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Chapter 472 Air Castle, Cotta Woodlet!

Ten ten wearing a gray robbery, while the right bould surrounded, one of the hands, the heart of the fist, the size of the energy light ball.

Each of the energy fluctuations of the light ball is stronger than the spiral pill.

"Oh, I was found."

The right bumper made a surprised voice, but there was no panic look on his face, and it took a smile in calm.

"It's not the local ninja you should come."

A gray robber is even, the sound is hard, cold open mouth.

"Yes, but I have already appeared here."

The palm of the palm of the palm, showing a helpless look and shakes his head.

When this, the atmosphere suddenly was cold!

Next moment, these people doll the energy in their hands, the ball suddenly lit, followed by the same energy bomb, and the brush is brushing to the right.

The right bumper is inserted. When you jump into half-air, you will also jump out of these characters in the same cage.

"You can't escape!"

A rare cold voice, once again, rushing from these couples, rushing to the right to the right!

The right battle is constant, and the reach forward is paired in front.

Terracottaulous army!

With the sound of the earth roar, a terracotta tower of more than two meters, raised from the ground, and the blink of the people was surrounded by the middle.

"It is good to manufacture these characters."

Right to observe these people, and praise it.

After the speech, the Terracotta Legion has collided with these characters.

If the flexibility is flexible, these characters are completely crushing the Terracotta Warriors, but who makes the army and horses have too much, even if they have destroyed half of the body, they still attack.

Even after the thorough crush, broken treasury and horses, how long, will also re-condense the Terracotta Warriors.

Under such a rogue, these more than a dozen strengths reached the elite, and the couple was smashed by the Terracotta Warriors.

At this time, a head of a man suddenly rushed to the position not far from the right.

"It's not where you should come, Nina!"

"Your strength is indeed a bit good, but destroying my hand, now you can only stay here."

It is still a blunt voice, but the right fight can hear, the proud of this voice.

"Hey!" Crisp sound.

The right battle stepped down the head of this person, and then stretched a lazy waist.

"Is that position."

Right to look at the half-air in the distant, faintly affected a castle in the air.

This castle is where the coastal hoses live, and the reason is suspended in half, which relies on a giant yellow rogue hidden in the castle.

At the foot of the right, the figure has disappeared in the original place, and it has become a black residual shadow to the orientation of the castle.

The strange thing is that there is no more occasion, and there is no action, and there is no action. Obviously, the coefficient of mood thinks that ordinary interception does not have a way to stop the right.

In less than ten minutes, the right fight has appeared below the half of the city.

At the same time, a dark cloud also appeared over the right of the right.


Not dark clouds are a couple riding a bird, because there are too many quantities, look down, just like a black dark cloud.

"It turned out to intercept here."

"I want to rely on the advantages of the air to attack, in this case, the Terracotta Warriors will not use the land, but it is good to pay attention."

The purpose of the cachet is a little, and the right fight is touched.

Right, raised your hands and joined a print.

The image of the shadow!

"" is a white smoke, and the shadow of a right fight appears next to it.

"The next troublesome you." Right squat smiled and looking at his shadow.

"Help you, help me, don't trouble."

The shadow has a little lazy opening, while reaching out, grabbing a arm of the right fight. The invisible gas waves broke out at the foot of this shadow.


The shadow scored the arm, grabbing the right bumper, heading it outwards.

The power of terror is a strong power, and the right bucket is like a meteor, starting from the ground, the speed is fast, leaving only a blurred residue in the half air.

The blockade of the original numerous dolls, because the right fight rises too fast, it is easy to break through, the air waves and airflow generated, but also don't know how many people who have overturned.

"!" A loud noise.

The right trocked directly in a palace of the air fortress, and put this palace directly smashed, a large amount of dust, gravel splash.

After a while.

The dust on the right battle came out of the dust, and couldn't help but gently cough.

"The power is bigger, the position is worse."

The opening of the right battle, lifting the head, lifting the head, seeing the dense label, and has surrounded it.

A piece of energy that exudes rays, flies this piece of the area between the hands of these people.

"Don't waste time, big cockroaches, these can't pay."

The right fight with a flat look, swept the four weeks.

This is coming!

Originally prepared to attack people, the action is uniform.

"Who are you, how can you know my existence!"

A person who has dismissed the energy ball in his hand, from many fast, and the sound is cold.

"Who is it not important, the important thing is that I not only knows you, I also know that it is a life!"

The right fight is a smile, and the tone is tone.

When the three words of "reincarnation" appeared in an instant, everyone dounced a moment of pause, but in the next second, the energy ball covered with the sky was launched by these people. Right bucket.

There is no imagination of huge explosions!

All energy balls are disappeared in a moment of approaching the right fight, and they are swallowed by the right bounter, and there is a s dryness between the blinks.

"I have said, you are not used by me."

The right fight is a cold, accompanied by the last word, the energy ball just absorbed, all from the right bumper body is reflected back.

boom! boom! boom!

Huge explosion sounds throughout the air castle, all of which are all emptied in a moment!

"Find your position, big courier!"

The right faucet turned to the head and looked at a position. He stepped on the ground at your feet. Right is like the shells, and several palaces in front of the front, it hits a big hole directly.


After the right boused, he broke three palace, jumped directly from the ground, and appeared in front of a tower palace building with a high level of four or five floors.

There is no extra action, and a punch will smash the window, and the right hop from the outside.

A skin is pale, with a blue white hair, there is a hook pattern at the position of the neck, and the youth wearing a white robes appear in front of the right fight.

"Castle Mushan."

The right fight is hung and smiled. Looking at the just reacted, turn around, and closed his eyes to his coaching.


The big cylinder is moving. It is clear that there is no eye, but it clearly knows the position of the right fight. The figure quickly appeared in front of the right fight, raised his fist, and played a punch against the right body.

Right fighting face calm, put your head slightly, and easily escaped this punch of the coaching.

However, there is still a right to right, and an invisible force suddenly broke out from the fist of the coaching mount!

The right fight is slightly picked, and the body is uncontrolled by this force, it is in the walls that are not far away.


Thick face ... Ask a few months!