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Chapter 464 Waiting for the long gates, right bumper appears to Ying Yin Village

Although some doubts.

But whether it is Yisi Bo, or Sasuke, there is no meaning of half a short quilt.

Yisi Bo belt is because of living space, even if it is really a trap, there is no problem.

As for Sasuke, it is purely confident to oneself. After so long of cultivation, his strength has enhanced several levels.

If he puts the present at the time at the time of the situation, then he can beat the at the time of his strength.

"Naruto, the day, Ning!"

Sasuke eyes flashed in a firm ray, these two people must also have a fast stronger like him.

And he will never lose to these two people!

Of course, in the depths of Sasuke, he is a matter of concern to Naruto. Yishibo spheres have taken the nine tails in the Naruto. According to normal, the Naruto will die.

But don't know why, Sasuke feels that the celebrity is not dead, and it is still good!

According to the intelligence given to him, the battlefield did not find the body of the Naruto.

This is also Sasuke in the depths, firmly believes that Naruto is not dead.


At this time, the voice of Unecage Board came from the front and interrupted Sasuke Thoughts.

Sasuke lifted his head to look forward, it was a building similar to the shape of the pipe.

"Walk!" Yu Zhiwei belt, low tone.


At the next moment, a space vortex appeared in front of the two, and Yisi Board and Sasuke simultaneously entered the spatial vortex, and there was a moment of disappearance.

The two have just left for a long time, the ninja of several rain, while appearing on the ground that has just been occupied.

"Not here, there is no perceived Chakra wave."

A perceived ninja opened his eyes and spoken against other ninja around.

"Continue search, and strengthen your guard!"

"Even if there is a bug, don't let go!"

The cold look of the ninja squad, the cold look of indifferent.


This ninja squad brushs the brush to a trash, go to other orientation.

The Ninja in the rains is found to be invaded. When searching for four searches, Yuxi Board and Sasuke have entered the interior.

A somewhat wide underground pipeline.

Yuxi Bo belt and Sasuke, a front of the pipe walking in front of the road.

Look at the way Urshi Bo belt light car is like the way, obviously, the other party is not the first time, even often walking this route.

When the original fake appearance of Yu Zhibo plaques, Yisi Bo has been hidden in the dark. Naturally, the darkness of the rain and the route have been released.

Yisi Board has dare to take the inside directly, because Yisi Bo belt soes to understand the personality of the long door.

The defensive one of the rain is the tightening, as long as it breaks through the line, it will be simple.

This is naturally because of the personality of the long-term confident, even if the reincarnation is lost, the port of the long door still does not change much.

In addition, there is a large part of the reason is that the long door itself has a sense of lonely sex, and the whole rain is only smaller and easy to close.

Therefore, the place where the long door is located, there must be no ninja guard, once the battle, the ninja in Yuyin Village can't catch a short time.

Not long after.

Both people have used underground dark roads and space tolerance, and they have come to a single empty and dark room.

Yuxi Board and Sasuke appeared in the moment of this room, almost at the same time, and the face was not far from the front.

I saw the position at the forefront.

The long door is at will, leaning against a chair, looks lightly, suddenly appears in the room, the expression on the face is extremely calm, and there is no unexpected look.

"You have to come later than I expect."

The long gates louder to Yishibo with soap, and there is a touch of plain and disappointment in the tone.

"Do you know we will come?"

Unexpellis faces the face with unexpected and dignified, and there is some low open mouth.

Sasuke is rapidly taking the surroundment, checking around if there is any trap, the body is slightly tight.

"If Xiaonan is not left, how do you dare?"

"Right, Yisi Bo belt soil."

The poor laughed in the long-haired voice, looked quietly with Unexpello.

I heard the words said in the long door.

Yischo belt soil is silent, he finds that he is really small to see the long door.

The other party called his identity, and Yisi Bo belt did not have much accident. Since the battle of the last wooden leaves, he raised his eyes from Kakasi, and his identity is not a secret.

"Although some are surprised, you still have the same as before."

Yishibo has a low laughter with soil.

I know that they will come, but still don't call people in advance, do a good care of the trap, this is not what is it?

"You will never understand the meaning."

"And you must pay for the price for your back, this thing can only do it."

The long face has disappeared, and the powerful killing of the ice is pouring from the long body. It is like a venom of the wind, and Yisi Bo belt and seasche.

"In this case, then make a decision today."

Yuxi Bo belt is unchanged, and the tone is indifferent.

"There are more nonsense!"

Sasuke slammed the ground, the figure is like the sharp arrow that is shot, and the flying is rushing to the long door.


The country of the earth, rocky village.

At this time, the gate of Yinyin Village is not far away.

A gentle sound of "stepping!".

A black residal is scrubbed from the air and gently stepped on the ground.

Look at the distance from the distance, ups and downs, and many rocks. Right bumper was amazed.

"It is built between rocks and mountains. It is also a natural barrier. If you want to attack the inside, I am afraid I have a good job."

On the right side, I observed the environment of Yinyin Village, one side called Qi Dao.

Soon, the right battle returned to the eyes. He has found that there are several people who know him have discovered him.

However, he did not intend to hide your identity, even if it was found, the right fight is not much.

"Yu Zhibo Spot!"

The right bounter is slightly smashed, and there is a mountain collapsed the tsunami, the horrible momentum is on the sky, and instantly dishes the clouds on the sky.

Originally hidden in the darkness of the unique sound, at this moment, only feel the mind, the whole person is directly disachened.

This powerful and horrible momentum, naturally the first time, is perceived by Yisi Boam in Rock Hidden Village.

"Right fight?"

Yuxi Bo opened his eyes, and the look was flashing and doubts, but the figure had disappeared in the original place.

Outside rocky village!

Yuxibo spots, like a meteor passed from the air, almost in front of the right fight, the ground under the foot is directly stepped out of a deep pit.

"It's really unexpected, I thought that the next meeting would be I went to you, I didn't expect it to send it to the door!"

"Oh, the strength is strong?"

Yuxi Bao spheres are staring at the right fight in front, and the eyes have disruptive war and kill, laughing with open mouth.

"There are a few things that need to be done in advance, in order to prevent you from messing up, you have to put a game first."

The right bumbled and looked at Yuxi Bao spots and calmly calm.

However, this is coming!

The face of Yuxibo spots is slightly changed, and the momentum derived by the violent killing, from the in vivo in the body.

The breath directly collided with the breath of the right bucket, and the whole sky sounded from time to time.

If you say what you said, just as if this battle, he will win, this, why not let Yuxi Bo spots feel anger!

"I really don't kill you? Just some troubles."

Yishihua spots began to emit an amazing breath, and the round eyes in the binocked eyes were even more faint purple.

"Okay, we change a place."

The right fight is nodded, and there is not much nonsense meaning, and directly turned to disappear.

Yuxi spots naturally will not refuse, this place is too close to Ji Yin Village, once the two sides fight, it is likely to destroy rocky village.

With the departure of the two, most of the ninja in Rocky Village deeply relieved. Who will make Yu Zhibo spheres and right fights too horrible, as if a big mountain is pressed in everyone's heart.

In the same way, most of the ninja is a bit awkward, what happened, which made the whole rocky village have a lot of riots.

Corner,, flying segment, Didara and others, suddenly appeared in a relatively high mountain rock in rocky village, watching the right direction of the opposite.

"It's strange, now it is not a good time to fight."

The open voice of the scorpion, with a doubt.

"Since the first edition of the water and shadow, since the right to the right, since it dares to find the door, it is necessary to have at least certain levels of each other. However, the strength of Yuxibo spots can be weak, and it is not good to kill!"

"What is the meaning?"

The corners are frowned, and there are also some doubts in the tone.

"I don't know if I don't know, I only know that I am afraid I am more chaotic."

The flying segment sounded a laugh.

Didara has compared to the past, the face has been a little mature, gently shaking his head: "What big things happen will happen, maybe it may be. But chaos will not!"

"Unless ... The first generation of the water shadow right, the two are dead."

At this time, the whole air is slightly quiet.

"Strange, what is the two guys who are not there?"

The flying section first slammed his mouth, followed by what interesting things, gotting an eye, four weeks, some curious open mouth.

At this time, several other people also found that there is no shadow of Unexpello, but not only doubts.

To put it, they haven't seen Unexpello and Sasukes for several days.