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Chapter 473, Chau Village!

The right to flew out and smashed a few faces in a row, and stopped between the momentum, between the dust.

"I don't know where you will know my name."

"But if so, then you can't let you leave. The place where the gods, only died!"

The coefficient of mood is full of indifferent, a high high appearance.

As the descendants of the Coat Mu Yu Village, there is a pure co-cylindrical blood, which is in the moon, fulfilling the responsibility of monitoring the earth, how can the co-wood people may not have arrogant!

In front of this, this ninja appeared on the moon, dared to pick up two-year-old provocation, and the coaching martial arts has been filled with killing.

"Is the strength of the stock , is it negligent?"

Right, I got out of a smoke, and patted the dust on the body.

I saw the midfraction of the right fight, and the mood of the mood was slightly changed, but it quickly retracted.

The co-cylindrical man reached a arm, aligned the direction of the right, suddenly broke out, and the right bucket was directly pulled away from the original place, sucking toward the direction of the coastal wood.

Just as the right bucket is about 7 or eight meters from the position of the coach, the co-tube is raised another hand, and a bunger broke out!

Durable and gravitating these two powers are under the manipulation of the co-cums, and the right to life is placed in half empty. The horrible power is constantly crushing into the middle, as if they want to press it into a meat sauce!

The scream in the imagination did not come.

In the perception of the coaching, the other party actually blocked the power.

How can this be?

"Leveling and repulsiveness? A guy named Yu Zhibo will also use these two powers, but the guy is far more proficient than you."

Although the right trick is thrown in half of the air, it is still a panic, but there is no panic.

There is a little ugly, and no wonder it can find here. It has such strength. I am afraid it is the top power in the Ibara.

Although he has been staying on the moon, it does not mean that the Ninja on the earth is not known.

Single is that people can not break through ordinary perses, not to mention the two power of gravitational and repulsion!

At the heart of the coach, his ground moved, his ground quickly jightered, followed by a thick stone pillar raised from the ground, suspended to the air, and quickly started compression, becoming a thick sharp sharp Long gun.

During this compression, the sharp hole not only has a metal shiny!


The stone pillar rigs tears the air in front of the front, and it sounds a burst, and the position of the right bucket is rampted.

Right fighting in this stone pillar long gun near his own moments, it was originally suppressed, the horrible force suddenly broke out, forcibly breaking away the grace of gravity and repulsion, and grabbed the stone pillar gun, followed by the life It is crushed.

"It seems that you are not familiar with the use of the revivement."

"But you also trust your blessings, I finally found the location of the revivement."

The right fight suddenly exposed to the smile to see the big tube, the powerful Chakra breath out from the body pour, form a horrible position, breaking away from the special force formation of gravity and repulsion.

The power used by the coaching mount, is from the anthetic eye stored on the moon. The right fight is in the case of the position of the eye in the case when the right fight is used.

The body of the co-tone couldn't help but hook.

However, compared to the right bumper from gravitation and repulsive force, let the big cums are more horrified, and the other party actually knows the existence of the revivement.

It turns out that the other party's purpose is to reincarnate!

The right trocard is too lazy to talk to the big cums, the figure is flashing, and the castle has appeared outside.

When I saw the right bumper, the coaching mousse nature immediately chased it, but the face was not just beginning.

Specifically, in knowing the goal of the other party is the moment of reincarnation, the mood of the coaching of the coastal hostel is quickly calm.

"it's here!"

After the right is outside, the head is lifted to the front half of the half of the air, and there is no air.


In the right feat, the body was in the same feet and jumped into the sky, and the blink of an eye appeared in the half-air just perceived.

next moment.

A large number of Chakra gathered in the right fist, a punch has played the empty space for empty.

Strong force is instantly outbreak, especially in Chakra's blessing, forming a blasting attack!

The whole void is one of them!

The original empty space, under the right of the right, there is a wave of fluctuations like the waves, a huge suspension in the palace in the air, slowly emerges from the void.

Yu Village Temple!

According to the original settlement, once a year, when the "revivement of the sacrifice", the people of the coastalmun Village will go to the Temple.

The right bumper has no time to wait until that, so according to the power used by the co-cube, the position of the god hall is perceived, and the Temple will bind the temple from the void.


The co-wood man sent a rock, especially when the Temple of the Rain Village has appeared, and the face of the coastal wood is more expressive.

"Sure enough, the world created by the six cactors is failed, it should be destroyed!"

Prior to this, there was an intention of the co-tone of the people who wanted to destroy the endurance. After experiencing the endurance of the millennium, according to the ancestor, it was obviously a failure world, should be destroyed.

However, in the heart of the coach, it has been considering, even hesitating. Now I saw the Ninja below, I have been tuned to the Temple of Rain Village.

How can I not be angry?

I heard the roar of the rear, and the face of the right fight was not precailed.

The destruction of the destruction of the mouth is another guy who thinks it is high.

I really want to make myself!

"This is no longer ancient times, and this world does not need the so-called" big tube "!"

Right, the big camistener behind him, issued a murderous ridicule and laugh.

Mage is a flash.

Right fight has been standing on the Temple of Yu Village, and it is rare to expose a trace of dignity.

It is to know that the guy of the six immortals has not been completely dead, and it has been hidden in the darkness of the endurance.

Even if the right to get the power of six immortal levels, the other party has not appeared, even in the dark, but this does not mean that the other party does not know.

Since even the six cactors have not completely died, then as the brothers of the six immortals, the brothers of the six immortals, the right tips are also very suspicious, and the other party has not yet dead.


I looked at the temple of Qian Yun Village, with a few points of alert and dignified eyes.

The heart of the right trick has been prepared, so the movement is not slow, and when the co-cambessians have yet rolled out. Right fight has entered the temple.

It is worthy of being suspended in the temple built on the aerial islands, the area is not small, and the ancient charm is full everywhere.