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Chapter 475, Six Turning Model! Returning space!

Originally, there is nowhere to go to the translocking eye energy, it seems to have found the destination, and it is beginning to continue to pour the right bounter.

In such a state, the expanded body type recovers the original shape, and the right bucket is fell in a large area of ​​the mouth, and the speed, fast repair. Repair.

Along with this process is accelerating, the left and right left and so on the outside is also able to absorb the swallowing in the right fightening.

At the end, the right bouldered is wrapped in the yellow reincarnation energy, which exudes the yellow rays, like a small yellow sun.

People can't see what happened within the inside.

Time is over one minute.

The yellow energy shrouded in the right battle, and it also begins to continue to subtle, constantly incorporated into the right body.

The energy of this giant yellow translusion eye is really great.

It has been inherited for thousands of years, which combines all the eyes of all-in-one on the moon.

You know, there is no eye in the bonus wood.

This energy is huge and cannot be imagined at all.

In the heart of the right, it is speculated that in a single energy method, the blue-backed blue eyes awakening the white eyes of the spark, it is absolutely far less than this giant yellow.

Essentially may not have much difference, but the energy is within the distance.

It seems to have been a long time, it seems to be in a moment!


The parcel was completely completed in the huge yellow energy, and the hormope revealed the shape in the half-air.

At this moment, the golden Chakra bag wrapped the body of the right fight, and the six cases of jade behind the back becomes nine.

Not only that, the surface of each black, is wrapped in gold Chakra.

At this moment, the mutual mode model in the theatrical version is similar to the theatrical version, but only the round-roots of the big trees are green, and the chakra of the right fight is golden.

The eye is slowly opened, and the black pupil has disappeared for golden yellow. If it is careful attention, it will send a fascinating purple in the pupil.

"Six turn mode!"

Right bucket suspended air, discharged slowly from the mouth six words, between the tilting moment, probably the tidal energy in all directions toward the right arm as the center spread.

Golden chakra like the waves, surging in the right bucket body, endless coercion swept four weeks!

Right down at the bottom of the bucket golden pupil, like a real God Di general.

"Really is the energy of terror."

Right Doo feel the power inherent in his own eyes, even he himself could not help but uttered a sigh.

With hearts idea of ​​a move.

Behind the four aspirants jade four large jars were spit out. Lift the right-hand fighting against the void of a random draw ahead.

"Cries friends" sound!

It sounded as if the cloth was torn voice, otherwise empty space is a matter of being abruptly opened a hole.

Right bucket raised his hand free to wave, four seal the jar end of the beast, and quickly flew up from the ground, was thrown into the open space within the program.

Right after the fight won the reincarnation eye, naturally it has the ability to manipulate the space, even directly awakened a different space.

Similar to the days of Imperial Wood Hui large tube in the night, but a large wooden barrel hui night six space, while the right awakened a fight only.

Do not know because the body has a fighting force of the right of the witch, and this force in turn involves the power of a little time, therefore, the right fighting was different in this space, the flow of time is completely stopped!

Any impact is pulled to the right fight this different space people or things will be stop time, and the right fight itself, you can choose from time stands still.

The different space exhibited the ability to be a large lava tube space than wood Hui night, ice space, gravity space to be more terror!

After all, once they are pulled into the right bucket, almost equal to the slaughter.

The right to fight this different space name, named called "Market return", meaning dust to dust, soil into the earth of Italy.

As for the other's ability, with the original in almost not changed much, perhaps more than ordinary reincarnation of blue eye on a lot of power in the power of the stronger aspects.

"What a great harvest."

"Also almost kick off!"

The right fight with a smile and whispered belief. After that, the figure instantly disappeared in the same place.

When you appear again.

Right squats have been standing in front of the big cylindrical man who is nitiled on the ground.

"You actually ... it is successful!"

Although there is no eye, it is possible to feel this change in this, but naturally understand that the right bumper has absorbed the treasure of the big wood.

This scene in front of me is like the efforts they have been, I have dowry to others!

The big hooded face is full of unbelievable and angry look, which originally somewhat weak body, couldn't help but spurt a blood.

This is complete!

"Excessive blood loss is not a good thing."

The right boused to the big cumper, gently shake his head, reached out, and pose the co-tube house directly into the ruinspace.

Inside the time is stationary, don't worry about the blood of the coavern, death.



The whole hall of Yu Village suddenly began to shake, followed by starting with a very fast speed.

The right battle eyebrows are green, and the next engraving into a golden light flies out of the temple, suspended in half.

At this time, the right hop didn't just see the Temple of Yun Village, but also began to fall in the island that was suspended around half an air.

The constant collapse, squat on the ground, send a sound!

Without the strength of giant yellow reincarnation, the island and Temple of the air is suspended in the air, and naturally no way will continue to suspend.

Now although it is necessary to search for a stripe.

However, in addition to the giant yellow turning eyes, the whole moon can make the right bounter.

After some fights were searched, they will collect all the moon, and the big cadres make people collect them all.

These special dolls are used in conjunction with the reincarnation, and there is no difference with the normal ninja.

One of the ability to reincarnate, it is given a vitality.

The scorpion is called the sky, and it is possible to spend hundreds of people in a breath, but it is better than that of the revivement, there is no comparability.

Use it to play with your eyes, you can directly you can be a good stripe.

After the right fight, after harvest a large number of trophy, the right batch is re-returned by the special space of the moon.


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