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Chapter 474 swallowing giant yellow reincarnation eyes!

The area of ​​the entire temple is large, and there is almost a trainee area.

The huge stone statue of the Capawa Village is placed in the center of the whole temple, there is an ancient sacred sense!

At a moment of entering the Temple of Yu Village, the right bumper felt the depths of hiding in the temple, and the unable to describe amazing energy.

Don't stop, the right bum is quickly left, and it is very rushed to the rear of the temple. I didn't have to come to the last platform in the temple, it looks like an empty platform.

A gold-yellow intricate pillar, fixed in the wall, presenting a messy and orderly combination, in the most intermediate position of these golden pillars.

A huge yellow turning business with around four or five meters, quietly suspended in half air, exudes an amazing energy fluctuation!

"Yellow reincarnation."

"It's really amazing horrible energy!"

Right to watch the huge yellow reincarnation of the distance, especially the energy fluctuations inside, full of tranquility and shock.

Only if the real standing in front of this giant yellow reincarnation, it is necessary to feel the powerful power.

After all, this reincarnation is easy to pull the moon!

In the theatrical version, there have been three different reincarnations.

One is an ancient times, a family member of the big tube, and exhausted his own white eyes and fused countless white eyes into a purple blind eye.

Then use this purple translucent eye, launched a horrible purple Chakra light to the advocated Pacific Cotone, completely annihilated each other.

The other is that the co-wood people seize the white eyes of the flowers, combined with their own co-wood Chakra, awakened blue to the eye.

The last thing is that this is in front of the temple, and the giant yellow reincarnation.

The energy of those who have a lot of people on the moon, and the power of the coils of the mouse manner and the power of the blood, all from this yellow reincarnation eye in front of you.

Unfortunately, the ectobes were killed by the whirlpies and the day to the young.

When the right bumpers are shocked and the giant yellow reincarnation, the big cockroaches have also chased it from the rear.

When I saw the right fighting at the yellow reincarnation, Datong Hande's face revealed an angry look.

"Give me away !!"

"This is not as you have this kind of person, you can contact it!"

With the anger of the anger of the coaching, the energy above the yellow turntable eyes is pushed, and a share is more powerful than the more powerful.

The powerful power seems to want to put the right!

"Do you have some human beings? I don't know how high it is on."

"I want to spare you, but you are too much noise!"

When the right fight, the breath was suddenly impatient, and the breath on the body changed, and the strong waves were centered on the right, and broke out towards four weeks.

Six cactoscale model!

Right, there is a six-robe, and the six on the back of the jade is suspended. Under such a state, the coefficient of mutual people will be directly lifted by the strong repulsiveness that is pierced by the yellow reincarnation.

The co-wood man also felt the changes in the right trick in the first time, and wanted to turn the angry face shocked!

"This power is ... this power ... is the power of the six cactors!"

The coefficient of mood is full of confidence, and even somewhere.

However, this moment is in this moment.

The co-wood house finally reacted, the original is still calm, and the heart is like a situation.

Prior to this, even if the goal of the big tube is the purpose of the right bumper is a giant yellow reincarnation. In addition to the anger of the right bounter, there is not much tense emotion.

Because in the top of the yellow reincarnation, the spell has been applied, there is no person in the blood of Yun Village, not only can't touch, close to a certain distance, but it will be directly swallowed all Chakra!

Therefore, the coalesmons are not worried about it at all, and the right fight will affect the yellow reincarnation eye.

But who once thought!

This guy in front of you actually mastered the power of only six immortals!

"Damn! Leave it!"

The face of the co-cylindrical man becomes smashed and screamed. The forehead is more green, which is a full-age yellowing eye.

However, there is no waiting for the big cylindrical man to completely urge the yellow reincarnation, and the right hurt has disappeared in the original place. It appears in front of the big tube, it is like transient!

The big cylindrical monks have a giant change, and they will get up and leave their origin, but the speed of the right fight is faster, and it does not give the big courier people.

"I said, you are too noisy."

Right fight sound is indifferent.

In the process of speaking, the right battle grabbed the head of the coaching mount, put it directly, followed by the arm, and smashed toward the ground!


With a roar, the gravel farther, the co-tube is raised by the right battle, and the blood is sprayed in the mouth!

Looking at this still wants to struggle, the body is strongly repulsive, how to give the right opportunity.

A black gang made of yin and yang, appearing in the palm of the right fight.

puff! puff! puff!

The connected number is directly on the limbs of the big cylindrical man who directly insert it directly into the ground, so that it completely lost its ability.


"Bastan! The outer road is clearly existed, you don't have the blood of the wooden family, how can you master such a force!"

The co-cylinder is sprayed in the mouth, and the scream is made, and it can't help but feel the sputum.

At the same time, because the black rods have hindered Chakra's role, it also allows the connection between the coefficient of mysteria and the yellow rogue, completely disconnected!

"You will first stay here quietly."

The right bumper is indifferent, he didn't kill the other person.

Because of the co-tone, there are some uses to him, killing each other, but too wasteful. Right fight can be a little idea, I want to experiment on the face of the big tube.

As for the awe of the big tube

Right, there is no such awe, and the six cactors are also good, the big tube Huachang night, in the eyes of the right, just master the power of powerful power.

A power that uses ten tails to eliminate this planet from 90% of human coaching on this planet, can't name it.

What's more, the other party can not think that you are people, but more than people!

After solving the problem of the coaching mount, the right boused came to the giant yellow reincarnation eye and felt that the inside contained in the inclusive horror.

The right bumper took a sigh of breath and directly extended his hands and pressed against giant yellow.

In the six cactus mode, the spells that were applied were ineffective on the right trocard, and the right bumper was completely contacted with the huge yellow turning eye.


The right bouffick is moving, and there is a low drink.


The violent can't describe huge energy, such as the flood of the embankment, flocked to the right fight in the right fight, let the whole soul of the right!

At this moment, the right bounce feels that your entire body is in general, let the right can't help but send a sultry.

The violent energy is still in the past, the right to the body, and actually begins to expand the naked eye.



I have a sudden expansion, and the cracks that are opened are appeared on the god of the right fight. It is blotting between the trepidation, and the blood is flowing.

Several breathing kung fu, the right tou almost became a blood.

It is worth collecting all the eyes of all members of the big tube-wood, which is the expected that the energy is much higher than the beginning of the right battle.

At this moment, the right trick is like a pre-supported, a large number of violent reincarnation energy is raging in the body, even if there is a black empowerment, it will not be able to bring this energy to all bundles.

"You can't continue again, you must find a way!"

There is a little ugly that the right to face, and the state of his moment is like a food that cannot be diges.

Although the energy of giant yellow reincarnation entered his body, but it seems that it could not follow his own energy, the rapid figure, so it can only be in his body.

Seeing that he was just a giant yellow reincarnation eye that was only swallowed by half. The right fight is ugly to the extreme, he knows if you don't want to think, I am afraid it is a loss.


The right trocked as if I thought about it, he just thought of phagocytosis of the energy of the anti-eye, but I forgot the characteristics of the revivement of the eye.

Thinking of this, right fight immediately moved the blood of the blood in the body toward the position of his eyes!

The eye is the very fragile part of the human body. So violent energy is poured into the eyes, and the right to feel the rapid development of his eyes, like a half.

Even two eyelids, even if they can't help but flow into tears.

Just in this moment!

Right, I feel that my eyes fierce, completely lost their attention.


The right battle is in the heart, but the force that is originally in the body is beginning to continue to gather in his eyes, and the inner depth is also a breather.

According to the normal situation, such a violent energy floods into the fragile eyes, two eyes are afraid you have already exploded!

But now it is only temporarily lost!

Moreover, the right trick can feel obvious, in his own body, it is constantly gathering in the eye, it seems to repair and transform your eyes.

It was originally due to huge energy, and the expanded body is also slowed down!

At this moment, the eyes of the right fight are like no bottom, constantly swallowing this translusion eye energy!