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Chapter 455, Ziyuan, trouble you.

Seeing this sudden woman, the right battle couldn't help but squint, and there was already guess in my heart.

Ziyuan also saw this sudden woman, and the whole body couldn't help but tremble, and a trace of tears slipped from the eyelids of Ziyuan.


Ziyuan voice with a slice, and unbelievable sound.

Sure enough, it is the last female witch!

The right battle looks calmly looks at the scene in front of you, and it is almost understand why you will appear in the spiritual space of Ziyuan.

Maitreya in front of you should be the four-generation fire wave wind doors that are seal the nine tails in the human body, and a certain level of consciousness will be activated.

And this condition is now, it should be the huge energy released when Ziyuan enters the form of a sanctuary.

And the reason why the right to appear in a conscious space, naturally because in this process, the right fight is happier in the power of absorbing witches, so I was pulled in.

Ziyuan's eyes contain tears and grievances, directly puff it into Maitreya.

"You grow up, Ziyuan."

"It's also stronger."

Maitreya also gently hug Ziyuan, while licking the white hair of Ziyuan, while soft opening.

Ziyuan heard this familiar voice came from the ear, as if he returned to a child, he was in the knee of the mother, and the tears were more in the eyelids.

However, I think of it next to it.

Ziyuan not only has to hold back his inner emotions, but also a slight red and red from Maitreya's arms.

Seeing this scene, Maitreya's face is more beautiful, gently said: "It seems that our home is a big, it is really big."

In the tone of Maitreya, it seems to have a trace of interest.

"What exactly is going on?"

Ziyuan heard his mother's words, his face was more red, and he asked for a top question.

"This is the consciousness of the strength I left in my life. It is itself to prevent the loss of this force from the power."

"Sorry, Ziyuan. Now tell you this matter. The power contained in your body, far exceeds the witch of the past, and the bell is an indirect seal."

Maitreya is gently stroking Ziyuan white hair, and there is apologetic and embarrassment.

"Mother, Ziyuan doesn't blame you, will never blame you." Ziyuan quickly shake his head and reached again and hugged Maitreya.

The words of Ziyuan, let Maitess sighs a breath: "Silly children."

Speaking here, Maitreya lifted his head to the opposite side of the right fight next to it, and the eyes flashed and doubts.

Maitreya now only has a sense of consciousness that does not have much power, and still feels the terrorist breath that is emerging from the right fight.

More importantly, Maitreya is very curious about how to appear in Ziyuan's conscious space.

"See the last generation of witch."

"To tell your truth, you can appear here, I also feel unexpected."

Right Bums naturally felt Maitreya gazard and doubtful eyes, with a bit helpless, soft open mouth.

Maitrey's gaze is between the right fight and Ziyuan, the return of the return, as if I understand.


Ziyuan gently greeted the feet, and quickly said that the things were generally said.

When Maitreya heard that the right fight was suddenly destroyed, his face was shocked and the look of horror.

I heard that the right fight has the ability to absorb any energy, and Maitreya has flashing in the binocity, it is understood that the reason why the right fight can appear in their own daughter consciousness.

"Thank you very much, replace the country, to eliminate the monsters like this."

Maitreya exposed a solemn look at this moment, and bowed to the right bumper, to express your gratitude.

"This is just a simple transaction."

The right bouncing face reveals a little bitter smile, and quickly flashes, this thing is a transaction, he can bear such a thank you.

Seeing the right bumper, Maitreya just smiled and laughed and didn't say much. Instead, he stretched out the arm of Ziyuan, and went to the front of the right.

"The right to swallow all energy, I don't know, but I understand that I understand that the power of witches is not a simple energy."

"Otherwise, there will be only a witch in the past."

Maitreya said that there is a soft-faced Ziyuan with a soft look, and lifted his head and looked up at the right of the right.

"Since the right fight does not refuse to absorb the power of witches, and Ziyuan has not stopped, then ..."

Maitreya took a inexplicable look, put the hand of Ziyuan, in the hands of the right fight, soft and complicated:

"So next, Ziyuan will trouble you."

This is out.

Ziyuan face has been red, like a ripe apple, is generally low, and the right battle has been returned to God. He finally understands what the kind of eyes of Maitreya!

That is the eyes of the mother of the mother to see the son-in-law!

outside world.

Right fight and Ziyuan simultaneously recovered the heart, opened his eyes, in the conscious space, although the two people with Maitreya took a while, but for the outside world, it is a few blink of work.

Just opened the eyes of the eyes, I saw the right fight against the six models, especially the two people also held hands, but also flashing more red, and even kept ashamed.

Right fight, the power of the lane, the power of the absorbed wizards is enough, naturally do not need to continue to absorb, but it is more than this, but also the headache is another thing.

With the palm of the right fight, the two also retreated from the status of the saints and six immortal patterns, and reappeared on the ground.

I remembered the experience in Ziyuan conscious space, but the heart is not only a little helpless, but I don't know how to open it.

At this time, the right battle suddenly discovered that he seems to be able to perceive the emotional changes of the opposite Ziyuan!

Not only this, because the two people have a witch to have a witch, it seems that there is a very close feeling between the two sides!

"It turns out ... Is this the characteristics of the witch's force?"

Right, at this moment, I finally understood that in the Metrical Metrical Metro.

Since the right fight can sense the emotions of Ziyuan, then Ziyuan will naturally feel the perception of the approximately, and the hearts of the right trip are the complexity.

"Actually ... you don't have to ..."

Ziyuan face with some red dizziness, slowly lifting his head and looks to the right, some tense open mouth.

However, the words have not been finished, the right fight seems to understand what, suddenly revealing a smile, interrupted that Ziyuan originally wants to continue.

"Do anything, will always pay some price. And what price is not asked for me, saying the end, or I occupied cheap, put the witch of the ghosts turned out."

Right, I looked at Ziyuan in front of him and laughed. This matter is essentially he occupies a big and cheap. After all, how to say that Ziyuan is also a beautiful woman who has a rush.

Besides, the mother of the mother has already seen, although the mother is not given to the time of any opening of the right.

Ziyuan heard the words said to the right, there was a clear look in the double glitter. It seems that she can listen to the truth because of the cause of the witch.

It is precisely because of this, the two ears of Ziyuan have been red to the ear.

"The reason why I have just tangled it is because I already have a girlfriend, the name is called Meime."

Right, I looked at the clear eyes, whispered, he didn't want to deceive each other, and this is why he is tangled and headache.

This voice fell, Ziyuan suddenly shook his head, followed by nodding, in the right of a little horror, serious opening: "I don't care!"


Nature is not right to make an intake sound, but standing behind the scarves who have been ignored by both.

At this moment, the foot, the face is confused, I amprised, and he is clearly stood here, how is it seems that he didn't know, a blink of work, two people have already identified the relationship.

More excessive, your witch and girls don't even think about the other party with girlfriends!

The foot of the foot came back from the surprised state, suddenly felt that his body was in the air, followed by directly lost.

The next thing is done, and the foot is naturally seen.

About half an hour is about half an hour.

The right trocked came out from the room, and the look on the face has been restored to calm, and the relaxation of the Ziyuan face in the room hangs.

For about this half hour, the right tricks and Ziyuan two people have a feeling between them, and they are also talking about some things.

Of course, there is only a simple emotional communication between the two parties.

"Take me to a idle room."

After the right fight opened the door, gently picked the eyebrows. For the footsteps of the supertone who are not far from the door, it is flat.

Have to say, the frightened guard is really worthy.

"Okay, right fight."

The football is immediately smashed, and the voice is respectful, and there is no consolidation with a whit.

Although he was lost in front of him, he didn't hurt it. Obviously, the other party just didn't want him to disturb, this, the heart is naturally understood.

What's more, the right fight has established a relationship with the witch and female, that is, the right fight is already half the owner of the ghost country.

The foot of the foot quickly took the right boused, came to a idle room.

After seeing the foot of the foot, the right battle immediately closed his eyes, and began to do it carefully, the force of the witch who took it.

This power is different from Chakra, and the right is needed to observe its characteristics, then slowly understand it, and turn into its own strength.