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Chapter 471 reaches the moon!

With the implementation of a series of policies, especially the establishment of the staff of the country, the entire endurance is once again vibrating.

The fog hidden village wants to unify the wildfelius, and it is considered thoroughly. In a certain aspect, it is also a completely eliminating some wicked psychology.

Although this is somewhat unfavorable to the fog hidden village, but how, in the case of Yuxi Bao, no one can resist the right.

Of course, if a person who is a persistence is known, even if the Yuxi Bouvet at the moment is not right, I am at all, I am afraid it will be desperate.

Sandy Village surrender, the misty village must naturally digest the power, and also start adjustment strategy, and the consolidation force sets the next target in a Yun Yin Village.

This time, the fog hidden village did not consume any power, and the sandy village surrendered, so there is no need to spend time for truncation. The only thing is trouble, maybe it is the name of the country.

However, in this respect, the country with water is on top, so there is no need to worry about it.

After the end of Yingshen Village, the right boused away from the village.

The original vortex site is in contact with the country of tea to the jungle.

A black figure quickly flashed in the woods, splashed a waves, but also a lot of birds.

"Is original in this location? I finally found it."

The right bounie is revealing a smile on the face, and the next moment is a white smoke and disappears.

Obviously, this figure just is a shadow!

Not long, the right fight appeared in the position of this shadow, and jumped towards the next place.

Right Bumbery used the shadow to see the entire search for two days, and finally found this famous cave to the bottom.

A little bit, the right fight is suspected to have such a place.

According to the plot inside the Naruto, only two ways to go to the moon, one is to fly up with its own strength.

Another type is that in the theatrical version, in the border of the vortex, there is a straight-through space in the bottom of the huge curse.

This space is connected to the junction between the planet with the moon. Through this juncture, you can directly reach the inside of the moon.

This underground cave is not deep, and how long the right, the right, there is no call, and it comes to this cave, the bottom of the bottom.

This underground cave did not imagine it as gray, in addition to reflected in the sun outside the outside, there are still many fireflies inside the cave to fly in the air, and the fire does not need to be taken.

At this moment, in front of the right fight, in addition to the stone wall of Zhou Zhou, there is only one of the pale greens in front of you.

"It should be not wrong here."

Right, I looked at the dead lady in front of him. I didn't have a slightly in my sense of hesitation and jumped directly.

In the water flow, the figure of the right fight is like a fish, straight to the deepest pool. Even if you travel now, even if you travel for an hour, you don't need to worry about the difficulty of breathing.

About ten minutes.

Right, there is already the bottom side of this lady, it is not a sludge below Tanshui, but it is like a clear lake, and it is clearly smuggled with shallow green Tanshui!

"Hey!" Sounds.

Right squats from the clear lake in the water, it seems to be reversed upside down, and the space is short-lived.

However, the right trochao is still in the water, but only the water quality around it is more clear, and there is also a size of a large size in the water, stone.

At this time, a very inexplicable spiritual power is emitted from the surrounding air bubble, and wants to pull the right squat into the illusion space.

Right fighting mouth with a wipe with a scream, send a soft, instant this spiritual power is directly dispersed.

This level of illusion, for the right battle, at this time, did not effect.

Among the perceptions of the right, as he continues to move down, the natural energy of the week begins to decrease, even disappears, he is already within a special space.


The right bumbled again from the bottom of the lake and appeared within a dark hole.

A large number of football size stacked around the same fish egg, the one in front of a hundred meters, and I squatted in the top of these stone eggs, and spit a bubble from the mouth from the mouth.

These bubbles appear, and they are suspended in the air and then fall into the lake.

Obviously, the lake in the lake can pull people into the fantasy bubble, which is the rhythm of this huge crab.


In the moment, the right bumper jumped out of the lake in the water, the huge crab became the breath of his life and fierce it.

The huge pliers rosted from the air, set off the waves, with the moment of Thai, squatting down!


Right, the lower limbs are slightly bent, directly from the ground, grabbed the fallen huge pliers, then the arm is slammed, and the huge crab will be pulled up from the ground, throwing it in half, close Directly in the ground.

The huge pliers were even broken by this huge power, hard-student, and then threw it on the side.

The huge crab sent an angry pain, the limbs were chaotic on the ground, so that the whole mountain wall continued to vibrate, a lot of rocks were falling from the air.

But the next moment!


With a loud noise, the right fight is on the head of a huge crab, directly smashing it, instantly lost the living.

After the crabs that were just in the case, they walked towards the hole where the cave blocked by this crab.

When he went out at the moment.

The soft sunshine falls from the air, and the right fight is in front of a mountain wall, looks at the far and forests and the sun on the top of the face, and there is a rare surprised expression.

"Well, I didn't expect to build such a scene in the moon."

Right to make a sigh, in his perception, it is a new place.

That's right, at this moment, I have left the Earth, and I came to the moon inside the moon.

Whether it is a special juncture that connects the moon, it is still a world that imitates the scene of the scene on the earth, is enough to show the power of the Datong Mu Yun Village.

"Unfortunately, strong and powerful families have the day of dieting."

Right fight long open mouth.


A broken voice suddenly sounded around, dozens wearing a gray robes, in an instant, giving the right fight group.