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Chapter 468 Xiaonan's Conduit, Expansion Plan!

Next day.

Right fight and Xiaonan and the ninja in the rain, the ninja, held a funeral for the long gates.

Since the right trip itself represents the fog village, I didn't personally came. And this day, I often often even rain, rain, the rains, which is rare is a sunny day.

After spending about a day, after processing these things, the right fight did not leave.

Above the high round iron tube platform, Xiaonan sat on it, and gained quietly overlooking the rain, the face, with a little sad.

"I know you are here."

A gentle voice came from the rear, and the right fight appeared in the rear of Xiaonan.

Right, I looked at Xiaonan shook his head, then got the past, sat around the side of Xiaonan.

"I know you haven't dinked it yet, give you a part of you, grilled fish."

Right to raise the grilled fish in your hand, and you handed it to the front of Xiaonan.

Grilled fish, tapped with hot air clips, and the nose of the nose that is incorporated, so that Xiaonan is slight.

"How do you know that I like to eat grilled fish?"

The small blue-blue purple hair swing with the wind, and a surprised face is surprised, look at the right.

"I don't know you like to eat roast fish, I also know that you hate food."

The right pair laughs, then spit out two words in Xiaoshan, slowly spitting two words:


The small noodle yellow pupil flashed slightly, then turned over white, reached out and took the roast fish baked in the right hand.

I saw Xiaonan to start eating, and the right boused face with a smile, and looked up and gaked the distance.

Both people didn't talk, and I walked quietly, and looked quietly. Although quiet, there is no embarrassing atmosphere.

The movement of Xiaonans is very slow, but it is extremely serious. When I finally took a dry two nets in the whole lunch box, I was elegant and calmly taking a white paper from the cuffs, gently wiped the lips. .

Seeing the movements of Xiaonan milk, the right embarrassment can not hurt slightly, the paper can still use it, this completely saves napkins.

"Thank you." Small southern sound.

"Don't thank you, I don't want to see you decadently today. I can remember the first time you see you, your eyes are full of firm."

Right squat laughed with this opening, soft and calm.

Xiaonan's lower body is wearing a lightweight leg of shallow purple tight trousers, slightly shaking in the half air, with a touch of distant in the eyes.

"When the second endurance battle, the rain is in the edge of the war, and I am an orphan, my parents are dying in the war."

"At that time, it was really a true ignorant and unknown, wandering every day, every day, I was in this process, I met Means."

"The long door is that I have encountered it after I met, I have to go out to search for the 10th road, and then I have been fainting in the road, and I am red-haired, thin, thin."

"I gave a long baker, and then the long door came back with me. Yes, there is still a small stray dog ​​called a small."

The look of memories, slow opening, with a smile in the mouth with a slow opening.

Xiaoshan intermittently said that the previous past, the face is revealed from time to time, happy, even saddes.

Sitting quietly, sitting quietly, no attached, no mouth, just listening to Xiao Nan talking quietly. When a best listener.

It has a half ring.

Xiaonan seems to be a bit tired, the body is gently relying on the right body, and the head is slightly tilted on the shoulders of the right fight.

"I have said my things. Are you saying you?"

Small Nanyi is a comfortable posture and then slowly opens.


The right fight laughed, and then touched a lot of memories in the tone, and said something in the Warring States era.

When I heard the right bum, it is also an orphan, and the small face is obvious to show a surprised look, but did not interrupted the right fight and continued to wait patiently.

Right, I said the two friends at the time, the white lotus in the water, and the night of the bamboo, when these two people said, the right fought to the tone, and the obvious boused.

Until final, I said that I was sealed, and the right fight was stopped.

"Do you really want them?"

Small south is soft open, ask the right fight.

"Think, don't think about the companions that have been fighting together, there are also some homes."

The right battle suddenly laughed, and some were awkward.

When it comes to the word "home", the tone of the right fight has changed significantly.

Xiao Nan did not notice, thinking that the home of the right fight is the home of the Warring States era.


In the process of complaining with each other, the sun has went down the mountain, and the points of the star have already emerged in half.

The right bumper was slightly lower, looked at the face with a tired, and slept in the small south, gently kneading Xiao Nan's light blue purple hair, then reached out of the hose, turned to the high platform.

In the next few days, under the accompanying place of the right, Xiaohun finally came out from the emotions left in the long door. At the same time, between the two were more and more embarrassed.

Until a day, I saw the sunset evening, Xiaonan and the right fight kissed together. It also officially established a relationship.

A few days later.

Hidden village, spray office.

According to Meime, I rely on the chair, listening to the young and Changshuo's report, with satisfactory looks on the face.

At present, the situation of the entire misty village has basically stabilized. As long as it is developing, there should be no problem.

"How is the funds?"

I suddenly remembered what I suddenly reached, and I asked Changzhou Lang.

"There is no problem in the current funds, whether it is the property left behind in the village of the log, or the big family of the Fangfu left after the fire of the fire, is extremely sufficient."

"And the country named the country, I just entered a big capital and materials to the village for some time."

Changsho's face with a smile, respectful opening.

"The name is so active, it is really surprising."

The green is saying that Chang Shiro said, and the face is a surprised eyebrow.

"It compared to this small place we accounted for, sending the whole fire, it is currently the jurisdiction of the country of Water."

"How can a big money in the district, how can the name of the water?"

Illuminated with the beauty, laughing and opening, followed by the voice:

"Since the funds are sufficient, then the formal expansion of the village in the mist can also mention the schedule."

"In addition, now the country of the water is very small, but the long-lived Gol, you personally go to the big famous government, saying that the current foggy 2 village is extremely lacking."

"Then, give a batch of funds and materials, now the big name is atmospheric, should not be rejected. As for our funds, don't move."


Chang Ten Lang and Qing also got it, followed by each other.

"The area of ​​the shadow, the current area of ​​the village is already enough, and it is not necessary to expand it."

The blue gas is inquiry, and the light inquiry is asked.

"Green, our goal is not only the country of fire. In accordance with the right thing, we must build a country that is subject to Ninja ..."

"Not a village!"

According to Meills, I said that the eyes are crossed in front of the Qing and Changlang, with a brilliant smile:

"Bar, right fight."

This is out.

Chang Ten Lang and Qing also stunned, followed by quickly turning his head.

I saw when I didn't know when, the right boused was sitting on the sofa behind the wall.

"Right"! "

"Right"! "

Chang Ten Lang and the Qingqi, even busy and respectfully open the mouth, two of them did not notice when the right fighter did not detect.

"Yes, just a misty village is still too small."

"However, the expansion plan is not rushing to a time, it can be performed, in addition, some time-consuming peripheral projects will be handed over to our business people."

"You don't have to pay more than one-third, you can first, and even less, the remaining money makes these businessmen to take us, each of these merchants completed a distance from the project,"

On one side of the right, I explained and proposed to be patient.

Green and Long Shiro look at the same time, as discovered that the new mainland is general, green and even take out the book.

"There is still a problem with the right fight."

"These businessmen are really willing to pay funds for us."

The process of young recording seems to find a problem and can't help with respect.

Zhao Million and Changshuo next to him also looked at the wonderful eyes, and the method mentioned by the right fighter is indeed a good idea.

But those merchants will not be so stupid.

"This is indeed a good question."

"With now our foggy village's name, they are not worried about us will pay, and such a large project, the light needs to consume, and there is a considerable profit for them."

"So in this process, we also need to send corresponding personnel to regulate whether the project is firm, and these businessmen have more money."

Right fight continues to open, so that the eyes of Qing and Changlang are getting brighter.

"Okay, right fight."

"I will find relevant departments, improve this plan."

Youth, I am busy, and turn around to go outside the door.

Just walked two steps, I saw Chang Ten Lang, who was still standing in the same place, and the eyes flashed in the light, it was really hard.

Qingli pulls a bit of a long and unconfilled long, leaving the office.