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Chapter 461 falls from the foam, from the wood, the beast

Fog hidden village.

Oriental marginal zone, training field.

Right fight is sitting on a wooden pile, randomly pulling legs, playing a yawn, seems to be waiting for someone.

Such a wait for a long time, less than half a minute, the three black residuals jumped quickly from the distance, and there were several breaths that had come to the right.

These three people are not someone else, it is foam, from wood and Fu.

The three faces have a little and doubtful expression. Some are a surprised right, why suddenly call them three people here.

The bubble has a lazy breath, holding a book in hand, this time, due to the prosperity of commerce, the bubble has seen a lot of books from other countries, of course, the most important thing is to send time.

As for the other side, the wood and Puff, although a pair of looks, but the face flashes a nervousness,

In particular, the amber pupil carefully looked at the right bumpers sitting on the wooden pile, and quickly recovered, and the eyes were slightly lower.

During this time, the tradition of fog hidden villages is naturally, naturally, naturally brought a lot of tourists and strangers.

Among these people, if there is no other village spoons, it is simply too underestimated all the big fortune.

Plus, whether by wood people or Fu, there is no other limit to the two, so their villages have secretly established a certain connection with the two.

Right squats sitting on the wooden pile, the eyes are calm, especially the embarrassment, and the heart is some.

This little girl is still too tender comparable to the wood.

For this two people, they have been in touch with their villages. Before the right fight, the secret of the secret has been performed, and this thing is reported to him.

However, the right fight is not very interested in this matter.

What is the contact?

Whether it is by the wood, or the two people have not been restricted, their presence is extremely eye-catching from the beginning. I can't do anything at all.

"It's time to stay in a place, you will independence the fight. In short, your leisure time is a paragraph."

The right fight with a mysterious smile and look at the three.

The bubble has slightly stunned, but there is no opening to ask, but waiting for the right struggler.

The right bucket did not immediately open, but the face took a smile and gently patted his hands.


Between, the number of broken sounds sounded from the rear of everyone, four ninja dressed in the dark clothes, each person holding a half-man, engraved with the mysterious curse, appeared in everyone. In front of you.

After these four ninja appeared, he first ruling a gift in the right, and then engraved the tin of the curse in his hand in front of the right fight.

Right to raise his hand and smartly, and the four dark ninja quickly dispersed, standing in the direction of the four corners of the training ground.

Seeing this scene, bubble, with a wooden man, a three-faced face, and a nervous tension in the woods and the gods.

"This is how the same thing?"

The bubble faces with a doubtful look, directly opens.

He is different from the two people from Wood and Fu, although not thinking that the right fight will hurt their things.

"Remember the endurance after your teacher studied?" I heard the foam asking, the right bumper smiled and easily opened.

The foam's look fierce, and his teacher studied naturally remember.

At the beginning, his teacher was to let him not be treated as a monster. If he wants to keep the bubble, the safe will take the tail, and the result is due to his emotional out of control, and the teacher will be killed by him.

This thing, how can the bubble may forget?

Nowadays, the right trick has remained this thing, apparently let the bubble aware of what.

"The right trick wants to pull out the tail of our body?"

After the face of the foam has changed slightly, it returned to the calm and calm open mouth.

This is out.

Standing on the side, the face and the face became ugly, and the condition reflexed stepped back, quickly tight.

I can't help but I have to do it!

The wood man is slightly trembled, but it is still staring at the right fight sitting on the wooden pile.

The face of a few points of disturbing looks on the face, and the right to the right. At the beginning, she came to the misty village, in order to protect her village.

And the next time, Fu found that the right fight did not have the evil, although it limits some freedom, but it feels good in the misty village in the fog.

Therefore, this makes a lot of fu to the right.

For example, now take the end of your own body.

Once the tail is detached, they must die, in such cases, even if they know that they don't know their opponents, they will struggle.

The antity is still, not to mention is a person.

"Don't be so nervous, if you just put it down the beast, you don't have to drag it now. There is no need to put such a big gesture."

The foam turned to the head to see the nervous, the wood man and the flavor, the tone, said that the foam turned over, and the bubble brightens:

"Is the teacher's sickness has been perfected?"

"Yes, after the research department so long, it is basically perfect. It can reach 80% success rate, plus me, don't have any problems."

The right bumbled and smiled and stopped from the wooden pile, stretched out lazy waist.

The reason why the human column is willing to fall, it will die, it is because of the particularity of the tail, it will be together with the life of the column.

Therefore, once the extraction of the tail is essentially the vitality of the column, which is the truth of the column.

The secrets of the foam have been studied at the beginning of the study, which is a life seal that temporarilys themselves itself, and then extracts the tailbility of the tail beast.

Right, I looked at the three people. In fact, this endurance does not care whether it is perfect, and the right bucket will take the three people in the body, because only this right fight is more assured, the province gives Yu Zhibo spheres On the occasion of.

At that time, the life of the foam was naturally saved. As for the wood and Fu, it will not be necessarily.

"Well, this explanation has explained, start."

Right squatted his wrist, lifted his arm and played a gesture against the dispensing of four orientation.

It is naturally understood between the woods and the face of the wood and the face, and they naturally listen to the dialogue between the right bumper and the bubble.

But the heart is still a bit nervous, but it is only necessary to force the uneasy emotions in the heart of the foam.

At a glance with each other, the woods and the sigh are sigh, even if they are unwilling, what is the way?

Four corners of the training ground, see the gesture of the right fight, four secrets of the Ninja raised the fast southern, and then quickly press on the ground, Qi Qi sent a little soft:

"Secrets - The test of the fall is taken!"


A heavy sullen sound sounded on the ground of the training ground, and a large number of mysterious lines were centered on four dark ninja, and the entire training ground began to spread.

Almost two of the three three breaths, the training site has been covered by a large number of black mysterious spells.

The bubble in the center of the training site, three people from the wood and Fu, are also covered by the dense linear wrinkles, between the three people, the three people feel that the body is stiff, and the connection cannot be moved.

In the entire training ground, only the position of the wooden pile where the right fight is stationed, and there is no mysterious pattern.

Obviously, this piece of training is not an ordinary venue, and the underground of the training ground has been prepared.

The four dark ninja and it is said that they have launched the scriptures that they launched, it is better to say that they will hide the secrets under the training ground.

King Kong blocked!

The right bumper flashed in a shade of purple, and the three King Kong blocked the Chakra lock chain, ejected from the palm of the right fight.


These three King Kong blocked have been pierced into the foam, from the woods, the three people, let the bubbles can't help but send a light.

At the moment, in the body of the three, the second tail, the six-tail rhelling, the seven tails, the three-headed beast raised the hair almost, and an angry roar.

The diamond chain is directly rushed into the seal, tie the position of the three-headed beast neck, quickly pulling the outside.

The seal in the three people started to exudes the rays, and it seems to prevent the tail beast from breaking the seal, but at the same time, the Diamond blocked suddenly exudes a bright white ray, and the strength of the seal offsets each other.


Like the righteous roar, suddenly fringe on the training ground.




Between the blink of an eye, the six-tailed rhinoceros, the seven tails, the three-headed huge beasts appeared on the training ground, send an angry roar!

When the violent Chakra, the gas waves formed by the huge figure, and the winds of the seventh level are generally raging.

At this moment, the most central bubble in the training site is in the top of the wood and the three people in the ground, from the urgent breathing and the continuous undulating chest, it can be seen that there is no life danger.

The second tail, the seven tails, the six-tailed rhinoceros three huge figure appeared, quickly gaze the right fight standing on the wooden pile.

After all, the neck of their three-headed beast is also entangled in Chakra lock chain formed by the King Kong.

"The first generation of the sputum!"

The second tail is the first to send a low-spirited roar.