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Chapter 460's development of the village in the village, the beauty of the beauty

The bliss's box has been said in the sixth time of the ultimate weapon, and the right bucket will naturally not leave it here, of course take away.

Therefore, the right to put the lotion of the lotus box into the jade.

Who allows the right to reach the six levels, still there is no real space ability. Let not only let the right, the idea of ​​the whole pair is more and more firm.

"Before going to the moon, the current handling of the things of Yuxi Boss, after leaving, there is a move to disrupt my plan."

The right fight in the brain, whispered, whisper muttered.

At present, the only variable in the right trip is the only variable. So, before he is not completely ready, you can't let Yuxi Bo spots together for all tail beasts.

The things here have been finished, and the right bumper is naturally not left in the ghost light city, and it has become a residual shadow, disappearing.

After obtaining the power of witches, this kind of power that can be perfectly separated from the body, so he raised a good idea in the right mounted heart, so he is now going back to the village.

Just, I also prepared several chips and Yuxi Boupera Negotiations.

one day later.

Right to return to the misty village, and the last left has passed for more than a week.

The people on the street have flowed more than the last time, through the observation of the right fight, found that some of these people are not in the village of hidden villages.

Most of these people are businessmen and passengers.

Nowadays, the fog hidden villages have two huge country and various resources in the country of water and the fires, which can be described as extremely rich.

In the past, the relationship between the fireland country and the water is not very good, not to say the grievance between the two sides, the two major battles, the battle and friction between the two major countries.

Therefore, many businessmen do not dare to trade between the two countries, and they are afraid that they are unkinding to cannon. Don't say it is a passenger.

Nowadays, the two major countries of the Water and the fires of the fire have become under the rule of the country, plus new routes opened by the region where the wave of the country is located, and the distance is short and safe.

Under such factors, naturally accelerate the trade prosperity between the two countries. This allows many businessmen and Chamber of Commerce, and the rapid investment, and it is even more worthwhile to make a fortune.

Even the businessmen and passengers attracted many other big countries. For this matter, the high level of the fog hidden village is naturally happy.

Especially the wave of the country bridge.

This bridge is a considerable strategic place during war, and now it is one of the extremely important income of fog hidden villages.

To know that these merchants and other people, if you want to take the shortest route, you must pass through the Bridge of the Wave.

So I opened up at the beginning, and the right bucket sent a lot of ninja to teen the bridge of the Maoshu, in addition to this is an important strategy, it can also charge the toll.

at this point.

There are still some don't understand it, and now I am afraid to dream, I will smile, and the income of the tolls of the Single Waves, they will catch up with one-third of the foggy villages. Income.

And with time, this money will only be more and more.

After returning to the village, just have a good time, then go to the hot springs, this time is running everywhere, you have to take a break.

Moreover, the right fight is in the process of breeding hot springs, has been considering whether it is necessary to tell Ziyuan's things, this matter is slightly tangled, and it is temporarily put down by the right.

It should be very busy on the other side of the United States, and the things of Ziyuan and Ghosts are now not replied. So, I want to temporarily don't worry.


Right, but Ignore one thing, that is,!

Hidden village in the village.

Water shadow office building.

"The residents of the original fog hidden villages have been placed now, and after this time, it is not bad."

"The residents of the rain, the residents are also all placed, and more than half of them have found a job, and there is no problem with the family."

"At present, there are many things in the village in the mist, which needs to be rebuilt, just need a lot of people, the remaining people left, most monthly, you can solve the problem."

A paper in the hands of the hand, the light of the Mei Ming report, saying that this is slightly toned:

"In addition, although the arrival of rains, the contradictions inside the village of the village are eased, but the criticism of the residents of the roots and fog hidden villages still have occurred."

"The people of the Police Department is slightly short, if these things can't be stopped in advance, I am afraid that I will lead to a small riots and trouble."

Qing will need to report the contents of the report, stop, lift his head, look at the beauty, quiet, quietly waiting.

After the beauty of the United States, after the word of the hand, then hand it over to a Ninja next to it.

After this ninja picks up the document, he smashed his body and turned away from the office.

At this time, I looked up at the beauty to look forward to the green, and the white fingers were reached and smashed.

"Half a month is too long, you must put all the residents of Yuyin Village in the week, also give a certain guarantee in the food and clothing."

"This matter you can discuss with Xiaonan, in short, we must solve it as soon as possible."

"About the police department, you can take part of the endurance, notify the task department, starting today, temporarily do not pick up the D-class task, while reducing the accepted access rate of the C-class task."

"All empty people are all transferred to the police department, and they can be calculated and rewarded according to the C-level task, and must ensure the smoothness and stability of the village of the mist, if you find that there is deliberate trouble, you can throw it directly into the prison."

Looking at the temple, there is no fluster opening.

"Okay, glower."

Youth is written on the document on the hand, nodded at the side, while quickly turning around.

Shortly after the Qing just left, I walked in with a stack of documents.

"Oh! I don't want to see it now."

According to Meitu, I walked in, especially the documents held in his hands, and the tone of the open mouth.

Long Zhilao's corner couldn't help but smoke, put a stack of files in the hand on the desk, and the face revealed a little wrote.

"These documents are all challenged, more important things, needed to make a spoken person to decide."

"To know, the administrative department's documents have been fully full of tables."

Chang Ziro slightly some wronged opening.

Compared to this small file, the Document of the Administrative Department is more than the document.

According to Meime, I saw the expression of Changshuo's wrote, and the original uncomfortable looks slowly, even couldn't help but laugh.

"Ann, I am just a simple spit."

With a smile on the beauty, make an encouraged look at Changzhou Lang.

At present, the human hand in the misty village is indeed few, compared with the original woody village to the huge administration, and their people now have less pitiful.

This is also something that there is no way. After all, the original Woody Village is the head of Wu Dabare, whether it is strength or other, all aspects belong to one.

Especially like a Nara family is an important strategy talent, which is still lacking in the foggy village, not to say that there are other families.

Fortunately, there is a day to Ning, with the day, a family of foggy villages, otherwise, the police department of the external village of the village is enough to let the beauty can't find a suitable person, but feel a headache.

After Changshuo took the document, he got up and prepared, after all, there were many things to do, for the encouragement of our own shadow, Chang Shiro did not take it.

"Wait a moment."

When I saw Chang Ten Lang, who turned around, I suddenly thought of, and I was busy opening.

Changzhou Lang turned around, and some doubtfully looked at the beauty.

"You help me with the information and information about the ghost country, I want to look at it."

It flashes a inexplicable look on the beauty of the beauty, and the faint opening of Changshuo.

Ghost Country?

Chang Shiro first got a moment, some doubts her own shadow adult, why suddenly bordered a small country in the border, but still nodded.

Seeing Changshuo left, I turned around and saw a little bit of the big size next to the table: "What did you say?"

"Of course, the right pair will stay in the girl's hand in the name of the big name."

I nodded, soft sounds, I passed into the ear of Million.

After listening to the words.

It is a bit dangerous to show a splendid smile on the beauty.

"Sure enough, men are a look."

"However, I am a little curious to make the right of the big girl think about the girl, what is it like?"

"Hey, I want to see, when do you tell me this matter."

Take the beautiful look on the beauty of the beauty, and a little temper.

The size of the big size, seems to be perceived by the dangerous breath that is emitted from time to time, and can't stand the shrink body.

"Suddenly I feel, I seem to have a bad thing."

A pair of erected eyes slightly swayed, and there is some weird ideas.

the other side.

Middle in the village.

The right fight in the hot springs, suddenly the inexplicable feelings back.

"Strange, why suddenly there is a kind of unhappy premonition." Right to touch your neck, some inexplicable thinking.

"Forget it, the hot spring bubble is almost the same, it is busy."

The right fight slightly shook his head from the hot spring, after changing a deep dry clothes, walked toward the position of the foam.