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Chapter 452 segmenting the soul!

After the right battle, I didn't have any expressions and thoughts on the face of Ziyuan face, and I walked directly to the front of the small shrine.

At the most middle position of the shrine, it is a closed stone door, while stone doors are filled with a lot of compass.

"This seal can only be unique to unique spells."

Ziyuan pays attention to the movement, returning to God, and quickly reminds it.


Ziyuan Verses just fell, and he saw that the right bucket opened his fist in the shrine.


A dull roar, instantly bombing in the junior, the power of poured from the right fist, it is like a hill flood outbreak, and it cannot stop.

The most peripheral energy barrier of the shrine is like a broken glass, and the large number of mysterious tips on the stone door, is stimulated by attack, and burst into a bright purple ray, turns into a Pentium's electric snake, and right Fight.

In Ziyuan stunned, a large amount of purple electricity touched the right to the right, there was no smile explosion, it would like to disappear.

And the right fist, after breaking through the defense of the layer, finally fell on the stone door of the shrine.



With the right hand's fists, a large number of dense cracks instantly spread the whole stone door, blinking, the whole stone door is smashing, a dark hole, appearing behind Shimen.

call! !

With any destruction, a powerful air wave and malicious from a lot of outbreaks, pour!

Under the impact of this gas wave, the right to stand in the right place, the body does not move anything. And Ziyuan behind him, but I can't help but refund the steps, it is calm.

"It's even pure power to destroy it? How is this possible?"

Ziyuan lifted his arm and gently in front of the body, and he couldn't help but muttered.

Although she knows that the right is very strong, until it is at this moment. Ziyuan is really a truly some understanding of this power.

"It's really missing!"

"Is it back to this world? Hahaha !!"

A low-grade hoarse laugh came from the dark cave.

When this big laugh is in half, it seems to find out what, laughing, and a shocking in the tone:

"I feel the power of the witch! Is you put it out? This kind of witch is really interesting!"

This hoarse voice made a lot of laugh again.

"It's really hard to laugh, are you awkward?"

The right bumbled out of a finger, and took the ear, and tired in the tone.

"Chakra's breath is really unexpected, the ninja will appear here."

"Although I don't know what happened, I still have to thank you !!"

The hoarse voice fiercely increases a sound, a black breath that a naked eye is visible from the black hole.

"Hey, even if there is no seal, now only the soul left, once you come out, how long can you survive!"

"As a witch, it is here, it is to destroy you."

Ziyuan face with a firm look and loudly.

"Destroy me?"

I heard the words of Ziyuan, as if I heard the joke, I was tuned in the tone:

"Can you do it? Do you know why your mother is meter, this is to seal me, instead of eliminating me?"

If you are, it is preparing to have a Ziyuan who has a move.

"Let me tell you!"

"I have no way to kill you, and there is no way to make me disappeared, because we are one!"

"Oh, the so-called witch, just borrowed the power of our monster!"

"In that long time, because the magic is raging, there is only a magic, and there is only a sense of protecting human minds, signing a contract with mankind, making the original powerful power into two."

"And this way has been circulated, and finally evolved, the language of the so-called wit, dark, good, good, evil, is unable to describe us!"

The sound of hoarse, low, ridicule, sounded in the junction.

Ziyuan heard what he said, his face revealed a little bit of look.

However, at this time, a flat voice sounded in the junior.

"It turns out this, this is the origin of the witch. I didn't expect to borrow the power of the magic. I can't inherit the extreme single, and I can only have a witch."

The right battle flashed a little, and his face exposed a bit of interesting look.

"Hey!" Sounds!

"The idle chat time is over, I can have a delay here."

The right bumper made a gentle finger, and the eyes were slightly narrow.

The reason why said so many, naturally not to give them two people to solve. Instead, delay time, from their two people to find a flaw, and then board the soul on them.

For this kind of care, the right fight is too lazy to break it.

Along with the last word, spit out from the mouth of the right fight.

A unable to describe horror, powerful, suffocating feelings from the right bounter.

Six cactoscale model!

Right, raised from the ground, suspended in the half air, white royal gown was covered, six black, after the jade, the sacred power was shrouded throughout the neighborhood.

Ding! Ding! Ding

The bells hanging at the chest of Ziyuan have a non-stop, and Ziyuan is more in incredible look, and looks to the right trim at this moment.


That's right!

Ziyuan feels right at this moment, just like a real god.

"This power is ... it is impossible!"


This is a pure intrinsically higher level of suppression of feeding animals.

Right fight with a distracted look, reach out of the direction of the dark mouth!

With this action, a piece of intangible pulling force is poured from the palm of the right fight, and it is sealed in the subtiles in the subtracy, and the scared screams!

This is avoidable, and under the power of this power, it is directly pulled out from the hole from the hole.

A shady exudes evil, pure black soul is directly caught in his hand.

At this moment, I first felt that I can't describe the true death.

"You can't kill me!"

"If I die, this witch in front of you will die, our strength is integrated!"

In the heart of the right fight, constantly make a scream and ask for amazing.

"Your power is not fake, but kill you, she will die, I don't believe it."

The right fight is with interesting look, and you can set your black soul in your hands.

In the state of the six cactus mode, the right to the right is true, and there is no connection between and Ziyuan.

From this point of view, what is not fake in the beginning.

But if you say kill, it is equal to killing the witch. If you want to kill Ziyuan, you can remember that in the theatrical version, the end is the two people killed by the Naruto and Ziyuan.

And is not only dead, and Ziyuan is still good.

not to mention!

Right, watching his hands in the heart, the soul of the basketball size, next to him is not really killing, of course, this is a difference between it.

The right battle grabbed the soul, and the other hand launched the power of yin and yang, grabbed in the direction of the soul.

With this action, seems to feel anything, the whole soul keeps struggling, but also a sound scream!

But in the face of the right to grasp the cool force, only the soul is left, there is no power to resist.

On the other hand of the right, the other hand directly explored the shovel of the basketball, and a scream of screams suddenly burned in the entire comic circle.

Exploring the hand of the soul, control it in the right, constantly agitation, seems to be crawling.

The screams are also high and weak, and it is increasingly weak, and the soul that is constantly annoying, it is more calm.

When the right fight is stirred in the soul of the squat, then slowly pulling the outside, a black slightly a creepy soul, the other hand of the right fight, pulled out from the original soul .

As the black soul is pulled out, the right bucket is originally the soul of the basketball size, and the speed of the speed visible is constantly narrowed!

When a blink of an eye, it turned into a small size of table tennis, and the dark soul also turned into pure white!

"I didn't expect it to be really successful, the power of yin and yang, it is really a more terrible than imagination. But unfortunately, this ability is the same as the six-level level, there seems to be useless."

Right, watching a dark soul in his hand, another gorgeous soul, flashing in a sightest.

The power of the six ways is worthy of being called "Touching the Rationality of Wan Life, which can control the energy of the Senluo Vangu"!

Although the two souls in the right fight, although it is , there is a difference in the body of the right fight.

That dark soul is a hybrid, conscious, and so on.

As for the pure white soul of the small group, it is to remove the most source of the soul after the magazine.

"It is worthy of the magic, the ability of the soul, far more than human souls."

Right Trouse against the dark soul in the left hand, the hard force is pulled.

Under the role of the six power, this group of souls collapsed directly, turned into a star point, completely disappearing.

The power of the soul is extremely fragile. If the right fight is used in the same way, I am afraid in the soul of the ninja, I am afraid that the whole soul will directly collapse, and there is no time to operate.