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Chapter 476, Jie Yunyin Village, planning!

At the moment, tolerance boundaries.

With the hidden village of sand and completely surrender allegiance, and a series of sand engulfed the village of Konoha village hidden in the fog hidden, forces all of a sudden become a whole community forbearance forbearance Village strongest.

Five so-called forbearance name of the village head, can be considered completely disappear in history.

In such a situation, some small tolerance around the village, naturally do not need to use any means, they obediently dependence fog hidden village.

In this regard, fog hidden high-rise naturally to those who fear!

Fog hidden village have begun to set the next target to the cloud hidden village, but executives also did not last command under, so fog hidden village also keep a ready state.

Simmering nature is inevitable!

Cloud hidden village.

Some peaks of a rough stone on the road.

Outside the set of two black gown figure, the former being the one after running on this mountain.

Behind black robes figure of that name seems a bit nervous and cautious looked around.

"Lust immortal, not really the problem? We are now, but has been deeply hidden village of cloud, it is easy to be treated as the enemy."

The figure behind the black robes that were a little nervous whispers began.

"Rest assured, Naruto, do not worry about it."

Walking in front of the figure, slightly raised his head, exposing Jiraiya appearance, tone easily open road.

See a confident look Jiraiya, Naruto's shoulders droop can not help a bit, his face showing a look of frustration.

He is somewhat unclear where's the confidence fairy lust!

But they are now being hidden village to fog Reward, it was found, but an extremely difficult task.

"We are able to dive into here, we have been able to explain the problem, Naruto."

Jiraiya Naruto seems to have realized the idea, chuckled began.

"What does it mean ..." The Naruto has some hair, there is no reaction between the time.

Just at this time.

A female voice that is like a smooth sound, from one side direction.

"It's really slow, you can come here, naturally because we don't block the reason."

The four generations of Thunder Ying Ai, Chiraby and Burla are all from the sides of the mountain roads that are not far away, and they appear in front of them and Naruto.

The sound just now is Nature.

Naruto saw the sudden three people, and the physical condition was reflected.

"Okay, Naruto, don't have to be nervous."

Laughing on your face, I gently took the shoulder of the rumor.

"What is going on here?" Naruto is completely unclear.

"You will know when you wait."

The voice is also open to the Naruto, and the three people walking in the head.

"It's really a long time, Lei Ying Hou."

Look at the four generations of Lei Ying Ai, laughing.

"It seems that your life is still good." The four generations of Lili Xiangxi glanced at it and the voice was plain.

"This is not a matter of praise. After all, we are now a wandering ninja."

Laughing and grabbed the hair and showing helpless looks on his face. They are now hunting in villages.

If you listen to it, the linen sighs a sigh of relief.

The four generations of Lei Ying Ai is silent. If it is before this, he will not be dealt with with the wood leaves, maybe he will ridicule each other.

But now, even if Yun Yin Village is still in good condition, this is nothing more than time problems, but it is half a catty.

Chiraby feels some heavy points, wants to open an atmosphere, but if you go back to your mouth and go back.

Even if the mind of Chilabi is better, it is also possible to understand the situation of Yun Yin Village, the next goal of the fog hidden village is inevitable.

"I hope that I can come. During this time, the trouble of trouble is in your training."

At this time, it seems that I think of a work, pulling the Naruto to the giant, facing the four generations of Lei Xi Ai.

"Is only half a nine tail?"

The burlap is in a curious look, deeply glanced, whisper muttering.

"Chilaby, the Naruto handed it to you, take him to Tao Shi, our time is not much."

The four generations of Thunder Yingsai turned to the head to see the Chilabi, solemnly opened.

"no problem."

Chiraby sticks out the thumb to the four generations of Thunder, then turn the head to see the Naruto:

"Let's go, Naruto."

Chiraby talks while talking with a strange tone, let the Naruto can't help but return it back.

"What is going on here, a good color of the cactus!"

The Naruto completely touched the mind, and some dissatisfiedly watched.

"This is the next training I said to you, you need you to master the strength of nine tails in your body."

Looking at the Naruto, a serious open road.

I heard it is training, the Naruto first got a bit, immediately revealing the solemn expression.

After Silabi said with the Naruto, she took the nunman to the direction of the Tortoise Island, disappeared in the vision of everyone.

"Next, Yun Yin Village intends to deal with the fog hidden village."

I also found a comfortable posture, relying on a stone wall, and asked.

"There is no good way, even if you can resist the foggy army, if there is no way to make the first generation of the first generation, everything is meaningless."

The burlap shook his head, and the tone was tone.

At this time, everyone's situation is the same. Naturally, there is no need to conceal each other, only to cooperate with each other, maybe there is so much hope.

"The top priority is to be clear, why nothing is nothing to do."

"According to time, it should be coming."

White is on one side, while lifting the time to watch the child.

Is there anyone?

Located on your face, I have a four-generation Lei Yai Ai, who has not opened it, also keeps silence, quietly waiting.

Everyone didn't wait for more time, about ten minutes or so.

A black short hair, a show, wearing red tights like a cheongsam, appearing in front of everyone.

"Sorry, there is a little delay, and it is late."

Black Soil has a little apologize to see everyone, then embarrassed to open the mouth.

The people who appear appeared were black, and they were flashing in a surprised god, followed by being replaced.

Now Yingsyin Village, I am afraid that only talents inside Rocky Village know.

"It doesn't matter, now all parties exchange your intelligence."

Barbel didn't care, there was no meaning of nonsense.

Soon, everyone told each other to each other.

When I was round to the black Soil, I feel that I will wait for my eyes, and my face is brought a little bit hard.

"I know that you want to get Yuxi Baoxiao, but I don't know much."

"At present, our village is a bit complicated, like these original secrets, has been gradually peeled off, at present, people who really master the village are people of Unexpected."

Black Soil is here, can't help but clen the fist, and the face is revealing the look.

"Is this? That is really trouble."

I also wrinkled my eyebrows, and then reached out and touched the chin and some distressed open mouth.

Just at this time!

It is preparing to continue to open a few people, tone simultaneously.

"Who! Give me out!"

The four generations of Lei Yai raised the head, and he looked at the back of the rear and made a rock.

Between, the whole body of the four generations, the blue arc has been shrouded, and the bombing disappears, it has become a blue electro-optical, disappearing in the original place.

"Ai'an Kuto!"

The four generations of Lei Yingsi Expressway moved, and there was a rock in front of a rock, and then I hit the iron boxing.


The huge hard rock is smashed under the electric light.

A black figure quickly flicked from the rock, retreat to the other side!


Although the speed of this black figure is fast, it is also a faster.

Below, black soil, and the three people directly give this black figure around the middle.

The four generations of Lei Ying is also in front of everyone. At this time, I see what this black figure is.

A python who is about two meters long!

"Snake? Tongling Beast!"

The black tilles stared at this python, she could feel this python with Chakra fluctuations.

However, this fluctuation is extremely weak, and there is no one without one.

"Oh, have you found it?"

A glucy test sound came from the mouth of the python.

"Big Snake!" The moment of hearing this voice is aware of the guy of the big snake pill!