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Chapter 454 Ziyuan's Saint Women

Right, I couldn't help but grab hair, and my face revealed a smile. If you haven't mention it before, it is indeed misuse.

"I have a force that can absorb energy, and Ziyuan witch only needs to release its own strength."

On the side of the right, I opened it with patience.

The foot is still with a little dissatisfaction and anger. I just prepared to continue to say something, and Ziyuan, the next to the foot and gently sway.

"I know the meaning of the right trip, but the right fight seems to do not understand the meaning of the witch. I only hope that the right trip should not regret it."

Ziyuan's face suddenly revealed a smile, similar to the girl's playful, with a trace of inexplicable tone.

When I heard the words of Ziyuan, I turned in my heart at this time, I always feel that there is something in Ziyuan.

When thinking in the right battle in my heart. Ziyuan opened again, interrupted the right to think.

"What do I need now?"

Ziyuan hangs a smile, the sound is soft.

Mentioning something.

Right, I also throw the doubts in my heart, lifting the head and looking at the clear and transparent leadership hung in the chest of Ziyuan.

"Ziyuan witch, just need to pick the bell, then release your strength."


Ziyuan's face wearing a doubtful look, looking at the transparent bell in the chest position, this bell is left behind, and always let himself stay.

Therefore, when I heard the right fight, I heard a bit of a bit on the face of Ziyuan.

"it is good."

Ziyuan only hesitated a moment, nodded gently, reach out the bell hanging on the chest, put on one side.

After the past, Ziyuan had no alert to the right bounar, after all, if the other party wants to have her words, it will not take a large circle.

When Ziyuan put the bell on one side, his hands crossed ten, and closed his mouth in his mouth.

At this moment, Ziyuan couldn't help but fell. She felt the powerful power he had never been seen before, from her own body, full of her body.

This force ... is so powerful and familiar!

Because this power belongs to her.

Attached to the outside world.

Under the eyes of the right fight, Ziyuan suddenly exudes the holy ray, just started to be extremely soft, but only a moment of holy rays have enabled Ziyuan.

Pure, holy power makes Ziyuan's breath to improve.

The football standing on the Ziyuan side is, which is directly retired by this force, even retreat again.

The foot of the foot is more showed an incredible look. Is this the true power of the witch?

Right to stand quietly in the same place, watching this scene in front of the eyes, the rare flashes in the eyes are serious, this power is much more powerful than him.


Under the role of this powerful witch, Ziyuan flew directly from the original land, suspended in the air, pure, sacred rays shrouded.

In such a state. Ziyuan is like a legendary holy woman, even if the right to see the Ziyuan at this moment, I can't help my heart.

This is the power of the witch, Ziyuan's - holy woman form!

"It's really a force outside."

On the right battle, I showed a smile, stepped out of the instant to enter the six cactus mode, the body flew up, and the Ziyuan, which was also in the moment, is suspended in the air.

Standing below the foot, looking at the two people hovering in the sky, there is a bit of a little between the whole people.

Whether it is the Saints of Ziyuan, or the six cactus model of the right fight. It's like the gods, and a very strong impact on foot beans. The scarves are even in the heart of the idea.

However, in the same, there is a sudden flash in the phenomenon of the pheasant, and the adults of their witch are extremely equipped with the right battle.

"It turns out that this is the power of witches."

Ziyuan slowly opened his eyes and felt the sturdy power, couldn't help but mutter.

"Although the bell must protect your role, its biggest use is to suppress your own strength."

Right, watching the opposite Ziyuan, whispering.

While talking at the right, he is also carefully perceived the power of this witch, even in Chakra.

Right fighting found that the power of witches is as general in guessing, is not lost to another power system in Chakra.

At this moment, the force of the witch who broke out in Ziyuan, the words of the simple calculation of energy, have exceeded the Ninja of ordinary film level.

Change the part of its appearance with pure energy, and can even let the host are in the air, enough to imagine the huge power of this force.

But just just this.

In the right thing, I found some discovery. The witch is in essence than ordinary Chakra, but it is far weaker than the force of the six way. If there is a certain comparison, it is almost a level of Chakra.

"What do you need next?"

Ziyuan returned to God, and he looked at the right bitch with a silky.

"I can stick it out."

On the side of the right, I opened my hands while I extended my hand.

Ziyuan also made the same movement, two people hit the handshake, the hands touched together.

Ziyuan feels the temperature of the right fight, and the face is revealed, but because Ziyuan is surrounded by white rays, there is no one to see this scene.

When the two sides contact, the right bucket directly uses the ability and starts absorbing the power of the witch who broke out in Ziyuan.

At this moment.

Ziyuan also felt that his strength was quickly lost, but did not block, and it was absorbed by right.

Tight the kung fu between the eyes, an energy that endure, has been taken into the body, which is not much, but it is enough to be right.

When the right fight is ready to start, an inexplicable power suddenly appears in the body of the right fight and Ziyuan. Two people are shocking, this force will pull the awareness of the two to a special sense of consciousness.

When the right bumper returned to God, it was found that it was already in the sense of consciousness, surrounded by white, standing next to Ziyuan.

At this time, Ziyuan also found its own situation, looked at the surrounding environment, with a look of ignorant and unknown.

"where is this place?"

Ziyuan couldn't help but rely on the right.

"Conscious space, you can understand as the spiritual world."

The right bumper is slightly perceived, and the sound of the open mouth.

It is not his spiritual world, but Ziyuan, both of them are pulled in a inexplicable power.

The power is not strong, if the right fight is thinking, you can easily break away, but he doesn't do this. If it is his violence, I am afraid I will have a certain impact on Ziyuan. Second, he also wants to see it. See what situation.

Just at this time.

A large number of light suddenly started to gather in front of the two people, the kung fu in the blink, a woman wearing a woman's clothing, white hair, and the woman who survived gentle breath, appeared in front of the two.