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Chapter 458 plays the chess pieces, bliss box!

Yischo belt nature first felt the war that was emitted by Sasuk, and couldn't help but smoke slightly.

To be honest, if there is no good candidate, he will never choose to work with Sasuke.

Compared with Urshi Houches, Sasuke is really bad. But fortunately ... Sasuke is not Yisiza.

"I don't want to fight the idea, your enemy is not me."

Yisi Bo took the earth on the palm of the palm, and shrugged and showed the desire of no fight.

"What do you mean?" Sasuke frowned slightly, and the sound was impatient.

Sasuke, there is no mood to listen to Yuxi Bo belt soil here to give him a circle, even dumb.

"The first generation of the shadow right, the long door, the two people are currently your enemy is not ..." Yuxi Bo belt is no half-point impatient, extended out two fingers.

However, just said half, Sasuke interrupts that Unexpello belt next to the next preparation.

"You appear here, if you just want to say these nonsense, then you can leave."

Sasuke's face with a few ugly expressions, the sound is somewhat cold.

Seeing that Sasuo is so impatient, Yischo is flashing in a very disdain, and finds that he is prepared, I am afraid it is not used.

In this case, it is much simple.

"In the rain, Xiaoshan has left to the village of the village, and there is only a long door."

Yischo belt soil said that he was actively stopped, and he didn't continue to say, but it was clear that it would have been self-evident.

Sasuke's face flashed a exciting look, but after so many things, simple emotions were controlled, and they took a breath and looked at Unexpello to the front.

If it is in the rain, there is only a long-awaited battle, it is definitely a chance to be a thousand.

Moreover, Yu Zhibyo is a member of the tissue, plus space forbearance, and can easily dive into Yuyin Village.

"Why do you want to help me?"

Although Sasuke is excited, there is also doubt.

I heard the inquiry of Sasuke, Yishibo belt did not reply directly. Anyway, slightly silent, after a moment, a faint voice was in the air.

"You are not like me, don't you want to be a piece of chess, isn't it?"

Sasuke's pupil stood up, deeply looked at Unecho to stand where the front side stood there.


Ghost Lighthouse.

On a very small island, the sea is rounded, because the island is known as a berries called the ghost light.

Of course, this is a more famous reason for the ghost life. It is a prison that is dedicated to the lawsuit of the law of the law.

The corner once is a prisoner in the ghost lighthouse prisons, but when you are young, the secret reel is stolen at that time.

Today, a huge roar suddenly came from the original calm light.

A long-width is close to about 5 meters, and every side has a weapon of different expressions. It floors directly from the ground, and smashed on a huge platform in front of the ghost life.

This huge strange box is the weapon of the legendary bliss in the legend of the legend.


A black figure jumped out of the pothole in the box that had just bliss it, and several flashed have appeared in front of the box of bliss.

Right fighting with a hand, it is the city owner of the blush lighting city prison, and lifts his head to the bag.

"Is this a lot of bliss, it is really a little quirky."

"I have already said, directly tell me the location of the bliss box, I don't want to find myself, really ..."

Right Tour with curious looks with a curious box, and then shook his head gently, throwing the blood in his hand on the side of the side.

When I came to the Ghost City, I was extremely respectful and glazed as the city owner, but when I mentioned the bliss's box, I was not satisfied with the right bumper.

The right boused can only be expressed, by the way, the mild social poison, then find the box of the bliss.

In the absence of being throwing on the ground, I sent a painful , my mouth couldn't help but fell a blood.

However, it is still biting his teeth, slowly climbing from the ground, then double knees, squatting in front of the right fight, face with his face.

Right, there is no way, and the eyes are still watching the Box of the bliss. Just now that the Township of the Imperial Township is not flying it out, but is bombed from the ground.

However, from the surface of the bliss box, there is no scar of the slightest, although the right of the right fight is not exhausted, but the horrible force, but there is no trace of the slightest in the box.

"The weapons that have existed during the six-way period, this material is much harder than the imagination."

The right fight with a magical look, the heart is moving.

The King Kong of Chakra is blocked, explored from the palm of the right fight, is like the golden whip, the fierce is in the case of the bliss.


It's like a huge impact, constantly burning in the air, emit a roar.

After a moment, the right bumper was returned to the King Kong blocked in his hand, while the bliss box in front of him was still in the beginning, and the bliss's box suffered from the two-wire striking, did not move.

The right fight flashes a surprised look. Now it seems that you want to force the box to open the lotus box, it is not an easy thing, or you will be simple to use the six-level level.

At this time, the right bumper came back, and he looked at the unfolded in front of himself, and the eyebrows were gently picked.

"Right" ... "

I don't feel the eyes of the right fight, and I have a sense of pain coming on my body. There are a bit of peek and jams in the sound.

"It's really stubborn. Do you really think that there is something that can achieve your wish? Moreover, your son has died for so long."

The right bounter is not a way to open the way.

Legend has the ability to realize any desire to achieve any desire to realize people. For such a rumor, the right fight is disdainful.

If it is true like a rumor, how can the six cactors have such things?

What's more, the right to know that the box is seal a monster called "Enlightenment", which is nothing more than this monster.

This unfortunately, there seems to be in front of me.

Money, beauty is even right, such something, as long as you have strength, you can easily get it, perhaps this is the reason for the wishes of the bag.

After all, as long as the power of "Enlink" is indeed, it can be easily easy to get these three things.

"Since you want to send it, then I am too lazy to stop you."

Right, I looked at the stubborn, and put the open mouth of the swing.

The way to open the bag is right, so the right fight is intended to make it blew now, now, now, there is no way to know how to open, and willing to open, the right is naturally saving .

"More right fights!"

There is an exciting look on the face, but your injury, trembling from the ground, got it in the direction of the bliss box.

This day was finally coming.

I finally saw you again, my son.

It is not a slight trembling, looking to the bliss box in front of you. Everything he does is just to see his son again.

Perhaps, the words of the right squat say, it is not true, but he is just unwilling to believe!

"The Box of the Pale! Opened Time!"

I don't lift my hands to the box, the faint red rays flashes on his two palms:

"The Box of the Pale! Please realize my wishes, please let my son ... I and my son can meet again!"

With the inentical words and the action, it was immersed as the generic bag of the dead, and suddenly trembled.

At the same time, a black purple energy spilled from the surface of the bliss's box, which exudes a strange amazing atmosphere.

"Oh, it is really a magic."

The right fight is in the chest, quietly taking the change of the lottery box, and a smile in the corner of the mouth.

Under the inert-eyed gaze, the bliss box is opposite the unique face, suddenly opens his mouth.

A brunette, looks slowly from the box of bliss, slowly came out from the box of the bliss.

Seeing this brunette teenager, the right battle eyes slightly squinted, the sound is indifferent to the opening reminded:

"Is this your son? But you'd better not close him."

In the perception of the right, the soul of this brunette teenager has been completely replaced with another evil soul.

This is the feeling of the monster to the right.

Unfortunately, although the right buckened, although he specially reminded, it did not, there was only its own son in both eyes.

"Ofless! Is it you?"

In the face, there is an unacceptable excitement, even some apologies, and the footsteps walked in front of the brunette teenager.

When I walked to this dark juvenile, I didn't hug it.

Only, you will not be invisible, not the same arms, but the brunette teenager's arm is punctured from the unique chest.


The brunette teenager's face is indifferent to the arm and take out a lot of blood and broken flesh.

Right to calmly watch this scene, just he has reminded that there is no way, since the other party wants to send death, he can't stop.

However, this bliss box is really a magical role.