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Chapter 450 Trading,

As for those coma soldiers, there is no mention, as if I haven't seen it.

Foots are very clear that the emergence of these soldiers is obviously dissatisfied with the right, but also the guidance of this army, and did not make the behavior of the Ruth of Right.

Otherwise, what he saw, it is not a few videos that have passed, but the blood and the body of the land.

"Take me to see your witch."

The right bounted to the face of the foot, there was no foothold, and the eyes were full of accidents, and the tone was open.

His hazard these soldiers, purely reminded and shocking these small actions. Right, you can't care about it, but these antices are in front of him, it is another thing.

However, there is a little accident in the right fight. This is a sharp guard in front of you.

"Yes, the right fight."

The foot is gently owed, and immediately go to the front to give the right.

After a long time, the foot beam came to the place where the right boused was met yesterday.



When the foot is embarrassed, he will gently tap a few wooden doors, then stand on one side, waiting quietly.

"Come in." A faint, with a little exhausted voice, from the inside, in the ears of the two people.

The football immediately opened the wooden door and made a job on the right bumper. After seeing the right bumper, the football was taking it back.

After the right boused into the room, I saw that Ziyuan was still like yesterday, the same dress, the same position, quietly sitting opposite.

However, compared to yesterday's indifference, and the proud of the eyebrows, today's Ziyuan, the look is clearly with a bit decadent and exhausted.

Right, I saw this scene, slightly stunned, followed by a buddy. Ziyuan is now in the state, obviously has a certain relationship with himself.

"If the information is finished, you can leave."

Ziyuan raised his head and looked at the right fight, and the tone was not cold.

When I heard Ziyuan obviously, I smiled softly, and I boung said: "This time I came to your ghost country, not only to look at the witch record."

"Another thing, it is interested in my strength of the witch in your body."

It is possible to inherit it, and the right to understand the power of the witch is a force that is not weak to Chakra.

Through the information of the shrine, the force of the witch is a force with extremely powerful seal characteristics, which is better than the sealing and printing of Chakra.

Of course, in addition to this, the most important thing is interested in the right, it is the power of Ziyuan to observe the future.

This can be more difficult to peek more than space capabilities, any ability involve time levels is extremely horrible and strange.

The power of witches in my body?

Ziyuan first stunned, obviously there is no understanding of the meaning of the right.

"If there is no mistake, in the underground palace of the country, the seal is famous as the soul of this magic."

"As a transaction, I will help you with the country, and the price you pay is the power of witches."

The right fight is with a soft smile, facing Ziyuan light open mouth.

This is coming!

Ziyuan stood up from the place, with a bit of anger and redness, even more vague, and even flicked shy.

As for the right bumper, what will be known, Ziyuan does not have much accident, this thing has specialized records in the information of the shrine.

The football of serving in the side is also standing, and the respectful look on the face has disappeared, and it turns into a face of hostility.

"It turns out that your purpose is the power of witches!"

"This is absolutely not, the witch is the belief and pillar of our ghost, how can the power of the witch?"

"Moreover, and Ziyuan's happiness ..."

The foot is full of excitement, and there is a debt in the tone. When the last sentence is said, the football tone is obviously low.

When the right fight is talking about this requirement, the two already know that there will be exciting reactions, but suddenly so excited, it is a predecessor of right away.

As for the "happiness" words mentioned in the last sentence of the supertone, let the right fight some speechless, he just wants to get the power of witches, what is the relationship with happiness?

Ziyuan face is filled with a bit of redness, and the hands can't help but clenched the fist and see the opposite right.

At this moment, if it is seen by the outsiders, the right fight simply like a counter-action role.

However, in this, the right fight doesn't feel some excessive, helping the country to eliminate this trading, and it is very sincere.

"Ziyuan adults, you leave, you will be a fight, and you will never be allowed to be burned by any conflict ..."

The foot is in the figure of Ziyuan, and the sound is firmly unparalleled.

"Ants, you have some noise."

The right bumbled in the bumbler flashed a indifference, and an invisible momentum was slowly coming to the foot of the foot.

The foot of the foot is sharp, and the moment is pressed against the ground. It seems that there is an invisible gravity and pressure to come to him.

Right, there is not much time and patience, watch the play code of foot-in-the-eye. Can do this with Ziyuan, it is already his tempered, if it is a poor, it will be directly grabbed.

Although the right bounted to see the football, although it was pressed on the ground, but still worked with his arms, making efforts to get up.

"Oh, it is a bit more than soldiers who have been dizziness outside."

The right bumper is gently picking the eyebrows, and there is no praise, but when it is here, the right fight is ready to add a little.

However, it is at this time.

"Stop, I promise you!"

Ziyuan stepped out, and the sound of lightly turned the sound sounded in the lobby.

"Happy cooperation!"

When I heard Ziyuan, I immediately recovered the release of the breath, and my face was revealed.

"I didn't have the qualifications of refused, isn't it?"

Ziyuan faces the right fight with a complex look, and the sound is a inexplicable meaning.

"Ziyuan adult, you ..."

The stress of the foot feels disappears, and even the way to climb up from the ground and look at Ziyuan, and the tone is anxious, I want to say something.

"Foot, I have already understood it. Since so many years, I have always taken me. But I have not helped everyone ..."

"More more, this is also the responsibility of the witch."

Ziyuan shook his head and interrupted his foot, and his face was serious.

I heard the dialogue between the two, and I couldn't help but twitch the corner of the right!

"It's really, I don't seem to do anything."

"As far as I know, I killed the murderer of a witch in the country of ghosts. Now help you remove it, not only is indirect to help you report."

"It is also to help you eliminate this bomb that can be detonated at any time. You can don't suffer at all."

The right fight is on the palm, and the face is with a bit helpless look.

"Hey! You'd better have a way to eliminate, not only to say big words."

Ziyuan sent a slight sound, and the sound was suspected.

This magic is sealed, even if the mother's strength is, there is no way to eliminate it, and can only be sealed in two parts.

At the moment, the man's strength is strong, but the depths of Ziyuan, still brought a little doubt.

"I don't like this person."

The right to open the light, although the tone is plain, but it has a confident confident.

To be honest, do this deal, in addition to do not want to bully this little girl film, there is a major part of the reasons, there is a bit of interest in this magic.

According to his knowledge, this magic is divided into two parts, the soul is sealed in the underground palace of the ghost country, and the body is sealed in the ancestral hall of the country.

Therefore, if you want to kill, only the soul of the other party is destroyed, then the other party will naturally die.

If it is placed, the right bum has really no way, but now I have the power of six, and the right bumper can easily give the opponent's soul.

This is also the reason why the right bumper is full.

"From this point of view, the power of witches does not seem to have much means for the soul, and can only seal the soul. Otherwise, the last witch is not so troublesome."

The right point is slightly flashing, and the heart is secretly thinking.

After determining the transaction.

Right fight, Ziyuan, and protect her a group of guards, everyone left the palace, go forward to the ground palace in the north of the ghost country.

Ziyuan is personally followed, in addition to the way, the most important thing is to prevent the soul of the soul escape seal, obviously so far, Ziyuan still does not believe in the heart, the right homes have the power that can eliminate.

The location of the underground palace is not far, it is precisely that the palace of the underground palace and the Ziyuan people will live within a palace group.

Just, when the attack was attacked, the range of palace was directly destroyed, and the mother of Ziyuan was also died in the process of sealing the printing.


Right fight and other people came to a place full of ruins and overgrown, here is the location of the soul.

This piece is left only with a broken wall, because it is involved in the seal, there is no recovery reconstruction in the later period, and some extent is abandoned.

Ziyuan is extremely skilled from the ruins to find a dark road, then go straight into it, the guards behind them are followed, and there is no surprise on the face.

"Ziyuan people will come once every year, in addition to ticking an adult on a witch, it will also check and repair the seal, this is not a secret."

"Under the right fight, please."

Foot Sockets who made a move, the voice is frightened.