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Chapter 465 This is the power I pursued!

at this time.

The figures of the vites slowly raised from the ground.

"Hey, a few days ago, the two people had left, and went to the rain."

Dedicated to a funny laughter, spread the palm opening.

When I heard it, some people attended each other, and the eyes were slightly flashing.

the other side.

Essence and Right Bounie have been left in the rock village, and there are many rocks.

The powerful breath of the two people is interlaced in the air!

At a time, the area where the two came actually formed an invisible horrible two positions, and the large number of rocks on the ground were constantly jitter. The two people were even more likely to be in the same way.

"The column has been lost in my hand, since you are coming, then stay here forever."

Yishibo sphere is proud to look forward to the right fight against the opposite side, and the tone is flat.

After defeating the enemy in this life between the killer, Yu Zhibo spots can say that it has reached its peak.

Therefore, even if you know that the right bumper is difficult than the thousand-handles, the depths of Yuxi Bao is still full of unparalleled strength and overbearing.

The appearance of the right bumper did to make Yuxi Bouvelle feels some accidents, and even the means of his secret is not ready, but what is it for Urshi spots?

Only one battle!

Looking at the impersible wave spots, the right to the gods is not only calm, but it sighs a breath.

"Unfortunately, you are destined today to defeat."

The right point is indifferent to Yuxi Bouvel.

"Losing? What is your joke?"

"I am Yu Zhibo hot!"

Yuxi Bo is a hot, especially if there is not much war in the right fight and the murder, and the anger of the sky has burst out.

In the face of an amazing breath and anger of Unexpected, the right fighters still do not change, like a booming lake.

Until this moment, Yuxi Bao spots suddenly found that the strength of the right fight seems to be much better than before.

"I just enhanced my strength, I thought I will lose it in your hand?"

Yuxi Boli is found to find a problem, can't help but clear.

"I am more than you step into that step."

The right bou is slow, and the sound falls,

An amazing unspeakable breath, from the right to the bouncing, let Yuxi Boss's face madness.

Six cactoscale model!

After six black, jade is suspended behind the right, and the robe of the black ,,, .

At this moment, the atmosphere of the two sides had a stalemate collision directly broke. Yuxi Bao's pupils slammed, contracted, as if discovered incredible things.

"This is the power you pursued, but I have tight than you in advance?"

The right battle calmly watched the Sui Zhibo spots, and the sound was still in a light.

"This is impossible!"

Yu Zhibo spheres hang out, but soon, he seems to think about what you think:

"It turns out that you are the trunk of the outer magic image you want to give me last time."

At this moment, Yuxi Boufei finally understood what the right fight should also collect the tail beast, and what happened in this series.

Just a few breathing kung fu, Yuxi Bao is understood, how to do it in the right, because it is not difficult to guess.

"I just want to know now, how do you know this strength?"

Yuxi Bao took a breath, it was calm down, and he looked at it not far from the right of a spirituality.

This is a gap between almost levels, just like a herbivore facing the carnivore. Such feelings, let Yuxi Bao's body can't help with slight trembling.

Not fear, but from the deep extent of the soul!

Of course, Yu Zhibo is equally doubtful. There is no write-eyed eye, even the right to go to the eye, how do you know that the power of this transcendence is existed, after all, he also rely on the stone monument in Utiso, only knows this information.

"I haven't done anything more than you in advance, I will never do anything."

Like the right bumble smile and didn't want to explain.

"In this case."

"That ... let me see this strength !!"

Yishihu spots suddenly issued a low, with exciting look, and the round eyes quickly flashed a purple light.

Tomb, prison!

The four can't be aware of the shadow, from the normally separated from the body of Yuxi Boss, followed by different directions, rushed to the right.

Fast speed!

Almost a breathing kung fu, it has appeared four orientations before and after the right.

These four areas, and the normal ninja can also feel the shadow, after stepping into the six immortal mode, the right bumper is light and easy to felt.

The right fight is calm, and one of the behindks directly flew to the right of the right bucket into a sicky shape.

Then, the anti-hands play!

With the center of the right fight, the shape of the sickle shape is quickly dancing in the half empty!

The shadow that was originally attacked from the four directions, and when I contacted the shape of the jade weapon, the bubble was disgraced instantly.

What is this?

Seeing this scene, the pupil of Yuxibo spheres, the original movement of the move, lifted the rapid printing of the rapid rapid, shot on the ground.

"Wooden - Mulong!"

Along the ground, a huge wooden dragon broke out from the ground, and it turned into a huge thing, rushed to the right roaring.

Energy nature is ineffective for the right trocard, so Yisi spots will not use this kind of tapping, and I want to attack the right fight, naturally only similar to the physical nature, such as the physical attack like the wood.

Fortunately, he transplanted the cells between the thousand-handles, got the power of the wood, otherwise, I would like to pay less.

Pentium's wood dragon opened the bloody pot, roaring!

The tricks in the right fight, the shape of the sickle, began to change the shape, spread into a black shield, blocking the front.

Huge Mu Dragon and the shield of the jade, collision, issued a heavy sullen sound, the shield actually does not move!

And the position of the shield, the huge body of Mulong is quickly abdicted, as the snow is illuminated with the hot sun.

At this moment, Yuxi Bouvet finally felt the risk of seeking jade.

"What is this?"

The look of the dignified look on Yuxibo face, and the whole body is slightly pressed, and the eyes are tightly staring at the right dispute.

"Seeking jade, a force that has gathered all the changes of the five elements of yin and yang, over the blood session and the blood rose elimination."

The right battle voice is flat, very patiently explained.

Speaking between talk!

In the shape of a shield, it is re-turned into a black sphere. It has been in the palm of the right fight. The next moment, it has become a residual shadow, and it has grown in the direction of Yuxi.

Yuxi Bofeng eye is straight, quickly jumping toward the rear.

At a moment of listening to the right bumper, the Sui Zhibo is extremely clear, and it is absolutely unable to be encountered by this kind of jade.

Moreover, the right fight is behind the back!

Almost in the foot of Yuxi Bo, the foot of the case has been in the position of Yuxi Bao just now!


The huge explosion sounds instantly, the violent power is like a large number of powerful beast jade, directly bombing the ground near the big pit!

Even in a timely manner that Yishibo sphere is evasive, it is still far from the power and waves of this violent.

When the right bumper is moved to move the sky, the sky is turned on, and it is suspended in the air. The calm looks at the Sui Zhibo spots below the slight wolf.

Don't step into the six level!

Even if you have a round look, both sides still have a gully that cannot be across!

"Ha ha ha ha!!!"

Yis Zhimo stood up from the smoke gravel, lifting the head and hovering the right fight in half air, but not only did not panic, but it was full of excitement, excitement, and even laughed.

"Is this the power I pursued!"

"It's too powerful!"

"No, this is not all of this power, just like this ... Is this so powerful!"

Unexpectedly, the squid, the stunning breath and war, the handsome clenching fists, and look at the right.

I have witnessed the power of my pursuit of power, how can Yishibo spheres not excited?

What's more, the outer road is still in your own hands, the right bumper is clearly used to take the way, so that this is definitely not the strongest state of the six cactors.

"Yes, I am more than half-step six cactors model."

"But it is so, the spot, you have no way to win me."

Right, there is no refutation, but the point is nodded.

"There is no" retreat "in the dictionary of Yuxi Boss!"

Yishibo spheres have a big scream, and the horribleity of the horrible is running from both eyes.

Over-body must be affordable!

It's like a hill, I'm going to go, I appeared in front of the right fight, and the double wing behind it, rushed to the right of the air.

Not only this, in this process. You Zhibo spots must be able to start printing, a large number of Chakra and pupil consumption.

The earth is aloud!

One of the whole sky!

A huge meteorite in diameter more than 100 meters appeared over the top of the right fight, forming an amazing gas field, fell vertical to the lower side.

"Come on! Right, only such a battle is worth exhaustion!"

The reincarnation in the bumbler in Yuxi Boked eyes kept flashing with Ziyu, roaring loudly.

At this time, Yu Zhibo sphere has also been rushed up. The huge body of the full body must be formed to cut off the back of the right fight, so that the right can't leave the lock of the meteorite!