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Chapter 453 gets the ability

It turned out to be the soul of the ninja fragile, and it could not afford the power of the yin and yang.

So what about the soul of the magic?

To know, in the process of sealing the ghost, it actually divided into a flesh and soul, and seals.

This is just this, it is enough to prove the tough strength of the magic soul.

Therefore, in the heart of the right, suddenly, he suddenly raised this idea. I didn't expect some experiments, it was really successful!

Right tricks will have a memory and consciousness, and then turn the head and look at Ziyuan below.

Feel the eyes of the right fight, Ziyuan is trembled, and it can't help but retreat.

At this moment, whether the right bumpers are like the gods, or the means of the soul, it will make Ziyuan feel the powerful and shock.

Right, I looked at Ziyuan, I found that the other party didn't seem to have, and my heart was slightly breathed, and I returned. Net over your own right hand in your right hand.

"Soul this source? There should be no danger."

The right battle heart is one horizontal, directly open the mouth, swallow the soul on the right hand.


The soul of the soul entered the mouth of the right fight, and an unsolicited strange force was thrown into the mind of the right, so that the right fought is one of them.

This is an extremely wonderful feeling!

The popularity is a point, it is suddenly a bit!

Right, just feel the whole soul, like Hungry Han, who has not eaten, suddenly sees the full man.

A quiet and comfortable feeling, so that the right trick seems to be under the warm environment, the cells under the whole body seem to be embarrassed.

This feeling is fast, dissipated!

Just for a moment, the right bumper felt that his spirit was clear, even the soul became tough.

Right fight opened his eyes, there was a bright light in his eyes. At this moment, he saw that the whole world seems to be more clearer than before.


It is not a very wonderful feeling.

This is like my eyes suddenly put a pair of glasses, and the whole world has become more clear and wonderful.

"The spiritual power has become more powerful."

The right bumper is slightly induced, and then muttered softly.

If you say that Yizhi Pubie can read the illusion space of the right trumper to the moon, then at this moment, the right fight will be put down to the spiritual force.

This is a surprised, even if the right fight is also surprised.

and many more!

In the heart of the right, it seems to feel anything, and the face is a bit weird, raise the arm, and play free.

boom! boom! boom!

A heavy roar came from the underground, as if there is something terrible, to rush out of the ground.

The sound of ", " quickly resounded to the earth.

Under the incredible gaze of Ziyuan, a tires in the Terracotta Terracotta Terracotta will be raised from the ground, which appears among all people's sight.

"This is ... !"

Ziyuan sent a excitement, turning the head and hovering the right fight in half an air, the face was full of horror.

Not only Ziyuan is surprised, even if it is a right to be a little accident.

After swallowing the spirit of the , not only the spiritual power is improved, but it has also got the ability!

There is no understanding of how to describe this moment, this is the so-called accident.

The right bumper is slightly light, and there will be such a benefit after the spirit of swallowing the spirit of the magic.

With the views described in those books in the shrine, the monsters have some strange things.

If he is looking for some magic to swallow up, it can not only greatly improve his spirit, but also get the corresponding ability, this is a double carving!

However, when I think this is.

Right squat suddenly found a problem, that is, the current people have almost no monster existence.

According to the information he collected, the entire endurance left, in addition to the ghost country, it seems to be only left, the devil in the blister in the bliss "Awareness"!

"The ability of the Magic" Enlightenment "seems to be able to read someone in advance, this ability is a great aid for fighting."

The right bumper flashed and muttered softly.

Of course, "The" Undeading Legion "is also weak, and it is possible to launch a horrible war with one person. However, it is not great to improve its own combat power.



Since the right to summon the unconscious, the stable foundation began to have a sign of crash, and the whole underground palace began to shake, and a large amount of gravel slammed from the air.

"Palace is going to collapse!"

Ziyuan feels the shake underground palace, the pupil is slightly shrinking, and the open mouth is loud.

Right, I saw this scene, and I know that this place should not stay, quickly recover the six immortal patterns, restore to the original state, and then appear in front of Ziyuan.

Under the shackle of Ziyuan's cheeks, the right bucket is hugged from Ziyuan, and then left the original place.


In the stone gate of the underground palace, I waited for the guidelines of the ghosts such as the football, and a tall treasury and horses that were raised from the ground.

"This is the unfamiliar army!"

One of these guards saw that these sudden treasury and horses, showing panicked looks on their faces.

"Is it a breakthrough?"

Another guard also sent a swing, and there was a panic in tone.

As the guardian of the ghost, they naturally know some hidden, naturally more fearful resurrection.

"No, the witch and female people must have encountered danger, I want to go in, save the witch and female adults."

Focus saw these terracotta warriors from the ground underground, and thought that it broke through the seal, and the face was not only changed.

If the foot, there is just finished, and a shadow is quickly rolled from the air, and there is a ghost to guard against the ghost.

"Witch, big people ...!"

The foot ear saw two stones, and quickly surprised the opening, but saw that Ziyuan was hugged in his arms, couldn't help but hit.

The guards of the other ghost countries also exposed the weird look.

Right, I feel a light, and I smoked slightly, put it back on the ground.

Ziyuan left the embrace of the right fight, and quickly retired two steps, red low her head.

The foot of the foot seems to be aware of the ,, gently cough, and the face with the look:

"Ziyuan adult, that is the unfamous army, is it a breakthrough?"

Ziyuan gently shakes his head, and the breath of the eyes deeply looked at the right boused on the side, and his eyes took a few doubts and shy.

He actually uses the ability to use, is it because of the death of the soul?

In the comic circle, the right to the right, Ziyuan naturally saw clearly. Right fighting can manipulate the unmanage of the army, obviously to swallow the opponent, and the soul of the has a certain relationship.

The guards of the scouts and the people of the ghost not only show a surprised look, since there is no breakthrough, how can there be an unfamed legion recovery?

" has been solved by me, this matter has been ended. In addition, if you don't want to be buried underground, it is best to leave."

Right trip directly interrupted the dialogue, and the tone of the open mouth.

At this moment, the entire underground palace is completely shaken, and many of the pillars are directly broken, falling from above. Talents have returned to God after this trip.

Everyone quickly evacuated to the underground palace, there is no ordinary person in the scene, and the length is naturally not slow.

In the ground from the underground palace, they have just sent a breath, not long.


With a loud noise, everyone saw the ground in the underground palace, and slammed, followed by rapid collapse, thoroughly became a ruin.

after an hour.

Reception in the lobby.

Ziyuan replaces a dress, sitting on some platforms above.

After the foot is still behind Ziyuan, watching the right to the distance.

"I represent the country of ghosts, thank you for the right fight."

Ziyuan also took a few red lotushes, but his face had an extremely heavy look, and he bowed to the right battle.

Focus on the Ziyuan, the same is equally deep.

Right hose the disaster of this ghost country, in the eyes of Ziyuan, Focus and others, equivalent to rescuing the ghost countries, so that all civilians are from future disasters. This is a great kindness.

What's more, this is indirectly reported to the previous generation of witch Maitre.

I saw the behavior of Ziyuan twice, and the right bumper was arbitrarily swayed, and a pair didn't matter.

"If you thank you, you don't have to say more. I have completed what I need to do."

Right, the fight shrugged, and the words referred to the way.

I heard the right battle.

The foot earln and looked at the adults of their own witch, and the face flashed a complex look, but there is still a gratitude.

As a foot ear of Ziyuan grew up, I can see Yisheng to find a good husband, and I can't think of the eniel of the last generation of witches.

"Whether it is a thing, or the right fight, I will pull me from the quagmire of the fate, let me understand a lot of things."

"Witch is my mission, and this power also needs to be inherited to the next generation. So since now, the trouble is in trouble."

Ziyuan's face is red, and I will bow my right bumper.

Seeing the look of Ziyuan and the football face, he heard the words just as Ziyuan. If the right boused is not reacted, it is too late!

"Wait a minute, are you misunderstanding?"

Right, swallow the swallow, make a living gesture, and quickly open the mouth.

Seeing the expression on the right fightened face, the foot smashed and wrinkled.

"The right fight should be seen in the shrine, and the power of the witch is always a single pass."

"Since you want to get the power of witches, it will naturally be combined with Ziyuan adults."

With a serious tone on the face, even the sound has been faintly hidden.

I heard here, especially when I saw Ziyuan full face red expression, I'm trying to know that the other party is really misunderstood!

He has the ability to devour an energy, as long as Ziyuan releases its own strength, the right bucket can naturally obtain the power of the other party.

But at this point, the right trick forgot to tell the other party in advance, so that the two people were misunderstood.