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Chapter 457, secret preparation

After the Naruto ventred the emotions in his heart, he gasped a few mouthfuls, and his eyes became firm again.

I have experienced the hit of the village being destroyed, even if it is a niece, the guy of the nerve, as if it is also growing overnight.

At this moment, the Naruto suddenly realized that Sasuke lost his family's followers.

In the past, although Naruto claimed to have been aware of Sasuke, the Naruto understands that there is no family member. But until now, Naruto can truly understand, lose loved ones, and friends' pain.

And all this, let the Naruto become more determined!

"The image of shadow!"

The Naruto has a rapid printing, and a low drink is given, along with a white smoke, a shadow appeared on the right hand side of the Naruto.

This shadow appeared in an emergence, quickly lifted his hand, put it above the right hand of the Naruto, and started to release Chakra.

In this process, a spiral pill quickly appeared in the head of Naruto, and at this moment, the face of Naruto and shadow became lifting.

Naruto controls Chakra in the body, on the basis of spiral pills, carefully adding the changing property of Chakra.

During this process, the originally stable spiral pill begins to become distorted, and the sleek surface turns an irregular shape, as if it is possible to blow it at any time.

Naruto looked at the change in the spiral pills in his hand, bite his teeth, there is no emotion on his face, after all, this is no longer the first time.

With the time of time, the end of the Naruto has already taken a layer of sweat, but the Naruto is still biting his teeth, and there is no giving up.

At the same time, the spiral night, some irregular projections have begun to tend to be peaceful, that is, in this moment, a sword-shaped spiral pill appeared in the hands of the Naruto.

Counting the aggregates of the Chakra cutting edge, rotating outside the high density spiral pills.


"Wind, spiral hand sword!"

The Naruto flashed a lottery, quickly put the spiral pill in his hand.


As the spiral pill is litter, the huge roar sounds in an instant, the energy carries the spiral pills, and the ground smashed a pothole, and countless fine wind attribute blade is more powerful. Different strand destruction of the ground.

Strong power, it is not ordinary spiral pills.


Naruto saw huge power in front of his eyes, showing excited looks on his face.

At this time, the other side of the training field where the Naruto is located.

Dogs, Nara deer, Li Luoke and others, lifted the head and looked at the position of the explosion.

"It's so big, the Naruto is doing, is it not tired?"

Dogs and teeth are supported on the ground, and the open mouth is angry.

The Chi "Wang Wang" called two sisters, in line with the road.

"This explosion is different from the previous few times, it seems that the Naruto is successful, we must work hard."

Nara Lou Pills sat on the ground, and also looked at the explosion, the direction of the coming, slightly, and then opened.

The rest of the twelve little, Sakurai and others listened to Nara deer, all stunned, followed by one by one, standing up from the ground.

Especially the dog isas, directly turned over from the ground, twinkling in the eyes of the fighting spirit.

There is a guy who is not a training, how can they take a break here.

After all the people stood up, they re-invested in the training. It is said that it is twelve small, and Yischo Sasuo, who has left it. The day is Ning, and the day is only nine people.

In addition to returning to the day, these people did not escape from the day of the day, the rest of the people escaped.

After all, the battle of the original wooden leaves, for them, there is no way to determine the movement of the war, and naturally did not participate in the meaning, but as the seeds of wood, it is taken to evacuate.

These people, in a certain aspect is the people in each size of the leaves, the talented people.

The most obvious nature is Nara Loda, the original lazy person, and it has been seen in it.

Among the war, Nara Deer Nine, Qiuding, the father of the three people in the mountains in the mountains, not only the same, as a firm fire, his family is almost killed, and the death is exhausted. Natural changes are also the most obvious.

Near the center of the center of the training ground, a big tree in a wood. Kakasi and the two were standing on a thick branch, quietly watching below.

Drake a arm, Cardi lacks an eye.

Carti did not replace a normal eye, not lacking medical ninja, but he is not willing.

Even so, he wanted to understand that Unexpello will live, the most important thing is that Kakasi can obviously feel that Yisi Bo belt is hatred for him and the leaves.

"Naruto seems to have mastered this force, I originally thought that it takes about a week or so, I didn't think it was done today."

Kakasi's eyes looked to the training ground, whispered open road to the Naruto.

"This kid is so desperate, and I don't know if it is a good thing or a bad thing." Laughing lifted his hand and rub his hair and sighed.

"They are now in their hearts, or anger, or not sweet, even hatred. The only thing to do now is to train the training, then thus the heart in the heart."

Kakasi sounded open mouth.

There is no opening, because he is not wrong in Carti, not only these young generations of Naruto, but they are also trained in secret.

Even if he, it is also a training in one hand!

"I have contacted it with the program."

After a moment, I suddenly opened the mouth.

Kakasi's spirit is shock, and the face is revealing the look of the horror, followed by returning to calm.

"Huo shadow ... What do you say?"

Kakasi said when the words of the fire shadow paused, and then reopened.

Even the wooden village is no longer, what is the niring?

"Although I can contact, but I have not much information, the position of the program is more embarrassing, but it is impossible to get into any important thing."

The shook head and slowly open it.

"Medienity, but can be contacted, it is a good thing." Kardi nodded.

In fact, they are very clear, there are not many things you can do. The people in the fog hidden village are also deliberately pushing the agency to the way, nothing more than doing it.

After all, the fire is alive, and the status is not low, which makes the rest of the woods and other big rivals?


"What is the progress on your side?"

It also flashed a few more complex looks on your face, and turned to the head of Kakasi.

"There is not much progress, our people are not enough, and the current three rivals can't contact us."

Kakasi face with a hint of smile, helpless opening.

Because there is also Yuxi Bouvelle and Right Bourt, the things they can do will.

"What is the meaning?"

Kakasi's face suddenly flashed, and she sighed.

In front of the absolute strength, the so-called conspiracy is just a false mask, and it is broken.

"No, meaning!"

Located on your face with a firm look, look at Kardi side, only the one left one arm stunned his fist.

"Yu Zhibo is also good, right fight is good, their two people's cooperation is only temporary, and they will have a battle!"

"This is our chance, and it is also an opportunity of the endurance. What we have to do now is preparing for this opportunity."

"This matter I don't believe that other rivots can't see, they just have a fantasy, maybe I have seen it, and even prepare in secret."

"And the time of this opportunity is absolutely not far!"

I have finished all at once, and then I deeply sucked a breath.

Kakasi said that he said, but nodded gently, it seems to be recognized, and it seems to be some thinking.

"Well, the training of Naruto has been completed, much faster than I expected, I am not ready yet."

"However, the character of Naruto, I am afraid waiting for a while, I have to have a next stage of training."

I also grasp the hair, some helplessly speak from the language, the voice of the voice has disappeared on the tree.


The country of the earth.

It is a small basin consisting of rocks everywhere.

Sasuke dishes are sitting on a rock, and the eyes that have been squinted fierce.

Next moment, the right hand suddenly burst into a large number of electroices in the right hand, and the current gathering between these mine properties waters.

Thousands of birds!

The original Thousands of birds fluidized into the shape of the gun, quickly talked towards the front of the front, directly putting the ground out of a big hole.

"come out!"

Sasuke's face with a cold look and tone.

"Oh, this is really not hurt."

Yischo took the earth and patted his chest, made a fearful look, slowly raised from the big hole that I just bombered.

"It's you?"

"Bearing me training, what do you have to have." Sasuke looked at the eye of Yisi Board and his face was revealed.

Recent training makes Sasuke's strength, he is planning to find someone to pay.

Yischo belt soil, in Sasuke, it is obviously a good battle opponent.