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Chapter 466, Lifting Zhiwei, the eyes of the !

The most hollow is a huge meteorite in diameter, and the lower side is the complete body of Yuxi Bo sphere, and the right fight is sandwiched in the most intermediate position.

The entire scene looks right, but there is no change in the right of the right fight.

"It doesn't make sense, don't step into this step, you will never understand the gap between the two."

The right fighter is indifferent to the open mouth, and a kind of jade is directly rushed to the sky, rushing towards the huge meteorite over the sky.


A huge shock wave broke out from the air, the landslide cracks, the general roar sounds in an instant sky, at this moment, even the rock villages from the two battlefields.

They are all scared by this sudden huge roar.

At this moment, on the battlefield.

The huge meteorite in the sky is more than a big meteorite that is in the size of the fist, and it has become a small size of a small size. It is like a meteor to fall from the air.

Just angry, even if you are easy to crack, you have to be a geese!

"This power ..."

Yishibo split is contracted, and the looks in the eyes are not only more even, but the face suddenly reveals a smile.

What is the power generated by the jade is indeed a greater than it is expected. Although the meteorite is destroyed, there is no substantial impact on his own plan.

The invisible pupil is once again emitted from the rounded eyes!

"Give me !!"

Yuxi Bao is full of eyes and makes a big scream.

Huge complete body must be in the hands, each gathered a lot of Chakra!

There is a huge arm that must be protected, a high concentration can be reduced black sphere.

In another huge arm, there is a similar connection to lightning, three hooks that exude blue rays.

Eight Spark Hook Jade · Bulk Star!

In the Yuxi bark, the whole body must be able to manipulate the two arms to collide with the middle, and the fierce compression is together.


The center is a high-concentration black Chakra ball, and the periphery is wound around the three hooks that are generally in the planet, which exudes the attack of the gas, and appears in the full-body handle.

It seems that Yu Zhibo spots are ready for time, but in fact, this attack is completed in a moment!

next moment!

Yuxibo spots manipulate the horror combination of the hand, and throws the past to the direction of the right.

This super-combinatori is also a means of dealing with the thousands of handles.

Although the stars of simple bastards are terrible, the speed of the launch is too slow, and the opponent like the thousands of hand and right.

Before the explosion of the star, you can completely detach it from the horrible gravitation.

Nowadays, this special combination of the combination, not only improving the power of the tissue, but more importantly, the gracefulness of the stars, faster!

The super-combination of the super combination of the flying to the right bumper "Eighth ", in this process, the horrible suction directly broke out.

The earthquistence of the original bumper is destroyed, and many meteorites made in the size, all of which attracted it to the center at this moment.

Even if it is right, at this moment, it is also attracted to the horrible gravitation, and the body can't help but go to the center.

The surrounded by a large number of meteorites and stones, although there is no harm to the right fight, but it is indeed a small trouble, let the right to make a quick break from a short time.

"It's worth you, spot!"

"This is what you really plan!"

The right fight is slightly covered with a slight coalvation, although the six immortal patterns are not afraid of any tissue, but to gravity, it is still possible to have certain effects.

The earth is obviously obvious, it is a barrier method!


Along with a huge roar of the sky!

A large-incomparable rock ball is suspended in half air.

But at this moment, there is no joy in the face, and a cold sweat is revealed on the forehead.

Looking at the right fight in front of you.

"How did you come out?"

Yuxibo sphere sounds slightly stiff, but also from about ten meters, but this is not existed at all for both.

Even if you have a full body, you must have a zhizum spot in this moment, and there is no feeling of safety.

It's too strange!

Within the gravitational range of stars, how can it disappear in front of him?

Even if it is spatial, it will also be unstable in that powerful gravity field.

"A little means."

"This farce is almost over."

The right bumper shook his head and fartar.

"Auntie? Right !!"

Yuxi spokes changed, just at the attack, it was just a farce, how can he be willing to be willing.


Next moment, the right battle has been bracked, the horrible attack is coming.

Just one minute or so. This battle has ended.

The lower pit drum is on the ground.

Yuxi Bao spots have become a bloody person, and the clothes are broken, and they are lying on a pit.

And the right fight is not half a injury, quietly standing in the position of the Yuxi Boss.

This battle has not much suspense, enter the right bucket of the six cactus mode, and is never now only a round of Yuxi slope to be resistant to.

What's more, Yisi Bottles all the tattoo skills, right, too much, and the degree of understanding of the right fight is too low.

Even the two sides have been too short because the battle is too short, Yuxi Bouvet has not been explored to seek jade can be cracked with Xianke.

"you lose."

The right bounie looked at Unexpected, Yu Zhibo spotted on the ground, dull opening.

"Cough, I have lost it."

Yuxi Bo is opened, can't help but cough out a blood, and the tone is a bit weak.

This combat team is inexplicably, and there is a little inexplicable. Although the heart is full, it is lost!

"Do it!" Yu Zhibo spokes closed his eyes.

However, waiting for a long time, I found that the right fight didn't work, Yishibo spheres not only re-opened his eyes, but also looked with doubts and angry.

"This battle is I occupied cheap, so I won't kill you. Because I want to play with the strongest you."

"The remaining four-headed beast is now in my hand. I will let you step into the last step, but not now."

"Before this, I will unify the five major rigs, and then play with the truly strongest state. So what you look at you next thing."

Right, feel the eyes of Yuxi Bou, and looked at Yishibo spheres and whispered.

Yuxi Bao is full of eyes, but it is even more cough and coughing a few bloods, and I don't know if it is angry, or is not unhappy by the right fight.

But with this.

Yuxi Bao is also understood, the right fight suddenly came, inexplicably hit a reason.

This guy is completely afraid that he is in the back, so let's get yourself first, then take out the four-headed beast, as a condition.

This is simply playing a slap and gives a meal of sweet dates!

Right is naturally clear. If you use the four-headed beast as a trading, how can you agree.

Therefore, it is impossible to play a game.

Yishibo spheres are still stunned. If you look at it, you will be dead. I have died several times.

After a while.


"I only hope that you will not regret it!"

Yuxi Boupeng Finally, only helpless compromise, the sound is weak and unleasing.

If it is before, it is absolutely not compromising with the character of Yuxi Bao, but now I have seen the power and horror of the six immortal patterns.

How to give up this force, let alone, only to master this force can launch real unlimited month reads, realize its ideals.

After a friendly conversation, Yu Zhibo spheres agreed, and the satisfied look of satisfactory looks on the face.

The right to leave the country of the earth, I want to return to the village.

As a result, I just arrived in the border of the land, and I passed the convenience of the Welfare Beast, gave the right to the right.

"The right trip, this is an important intelligence that let me transfer to you under the beauty of the beauty."

A basketball size, spit out a scroll from the mouth, and the sound is soft and soft.

After completing the handover, the "" has become a white smoke and disbanded.

The right fight picked up the reel opened and saw the above content face slightly.

In this time period he rushed to the country and Yishibo spheres.

Yisi Bo belt and Sasuo help the rainy village, fight with the long gates.

The eyes of Udissos in the long door were re-taken and seriously injured. Yuxi Bo has been broken, saving to death, escaping at the space of Unexpello.

After receiving the news, Xiaonan is rushing to the road to rain.

Looking at the intelligence displayed on the reel, the right bucket originally wants to return the movement of the village village, re-return the direction, go to the rain.


When the right squat came to the rain, the sky suddenly dried the rain.

At this point, the whole rain is already completely martial law, and a lot of rain is walking on the street.

Seeing this scene, the right to light is slightly flashing, the long door mentioned on the reel, it seems to be more serious than the imagination.

With the appearance of the right, naturally the first time patrol the Ninja discovery.

When it is clear that it is right, hidden in the dark, quickly jumped out, quickly stepped to the front of the right!

"Right"! "

"I didn't expect, you have come personally."

This rain took an unexpected and surprised, and the tone is more excited, low-grade.