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Chapter 459 is swallowing the soul energy of "enlink"

If you don't make a mistake in the right!

The inert son is now swallowed by the bag of the bliss, and the distance is now over ten years. Normally, the body has long been rot, leaving only the bones.

In front of the eyes, from the flacked box, the body is not specialized in the body. Still maintaining some activity, is there a lot of bliss, and the role of saving the body?

I can't help my weird.

"At the beginning, you sent me to the bag of the bliss, why do you tell me now!"

The brunette teenager smashed the blood on the arm, and smiled and looked at the inert in the blood of the blood. There was only cold in the eyes.

Then the brunette teenager laughed directly, and the expression of the face.

"Put the good fruit in, can only be bad fruits."

Right, watch the brunette teenager, gently shake his head, and the tone is indifferent.

The voice falls.

The right bouldered the palm of the palm of the palm of the palm of the palm of the palm of the right fought again, and he waved in the direction of the brunette teenager.


King Kong blocked, on the ground where the brunette teenager was standing, and sent a heavy sullen sound, and the black hair boy, even gave it two steps to the right side, gently escaping the right fight. One blow.

It seems that I have predicted it.


When you saw this scene, you suddenly showed a smile.

I just hit him, but I didn't have half points, the attack speed is fast, even if it is, it is difficult to fight.

And the right bounter is very clear. In his moment, the black hair boy has avoided the same condition reflection.

"Recovery, Members, Ideal ..."

"I am afraid some moisture" "Reading Heart", but it is true that it is true to murder. "

The right battle has flashed a thinking, whispered belief.

At this moment, the brunette teenager who heshes the right bumper, staring at the right direction.

"The original attack is what you did, you don't know that you are very noisy !!!"

The brunette's face is getting more and more embarrassed, followed by a mourning of almost pain.


The bodies of the brunette teenager began to expand, the clothes were directly collapsed, a pair of huge black wings, the wings extended from behind, quickly open.

At this moment, the whole body is completely lost, turned into a black monster that the lower body is similar to the bat, and the lower body looks a certain proportion of black monsters.



When I appeared, I made a high roaring, and the black wings behind them were shot, and the body was instantly vacated.

"Sure enough, it is right." The smile on the face is even more.


A King Kong blocked from the body of the right squat, the ten Chakra lock chain, which is incorporated between the chain of the chain.

Every King Kong blocked hit in the air, all sent a riot of riches, like a righteousness in the air.

In the face of ten King Kong's attack, realize that the huge body is extremely flexible to dodge in the air, there is no King Kong lock chain strike.

"No, your attack does not hurt me."

Enlightenment avoids the opening of King Kong while hiding the opening and laughing.

at the same time. Law is more fast to rush to the right bumper, and the ten golden attacks around them seem to have all the general.

"This predicts in advance, it is not simple to know simplely."

Right, look at it, your face is in this calm look, but the eyes are getting brighter.

Unexhaware, you can directly understand the ability to attack the trajectory, which is much more powerful than the right battle imagination, especially during the battle.

The explanation in the theatrical version is the ability of the awareness coming from the fear of the other party and the killing of the enemy, but there is no half of the fear in the right!

As for the so-called "killing", the right fight is not very recognized, simple killing, it is impossible to understand such a clear.

In the theater version, the omnither relies on the inner heart of the self-calamity and the unfrigestable, and the way to enlighten the way is in the right way.

"The game time is over."

Right, I looked at it, I was getting closer and closer, my slight twisted neck.

At this moment.

Enlightenment as if I have perceived something, forcibly stopping the body of the body, and starting to quickly shoot the black wings behind it, I want to boost to fast.



Hundreds of Chakra locked chains were poured from the right to pour, as if they became a golden torrent, covering all the way to the world.

Almost a blink of an eye!

Executive has been blocked by these King Kong, bundled the body, hard to live on the ground, can't move anything.

The so-called hard break, since the ten Chakra lock chain can't, then hundreds of Chakra locked chains!

Even if you know all the trajectories of these Diamond blocked, but in the case of being blocked around, you can't hide, you only have a harder.

The right fight is hanging on a smile. When you move, the figure has disappeared in the original place, and the blink of an eye is on the top of the real world.

"Hey! Damn!"

Enciproffs, struggle, but in a large number of King Kong blocked, there is no way to move.

"I hope to have a good harvest."

The right bumbled sounded a light smile, suddenly broke out the dazzling white light in his hands, this ray filled a sacred breath, with the breath that was emitted in front of him, completely the opposite.


"You are the damn witch!"

I am so trembled slightly, as if I realized what, the desperate struggle roar, but unfortunately there is no use of slightly.

The right fight is holding a dazzling white light, and the two hands have neared a special handset, followed by both hands on the top of the work.

Make awareness of the original roar, immediately becoming a scream!

The right battle is unchanged, and the hands on the top of the merits are changed to claws, and it is pulling up. A darkness of darkness, the soul of evil, pulled it out of the body of the body.

"It is worth dealing with the power of the witch who deals with the magic, and it is much easier than the intention."

The right battle is bright, and I am sighing secret.

The power of the six way is indeed much more powerful than the witch, if it is killing, it is not a problem. But I want to have the strength of the witch, and the flesh of the fascinating will be separated from the soul, but it is not so simple.

If you do this, you can do this, you can't make it unkind, you will cause the soul of realism.

With the soul of the real, the huge magic body is rapidly started, and the blink of a boss has become the boss of the black hair.

Not only that, the bodies of this brunette teenager are rapidly rotted with the speed visible to the naked eye, and finally the ash is completely dissipated.

"Witch! You can't kill me, you can do it, you can seal me."

After the black soul of the real realization, it was chemically formed into a black soul group of a basketball size.

According to the memory of it, the witch should seal it, but when it is only in the past, the witch and a fierce battle at the moment can basically pay the price of life, and the strength of this man in front of you too strong.

It is easy to draw its soul.

"Seal? I am not a witch."

Right, I heard the words, gently picked the eyebrows, and tone in the tone.


A horrible, powerful breath raised from the right trick, directly entered the six immortal model.

There is no nonsense. Right Trip in accordance with the means of dealing with the , take the soul of the merits to decompose.

A few breath, the black soul of the original basketball size, has become the size of the fist, exudes a faint white rays.

Right, after absorbing this pure white energy, felt that his spiritual power has improved a large level, which is a very wonderful feeling, but it can be truly perceived.

With the improvement of spiritual power, the right fight can also perceive your strength and follow it. Chakra is the product of cells and mental strength, but the strength of the right fight is too strong, so that this increase is not too obvious.

Of course, this strength is improved, and the right fight is not very important.

He truly intended that after the spiritual power increased, in addition to the perception be more sensitive, it is the resistance to the spiritual attack of anticillives, and it has improved a large section.

This makes up a piece of short board that has always been in the right!

The right fight is suspended in half, and it has been quietly perceived after the eyes. Just as he guess, after the energy of the soul of the awareness. Like the energy of the soul that swallowed, it also won the power of awareness.

The rare exposure of the right fightened face, this ability is in his view, but the power of the bug, especially in the hands of this level of strength.

There is no right to get this ability, and if you fight the right to you now, you can get a level of suppression.

Regardless of the attacks that the other party will perform, it is possible to perceive and in advance, even if the reaction is fast, it can be easily counterattable while the opponent attack.

On the right fight, I took a smile and reopened my eyes. I turned to the direction of the bliss's box, my heart thought.

A look of jade flew to the box of the bliss, in the instant of the box of the bliss, this kind of jade began to expand, and then directly swallowed the box.

Then the expansion of the jade is heavy, and it turns back to the original look, flying back to the right of the right.