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Chapter 462, the tail riots! Roll back, animals!

Three scenes as a general tailed beast the size of the hill occur simultaneously, can be described as abnormal amazing!

Terror, violence, chaos chakra breath, shrouded over the entire training ground, so that the dark part four ninja training ground four corners, the whole body could not help trembling slightly.

If there is a right of adults in the face of three animal head and tail, four of them probably already began to frantically Aung retreat.

Two while the Brigade gave a low roar, six and seven dogs rhinoceros Shigeaki also emit a low growl.

"The first generation of the water film right-Doo, what you do in the end?"

Six rhino dogs that some weak voices sounded in the air, the first opening inquired.

"Nothing, just back to you just for a new environment."

Right bucket with three eyes indifferent gaze of the head and tail beast.

His words.

Three head and tail beast immediately noticed a bucket placed in the front right body not far from the four carved, high incantation of mysterious black half-human jar.

Right bucket bastard, they want to seal the jar!


And two brigades, six dogs rhinoceros, seven heavy Mingsan head and tail beast that huge pupil suddenly shrunk, and uttered a high roar.

If not necessary, they do not want to fight the right decorum skin. And now finally break the seal will go into force even people do not like the column jar!

How could they not struggle!

Right bucket of ice-cold eyes looked at three struggling animal head and tail, heart idea of ​​a dynamic, direct manipulation of the animal's head and tail tied down three chains allowed chakra begins to retract.

"Rocky ask!"

"It is not hands-on!"

Seven Shigeaki in flapping his wings at the same time, uttered a scream.


Sanxuan's homonyl body, I don't know when, actually appeared behind the right fight.

Seeing this scene, the four dark ninja faces have become a bit pale, but also the right to stand in the center of the training field with worry eyes.

And the look of the right fight is still calm. For the appearance of the three santry, there is no accident, and when the bubble has arrived at the training ground, the San Tail will be a slap in the back of the turtle.

In this regard, the right bumper has long been perceived, this is in his expectations, otherwise, he should put three seal tans in front of him, not four.


The right bumper flashed in a cold, and the four-headed beasts suddenly contacted. I am afraid that I will not shoot today, the four-headed beast finds the right time, and will cause riots and escape the fog.

The IQ of the beast is not low, I will be arrested here, as long as it is not a fool, I will take them in the morning.


When the three-slyclarm homony, they immediately opened their mouths, and spurt the diameter of the horror water gun in the mouth near the four meters, bombing behind the right!

For tail beasts, the strongest attack power is a tail beast jade, but it takes a certain amount of time to gather tail beast jade, and they are lacking.

San Tail cares after spraying the huge water gun, quickly turned, escaped in the opposite direction. It has been done, you can't escape, just look at their own skills.

Right fight is directly bombed by this horrible water gun. Although the body has not moved half points, it has been divided into part of the heart to offset the power.

And just a moment of right!

The second tail and the brightest explosion out of the blue flame, and the King Kong blocking bundled on his neck is directly collapsed. It immediately turns forward, turns into a blue residue, escapes in another direction.

The six-tailed rhinoceros quickly emerged a lot of corrosive liquids, and also pulverized Chakra chain strands bundled on themselves, and the body was shrunk, followed by the spring to ejection in the distance.

The seven-tailed heavy bodies have just blocked a lot of scales, and then these scales begin to explode, and the Chakra chain is blown directly, and the wings behind them are shocked, and the huge body is directly on the sky. I fly in the air.

This scene scene is almost completed in an instant.

The four dark ninjas that were surrounded, this felt a paralysis, these four-headed beasts, have risen out of hundreds of meters away.

At this moment.

The right bumper returned to God, and saw the beast fled toward four different directions, and his face was clear.

"If it is before you get the power, I am afraid that it is really like this to escape one or two."

"Since you don't eat, you can only come hard."

The breath of the right battle changed, instantly entered the six cactus mode, and a strong breath was poured from the right body.

In this moment, I have escaped from a distance of the four-headed beast, almost simultaneously felt the power of this stranger and familiar.

The second tail and the four-headed beast are flashing in the four-headed, and the speed of fleeing is not only accelerated, but even if they don't dare.

"Give me back, animals!"

The right fight is light, and it is indifferent to the open mouth.

Spatial transfer! !

In the pupil of the right fight, there is a purple ray, a force of an invisible space, quickly use the right to the center, lock the direction of the four ends of the four ends to escape!


Sanxuanjo is holding a running posture, appearing in the sky, returning to the half-air on the training ground, followed by falling from the air, and smashing a huge roar on the ground.

Then, the seven tail flying in the air, also disappeared, appeared in the sky.

The seven tails only feel a embarrassing effort, and he returned to the position just left, and the eyes were shocking.

Not good! Is space forbearance!

The seven-tailed heavy prepared to beat the wings again, flew toward the sky, suddenly the sky is black, the figure of the six-tail rhellar is smashed from the air, and the seven tails that are ready to be re-off will be ignored. Body.

Finally, the second tail is also followed, and the spatial transfer is directly transferred.

The four-headed beasts have fallen from the air, and the ground continues to make huge vibrations and roars.

"Bored waste time."

The four King Kong blocked rushed out of the body, and the four-headed beast bundle was rebounded.

Then, the right fight has a few printed in the chest.

It was originally placed in front, the mysterious ripple on the left and right tips on the four and a half, and it was like a living, starting to swim on the jar.

"Give me go in." The right moved in the heart of the heart and started to return to the Racra lock chain.

In the six cactus mode, the four-headed beast did not resist the power of the resistance, and a sound roared, directly in the four jars, seal it inside.

The right bumper manipulated four kinds of jaspering in the back of the jar to the direction of the jar, and stored four jars into the jade.

Do finished all.

The right tou took back the six cactus models, slowly sucking a breath, rare in the forehead with a sweat.

The ability to use spatial transfer, transfer the four-headed beasts to your own body, consumes a lot of Chakra, far from right.

However, the spatial transfer ability is reflected, or it is still satisfactory to the right.

At this time, the four dark ninja surrounded, respectfully appeared in front of the right fight, one by one low, with a bit of panic looks.

Just now, they have not dutied with the duties of the secret, they are directly in the original place, and they will react now.

"This fight is not you can insert, and then restore the training ground."

Right fighting to have not carefully, casually put a hand, and open his mouth.


Right fight turned around and looked at the bubble, three people, three people, laughed: "If you can move, let's go together,"

The state of the bubble has been better than the beginning, but it still feels weak, and the hands and feet are somewhat soft, but there is still no problem.

Three people at this moment, perceived that the tail beast has completely disappeared, and everyone's face is full of complex look.

It is the so-called suffering from being lost, it can describe the mood of the inner heart.

Right to turn around to walk in the direction of the fog hidden village, and the foam behind, from the wood and Fu three, slightly opposite the eye, and also follow it.

Although I have a lot of moving, I have a little remote, and there is no more impact on the timely and preparation of the right bumper treatment and some preparations in advance.


Under the leadership of the right fight, the four people came to the fog hunger, a snack street specialized to eat food, and the right boused a lot of a lot of a lottery and went straight.

"This meal, I invite guest today."

After the right, a few people found a place to sit down, and the right to smile and looked at the triple open mouth.

The embarrassment of the blue-green short hair, facing some fear in the right battle.

After all, the strength just right is really too strong, so that people have a feeling of weakness, I don't dare to speak between time.

It is a bit silent by wood, and the fog hidden village has mastered the secrets that can be safely deprived from the human column, which makes her feel shocked.

As for the idea that I want to retake the village's tail beast, there is no such thing by the wood. She is now silent reason, naturally because she is not clear to the right fight, what is going to do.

Before you can't figure out the situation, you will naturally adhere to the thought of less talking.

The right bounce saw the silence from the wood and the puff, and his face was helpless.

He is really just a simple meal.

The ability to use spatial transfer is used to consume a lot of Chakra and physical strength, and naturally eat something to make back.

As for the bubble.

In the case of secret surgery, the tail beast is pumped from the body of their three, although there is no longer a danger of life, but in the process of extract, it will still take the three people in Chakra.

This is also the reason why the three people are soft.

Therefore, the right bumper is just a simple name to eat and eat, add physical strength, and it is obviously more than the woods.