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Chapter 451 Redemption, not for the past



The foot will ring in some gray corridors.

Right fight, Ziyuan two people walk in the forehead, followed by the guards of the ghost countries.

With the gradual approach to the destination, the right fight has been able to feel the evil atmosphere that is filled in the air.

"The breath of the beast is a bit like, but unfortunately, the essence seems to be not the same."

Right, naturally, I felt this breath and muttered softly.

If you want to say the difference between the two, the tail beast is more like a chaotic aggregate, and the so-called magic is essentially more pure.

"I hope you are not a big saying."

Ziyuan slightly turned his head, looked at the right fight on the side, then quickly turned back, and specially made his voice very cold.

Although the contact time is not long, the right bumper has been greatly understood by Ziyuan's character. The Ziyuan witch, in addition to the sex, there is a little proud, always put a cold face, essentially a cold guy.

Right fight said that it can destroy, but the right fight knows that Ziyuan has not believed since the beginning.

After all, if it is really easy to destroy, it will not exist.

And Ziyuan is clearly not believed, but it is still in the right battle. It is obviously a certain preparation that is already in his heart.

Right fight is just a light smile, and didn't return to Ziyuan.

Soon, everyone stopped in front of the stone door of a three-meter high.

The foot bears quickly from Ziyuan, and reached out to open this stone door.

After you finish this, the football returned to Ziyuan's body, but since the beginning, the football eyes were watching the right fight next to it.

As Shimen opens.

A straight stone road has extended from the main entrance to the most inside, with a huge blue light column that exudes blue rays, with a foothold of five or six square meters.

In the periphery of this blue light column, the five white engraved with mysterious stone pillars, and the most amazing is that this is the top of the blue light column, there is a clear and unparalleled circular pattern.

The central position of the blue light column is a completely used stone, which has a strange reduced version of the shrink.

Right fight can be obviously felt, the evil atmosphere in the air, with the opening of Shimen's opening a bit.

Obviously, the blue light column not far is a seal.

"You are waiting here. Although it has been sealed, the self-discovered breath may still have an impact on ordinary people."

Ziyuan facing the guard and whispered opening road in the rear of the scares and other ghost countries.

When I said this, the Ziyuan specially turned his head and looked at the right. Then lift your feet and walk towards it.

In the face of Ziyuan, if there is no provocative look, the right bou is only shrugged, still a leisurely look.

The two quickly came to the blue light column, compared to a quiet Ziyuan. Both the right fight with a few wonderful eyes, and you will focus on the blue energy light column in front of you.

"It's really a strange seal force."

Right to feel the power sent in the seal, and a bit of seriousness in the tone.

"That is natural, the witch may have strong than Ninja, but there is a powerful restraint for the magic."

Ziyuan flashed on his face, and the sound was attacked.

She naturally knows the man in front of you, but the most powerful existence of the whole role is to be praised by such a person. Even if it is Ziyuan, I can't help but get a bit of joy.


The right bumper smiled gently, and he obviously heard the whispers of Ziyuan.

It is not said that the power of Ninja is strong, but if it is strong, if it is the meaning of the magic, there is no way to compare with the wit.

"The front is the sashimi between the world and the world ..."

Ziyuan sees the right to the right, a self-confident look, make a cold snort, while opening, lifting the foot walks forward.

When Ziyuan is in touch with the blue light column, the position of the contact, such as splashing on the surface, Ziyuan does not hinder directly wearing the past, and there is a blue light column.

Ziyuan seems to be sealed in front of it, deeply spit out a breath, and the eyes are gradually turned cold.

She is not here for the first time, but it is the first time to enter the comments. As for the right outside the nobody, she does not believe that the other party can come in, unless it is destroyed by the outer junction.

"It's time to do it, hey!"

Ziyuan language with a strong and sick.

Today, she is clearly not believed that the right fight can solve the completion, but it is easy to agree to bring the right battle here, it is that she has made a decision.

"It's not a smart decision."

A calm voice came from the rear, which fell into the ear of Ziyuan.

Ziyuan is shocked, and his face is turning around, looking at when I don't know when I have, I have already walked in.

"You ... you, how come in!"

Ziyuan opened his mouth with his face, she didn't feel any fluctuations in the comic chance.

"Your way of running this junior is strange, but it is only a way to use energy, as long as it is a seal of energy, it is equivalent to and nothing in front of me."

A little laughing on the right fight, it is extremely patient to explain the Ziyuan.

Two people between the killer and Yuxi Boufar were seal the right bumper, which is a physical seal, which is not a secret!

Although the right to explain is clear, the Ziyuan face is still full of incredible expressions.

"Is it because of your heart?

Right fighting some speechless looks in Ziyuan.

In fact, when you first started, you have some guesses, after all, Ziyuan clearly does not believe, but the promise is too happy.

Just did not expect, he seems to be guessed.

This thing is related to what he said yesterday, because yesterday said that the future is just a possibility.

This is a heavy blow for the Ziyuan who believes that "fate" said that "fate" is just a heavy blow.

After this hit, Ziyuan's death for him to see the civilians of the ghost country, but it is indifferent to the embarrassment of this kind of thing.

This is an unable to describe a deep self-satisfaction of the Ziyuan vow to protect the national civilians.

Such a suffering is enough to make Ziyuan a little weak.

Today, the right thing is planning to see the things, let Ziyuan have the heart of the heart, suddenly see a hopes.

This kind of hope is the redemption of yourself.

Because of the embarrassment, Ziyuan is full of self-blaming, and in this case, Ziyuan wants to make up for it.

And, whether it is a disaster in the eyes of Ziyuan, whether it is the country of ghosts.

This is also an important reason why Ziyuan is so light and promised.

Ziyuan is clearly ready to intend to intend to fill the same, in a certain aspect, this is also a redemption of yourself.

Seeing that the right fight seems to guess your own mind, it was originally strong, as if the Ziyuan with a string, suddenly a loose,

"What do you know……"

"I am obvious to protect them ... I should protect them ..."

Ziyuan sent a scream, and the tears in the eyes were running out.

I saw the Ziyuan who couldn't live in front of the tears. The right to look still, he knew that this time Ziyuan needs to be comfort, but a good vent.

Ziyuan looked at the right fight in front of him, crying and crying, seemed to cry more sad, her face with a look of grievances, but directly squatted on the ground.

In some ways, Ziyuan also has a childhood, and parents have died in a small time.

Because of the identity and ability, Ziyuan does not have any friends from a small, respectful and awe.

If you want to say, the Naruto may have to be stronger than Ziyuan, and there is a group of friends next to him.

And Ziyuan, in addition to the responsibility of a witch, nothing.

Seeing Ziyuan who is crying in front of him, if it is normal, see a beautiful white-haired girl, crying so sad, I am afraid I can't help but pity.

However, the heart of the right trip is gently sighed, he just feels some noisy.

Fortunately, the right bourth is good, and it is not at this time, and the quiet station is waiting in place.

Of course, there are also many blue comics outside, let the left-behind football and others, can't see what happened here and the sound.

Otherwise, the guards and ghost countries will definitely think that there is a crime of crime.

It's enough for a while.

The witch and robe on Ziyuan is wet, and Ziyuan re-raised his head. At this moment, his eyes have been red.

"thank you."

Ziyuan face is a bit red, and it is more likely to be a bit.

"I didn't do anything, this matter, one day you will find it."

Right fighting is calm, and the sound is also in general, there is no change.

"You must have no girlfriend!"

Ziyuan stood up and lifted his arm and wiped the tears of the eye, and slammed.

Along with the voice fall.

Ziyuan lifted his feet and prepared to go in front. After the venting, her emotions have been kept down, but they also firmly firmly of her heart.

"It's really, I didn't expect it or a dead brain."

Right, there is some speechless, looking at a righteousness of Ziyuan.

At the foot of the right fight, I have appeared directly in Ziyuan. It is a plain opening that is back to Ziyuan.

"As the belief and pillar of the ghost, as a witch, you will give up our lives, is it to give up the people of all the ghosts at this moment? It is just those who have died. "

"People this creature, never live for the past ..."

Speaking here, the right to the sound is slightly, followed by the road:

"There is another thing, don't forget, this is a transaction. Before the transaction is not completed, your life is not in your hands."

Isn't people live for the past?

Ziyuan looked at the right fight in front, and the dark gray double eyes flashed, but it could not find the refuteed, but it could only appear silence.

However, this guy talks, it is still annoying!