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Chapter 456 Space? time?

Under the action of the right fight, the force of the witches in the body began to transform each other between Chakra.

Just just a moment of kung fu, the right fight is completely mastered.

The right bumper opened his eyes and began to mobilize the power of the witches, and the faint white rays slowly emerged from the palm of the right fight.

"This power is ... Is the force of the seal? It is indeed more strengthened than Chakra's seal."

Right to feel the attribute of this force, and there is a moon, whispered self-sounding.

Re-withdrew the power in your hand, and the right to reveal the look of a little careless look, continue to mobilize the power of witches in the body!

Compared to the seal characteristics of the witch, let the right bumper more intentionally, it is similar to Ziyuan's ability to predict future.

Right Bourt instantly entered the six cactus mode, in which case the witch is completely integrated into the whole force.


Right, I only feel that my spirit is shocked. A inexplicable breath is exuded from the body of the body. At this moment, the mysterious purple suddenly appeared in the original black pupil.

In such a state.

The right night is looking forward to a table in the center of the room. Suddenly, this table has disappeared, and the blink has appeared in front of the right fight.

"Spatial transfer?"

Right fighting, watching the table in front of him, whispered softly, while crying.

Anything is afraid of comparison, although this ability is good, but with the future, it is indeed a difference.

Although it is a bit unfortunate, the ability of space transfer is good, but it is a bit similar to the "Day" of the Yiszo Sasuo.

Of course, it is only a little similar, and the ability of the sky is to exchange directly with the target object. Right buckets can be transferred to another direction.

Among the original, Ziyuan has also used this ability. When the Naruto made a fight, Ziyuan found his prophecy is about to come true, and it will hang the bell in his body. Transferred to the chest of the Naruto, and then protected the Naruto did not kill as the prophecy.

"This ability can be more convenient than the fly thunder of the wave wind gate."

On the right fight, with a few satisfying looks, the heart is moving, and the table in front of the eye has returned to the position of just now.


"The feeling of just now is not completely the conversion of the space." The right bounted first, his face with a doubtful look.

There is no hesitation of slips, and the right buckened with a re-retraining table to his face, then transfer it back, move back.

And right fights in this process, strive to do something, enough for a moment, and there is some sweat on the right bumper, and have to stop.

"Is it just a illusion? No, then it is absolutely not an illusion!" The right battle flashed, and the eyes flashed a firm.

He has always been an extremely trust of his own intuition, so the right fight does not believe that the meaning that has occurred in the process of spatial transfer is a weak special fluctuation.

"If you really guess, then continue, there is no significance."

"I need to find a method to check,"

The right battle is whispered, and the thinking look is revealed.


The right battle thought of the solution, and the figure has appeared in front of the door, kicking the door, looking out outside.

The foot is not here, obviously left to the Ziyuan where it is, after all, he is the guard of Ziyuan, but the foot is not there, but there are other guards in the hallway.

Right boused casually found an escort to let him prepare a pocket watch that recorded the time.

This guard of course clearly clears the identity of the right, there is no hesitation, turning around, and didn't take two new pockets.

After the right fight took the two pockets, the right disappeared directly and returned to the room.

After looking at the two pockets, the right squatted one of the pockets in the face, and spatially transferred to another pocket watch.

The charity of the pocket watch is relatively small, so the consumption of Chakra is not much. After the right to transfer this pocket watch, it stops, and the two pockets are put together.

The right fight with a serious look, carefully stare at the two pocket watch time for comparison.

Time is the same, there seems to be no difference?

Right, there is no change in the face, and continue to stare at the two pocket watch waiting.

Time is over one minute.

After a full hour, it is over.

The right fight has flashed a brunt. At this time, it has been able to see it more obvious. The piece is transferred to the pocket watch for 100 times, which is slower than normal pockets. Nearly 0.1 seconds.

Two pockets were different from 0.1 seconds, and ordinary people may not see it, but the right fight is very clear.

"It's really unexpected!"

"My intuition is really right, normal space tolerance is absolutely less than time strength, and I use the spatial transfer of the power of witches, but the time has changed."

The mouth of the right fight can't help but expose a smile.

By comparing these two pockets, the right fight is almost clear. When the force of using the witch is spatially transferred, the object itself will have an extremely short pause.

That's afraid of this pause, it is almost ignored, but this is still the time!

Right fighting out of his hand and smashed the temple, with a happy look that did not cover up, this can be the power of time latitude, even if this ability does not have a slightest effect, the right fight has stepped out.

This is really important!

"The trip of the ghost is a success." The right fight with a smile and stretched it.


Right fight in the ghost country stays for about three days, this time, naturally, it is accompanying Ziyuan. The two are also an official established relationship.

Mainly Ziyuan has always been entangled, because there are the causes of witches in the two people, so they can perceive each other's emotions.

Ziyuan knows that the right to leave the ghost country, natural is natural. Three days, Ziyuan took the right boused to all over the whole ghost country, all fun.


During this time, the right fight also considers a problem, that is, the distance between the country and the fire of the fire is too far, let alone, there is a sea in the country.

At present, the country is exactly a large-scale land and resources, so the right is considering whether everyone of the ghost country is moved to the country of fire.

In fact, the right is considering the use of Ziyuan a person, but through this period of understanding, the right is very clear, Ziyuan is absolutely will not abandon the civilians of the Ghost countries.

Therefore, the right trick has a migration of the country to migrate the whole country.

The country is itself a small country, and it is far away, and the resources are also extremely rare, migrate to the country where the fire is rich in resources, and a good thing for the ghost countries.

The fog hidden village expansion plan, the schedule has been put on when the right bum is left, so I don't need to worry about it.

Of course, the most important thing is that the right fight with Ziyuan will be simple.

Therefore, the right to discuss this thing with Ziyuan.

Ziyuan just started to hear this plan, although it is a bit hesitant, but it is extremely recognized, the fire of the fire is the most abundant country throughout the poorer, which is recognized throughout the endurance.

If the people of the ghost people can migrate into the fire in the fire, then the civilians of the ghost are a good thing.

However, the so-called hometown is difficult, Ziyuan status is high, but this matter also needs to discuss anywhere in the country.

Such a big thing is naturally impossible for a short time, even if it is really fixed, it also requires a lot of time to transfer materials, and the other aspects.

So after three days.

Right to give a narrow version of the , let her pass the brought him directly.

Then, in Ziyuan reluctantly, the right to leave the ghost country.


Because of the most east.

Near the coastline, but also a stronghold of the residual power after the leaves.

The hard rock ground has formed a training ground. One of the large size of the pothole is spread around, and the pothroofed scratches are very sharp, as if they are scribbled by a large number of sharp weapons.

"Call! Call!"

The Naruto violently breathed the gas, the whole person was big, lying directly on the ground, carefully, can clearly see that the left hand of the Naruto slightly trembled.

High-intensity training and Chakra consumption, even if the Naruto also felt a feeling of exhaustion, poured from the heart into the whole body.

The Naruto is tired, and the eyelids are like fighting, they can't help but close.

Just, just closed your eyes.

The Naruto seems to hear the body of the sound of countless wooden ninja, in front of him again.

At the end of these, these figure and sound are all integrated together, two faces have emerged.

One face is proud, and the look is indifferent.

A slack, the eyes are ruthless and the cold right fight.

These two culprits of the ruins of the wooden leaves!

The Naruto fierce opened his eyes and sat up again. He breathed slightly.

"I won't give up, my goal is to become a blow."

"Say that it is my endure, no wooden village, how can I become a shadow, so I will definitely take back the village!"

"I will definitely defeat your two alive guys, Yu Zhibo spots! Right!"

The Naruto climbed up from the ground, shouted, and the eyes were full of unparalleled look.