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Chapter 470 Sandy Village is destroyed, and the school is established!

After the old man who raised the cane, I took a look at the table again, and it seems that it is dissatisfied with the attitude of any other reaction in the field.

"Okay, Tibetan."

"It's so old, or the temper is the same as before, first sit down and talk."

The old sea is like this old man who holds a cane and laughs.

The Tibetan glanced at the rest of the people and then re-sat down.

"This matter, please ask everyone to make a decision as soon as possible, tomorrow is the last deadline for our foggy village."

Sitting in Marti, who is not far, then alert to the opening of the sound.

"What is the last deadline!"

"The guy in the fog hidden village is forced us to do it, the teacher is famous, and then solve us by the way!"

"Forcing us to surrender, this is not equivalent to fighting us!"

The surrendering of the fog hidden village is naturally not the same as the previous endurance war, will compensate some resources. Instead, like the resilible wooden village, so that Sandy Village disappears from the endurance.

A sound, anger sound, continuously sounded in the conference hall, and the unusual unusual is fierce.

When I saw the scene in front of my eyes, the Hai's Old Tibet was originally a bit older, but also sighed a breath.

He knows that they have lost their sandy village, and they will lose their bottom!

These high-rise, no matter how fierce, how the performance is, and there is no advancement of things.

The war has not yet begun, most people present have hugged the idea. Sandy Village has no hope.

The essence of these things, will not understand the guys of this group of people.

But this group of guys still do this, nothing more than wants, don't want to open the one.

The old hooded corner of the sea showed a bitter laugh, although these old guys face, then he can only take this foot. Thinking of this, the old sea is just ready to open.

I have been sitting in the forehead. At present, the five-generation style of Sandy Village · I love Luo, suddenly open:

"Since I don't have any countermeasures, I surrendered, and I will return to the village."

My love is not big. At least in the quarrel, it is easy to compare the other sounds, but in a moment, the entire meeting room immediately fell into a strange quiet.

Everyone in the conference room stopped, and the eyes were slightly looked at my love in my love. No one has an agreement, and no one will refuse.

I didn't care after I didn't care, and I didn't care about the atmosphere in the conference room. I left to the meeting outdoor.

"" sound.

The sound of the meeting room gate is around.

"Is this the answer you want!"

The two bracers on the Tibetans slightly rigid, and the eyes look at everyone, and the tone is low.

"Tibetans, you are also very embarrassed to say we, don't you have any opposition?"

A gloomy, laughing sound came from the side, let the Tibetan breath can't help but urge a few points.

"Well, now this kind of meaningful quarrel is now used, this matter has always been ahead, as a shape, my love is a responsibility."

"Our sandy village is the weakest in other people. If it is true with fog hidden villages, there is no significance in addition to causing a lot of casualties."

"Yes, no lesson, I received Yun Yin Village by Wumen, That is, the country left the water, returning to his village. They have not had a tail,"

"This shows that the current fog hidden village has mastered a secret can be separated from the column and the tail beast. Of course, this is not the most important, the important thing is that the fog hidden village can easily find out the four-headed beast to put the battlefield!"

"Yes, what do we have? We have nothing! Just a single first generation, right, right, it is not that we can deal with!"

Everyone's face is unwilling to look, but not willing, how can it?

"That is, just right."

The old Hai Tibet suddenly coughed, followed by hook, and got up with a few desirables left the meeting room.

Sorry, my sister. This era will last after a direction that everyone doesn't know, ...

Raytary country.

Yun Yin Village, Lei Yai Office.

In the high-rise in the sandy village decided that the surrender did not have long, Yunyin Village received relevant information.

After all, the two sides have already planned to cooperate. Today, Shang Yin Village will choose to surrender, then Yun Yincun Village is somewhat embarrassed. It is okay. Since Yuxi Bouvelle has not appeared reasons, they did not take action.

"The information received is these."

After listening to the intelligence in the hand, it is quietly watching the four generations of Thunder.

For this development, when you know that Yuxi Boss does not have any action. Bella is expected to be expected.

Missing Yuxi Bouvel and Right Trip in the top battles, the last direction of the war has been destined, this is not more than people, the problem can be solved.

What's more, fog hidden villages After breaking the village, in addition to killing the resistance of Ninja, for most civilians, even a surrender, did not cause any excess kill.

Even if it is the five-generation fire agency of the village, it has not been killed, but arranged the corresponding position.

Through all of these young policies, sandy villages can disappear, and the choice of surrender is also expected.

In the face of such a result, Malagi is also sighing, and suddenly it has a sense of sorrow.

After the four generations of Lei Yai listened to the report of Ma Buyi, his face revealed the ungeracted angry anger, and lifted the arm and prepared to go to the front desk. When he did half, it returned.


"It's so good to be so good, and now it has become such a ridiculous thing, Yu Zhibo is thinking about what is thinking, this is obvious to him, but the opportunity is good!"

The voice of the four generations is full of depression and anger.

This matter, let the four generations of Lei Yai can't figure it out!

Burla is fully able to experience the mood of our own thunder, because she can't understand the situation in front.

Today, Sandy Village is selected to surrender.

So after the fog hidden villages continue to swallow the villages and sandy villages, the entire endurance has not been able to resist his resistance.

Yuxi Boufei is now nothing, essentially in the capital.

"Behind any ridiculous things often contains a deeper reason."

"The reason why Yizhi Boss is not moving now, just because we don't understand this dark reason."

"This may be a good thing for everyone, because I have a premonition, if you know this deeper reason, I am afraid that the whole person will be really desperate."

After a moment of silence, the sluggish open mouth.


The four generations of Lei Ying Ai smiled, and it was originally full of persistent face, and rare with a bit decadent.


With the high-level selection of sandy village, although there must be a certain dispute inside the village, it is soon being suppressed.

At the same time, the surrender book in Sandy Village is also officially submitted.

This makes the mouse, preparing to sharpen the fog of the knife, big punches, and empty the feelings. They guess the sandy village could not resist the pressure at the beginning, but did not think that they didn't even choose to surrender.

At the same time, the entire endurance shock. Most of the ninjas in the fog hidden village have a strong, no feeling. There are some speechless high-level high-rise.

Since the other party chose to surrender, then they naturally impossible to send people to attack.

The fog hidden village quickly adjusted the strategy, and started to send the ninja to take the sandy village, and the high-rise in Sandy Village naturally did not dare to have a slight resistance, even actively assist the fog hidden village.

Of course, there is also a part of the sand tolerance and death, attacking to force the high-rise in the village, but finally being killed, suppress, and no use.

Wood leaves for sixty-three years, July 1!

Sandy Village is officially incorporated into the village, and Sandy Village, which has been established from the Warring States Period, for more than 60 years.

At the same time, all the high-rise buildings inside the sandy village, including my style, my love, all my family, all migrated the village.

The total number of people has nearly more than 400, which takes one month, all migration.

Wooden leaves on August 3, 63. Under the right battle, it is discounted with the Mercury and the migrant hidden level.

In the original sand hidden village station.

Establish a national office, mainly deal with local affairs about Ninja and civilians.

Establishing the country of the country, the school, recruiting the students who want to become a ninja in the country of any wind, the semester is five years, after graduation, it can be formally becoming.

The original fog hidden village Ninja School, and also officially renamed the Tsuen School, the system, the system.

Followed by!

Established in the country of the fire, the fire in the fire, the school, the fire in the fire, the school, the semester is three years, four years.

All graduates, I want to be a neutral, I have to go to the fire in the country, I have been born for three years, and I can get a neutrality after I have graduated.

The fire in the fire is also the same!

I was appointed as the first part of the country. The peach is no longer appointed as the country of the wind, the president of the school, the same period is five years!

Five years later, replace their consultants, principals, and no one should be appointed in the same place within ten years.