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Chapter 467 is the long door. Will clear!

In the face of an exciting rain, the right bumper nodded and opened his mouth: "Take me to see the long door."

When it comes to the long door, the rain that endures the face to reveal a grief and a look.

The leader of his home is fighting for a long time with the enemy. They rushed to the scene. This is a face of life for their guard.

"Please, right, right."

It's going to have a slight lower, then turn it around with the road.

Under the leadership of this Ninja, very fast, the right battle came to the ninja hospital in the rain.

"Hey!" A sound.

The door was pushed away by the right, a strong taste of the sight of disinfecting water, came from the room.

Right to walk into the ward, seeing lying on the bed, face with pale, closed eyes.

"You came."

The long gate seems to feel the breath of the right fight in the first time, and the tone is weak and placed.

The right bumper nodded and looked at the nurses in the room and the Ninja specially guarded in the ward.

These people feel the attention of the right fight, and naturally realize that the right trip is clearly talking about his own leader. It is too deep, and turn it out.

As for the power of the secret defensive, all evacuated from this area.

Safety problem?

There is a right trumper in the strongest in the endurance, and the safety of the adults at the current adult can be said to be much safe than those who sent more.

What's more, if someone can break through the right fight, then they have more ninja, I am afraid it can't stop each other.

"Is this your choice?"

As these people leave, the right bum is re-lie in the long door lying on the bed, the sound is moving.

With the strength of the long door itself, in addition, in the rain, it is within the inside of the rain, even if the long door will be lost, it should never lose such a miserable thing.

"I didn't expect people to come over, the first is you."

"Unfortunately, let you down."

The long door is lying on a white bed, her face is pale, the fire red hair is sprinkled on a white pillow.

The long door did not reply to the question just now, it has already explained the problem, but the face of the right fight not only reveals a helpless.

"Reassure, your injury is given to me."

Right, I walked to the doctor's bed. He could feel the big injury is very serious at the moment. The reason why the long door can also speak, nothing more than the vortex, the huge vitality is temporarily supported.

Save the long door, this is not a problem for the right fight.

The long shook shook his head, just this simple action, almost spent all his strength.

"I didn't expect that I didn't leave the sole soil."

After a while, the long-awaited spit out of a while, and it seems to be a little unsatisfactory.

Follow it.

The long head was closed and closed his mouth, quietly lying on the bed, breathing weak.

The action on the right fight is a meal, and the face looks with a complex look to the long door.

From the beginning of the high high, to fall, even today's low-death, the variation of the long door is the greatest.

Right, you can't rescue the long gates, but if you are in your own yourself, you will rescue the other party, but in turn is another kind of cruel.

Perhaps defeating the moment on the hand of Unechebra, the long door is dead.

He is a very proud person!

Otherwise, it is not known to know that Yizhi Board and Sasuke will come, still turn all the rain around him from all the rain.

Specially empty a piece of venues, with Unexpello and Sasuke fight.

In some way, the long door is also defeated in his own hand. If he arranges everything in advance, Yisi Bo belt will definitely win, and will even leave himself here.

But the door did not do so, because if you do this, then he is not a long door.

The right bumper sighed, turned out of the ward, let a medical staff reopen a ward next to the long door ward, temporarily lived inside.

The long door is still awkward, and the right is to know who he is hanging a breath.

The time of the day passed.

Two days in time.

Until the third day afternoon, a few wolves had a few wolves, and the hair slightly messy high-seated appearance appeared, and there was a gate of Yuyin Village.

"Long door ..."

On the small face, with a little tired look, look at the rain, the footsteps, keep going in the village.

Xiaonan and Right Bourts are almost the same time, but only, the right bumper is close to the rain, so the day is coming over.

Xiao Southern is in the village of the village, even if it is so slow, there is no rest at all the way, and it still spends nearly three days or so.

At this moment, in the ward of the door.

Right fight with complex look, look at lying on a white bed, atmospheric, almost uncomfortable.

According to the normal situation, the top of the long door will live a day, and the right bourt is intended to use the yang attribute Chakra and help the leader.

As a result, the long-door hard studies are now.

But this is also the limit!

At this time, a familiar Chakra is suddenly appearing in the right bumper.

In the next moment, Xiaoshan's figure has been rushed from the outside.

"Long door!"

Xiaoshan's voice is slightly influential with a bit of inferry, look at the slight long door, and the eyes are red.

With the sound of the small southern sound. The long gates have a slight breath, and suddenly enhanced a few points like returning to light.

"You are coming ... Xiaonan."

"Rain ... Naruto, things, trouble you."

On the pale face of the chin, show a smile, the only thing that made him feel unfortunately, and finally there is no way to see Xiaoshan in the last moment.

With these two sentences, the breathing of the long door stops, the heart is also completely stopped.

"Long door ..."

Xiaonan opened his mouth, see the long door that has been dead, the eyes are not only more red.

Xiaonan did not cry like ordinary women, but it was a sad atmosphere.

"Sorry, I want to save the door ..."

The right bounie is looking at Xiaonan at this moment, and there is a petty in the tone.

However, the right battle didn't finish it, Xiaoshan shook his head gently.

"I know, this is his own choice."

Xiaonan serious open road, when it comes to here, the sound is more humiliated.

Especially when I thought, my companion together, now I have only one person left, a sad mood is rushing from the heart.

I can't stand the tears that can be strong, at this moment, from the small southern crystal eyelids.

Right, I saw the sadmother of the sadness, slowly walked to the other side, reached out of the hosh.

Xiaonan's body is a bit stiff, but it quickly reintensively, and did not struggle, let the right bourth.

"If you want to cry, you will cry."

"Reassured, will clear!"

The right bumper patted the shoulder of Xiaonan, the shed road of soft tone.

When I heard the right squat said, Xiao Nan was still a few depressed emotions, and cried in his arms.

Among the original, Xiaonan has been extremely strong, not that she is strong.

Instead, after the long-term death, this world has not allowed the people who rely on Small South.