just like the right to stay in the shrine, check the records of the witches and related books, the whole ghosts have become a striped crane because of the appearance of the right.

In particular, when the foot is returned, it is found that the adults of their witch have turned their own, and they do not allow anyone near.

If Ziyuan has repeatedly confirmed that he just wants to be quiet, instead of other reasons, it will turn it out, and the football is almost, I think that the witch and female have been controlled.

In such a case, the guards of the entire palace devil and the patrol of the soldiers have improved several times, and near the shrine of the right fight, it has emerged and stationed with a number of more than 100 people.

Although the right bumper from starting to end, although there is no malicious, it is still ready to prepare.

Even in the heart, the foot and the soldiers are not used by these guards and soldiers.

But I also hope that in the case of the first generation of the water and shadows right, or if there is any problem, these people can create even the time of the witch.

At this moment, in the ghost, in the face of the dark stream of the ghost, the right bumper did not detect, of course, even the perception is, it will not be concerned.

For example, a small army that suddenly stationed in a hundred people outside the shrine, and the right of these people had already been perceived, but they didn't care.

The right to sit on the ground, keep reading the books in the shrine in your hand, and the hand left behind the witch.

Overall, these information will be around nine, and there is not much place for use, but even if it is the case, the right fight is also a serious look. Estabilizes what useful information is missing.

Of course, with the spirit of right, the ten lines are naturally extremely simple, so the information on the bookshelf is numerous, but for the right, if you want to finish, you can't get how long it will.

I don't know unconsciously.

From the day before the day, I started until the second day, the right is finally all the information in the shrine.

"It is not much for useful, but it is also a lot of gains."

The right trocked will put down the last hand in the hand, rub the temple, whispered self-call.

Through these information, the right trumper has a relatively clear understanding of the system of the witch.

According to the contents described in the information, the time of the witch system is not more than the time of the ninja system, and even when the ninja system exists, the witch has already existed.

It is interesting.

If you mention the Ninja, you will take the initiative to think of the six cactors that create the ninja system because there is a direct connection between the two.

In mentioned that the witch will inevitably contact another existence - Magic!

It seems that there is a monster's existence, there will be a witch's existence, in the large amount of information recorded in the shrine, there are many stories or records, all witch helping the civilians to destroy the magic.

The time exists in the monster is more a long time, the clearest record, is in the sixth time, and there is already the existence of the magic.

If you remember his right, there is a mysterious box called the final weapon "Box" in the rigorous theater version.

This mysterious box is present, or it is sealed with a magic name called "Enlink".

This "bliss box" is existing in the sixth period, and even the six immortals have used the power of "Box".

Note that it is the time that "bliss box" exists, it is obviously some more time.

In fact, when the beginning, the right bumbled also thought that the so-called monship had some relationships with the tail, and even the mono-small individuals that were derived.

However, after looked at the information in the shrine, the right trump has basically determined these so-called magic, which should be the organisms present in the endurance.

Moreover, the time exists, it can follow the ancient times, through this, it can also be reversed. In the ancient times, it is also very likely that there is a witch existence.

Right fights in the information from the Japanese to a family, plus the information seen from the shrine, and the heart has a substantial speculation.

According to the situation at the time, there were the ancestors of the ancestors in the night of the night, resisting the attacks of another big country.

And this big country, I am afraid that I have mastered the witch and even the country of the magic power. Otherwise, the strength of the big torrent itself is not forced by it.

"If you speculate on this logic, things can be more embarrassed."

The right battle is slightly flashing, muttering softly.

The big cylindrical wood is perhaps because of the persecution of the two countries, it directly eaten fruit, and then with the power of the ten tails, the war has been fixed with one person.

Next, it is naturally pregnant, born, then uses unlimited month reads to make white weapons.

Right to touch the chin, if you think about it.

If it is not because of this, there is no reason to set with her unresponsive war at all.

When it comes to the end, the arrogant man is not the people of this planet. It naturally does not treat this planet in a proud personality. Therefore, no matter what war, there is no relationship with them. .

This is also the right to be confused. Why is the big tube Hui night to be flattened with her uncomfortable war, is it a poor human suffering?

Right fighting can not believe that the people of the big tube will be so good, if it is so, it is not to find a planet to plant a god tree everywhere.

And the reason why it is natural is because this thing has affected the big cylindrical wooden night, otherwise, it is good to put a high high posture.

of course!

These things are just the guess of the right, after all, there is a thing happening in the ancient times, and it is a long time for thousands of years. I am afraid that only the big tube is only the night.

After the right to restart the information in front of you, it slowly stretched a lazy waist.

In fact, the reason is not important for the right fight. It is important to pass these, and the right bumper can judge the power of the witches, it is indeed unarverse.

"This is really right."

The right fight is revealed, turned around to go outside the shrine.

When I left the shrine, I saw a armor who wore a armor from the never of the shrine. It seems that the army is being patrolled.

At the same time as the right bumper saw them, the army naturally saw the right fights from the shrine, all of which were tight between the time, and the face of the right tight.

Seeing this scene, the right bumper looked down with his eyes, and an invisible momentum was fiercely fierce.

At a time, these soldiers suddenly felt that the air around it seems to be sticky, and behind it seems that there is a big mountain to breathe some breathing.

Almost a blink of blinking, these soldiers have been in the ground, all fainted.

The right bumper looked at these soldiers, holding hands in the chest, waiting quietly.

Sure enough, I haven't long been.

The foot of the foot is full of sweat, from the promenade of the near, quickly rushing in this direction. Obviously, after receiving this news, there is no semi-car delay.

Seeing the soldiers stationed here on the ground, the footsteps couldn't help but, the pace of the foot was not only more accelerated.

When the foot bears next to this group of soldiers, he only quickly got a state of these soldiers, and found that these soldiers were just coma, and they couldn't help but have a strong breath.

"I have seen the right fight."

"Don't know the information in the shrine, have you satisfied with your right trip."

The foot beams his identity and bends his waist and respected open mouth.