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Chapter 463, the era, like a wild horse

In the case of some nervous, silent in the performance of Wooden and Fizz.

The foam is not a stalk, pick up the menu directly, and specializes in prince, there is a big point.

I have been lazy, there is no bubble that doesn't have much desire. At this moment, it is rare with a little smile.

There is no tail in the body, the foam feels away from some kind of shackle,

Seeing this scene, I couldn't help but smoke my right mouth, but I thought that my money can be reimbursed, and I immediately reveal the look of the atmosphere.

It seems that because of this random atmosphere between the right fight and the foam, it is slowly relaxed by the woods and Fuyuan, and the two people have got a few dishes.

For a time, on the original air desk, it quickly stacked a variety of vegetables.

Right fighting and even idling a few words, because the flow of people in the fog in the village this time has changed much, business is naturally better,

After all the dishes are all, the right bumbles can have no Kung Fu foam, and I have a big mouth. First, in order to supplement physical strength, the second is also a long time to eat.

Soon, the bubble has also joined the elegant, but the speed of the rightvone is more, but the speed of eating is not slow.

It is still a little restrained by the wood and Fu, but seeing the dishes on the table, so soon, two people have been eliminated by the two people, and the two people have no restraint, and they have a fast food. Get up.

After all, they now also need to add physical strength and Chakra, and eat is the most fast and enjoyable way, more than ever.

Soon, less than twenty minutes, four people have a full of food on the table, and eat a two net.

The right bumper touched the belly, showing satisfactory look on his face. There are a lot of guests in this store, and the dishes do have a few points.

Unfortunately, a Le Role did not come to the fog hidden village opening shop, but it was a little disappointed with the right body.

"By wood, Fu, you can now leave now."

After the right fight, after weaken, looked up, and a smile looks to two people.

The Fu is stunned, followed by the mouth, preparing to get up.

At this time, the sideline is not moving, but the face is in the face with a surprise look: "What does it mean?"

"By the sister of the wood, is this guy not let us go back?"

He saw the doubt asked by the wood, some unexplored openings, thinking that the wood people did not listen to the right battle.

"No, the meaning of the right fight is not the place where we live now, but let us go back to our own village."

The woodman shook his head gently, and the tone was surprised, and his eyes were tightly looked at opposite the right fight.

Back to your own village?

There is also a horrified look on the face, and the orange pupil is incredible to see the right.

As for the bubble, it gently picked the eyebrows, flashed in the eyes, but still sitting there, there is no meaning of any opening.

"The reason why you brought you to the village, just because of your body, I didn't want the guy of Yuxi Boss."

"And now you have all the inquiry beasts, there is nothing necessary to stay here, I want to contact people in my village, I don't send you people."

"In addition, the fog hidden village will welcome two arrivals."

Right fight with a mild smile, looking at the wood man and Puff.

I heard the determination of the right fight.

Whether it is a wood, or a false, there is a silence between it.

"You guys, can't repent."

The face is the first to expose the jague, and the child's heart exposure is undoubted. I have long been going to leave the village of the Village. I naturally want to go back to my own village.

"Of course." The right squatted and looked todped.

"Goodbye, bubble big brother, there is also a sister of wood!"

Hui Buddha is afraid that the right fight will regret, and go to everyone, turn around to quickly disappear in the vision of everyone.

"This gimmick."

The back of the wood people looked at the leaves, some dumbs were launched, staying together for so long, for this nature, more lively little girl, is still a bit good by the wood people.

From the wood people, the eyes are looking at the right, compared to the true character of the rumor, the natural personality is more natural.

But whether it is guessing or even the heart of the woods, she is clear, she has no chips in her hands.

Thinking here, it is not only sighful to sigh in the heart of the wood.

"Thank you, right fight."

It is a respect for the right bumper to the right bumper, and there is a respectful face, which is respect for strong people.

To be honest, when I was brought to the fog village, I didn't expect myself to have a day here.

Just as the woodman turned around, he was suddenly resmured again.

The woodman with a doubtful look, turned to the right, and the eyes did not start the nervousness.

"Right, I almost forgot one thing."

"I have a sentence for the Lei Ying, there is no meaningful battle, except for casualties, there is no effect."

The right fight is still with a gentle smile, and the light is open to the wood man.

From the woodman's expression, his face is rare, and she naturally heard the meaning of the right to talk.

"This sentence I will bring the Lei Ying adult for the right fight."

"However, according to my understanding of Lei Ying and Yun Yin Village, Lei Ying adults will never compromise and succumb."

It is a serious look that the wood is not humble, and it has taken a look at the right, and turned around and disappeared in the field of view.

"This era is like a horses that take off the reins. It will be crushing in front of it, will be smashed by the Pentium. Wood leaves are the first, and it will never be the last one."

Right fighting looks at the direction of disappearing by the wood, whisper muttering.

"It's a terrible thought."

The bubble shook his head and waved on the side.

Listening to the spoons of the foam, the right boused just smiled and looked at the past.

"It seems that I can't stay in the future."

The foam is with some lazy look, and I can't help but support forehead.

In the past, because he is a columnal relationship, it doesn't need to do anything, plus two people from the wood and Fu Fu, his mission is to look at them.

Nowadays, it has left the wood and Fu, and he has no shackles in the tail beast, obviously will not be so releasing to the previous

"You also know, recently the lack of people in the village, it is very ..."

The right bumper is bullied, and the sighs sighs to look at the bubble, and there is a look that you want to complain.

"Okay, I need to say it directly."

I can't help my mouth, and I am busy interruption, I will open the mouth directly.

"Cough, there is no matter."

"There is a family who lives in the mountains in the mountains, known as the family of the soil spider, rumors, has a secret motley that can take advantage of natural energy. So I want to send you to check it out."

The right bumper coughed, pulled out a scroll from the arms and threw the past.

The foam passes through the reel, and the spool is writing a variety of intelligence on the soil spider family. Seeing this, the bubble eyelid is hop.

It seems that the right tricks, this is not a temporary,

"I know."

The foam is free of expression.

"Don't use this expression, the task is not anxious, and maybe, in this task process, there may be what interesting things will happen."

The right fight with inexplicable smiles and look at the foam.

However, for the right, the foam is obviously not tributing, standing from the seat, stretching a lazy waist.

"Since the task is not anxious, then I will go back to make up."

The bubble grabs the hair, turned and slowly walked to the store.

Seeing this scene, the right boused can only laugh and shake his head.


At this moment, the other side.

Rushing village.

The rain in the village is shrouded in the village, but is a bright moonlight.

Among the interpersonal lanes, a slight space fluctuation suddenly came back, followed by a spatial vortex in the small alley.

From Unesope Belt and Sasuke, from the spatial vortex, the two stood on the ground.

"I didn't expect to sneak into the way."

Sasuke first is cautious, and then a little wonderful whisperway is slightly smoldering.

"It is indeed a little relaxed, but this is normal, lost the round look, the strength of the long door is the ultimate."

Yuxi Bo has a calm look with a calm look and laughs.

Yuxi Bo belt and Sasuke two people, after observing a four-week situation, quickly disappearing.

As a member of the organization, Yisi Bo belt soil is in short, naturally familiar with the environment around the surrounding environment.

Coupled with the role of space, Unechebra and Sasukes did not encounter any obstacles all the way, and quickly close to the hinterland of the rain.


As two are more hungry close, no matter what is Unexpello, or Sasuke, I can't help but frown, because the sate of the two is too smooth.

Successful, there are some suspicion of Unecho, which is skeptical, will this be a trap?

But knowing that the two are preparing to sneak into the rain, this thing is temporarily decided, and only two people do not reveal the possibility of the message, there is no other trap.