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Chapter 469 Next Goals: Sandy Village of Fengzhi!

With the departure of the Qing and Changlang, in the entire office, there is only one beautiful and right.

"I didn't expect the right fight, I can think of such a plan. I was really a little bit of my right."

With a splendid smile on the beauty, I said that "small look" two words, the tone is obviously overweight.

"A little small strategy."

Right, I saw a bright smile on the beauty, but there was some slight cold, and I couldn't help but laugh.

"This is not a small strategy."

Like the beauty and shook his head, but the voice suddenly turned:

"The right trick is still reluctant to come back, it seems that it is good in Yuyin Village."

"Cough, cough." The right bumper coughed a few times.

Seeing the expression on the face of the right fight, there is still some uncertain ideas in the United States, and it has been confirmed immediately.

When I stood up from the seat, I walked over and walked over, I was unbelieving, I was sitting directly on the right fight.

The two have determined the relationship between this before this, and it is natural to disguise.

Looking forward to the beautiful body, the wonderful curve is exposed in front of the right.

Looking up with the arm, reach out the fingers of this deep blue nails, gently pick the chin, the green, the green, the pupil, seems to have a dissatisfaction:

"I know that Xiaonan is a bit thoughtful to you, but this is going down, I want to know what Ziyuan is going?"

When I heard the beauty, the face of the right fight was obviously with a trace of unexpected look, but there was not only a stunned.

"I am not a woman."

According to Meills, I seem to guess the idea of ​​the right battle, turn over the white eyes, charming the look, let the right fight in my heart.

It is a man who is like a woman who is like a woman who cannot hold his heart with a woman. It is better to be in this way.

Right fighting is a little moon, he found that it is a little more, but as a big man, how can a woman teasing like this.

Think of this.

Right Bourt reached out and hugged the beauty of the slimming waist, and the anti-hands will be the same as the beauty. At the same time, the movement of Ming's Jiman has just taken the same way, and the right fight will pick up this photo.

"Ziyuan's thing, I will tell you at night."

Right fights hanging a touch of smile, and after pinching the little nose of Million, the figure flashed and has disappeared in the office.

"This bastard!"

According to the beauty, I saw that the right bumper suddenly disappeared, I couldn't help but bite the lips, and my face with a faint red lotus.

After reorganizing clothes, I returned back to the chair.

Just thinking about it just now, what happened to the table before leaving it, and there is anything to think about the various documents on the table.

"Really, there are several hours of black."

Like the beautiful little bit of pink lips, whispered.

Between the eye.

Right fight in the village and staying around a week, while the foggy 2 village's affairs is also thoroughly raised, and the fog hidden village expansion plan is also an orderly manner.

As the right battle is said, even if the mist in the village is only a small part of the funds, but there are still a lot of businessmen to expand the expansion of the foggy village.

This makes it a little worried on the beginning, it is completely relieved, and it is also empting to the village.

In this case, the plan of the unified and endure is once again put on the schedule.

After the negotiation of the high-rise in the fog hidden village, the next goal is set in the country sandy village. Once this resolution is determined, the high-level is careful to test the attitude of the ninja in the village.

As a result, all people are expected, all the ninjas in the village, there is no objection, a battle is high, and the knife is hoo.

After defeating the village, the Ninja morale in the misty village is being high, not to mention in this process, all the Ninja of all participants has got a lot of benefits.

Even if the Ninja, those who die, the village has met a large amount of funding compensation, whether the civilian ninja is a family ninja, but there is a child, it is funded by the village, free to ninja school.

This also makes the many misty village ninja, there is no worries!

After everything is ready, the villaises sent ninja to the country of the wind to send a surrender.

The main content is to let Saha Yin Village decline!

In this case, the original calm of the calm, and the waves were thrown.

Everyone knows this day will arrive, but did not think of it so fast, and also realize the idea of ​​unity of the fog hidden village, it is absolutely not to talk!

The sandy village is even more angry and panic, quickly adjusting the ninja in the village began to go back, and start contacting the country of Lei Zhi and the country.

Before the mully village is not destroyed, the relationship between sandy village and fog hidden village is really good, but this is just a good thing between the country and the country, even if the ordinary person, it will be reversed from each other because of the benefits.

Not to mention the huge power like the country, there is no ninja hopes that your village is destroyed, and Sandy Village naturally does not want himself to be the next wooden leaf. [Space]

Strongly in the foggy villages, it is not currently the current sandy village. What's more, there is an initial sputum right.

It is possible to deal with this bit, and now the entire endure is only in Sui Zhiwei.

Want to resist the endurance army of the foggy village, only three major countries join hands, then let Yuxi Boss to deal with the right fight, only this can make the situation re-stabilized!

In this situation.

On the one side of Sah Yin Village, the messenger who sent the fog hidden village, asked Yun Yin Village and Yellow Village.

The four generations of the four generations of the news also received no slightly hesitation, directly agreed to the help of Sandy Village, and said that he can take the initiative to attack the northern part of the fire.

In order to make the foggy second village soldiers to disperse, used to alleviate some of the pressure in Sandy Village, of course, this is the premise, that is Yuxi wave spots.

In the case of the extremely happiness of Yun Yin Village, the rocky village has a problem.

At the beginning, some high-level high-rise in Rocky Village also agreed to assist in Sandy Village, but only the high-level time, all of these high-rise were all recovered.

Whether it gives a lot of chips in Saha Yin Village, Yan Yin Village is like the iron, saying that it will not help.

As for the Zhizhi Bang, even the appearance is not, as if it is not concerned about this matter.

This makes the high-rise in the Sandy Village of the heart, all stupid eyes, and one of them exposes unbelievable expressions.

Now, I can see it, I want to fight against the fog village, only parties can be combined.

Nowadays, it is ... Rocky Village refused!

At this moment, whether it is a side of the sandy village, or the Yun Yin Village, what do you think about the rocky village?

Moreover, is Yuxi Bouvelle not dealt with your right?

The right to the right, but there are several kinds of Yu Zhiwei wanted to be the beast, with the grievances between the two, and according to the reason, these two talents are not dead!

Sandy village.

In a conference room of all the high-rise of the entire village, a depressed and dignified atmosphere is filled in the air.

"" Sounded a sound of the table.

"What is the people in rocky village?"

"Obviously, we will join the hidden village, and you can resist the fog hidden village, and even let this opportunity to counterattack."

"Such a great situation! Good situation! How can Yingshen Village refuse, why refuse!"

A old man who raised a cane with an angry, gas-moving table, and the chest is even more, and there is constant breath.

The surrounding sandy village saw the old man's state of the eyes, and he was afraid that the other side did not carefully fainted.